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Miley Cyrus Covers 'Lilac Wine' - Watch Now!

Miley Cyrus Covers 'Lilac Wine' - Watch Now!

Miley Cyrus strikes a pose in this new photo included in the gallery of her brand-new official website!

The 19-year-old singer rocked her new short haircut in the photo shoot, which will serve as a promo for her upcoming studio album, due out early next year.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miley Cyrus

Miley has also just premiered a new cover of James Shelton‘s 1950s tune “Lilac Wine” as part of the Backyard Sessions, which took place earlier this summer when Miley brought her band together to perform some of her favorite songs.

Miley Cyrus – ‘Lilac Wine’ The Backyard Sessions
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miley cyrus covers lilac wine watch now 03
miley cyrus covers lilac wine watch now 04
miley cyrus covers lilac wine watch now 05

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  • Jess

    I can’t stand her anymore. She seems so desperate for attention.

  • mara

    she has a great voice. but she looks awkward. her face when she sings. I dont like the new look & photoshoot. its so “try-hard”. she should do accoustic songs more often!

  • kellyLove

    She looks really strange.

  • Birdie

    She chose a very nice/interesting song, I liked how she sang it. Too bad, I don’t like her new hair.

  • sar

    omg what a voice.. i dont really want to listen to her or look at her face…

  • Lou

    Her voice has improved

  • AMY

    Man, she is such a hoe now! Children should get over her and stop looking up to her as their role model.

  • janekay

    she looks great to me, totally love her new look…the entertainment business is a very hard and competitive business, one day you are the biggest thing, next day you are not; so yes you have to try hard..nothing wrong with that, just means that you take your profession seriously…

  • Someone

    She reminds me of P!nk in these photo’s, so I wonder if she was channeling her inner P!nk.

  • Milld

    Interesting that her new look has absolutely nothing to do with the soulfulness of the backyard sessions. Reveals a lack of integrity as an artist- she’s not as interested in producing heartfelt music as she is in obnoxiously declaring her sexuality using pop star cliches.

  • Cece

    She reminds me of LeAnn Rimes – way too occupied with how she looks, way too desperate for attention, and willing to do anything to get it.

  • Bessie Bambo

    @AMY: @AMY: Well from observation that her movie LOL flopped, I think people have gotten over her.

  • lana

    Great! Another attention hoe in Hollywood. What is happening in this world? All these young women are dressing s.l.u.t.y and do nothing in their life to earn their attention the way they should – by a talent. So sad that many young people have people, like Miley, Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry Vanessa Hudges, Ki$ha etc wtc for their idols, when in reality , they are untalented .. Sad , sad

  • oh look

    it’s pinkie Pink

  • katy


  • B

    Tomboy rider

  • ian

    Robyn wannabe..

  • candice

    she has hair at her armpit :s

  • chris

    awful. can’t stand her timbre

  • celebration

    Nobody wants to party with Miley. She’s so stupid.

  • cam


    I agree except that I’m not really fond of the new hair shaved and on top all teased up – this is the least flattering hairdo on her or anyone. I love her hair just before this drastic cut. I say please Miley grow your hair out!

    I do love Miley & her music & I agreee that in this businesss you need to keep evolving & I’m sure it has been a very hard transition from child star to young woman particularly since most people don’t want to accept that Miley is a young woman & keep referring to her “role model” days as a Disney puppet. That’s what Disney does to it’s young stars – they have a “script” they must live by & I don’t blame Miley for wanting to be free of the “Disney Prison”.

  • All Image

    She’s a corporate music prefab performer.Styled, tutored, exercised,madeup,choreoraphed, image managed,PR conscious,written for, arranged for,lyric assissed,autotuned wonder.woopie

  • Teri

    Stand tall naturally with what you’ve been given and belt out a song. Everything else is total BS.

  • wow

    @Bessie Bambo:

    It’s hard for a movie to “flop” if it is ONLY released to theatres in a few of the states in the US. Practically the whole east coast was left out. I had to wait for the DVD release. It was number one on itunes for the first week it was releaed and in the top ten for a while after.

    Many movies made don’t make it to the theatres but go direct to DVD – these big companies who but the rights to the movies only want to release what they consider blockbuster movies that they think will bring in at least 100 million dollars in the first weekend. In this economy you can see that only a very few movies make that kind of money & they are usually movies that are at least a trilogy – many other good movies this year made much less money than movies realeased even a year ago.

  • Anaïs

    I’m not a Miley Cyrus fan but I think this cover isn’t that bad and I like her new hair cut.
    I don’t understand why people are so mean to her. If you don’t like her and what she does, don’t look at this article, nobody’s forcing you.
    She’s still very young, she has time to change, to grow up. Give her some time. Like if we were all perfect at 19 years old!

  • JillyRo

    She looks like a low-budget Pink with that hairstyle. Unlike Pink and Rhianna, Miley’s face is too chipmunk-chubby and not cute enough to pull off a short look. All you see is that awful beat-me mouth she has.

    Ugh, I HATE her whining, nasal-like voice. Poor Miley, not even 20 and can’t act and her nasal singing career likely not going to get her the attention she craves. She peaked with Hannah.

  • Sayer

    She has NO career. She is famous for her personality. She can’t touch Nina Simone’s version. Sorry, Miley you have no talent.

  • Claire Mélusine

    I’d really love to ask her: what the f*ck are you trying to do?Because she’s trying hard..

  • She’s Mrs. Heat Miser


  • Berry

    @Anaïs: are you friggin kidding me?

  • Dev

    I liked Penn Badgley’s version better. Sounded nicer and had some relevance. Why is she singing this?

  • Sera

    She should have waxed her armpits before the photo shoot!

  • Anaïs

    @Berry: what? I heard way worst (even tho I would not buy her albums).

  • Opal

    I kinda like it. Her cover is not nearly as good as Jeff Buckley’s version but is still an admirable effort. She has a gritty voice which puts a nice spin on classic songs like this. With the right kind of training (like learning to not speak and sing through her nose), she could really carve out a new niche for herself.

  • KissThis

    There’s nothing melodic about her voice. This is speech level singing (talk-singing). It’s not good.

  • rikki

    she looks creepy, what did she do to her face and eyebrows?? i hope that’s ujst photoshop or something. she didn’t look bad at all a few months back

  • Snafu

    Lol… I smell a lot of jealousy in most of these post.
    I dont give a crap about MC amd her music but i kinda like this haircut.
    She should do what she wants to do and ignore those little jealous whiners…

  • Lena

    I don’t like her and I have a feeling she’s the next Lindsay. Having said that, I like this cover. Wish she did similar songs to this, rather than her usual pop edgy stuff.

  • Ronda!!

    Wow….Miley is that YOU?!?!?!? She looks great! Sexy as all get out. She has come in to her own.

    Great for her;)

  • http://mamichi77 yousra

    wonderful i like it

  • http://tofufrotwittersuspened kendra bethune

    yeah miley lilac wine that’s a good thing to call your website
    when i went to the marliyn monroe offical new website yesterday a lilac is a flower or air fresher lilac fields or mist at the bath and body works alexander used have i brought he had 40 rows it was popular spray for your room at marina square san leandro why lilac wine and black lipstick kendra bethune
    black woman
    age 35 this 23rd of september aunt of two
    i wear purple betwitch me lipstick from sephora

  • Actually…

    @Opal: Her dad is a professional singer and she went through the Disney system so I’m sure she’s been coached by the best singing coaches money can buy for most of her life (if not all of it). This is the most you’re ever going to be able to get out of her voice.

  • Katrina

    I’m not interested in hearing her cover, but I have to say I really like her hair, just not on her.
    The whole look is just too much, she doesn’t seem natural, it seems to be the result of a need to shock the world in order to remain relevant (or to try to stop being a mere product for old pervs).
    I would feel bad for her if it wasn’t because she actually has the chance to do something better with her life.

  • Jess*

    i love how she sings here… so beautiful her vocie.. fantastic

  • hmmm…

    Jeff Buckley did it better and her voice is processed. This is tampered with.

  • Warren

    I love Miley’s voice. She is great, Miley is beautiful.

  • Jessica

    somehow she reminds me of an alien on the first picture … scary

  • Eve

    If she was a model instead of a singer, everyone would applaud her bold move, going blonde and short. Why does everyone have to be Hollywood stereotypical blah to be accepted??She’s right by ignoring all the haters, because in the end, YOU people are sitting in front of your computer making no money, while she is. Even with a haircut, you don’t like :P

  • minah

    Her voice has improved A LITTLE but, it’s still equally as annoying as before. That hair will never suit her. She needs to stop trying to make it happen.

  • Luke

    I think she looks kinda hot in the photoshoot…