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Rihanna & Chris Brown Hug at MTV VMAs 2012!

Rihanna & Chris Brown Hug at MTV VMAs 2012!

Rihanna hugs her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown while running into him in the audience at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards held at Staples Center on Thursday (September 6) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old “Cockiness” singer and the 23-year-old “Turn Up the Music” singer hugged and appeared to give each other a friendly kiss in some pics grabbed as screenshots during a live feed of the show.

Chris picked up the award for Best Male Video that evening while Rihanna won Video of the Year. Congrats to both of them on their wins!

FYI: Chris is wearing a Dolce&Gabbana suit, a Givenchy shirt, a Top Man tie, Alexander McQueen shoes, and vintage glasses.

Watch Chris accept his award below…

Chris Brown Accepts Best Male Video at the MTV VMAs

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Credit: Kevin Winter, Christopher Polk; Photos: Getty, Instagram
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  • Jack

    it seems… Nooooooo. Them again not. You do not learn Rihanna!

  • bahha black sheep

    Chris is awesome, inspiration to all …RESPECT

  • *

    I wouldn’t give that man the satisfaction of congratulating him.

  • B

    This #$%% will never learn.

  • Shame

    Stupid girl.

  • Jack

    WHAT!!!!!! Rihanna do you have low self esteem or is the sex really THAT good?? I need you to at least explain one or the other to us so we understand why you have “let it go” cause WE havent!!!

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    Why rihanna !!!!!!!!!!!

  • vanessa

    oh hell no

  • boo!

    OMG! The only person I feel for here is Karrueche because she was NOT present at the VMAs. She’s probably finding out about this online just like the rest of us. Chris and Rihanna are adults and can do as they please, and if they are happy then bless them. Maybe Rih can help him find his way again.

  • vomit

    ha! already called it.. didn’t take her long.

  • Hilary

    Chris Brown made a mistake, is he going to be pushed by the public for the rest of his career/life? There was consequences for his actions, he abide by them. Rihanna obviously moved on and forgave him, why can’t people do the same?

  • Cecilia

    What a LOSER. Yeah…. sorry but take your pick.

  • Aram

    Why Rihanna ..why are you making yourself look so easy to be waylaid…..

  • JACK

    I lost all my respect to this STUPID woman
    SHES A DAMN FOOL THIS MAN BEAT U LIKE A DOG She has lost her self respect and her self esteem

  • elanor*

    So the blind about them being together is true?

    this really makes me sick.. she has no respect for anyone let alone herself. girls need to learn from this idiot that once an abuser always an abuser. Trust me, i grew up with it. It’s not going to change for her.

    I’m already dreading the ‘team breezy?’ bullsh < it !!

  • Toni

    I’m disappointed In her and she will learn but I have to say man he looks like SugarHoneyIceTea and dusty as hell (the hair and tats are NOT helping at all). He’s giving me Devante Swing in the face (and no not the good looking Devante from the 90′s).
    Truthfully they both need help because they both have issues (hat aolrah interview sealed it for me). It’s clear as day they have issues especially since they both have been looking and acting a mess (Chris way more than her). I think many are still angry with him not only because he beat her, but because he really never acknowledged and took the blame for what he did. He just expected for people to get over it and move on and when they didn’t he wanted to play victim.

  • Toni

    *that Oprah*

  • KissThis

    I understand being nice for the cameras, but Rihanna truly seems to believe that everything is alright between them. Like him beating the sh!t out of her was ok. Every chance she gets she mentions Chris or is even seen with him. Move on girl!

  • boo!

    Explain how Rihanna choosing to get back with Chris Brown affects anyone but her? Stop making these celebrities demigods because they aren’t. They are human with the same blood, the same emotions. Stop putting them on pedestals and then b*tch when you finally recognize they’re human, too.

  • Elle

    Stop ratting on her. You dont know her or her relationship with him, let her do what she wants. get over it!!

  • ugh

    @boo!: because people admire them, they praise them and often follow their stupid examples. He’s an abuser.. we’re raised to not forgive abuse, and to NOT ignore it and here this girl is, flaunting it like it don’t mean sh%t. and it effects me because i use to work at a trauma center for teens and you’d be surprised how many use chris brown and rihanna as an example in their own relationships.. saying they forgave their boyfriend because if rihanna can than they can —- And not all “humans” abuse so stop making excuses.

  • Teamririandbreezy

    Chris Brown is handsome! he made a mistake. Get over it and live ur life. dont tell rihanna how to live hers. she has the right to love whoever she pleases to. i HOPE and PRAY they get back together. they are so cute together.

  • Marie

    aww cute cute cute ♥♥ TeamBreezyandRihannaNavy ♥♥ cute people :) ♥

  • JACK


    get back together !!!!!!! WTFI couldn’t agree with you more. This makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know we all deserve a second chance, but not when a guy lays a hand on u so Shut The Fck Up
    i dont no whats going with b!tches this days jesus!

  • as

    Those low lifes don’t need our attention. So stupid..

  • boo!

    @ugh: I didn’t say everyone is abusive. I was talking about Rihanna when I said celebrities are human. That’s where everyone’s animosity is coming from, right? It’s uncontested that Chris Brown abused Rihanna in an unimaginable way. But as someone who works in a trauma center, I hope you told those teens that failing to forgive leaves a deep, dark, painful scar on your life that allows your abuser to continue the crime long after the physical act has been committed. I hope you also told them that forgiveness does not mean running back into the arms of your abuser and that they should look to their own experiences for guidance, and to praise the people around them worth praising — people like you who are there to help them. As someone who has worked with and advocates for abused children, I understand the complexity of loving your abuser because those kids showed me every day. So no, I’m not going to bash Rihanna for having emotions like the rest of us because individuals handle their issues in their own ways. Whether or not I condone it is not up for debate because she isn’t me. There aren’t any excuses here. I just don’t pass judgment on what I haven’t experienced and lack first hand knowledge to understand.

  • amensister

    she cant move on. ——– most abused women make excuses after the FIRST beating ———- only after it happen regularly do they get its not a one off ———— put that with that she GENUINELY love him ———- and you see a women who believe he can change. she cant move on.

  • wery6

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  • ugh

    @boo!: you dont past judgment on those who abuse?

  • somali girl

    Let them be. I think she still loves him.

  • Pig Pen

    she has no self respect, i hope he pops her again then maybe she will learn a zebra don’t change the stripes… blow ur gas now !

  • stevO

    So this “man” fight her and she hug him? ..


    Sh@You should’n't compare every situation, CB is truely trying to work on himself. I bet you don’t know that him and his mother been privately going to DV center for years in LA, no you don’t know because they never made it public, it wasn’t about PR. Just the other day we found out that CB and his mother was going to DV center for them self and helping out other victims and their family. I am glad CB if really trying to change, because he has to fight against the world saying that he can’t change because of stats.

  • SaadGKhan

    She needs to be Bitch Slapped or NEXT TIME SHE GETS BEATEN THEN Shut the F*** up and don’t whine about it in Albums, Intervies, magazine etc.
    Bitch & Basterd… they deserve each other, i think she must of have done something wrong to entice him to beat her.

  • Xiolablu

    Bad example, both of them.

  • Leni

    She needs to step away or risk losing millions of fans. Or at least their respect. Abusers are always abusers. Thinking that is okay is sick.

  • me

    it is call growing up and moving on. so she has more maturity than half of you in her. is she suppose to be bitter for the rest of her life? and hold on to a grudge that is just going to make her angry forever? NO ! so stfu

  • gmaninhollywood

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  • boo!

    @ugh: Only child abusers, child molesters, and rapists. Otherwise, no unless I understand and have first hand knowledge of the situation. Crazy that not everyone blindly passes judgment, isn’t it?


    Something tells me that there is more to to beating-up story, that he has some kind of other thing about her from that night. She didn’t beat him and no woman ever deserves to be beaten ever, but the fact she still loves him (when she has money, connections, ect. to stay away and start a new life) say alot abou ther. He may know something about the true her, that she is nasty herself (cocaine use that night maybe, knows the true Rhianna and it’s not sweet). Plus she must have such low self-esteem. she comes from dysfunctions, she parties too hard and gets hospitalized, she can’t keep her clothes on and constantly posing half-naked, acts gangsta on Twitter to get attention and back-forth with a woman-beater, there is no way she is a confident, sure of herself, together girl. I think they BOTH know stuff about each other that make they codependent.

  • ugh

    @boo!: so people who beat women are fine though? stupid. and dont patronize me. physical abuse is just as bad as se*xual abuse

  • Michele

    I completely disagree with her decision to forgive Chris Brown, but all women have the right to have absolute control of their lives, including victims.

  • http://aol brenda

    Rihanna is a grown women. She’s had 3 plus years to deal with this. Did you not watch Oprah. It hasn’t been easy for her. She did go back to him for 3 weeks after the assault happened and then left him because she could not handle what he did to her. So it’s not like she just forgave and forgot. Rihanna has a good heart and she will find the right man for her.

  • oslyn mclean

    people have to learn to forgive and let things go at times, if god can forgive us for our deeds, then people should also find it in their hearts to do the same, we are all humans and makes mistakes all the time, not condoning wat he did but if she can find it in her heart to forgive him then we all should go on with our lives and let them live theirs