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Alexander Skarsgard: 'What Maisie Knew' Premiere at TIFF!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'What Maisie Knew' Premiere at TIFF!

Alexander Skarsgard and Julianne Moore attend the premiere of their film What Maisie Knew during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival on Friday (September 7) at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, Canada.

The film is about a young girl (Onata Aprile, pictured inside), who is caught in the middle of her parents’ (Steve Coogan and Moore) bitter divorce.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Last weekend, Alex was spotted out and about at the Chateau Marmont.

FYI: Julianne is wearing an Alexander McQueen dress and Christian Louboutin shoes.

15+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard and Julianne Moore at the premiere of What Maisie Knew

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alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 01
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 02
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 03
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 04
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 05
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 06
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 07
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 08
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 09
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 10
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 11
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 12
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 13
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 14
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 15
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 16
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 17
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 18
alexander skarsgard what maisie knew premiere at tiff 19

Credit: Mark Davis; Photos: Getty
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  • DailyNightly

    He looks so great as does Julianne and Onata! I can’t wait for this movie to come out!

  • Lilla

    Grattis Alex, so happy he could be there!!! Julianne looks amazing! I really want to see Alex & Onata pose together for some pictures :)

  • Macy

    Come on JJ, Moore is divorced from Coogan’s character. Sheesh get the facts right!
    Everyone looks great! I’ve always loved Julianne Moore. Onata is super cute and Alex looks as hot as ever. I just want to run up to him with a giant platter of food though. Poor guy!

  • a

    Alex plays Maisie’s step dad in the movie not her father. Steve Coogan plays her father.

  • denise

    I hope this movie does great, Alex is an amazing actor and TB has not done him justice the past few seasons.

  • hmmmmmmm

    Glad they let Alex out of the bunker for this.

  • Strange

    Wonderful !! Alex made it to the fest . I wonder if his brothers are there too . Everyone looks lovely .Alex is so fine. Julianne & Onata rocks .

  • Lilla

    @Strange: I thought Bill & Gus were going to be there, but I haven’t seen any pictures yet :(

  • Bumblebee

    alex…..! Fanning myself ! You need to stop with the hotness !
    Julianne is stunning.

    And onata is super cute. I like her more than the other kid in Hidden. Sorry but true ! She looks so excited to be there.

  • Bumblebee


    Isnt Gus in ireland? Yeah even i thought bill would be there. I che ked the Anna karenina premiere pics. Not there.

  • Lilla

    @Bumblebee: He might be in Ireland, I’m not sure. It would be great if they were all there together, but I guess not. I checked those pictures too! :)

  • christy

    Alex is gorgeous as usual. Julianne is stunning. And that little girl is so super cute :)

  • hmmmmmmm

    Just saw a interview clip with Onata and she is the cutest thing ever. Go to the purse forum for the link and there’s a pic of the her and AS that is adorable. (she took off her shoes LOL. adorable).

  • Lilla
  • hmmmmmmm
  • chelle

    @Lilla: That is too cute! She is such a doll!

  • Lilla

    @chelle: Isn’t she? So cute!

  • lynn


    In the film he has been shooting his character is emaciated .. he will be fine .. hot as ever :)

  • Bumblebee


    Awwwwwwwwww! I bet he was a great big brother and he will make a great father one day! He looks so comfortable playing with her !

    Move over stellan, its time for Alex to start making some babies now!
    I wonder why Bill isnt there. Isnt he supposed to be shooting Hemlock in Toronto?

  • aussiefan

    Alexander looks great and …wow ! Julienne stunning cute is the little Onata ! I watched the video from Tumblr and Alexander actually asked the reporter had they seen Onata ? And Alexander touched his heart beautiful .

  • blues

    Alex looks great and very relaxed :) Onata is very sweet little girl and Julianne is stunning …

  • Fee

    There is something strange about Alex’s face in these pics. Something I haven’t seen before. Could it be botox?

  • Fee
  • Megs

    What women has he sh@gged this time round when he was there picked up some blonde tart and trash as usual …Just too date and show off like a hotshot ………

  • ladybug

    @Bumblebee: An hour north of Toronto, it’s possible it interfered with schedule. Alex is supposed to be there all weekend, so maybee Bill will get down for a little while.

    I’m so glad we got a pic of Onata with her human jungle gym, that kid is adorable.

    From Queen Haq:

    But the best part came at the end when I realised Alex was sitting one balcony down and we could see him cheering, whistling and clapping for Onata when her name rolled in the credits. She was sitting next to him and it was SO CUTE how enthusiastic he was about her. He gave her a little pat in the head and everything, it was awesome.

  • Next!

    No it’s called chapped lips.

  • Dana


    Huh???? It isnt our business but then he is a handsome, single , normal male. Why shouldnt he ?

    Blpnde, brunette, red head …. Who cares? Its not like hes cheating on anyone !

  • Macy

    Yes, I knew that. Still want to feed him though. :)

    I see JJ has finally updated the synopsis to the right facts. You’re welcome JJ. LOL

  • chelle

    @ladybug: I know I am sooooo going to get it for this but…… not a huge fan of the facial hair. He does have the most beautiful eyes next to Ed Harris though. I’m glad he was able to go and I cannot wait to see this!

  • Macy

    Alex’s last minute stop to get something to wear. He must have gotten it right off the rack.

  • chelle

    @Macy: I totally feel his pain…. lol! I live in hospital scrubs and PJ’s. He could’ve always gone without… I would’ve been just fine with that!

  • ladybug

    the NYT is taking questions for Alex:

    @chelle, I’m not normally a fan of the facial either either, but on him it’s ok.

  • ladybug
  • Macy

    Here’s another one of them too. They must be making the rounds today and then he’ll do Disconnect later.

  • Alicia v was with Alex

    According to a fan who met him Alicia model/actress was with skars all night at TIFF
    It loos like it’s true there dating, strange how no one else picked it up that she was with him.

    I met ALEX!!!!

    At the end of the night there were a bunch of us that went around back to see them off and we were yelling Alex’s name when he came out. He came over! Despite what looked like him being told not to. He literally stood there and signed EVERY single paper/picture and took pictures with almost everyone wanting one with him . He’s the nicest and sweetest guy! I’m still giddy this morning and I’m not gonna lie when it all sunk in last night I cried lol…. I can die a happy woman now :) I didn’t get a pic unfortunately because my phone had died but I DID get his autograph and saw him up close and personal . And those RUMORS about him dating that dark haired model… I don’t think they’re actually rumors because it looked like her that was standing next to him during all this… I’m still all giddy this morning and STILL can’t believe I met him :)

  • Texas Swede

    Now This would make anyone feel good no matter what ails them.

    I know it was already posted but I think it deserves a second shot.

  • chelle

    @Alicia v was with Alex: um She is really good friends with his family and she does have a movie there possibly 2 can’t remember so doesn’t prove anything not to mention someone somewhere said she has a non actor bf…..but if they are more power to them.

  • jesse

    @Alicia v was with Alex: How come no one else has mentioned it? Surely it would be all over the place if he had a female companion all night. I thought this rumour had been debunked once again?

  • Nah

    Possibly RBaum or a handler with a clip board, or that brunette chick from last weekend chateau marmont outing?

    Them are the only ones I can think of, if Alicia v was there that would have been reported and lainey was there we will get the scoop she has a girl crush on Alicia v

  • martine

    @jesse: Is this another relationship troll?

  • ladybug

    @Alicia v was with Alex: She wasn’t at the Anna Karenina premiere and therefore probably isn’t in Toronto yet (she’s got another film premiering later). It was probably a handler, either his, or from TIFF.

    There were an awful lot of tweets of him last night, both from fans and gossips, and no one mentioned him spending any amount of time with one female.

  • Rubbish


    It was a fan encounter who happened to spot brunette model type lady lurking in the background so it must be – alicia v with him because of the rumours there dating.As far as I am aware she was not there. Possibly an event worker or assistant hired for the night.

  • Hannah

    There is a tweet pic it was not Alicia v

    A pretty Model brunette behind him

  • ladybug

    @Hannah: Not necessarily a model, can just look one. As already mentioned, she may be involved in someway with TIFF, or WMK, or his pr/management.

  • ladybug
  • chelle

    @ladybug: She looks like she’s trying to getting him to leave. Did that encounter say it looked like someone asked him to not go over to the fans?

  • ladybug

    @chelle: That’s what it looked like to me, that she was going over to tap him on the back to get his attention, probably to get him to move on. Some of the fans mentioned that that he didn’t have a lot of time at the beginning of the red carpet because he kept being pulled away by handlers.
    And since she was very nearly touching him in public, I think she’s probably not a date, since if she was a date he’d be 15 feet in front of her, correct? :)

  • ladybug
  • freya

    @ladybug: first thought: huh?? but then I saw him lol

  • Caroline

    It was Robin B, no worries :-)