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Chrissy Teigen: 'X Factor' Host Contender! (Exclusive)

Chrissy Teigen: 'X Factor' Host Contender! (Exclusive)

Chrissy Teigen is in the running to become this season’s host of The X Factor, sources exclusively tell!

The 26-year-old model (and one of JustJared‘s favorite Tweeters!) will go through at least one more audition, but sources tell us the producers love her!

Another celebrity name that has been floating around for a possible replacement to last year’s host Steve Jones is reality star Khloe Kardashian. Sources have told various publications that she is a strong contender for the gig.

TV needs a fresh face – we’d love to see Chrissy host X Factor!!

Season two of The X Factor debuts Wednesday (September 12) on Fox with judges Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell, and L.A. Reid.

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  • kel

    Definitely Chrissy!

  • kie

    I’m sure chrissy is the source .

  • lynn

    This is PR at its finest. First kartrashians keep putting out press releases, so this chick and her reps do the same.

    I have an idea, put someone on the show who exhibits talent and experience with the music business.

    Neither of chicks should qualify if you ask me.

  • miss.rouso


  • lknl

    please NOT Khloe!

  • J

    cannot stand that ‘chrissy’ teigen chick. what qualifies her to judge anyone on x-factor? because she dates john legend and always seems to have some bitchy snotty opinion about something? i watched those two on a open house-type show and they couldn’t have less chemistry together. if he was any regular guy in the street, she wouldn’t give his short self the time of day.

    and khloe kardashian? really?!

  • San Diego

    YES TO CHRISSY!!! She’s smart and hilarious!!!! GO @chrissyteigen !

  • Paulo

    @J: NOT A JUDGE…host! The host is there to support the participants, not judge them.

  • BEAN

    Khloe, YES, Chrissy, NO

  • sarah

    I can’t believe I’m choosing a Kardashian..That Chrissy girl is super annoying with a more annoying laugh.. The X factor is already sinking.. the Voice is going to do better.. Simon Cowell just isn’t the hit maker he once was..

  • zey

    I saw Chrissy on that open house show and WWHL and she was annoying both times. Girls won’t dig her.. Not because she’s “pretty”, but because her on camera personality isn’t girl likable. Somehow Khloe manages to always come off good on camera and she’s a freaking kardashian.. I still can’t believe that don’t have someone better lined up than these two.. I won’t be watching either way so whatever..

  • Ceara


  • Kiki

    No, simply NO! I can’t believe I’m rooting for a Kardashian, but in this case… Chrissy, WHO again??? These swimsuit models need to go away! FortheloveofGod… so many actors/comedians/entertainers, people with actual talent in need of a break, and they wanna give a chance like this to THIS chick? She is overreaching – just as her friend Brooklyn Decker trying to become an actress. GO AWAY, SI models! I’m just fine with them taking off their clothes for masturbatory material as long as they stay there.

  • Audrhi

    Yay! Chrissy! Good luck. I hope you get it!

  • Becca

    Chrissy is hilarious and fresh. I seriously hope she gets it because I cannot stand having yet another show ruined by a Kardashian.

  • Rachel

    @zey are you serious with this “girl likeable” nonsense? What kind of ridiculous comment is that? Just because she’s opinionated and defends herself? I’m a girl & I find Chrissy to be smart, funny & likeable. Is this some jealous BS because she’s a model? Girls can like girls with bold opinions, move into this century please.

  • jackson

    @Kiki: Lol just a couple of fun bags, no personality to speak of

  • Katy

    @Rachel: nope.To quote Chrissy herself when she was talking about another actress on twitter: she’s a 4 who thinks she’s a 10

  • Ashleigh

    @Katy: speaking of 4s, her forehead is a fivehead

  • zey

    @Rachel it’s not about her opinions its about how her personality translates on screen.. I’ve seen Chrissy on 2 shows.. She tries too hard and comes off annoying … I’m sure she’s really nice in real life but who knows.. TV isn’t “real life” .. She’s just not talented enough.. Hosting isn’t easy..

  • Nini

    This “Chrissy” chick is seriously annoying. She plays the “I am so hilarious and self-deprecating and y’all wanna be my friends cause i am a riot” card and I guess some insecure college girls fall for it.
    But she is just another needy famewhore cracving for attention.

  • Aletheia

    The Kardashians…not much left to say. So yeah, that Khloe belongs right in X Factor, a show as trashy and scripted and brainless as what her and her family stand for.

    But look at Chrissy Teigen! She, who indeed does act like she is oh so above all that crappy celebrity D list culture and so clever and snarky…now she is really trying to become a “host” for crappy tv shows. Hyprocrite much? No integrity at all that girl.

    But what can you expect from a famewhoring “model” (how the hell did she become a model anyway? Oh wait, you don’t have to be beautiful to be a model, I forgot) that gets married to a cheesy singer, possibly acting as his beard?

    When she first started out on Twitter, I actually thought she was funny for a short amount of time, until her schtick put me off so much.
    It is so predictable how she wants to come across and how she wants to be seen.

    And she is a gperfect example of what’s wrong in today’s “celebrity culture”. People with no talent, not even great look and no qualification whatsoever become (semi) famous because they bang another semi famous person, have an annoying twitter feed and pose half naked for useless trashy pics that no one needs.

  • Rachel

    @zey You can’t fault a girl for being herself and I’d much rather see someone with an actual personality host. X Factor is supposed to be breaking the mold so why would they want someone who can fit in some small minded bubble idea of what a ‘perfect host’ should be. She’s a strong personality and I’d rather her than someone whose entire lift is scripted by the producers of E!.

  • Rachel

    @Katy It’s frustrating that people don’t understand sarcasm and humor. Everyone is too sensitive nowadays. If the theory is that she “won’t resonate with women” (which I don’t agree with) then she’ll resonate with men. X Factor needs to bring in more of the male demographic anyway & then men & women like myself who get her sense of humor can enjoy her while you pout because you don’t like the things she tweets.

  • jackson

    @Rachel: Not sure, but it seems like Chrissy is posting undercover as “Rachel” on JJ. Lol. Either way, I’m sure you/she WILL resonate with men and women who get your/her sense of humor. But don’t worry, I won’t pout, I’ll just change the channel.

  • zey

    @rachel I dont fault her for being herself .. I said her on screen personality sucks.. She doesnt come off well.. maybe shes awesome in real life .. I’ve met many/hosts actors who are amazing on screen and complete a holes off.. Ive met comedians who couldnt make you crqck a smile in real like but light up on screen.. point me to somethings shes done where shes amazing … Ive seen her twice on screen and it was blah both time.. like I wanted to punch the tv blahh..

  • Jessica

    I vote for Chrissy. I love her on twitter, but I do agree that the few times I’ve seen her on tv something is off. Maybe nerves, but yeah it comes off as trying a little too hard. I think everyone is sick of the Kardashians, so hopefully they’ll give Chrissy a chance and she’ll loosen up and be herself.