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Adam Levine: 'The Voice' Season Three Is Best Season Yet!

Adam Levine: 'The Voice' Season Three Is Best Season Yet!

Adam Levine and his girlfriend Behati Prinsloo lunch at Mustard Seed Cafe on Friday (September 7) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 33-year-old Maroon 5 frontman and Behati held hands as they walked back to their car.

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Earlier in the day, Adam tweeted his excitement for the new season of The Voice. He said, “It all begins again on Monday…@NBCTheVoice! In my not so humble opinion, the best season yet!”

A few weeks ago, the couple was spotted arriving at a hotel in Brazil for a Maroon 5 concert.

20+ pictures inside of Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo holding hands in Los Feliz…

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30 Responses to “Adam Levine: 'The Voice' Season Three Is Best Season Yet!”

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  1. 1
    123lol Says:

    They are cute but I think it won’t last. He should start thinking of settling down.

  2. 2
    123 Says:

    Does she ever wear anything that covers her belly??? And c’mon shes seriously playing up to the papz. The tongue, the smile at the camera, the v sign……

  3. 3
    Ana lucia Says:

    She has to know her shelf life is 2 years max.
    Isn’t she afraid she’s gonna be dumped for her model friend in a week’s time? I wouldn’t introduce my friends to him if I were her.

  4. 4
    DemiTasse Says:

    I agree. The way they hold hands is juvenile. I thought Adam was cooler than that.

  5. 5
    Jersey girl Says:

    Oh good , douche and his copycat ! He mentions roddick, she starts supporting him, he says democrat and obama and she says the same !

    I dont fault celebrities for havimg a political vice but he seems ignorant of most facts! And no i am not a mormon , i am half Catholic and half hindu raised to appreciate all religions.
    If hes so well read on the subject, why didnt obama meet him when he met young hollywood ? Jared leto and jeremy renner are pushing forty and they were invited ! He should stop tweeting his half baked political views, learn from leto, who in spite of being a staunch democrat never belittles others. He just says to vote, irrespective of whom they de ide to vote for.

  6. 6
    NYC Says:

    Anne V is 100 times hotter than this chick.
    He loves 80 pounds of zombie.

  7. 7
    Deb Says:

    Agree nyc. Anne is more beautiful and feminine looking than her. This one is so meh! She definitely needs to put on at least another 20 pounds.

  8. 8
    MrsOsborne Says:

    @ #5

    He’s 33, she’s 23, what do you expect? He needs to date a woman his own age. Do NOT like these 2 together. Even if her and Anne V are not friends they are co-workers! It is just bad taste all around on Behati’s count. Totally classless!

  9. 9
    Realist Says:

    Btw, who are the ones who said this relationship is low profile? I agree with 123. You go to mustard seed to get papped ! And i notice that she has just started following JJ on twitter. Hmmmm…..
    And dont forget the way we got to know of them dating first, that “playing to the paps kissing ” in hawaii. They just kept it a bit low for a while since that first stunt backfired and people started talking about how soon he movd on. They are back at it again.

  10. 10
    DemiTasse Says:

    When I think about it, these models, they are always traveling from one country to another for photo shoots and fashion shows, and they are competing with a lot of other models to get famous and get advertising deals. They don’t have a lot of years to get famous.

    Very few “last” like Christie Brinkley or Cindy Crawford. Some of them get lucky and marry someone rich and famous, but most of them are forgettable. That’s the category I put Behati in. Forgettable.

    I don’t even know how a musician like Adam, who goes on tour all the time giving concerts, and a fashion model who wants to make it and be famous and successful, can even have a real relationship.

  11. 11
    anon Says:

    I honestly think she’s young, fresh and cheeky. There’s nothing wrong about that! perhaps, she is having fun with the papz attention but wouldn’t must girls? she’s with a wanted man and she doesn’t give a damn about anything else.

  12. 12
    yes Says:

    Dude rubs me the wrong way.

  13. 13
    Mara Says:

    Oh, Behati. I thought you seemed sensible.

  14. 14
    tyedyed Says:

    aww…i like them together

    some people need to leave anne out of this…they all have moved on…it’s time others do the same

    besides, anne and behati are 2 completely different women

  15. 15
    giuseppe lentini Says:

    Have you ever been mad at someone? I have, check it out:

  16. 16
    Helen Says:

    It doesn’t matter her look or anything else for most celebraties she is a model this is the most impotent ,it’s a statue for them

  17. 17
    Vanessa Says:

    They are really cute together…Btw behati isn’t a famewhore the was anne was

  18. 18
    unknown Says:

    For a model, and I am not attacking her, but she is a VS Model with no work, and suppose to be an Angel on top of that. She may be only 23, but the fact she doesn’t have a lot of work lined up tells me that she isn’t as popular as a model, which for a VS model let alone an Angel tells me her career is almost over. Which that’s a disgrace for any young up and coming model especially one that has the wings for VS. She is either passing up work to be with him, which in her field of work is a big no no. Because when its over, she will be the one that regretting it in the end. Because in her field its all about work work work, especially at her age. I get its a new relationship, but even at that she needs to stop and thin.k. on another note. How sad that Mustard Seed has become a stopping ground to be photographed by photogs now. Its a cute lil place and private area. Which I still find strange it seems only like one pap seems to be there and not a swarm of them. And ironocally its when Adam is there they seem to grab photos of him now. He maybe on a hit show and has some hit songs, but seriously I can see Jake Gyllenhal, Justin Timber Lake, Jason Segal, and some other higher up celebrities, not Adam so much. Find it interesting how everytime Adam steps there they catch him. And the fact that Behati is following JJ. Why all the sudden she grabs this site on Twitter.
    Now they are copying eachother tweets. Check about the DNC, Obama. Its Anne dejavu. Not bringing Anne into this, just comparing how they copy eachother. I know she will read this, Behati that is, of course this will to much for her brain to comprehend how long this is.
    I’m waiting on which she will start snubbing Adams fans.
    And what’s with the goofy faces. It shows immaturity, she gives a peace sign and looks directly at the camera when Adam isn’t looking. Screams I want attention. She needs to wake up and realize she isn’t the star they want. Adam is. I just find it amussing to the fact Adam is a regular there at that cafe and there is no photos. Yet everytime she sneezes there he is photographed, but ironically with Benhati? I do feel like these photos are set up. Its to obvious. This pap was tipped and I will bet on both sides that their camp tipped them off. I mean the Voice is coming on tomorrow, he has a new tv show, that AHS. Which I don’t watch, but I just think all the sudden he is every where now, when he is crossing over into film and tv shows. Ya know the old saying Be careful what you wish for you might get it. He needs a wake up call and she will be the one that makes him realize. Its not worth it. She snubs most of her own fans, so wait til she starts being a ***** towards his own fans. See how fast she hits the curb. Just saying.

    Sorry its so long guys but when I have something to say it all comes out.
    Speaking of which wait til her obssession with him starts really showing. He is going to feel smothered and and going to realize he needs space. I feel a dumping by via text is coming on.

  19. 19
    unknown Says:

    Especially with Fashion Week in New York. That’s the biggest moment outside of Paris. If she isn’t a part of either line ups on the run way. She thinks she is to good then bye bye to her career. @DemiTasse:

  20. 20
    Vs angel Says:


    For want of better words, vs literally pimps out its angels. Erin, bar, even gisele in the beginning, and now behati. Just by twitter followers, pre adam, she was one of the less popular angels, for someone who has been an angel since 2009. Cos these angels are stuffed down our throat by massive promotions by VS. Vs needs these people to be in the limelogjt
    I am also not absolving anne, but the people who kept calling her a famebi@$~ or whatever also need to look at this girl. Theres no way she does not, not want attention. Blame anne, blame her too ! Dont have double standards.
    At least anne stuck with him for two years and she was smart to realise that only her work and her friends will stand by her when adam loses inyerest, as he always does. As someone said its 2 yrs max with him. But she doesnt seem too ambitious anyway so maybe will suit adam! Good for him, he craves attention and hes getting it. Though its looks more like obsession to me, just sayin.

  21. 21
    Amelia Says:


  22. 22
    unknown Says:

    Nah Adam will grow tired of her quicker. He doesn’t like a woman to smother him. He loves the attention for ego reasons. But after a while he likes to breathe just as any man does. When he goes out with his buddies. She will not like it at all. Even pass VS Angels get more attention and still are refered to a pass Angel. She sttarts ******** with her career. She will be a pass time, and because of the fact she is suppose to be an Angel, like you said. They want them down our throats. Its called marketing, even if its not for VS. Judging by these pics its all fun and games and attention. Its not a relationship. I’m not bringimg up Anne, but I will say this, I have more respec for her now. Atleast she wised up, and I hope she learned her lesson. I have to say the pic that stands out to me the most is how behati is looking directly at the photog when Adam isn’t paying attention. I never attacked Anne just spoke the truth so I have no reason to say anything that is false about this girl. She maybe smooth but it will cathc up to her, even VS will grow tired of her. She has already missed 2 public events to be with Adam, however, Ali made it to them, and just had a baby a few months back. VS may love attention for their sake, but at the end of the day. You screw around with them and their events. They will b oot you in the ass as quickly as anything. Marketing is marketing, but if they can’t benefit from it they will can her.
    You say Adam has a two year limit, I can tell you with her possesive traits he will grow tired of her quicker. Its all fun for him now, but even hne will wise and see what’s she is like. And her temper, boy oh. Oy. Let I’m cross her once. Its on. He likes the control but then he is a man who wants a woman who will stand by hbis side when the crap hits the fan not be his lil goupie and lap dog. If this lasts around christmas or his birthday this will shock me t the extreme. I will say it will last til the nex VS Fashion show. What nore drama they can ask for than to have Behati and Anne on the same stage. And if he takes on their request at performing this year. He is as cold as a sanke and only cares for himself, but then again it may just the slap in the face he will need. What’s amusing is that all the other VS models can in fact stand on their own, esp the Angels no matter who they date. Behati can’t. She needs Adam to keep her in the lime light. And he needs constant promotions. But even he is going to wake up soon and realize he has screwed up massively. @Vs angel:

  23. 23
    unknown Says:

    Don’t disrespect zombies. They eat more than any model on the planet!

    Sorry couldn’t resist! :-P@NYC:

  24. 24
    dont eat dont model Says:

    She hasnt been modeling cause they told her to gain weight. You really cant compare Behati and Anne… Anne is a class act all her own, always will be. Shame on Adam for letting her get away, his loss.

  25. 25
    Vs angel Says:

    Hmmm saw some new pics of them both buying munchies at gelsons…..again !

    Turning into regular cokeheads these two!

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