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Amy Adams & Joaquin Phoenix: 'The Master' Premiere at TIFF

Amy Adams & Joaquin Phoenix: 'The Master' Premiere at TIFF

Amy Adams is elegant in a little black dress at the premiere of her upcoming film The Master during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival at the Princess of Wales Theatre on Friday (September 7) in Toronto, Canada.

The 38-year-old actress was joined on the red carpet by her co-stars Ambyr Childers, Madisen Beaty, and Joaquin Phoenix, who brought a mystery gal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Amy Adams

Joseph Gordon-Levitt also dropped by the premiere to watch the flick!

Earlier in the day, Amy was spotted arriving at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

FYI: Amy wore a Marchesa dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, Yosi Harari jeewels, and VBH bag. Joseph is wearing Levi’s jeans.

30+ pictures of Amy Adams and her co-stars at The Master premiere at TIFF…

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125 Responses to “Amy Adams & Joaquin Phoenix: 'The Master' Premiere at TIFF”

  1. 1
    fyi Says:

    That’s Heather Christie.

  2. 2
    Love Amy Adams Says:

    Amy Adams is so naturally beautiful… such a lovely face, beautiful eyes, gorgeous smile and seems so genuine. A great actress too! No phoney here.

  3. 3
    Yo' Says:

    Looking cute as always, Mr. Levitt

  4. 4
    KissThis Says:

    SO happy to see Joaquin Phoenix acting again. He’s a tremendous talent

  5. 5
    Rayner Says:

    Amy Adams’ face is perfection! and the outfit is great too, as always it seems.

  6. 6
    plouf Says:

    LOL! I So… PTA ‘s girlfriend, mmm??? What a joke!!! She’s beautiful and I’m sure that they’re an item since a while, you can see how he’s comfortable with her. It’s all he’s always dreamt of: a woman, a child, a family in fact.

  7. 7
    Yellow Says:

    I like Amy Adams after watching Enchanted! And Joseph is my love!!!

  8. 8
    Fool Says:


    No. He JUST started dating her. For the past year he has done 3 movies in a row back to back, for several month periods. He has had virtually NO time to have a “girlfriend”. Especially since during filming he stays in character for the entire time period.

    He “looks comfortable with her”? And you can tell that from a PICTURE? He also “looked comfortable” with Aria, and was seen everywhere with her. Look what happened there.

    Mark my words: this girl will be out of the picture in several months times. She is no different than every other young model he brings into his life for a few months, then drops them once he is bored. When he was photographed with Aria for the first time getting dinner, he looked ECSTATIC. And like clockwork after a few months he got bored and kicked her to the curb. This broad will be in the same boat of ex models Joaquin has used and tossed aside.

  9. 9
    Fool Says:


    And LOL@ “It’s all he’s every dreamt of” crap. Really? He wants a “child and a family” so much? Then how come he is constantly( AND STILL IS ) dates 20 something year old bimbo wannabe models? How come he NEVER STAYS with a girl for longer than 6 months, before jumping to the next girl? He hasn’t had a serious relationship in OVER A DECADE! He has spent the past decade being the most unfaithful, womanizer excuse me, modelizer, I have ever seen. Cheating on women, dating around, relationships with 21 year old girls when he was 33. Now a 26 year old girl when he is turn 38 next month.

    It is a joke. She is another model he is dating, will cheat on, will throw away like he has continuously done for the past decade.

  10. 10
    Plouf Says:

    No offense Fool but, it’s the first time in several years that he brings a girl with him in trip and shows himself in public wirh here, holding her hand. So for me, sorry, it’s a BIG turn.
    She’s a mom, so it makes her also different. My thought was, when I first saw them, that they were already living together but I’m maybe wrong.
    I don’t Fool, I would like so much to thinkk the same than you but when I look at him, her, I can’t, my heart cries anyway. She’s beautiful, she’s young, she’s everything I’m not.

  11. 11
    Fool Says:

    100 bucks says, they will be over in 6 months time. No way are they living together what on earth would give you that impression? I am 100% positive they just began dating. When would he have had time to “live with someone” and start a relationship, while working grueling hours on set for 3 different movies in one year? He was photographed constantly out by himself. Then this girl shows up.

    The only way she is different is that he knew her for a long time, because he knows anthony. The other girls he has been with, he has taken to events too. Teuta went to the Vanity Fair party and there was an article on them “nuzzling in the corner”. Josie was in his movie “I’m Still Here”.

    This girl having a kid is also the very reason I know they will not last. Once they get “too close” or she tries to make him into a step dad, he will be out like a light.

    Look, I have been a fan of his for a long long time. I have seen how he is with the women he’s with. Even going all the way back to Topaz, his last serious relationship, they broke up on and off and there were rumors he cheated. He even invited that model Inger to come live with him, while he was still WITH Topaz. You don’t have to believe me. Wait and see. You will not see this girl with him in a few months time.

  12. 12
    Hello Says:

    I just want to say that I’m a little deceived, I didn’t expect a girl like this, I’m sorry. Now, to be honnest, I think it’s serious this time cos’ like Plouf said, it’s the first time, in secen years (exactly), that I see him arriving at a Premiere, hand in hand with a girl. He dated other girls and never showed himself with them when it was for Reservation Road for example and, with Aria, they arrived separatly. For me, it’s a way to show that he’s engaged, without publicity because he knows that with Anthony, people wil start to ask questions and all the rest.
    She seems very in love, her eyes on him are tender, he feels happy, all smiling. I’m sure that, in few weeks, we will see them again in “candids”, with Everly, his sisters must be SO happy for him, I’m sure. He showed him with her because this time it’s serious and don’t want to hide it. That’s my point of view, maybe I’m wrong.

  13. 13
    No Says:


    Yes you are wrong.

    He wasn’t with Aria during Reservation Road. In fact, look at the times he was with his previous girlfriends Aria, Teuta and Josie. He was NEVER promoting film during those times. Teuta began dating him when he was off of work, Josie was dating him while he was filming “I’m Still Here” (and he put her in his movie, and even named her in the credits). Aria began dating him in January when he had nothing to promote either. And Aria was in numerous candid photos with him for months, following him like a lapdog.

    Every single girl he’s been with, we have SEEN. He JUST BEGAN DATING HER. There is no way on this green earth he was dating her for a long time, because we would have SEEN her around. In the background, hanging out off set. But no. There was nada, nothing of this girl anywhere near him, in the countless candids that were out all year. He also filmed 3 movies back to back. Another reason why I know they weren’t together. Because not since Topaz has he had a girlfriend while filming on a movie set. He gets extremely into his roles and always seems to dump his girlfriends when he is about to begin a new movie.

    Like I said, wait and see.

  14. 14
    i heart bsb Says:

    this length of dress is not flattering on amy.
    she always looks pretty tho.

  15. 15
    Cammia1233 Says:

    Idk what people are talking about ‘he seems happy with her’. He was the most miserable SOB at Venice. He was angry, refused to answer any questions, immediately walked past the paparazzi getting booed, and only answered a single question at the press conference. I saw how he was acting and immediately thought he was miserable. What kind of happy guy would act so grumpy and annoyed as he did? I believe they just began dating. I have seen pics of him when he first began dating Tueta and Aria. He had a smile on from ear to ear and seemed happy. Then once the month go by he loses his smile, becomes bored and breaks up with whoever he is with. This is the classic honeymoon phase of the relationship.

  16. 16
    Cammia1233 Says:

    And Fool is right. When he was dating the others, it was never at a time when he was doing press red carpet appearances. Had he dated one of them during the release of his film, he would have brought them (except for maybe Aria because he knew she wanted to be a pop star and was likely using him for publicity lol) .

    I’ll make a prediction and say, they will be over in 6 or 7 months.

  17. 17
    Amore Says:

    It’s the first time that I post here because I have my word to say so, in advance, sorry for my english, I’m french and not very for languages.
    I read all your posts and I think you judge him very hard, we don’t know all the stories about his ex and you mentionned Aria… It’s her who broke with him because he didn’t want to show up with her and, what do we se today? He shows up wtih this one. So, yes, I think he’s in love, her I don’t ask, I just have to llok at her beautiful smile and you feel happiness.
    He wasn’t at his ease at Venice because of the crowd, It’s madness you know in this kind of Festival, and I understand him. But, look at him when they’re together, he’s shinning. I don’t think that he would expose himself with a girl like that, with a child, and who is an ex of on of his best friend, just because he had to. You’re jealous, I understand, I’m myself jalous too but, you’re too rough and you know nothing abou what’s going on under your eyes.

  18. 18
    Omg Says:

    Amore, you sound like and idiot and you’re the same person posting under numerous names. I can tell because your broken English in every post is evident. There is nothing for anyone to be jealous of. I have seen JP go through girl after girl and every single time it’s the same **** on here. “Omg he’s gonna marry her it is serious! They’re in love! They’re gonna last!” And boom, it ends. Give me a damn break. We just saw this girl for the very first time a few ****ing DAYS ago. Had he been with her longer, we would have SEEN her. He wasn’t with her, because he was filming several movies in a row. Get over it. He is dating someone. He is always dating someone. He has his fun and then moves on. And when the next former model comes along, this same damn “they are serious together” crap will come up again. The same damn thin was said about ARIA. Everyone claimed they “must be serious because he is always out with her”.

  19. 19
    You people are pathetic Says:

    I am laughing so hard at everyone on here making a big deal out of the fact he brought a frickin date to a red carpet event. Like it’s something major or crazy to do. Normal people in hollywood *gasp* bring dates to events. My God you people need to get laid more.

  20. 20
    You people are pathetic Says:


    Chill out dude, you’re a bit high strung there. This is something that has been going on for over a decade my friend. I became a fan of Joaquin’s around when he was dating Topaz Page Green. There were constant rumors and crap about how they were getting engaged or secretly married. Of course it was all BS. Nice to know over 10 years later, the same rumors come up only with girls he just began seeing. He was with Liv and Topaz for 3 years and nothing happened beyond that. Yet these delusional fanbots think he’s going to settle down with some girl who just showed up around him a week ago. Get used to it. There has always been stupid rumors and always will be. These people are apparently unaware of the fact that Joaquin is a regular George Clooney, and will never settle down. His own sister Rain doesn’t even have kids either. He probably followed in her footsteps.

  21. 21
    PhoenixFan Says:

    You people make me embarrassed to be a Joaquin fan. OMG he went to a dam red carpet event with his what!? How is that a big deal? Why are you guys over speculating, and thinking you know anything about this man based on a few photographs? Do you realize how utterly insane you sound? Judging how he feels about someone based on a picture at a red carpet event. Grow up. Normal adults bring dates to events. Leave him alone and stop picking apart his personal life.

  22. 22
    and you are awful Says:

    Joaquin is not an hollywood guy and you’re all wrong about him. I don’t know this chick but she looks fine to me. Come on! You would bring a simple “date” to two festivals? Nope, my friend! No way! You’re all pathetic! Think about Anthony, their son, you really think that she would have followed him like this, just for walk, ah,ah,ah

  23. 23
    ..... Says:

    @and you are awful:

    It boggles my mind how stupid joaquin fans are. Freaking out because he brought a date to a red carpet event. You people are so sad lonely and pathetic. He has the right to go on dates and date whoever he feels like it. He has the right to sleep with whoever he wants. Stop ****ing judging2 people you have never even met before based on publicity photos at a red carpet event. Bunch of sad pathetic lonely desperate old housewives.

  24. 24
    Surprise Says:

    Surprise. Joaquin has a new sex toy, and his fans go nuts. Shock of the century. It’s not like this has happened every single time he is dating someone.

  25. 25
    Joaquin Phoenix Sucks Ass Says:

    Lemme see hmm……Joaquin I think I’ve got you down by now

    Is the girl too young for him: Check

    Is the girl another model: Check

    Will she be history in a few months: Check.

    Joaquin you are so fawking predictable. Same type of girl every single time- young, tall, thin, model, homely. Same routine every time- happy go lucky honeymoon phase, followed by infidelity and a breakup. God this man is grotesque. The fact that he has fans is sickening.

  26. 26
    Surprise Says:


    Remember when Aria just began dating him for a month and she was tweeting about how she was ‘in love’ and how she was ‘in bed all day snuggling with her lover’ ? It never ends. The fan girls get their panties in a knot every time. They were flipping out because Aria claimed they were in love and was constantly tweeting about how she was with him. It’s almost funny watching them all react.lmfao

  27. 27
    hemustwinvenice Says:

    Whatever we think about them, we must do with her, she’s going to be there at each premiere so, please, ladies, behave!!

  28. 28
    A Says:

    Model??? She’s ugly and must have a daddy complex based on her dating history.

  29. 29
    Ginger Says:

    I’m going to refrain from commenting on her looks and just say, they will be over in no time. She couldn’t even make it work with Anthony after being with him for years & having his kid. Another star f***ing bimbo wanting some more 15 minutes of fame. They’ll be over and Joaquin’s bed won’t even be cold before another girl jumps back in it. The man is incapable of monogamy.

  30. 30
    she ain't it Says:

    well, what in the world would he see in a girl like that? man, that girl is NOT his type at all and wow, homely??? ewwwwwww. He has been seen with a very beautiful girl in the last months but this isn’t her, for sure. What happened, Joaquin? Anthony’s retread is the best you can do? He’s not that desperate. This won’t last. My Lord she is plain and has no sense of style. what is that she’s wearing exactly? I always wish Joaquin the best because he is brilliant but this is sure not best he can do. At least I hope not anyway.

  31. 31
    Emily Says:

    She is/was a model (I don’t know). She may look plain here, but not so while on the runway. Maybe she doesn’t care about getting all dolled up, which imo is refreshing and suits him quite perfectly. I feel peace when I see these two together. You can almost sense she is a beautiful person (if you catch sight of her smile in old pics). On a superficial note, I think she does wonders for Joaq’s style. Loved the tie at Venice. I doubt he picked that out himself. ;-p

  32. 32
    ........... Says:


    More broken English from Frenchie here under yet another name.

    Seek help. Or at least an English teacher to help you type proper grammar so it isn’t so painfully obvious you’re the same troll under various names.

    You’re also the same troll with bad broken English who was claiming he was going to marry Aria because they were oh so in love.

  33. 33
    Trolls Says:

    Troll comments on JP and Teuta: “You can tell they’re going to last because he brought her to a publicized Vanity Fair party knowing it would be photographed in the magazine, and there was even an article on them inside” – Few months later, Teuta all gone.

    Troll comments on JP and Josie “You can tell they’e going to last because he put her in “I’m Still Here’!”- Few months later, Josie all gone

    Troll comments on Aria: “You can tell they’e going to last because she is photographed EVERYWHERE with him! At a park, out to eat, at Elton Johns Oscar party. He NEVER does this. She’s even tweeting about how they’re always together. They’re so in love!” – Few months later, Aria all gone.

    No yeah you’re right, there is no pattern to his behavior at all. See he starts off dating a young model……oh wait. I guess some things never change indeed. See ya in a few months.

  34. 34
    Evie Says:

    Don’t feed the trolls. They always say things to get a rise out of you.

    Yes Joaquin just began dating her very very recently. He was photographed a million times in 2012, with this Heather nowhere in sight. He just attended a wedding on August 5th, and came there alone with no date. Not only do pictures show he was alone, but the people at the wedding said he was alone as well. Even Teuta who only dated him for a few short months was pictured with him numerous times within that period. Heather was nowhere until this month. And given the wedding was a month ago, I’d estimate they began dating sometime within the past month.

  35. 35
    Lisa Says:

    LMAO! I love reading Joaquin Phoenix’s fans comments. Its equal to the intensity of Gerard Butler’s fans. LOL! Soo, what about Joseph Gordon-Levitt? He is 31, unmarried, and has a secret girlfriend. You think he will marry or be like JP/GB?

  36. 36
    Hmm Says:


    Hmm it’s hard to say. I’m quite fan of JGL. I think if he ever settles down which in Hollywood is basically impossible, it will not be for along time. He is a very energetic free spirited man and I don’t know he’d do well with the conventional mundane life of marriage.

  37. 37
    Lisa Says:


    I have to agree. I have seen him in person and let’s just say he loves the ladies. It will take a special woman to get him to marry her. Plus, he is on the verge of super stardom—marriage won’t happen for him anytime soon (if ever). I do see Joe with kids, which I can’t say I see with JP and GB.

  38. 38
    Emily Says:

    Anyone who is into astrological synastry can plug their data in and see how they affect each other. Assuming their reported birthdays are accurate, there is a general feeling of obsessive love, trust, and familiarity. Personal planets on the south node create the sense that they have always known one another. Venus aspecting south node makes the love easy. Joaq’s Saturn is sextile to Heather so he is supportive of her. Maybe you ought to create a chart for yourself,too, and see just why you have such powerful/polarized feelings about him. lol FYI I am not the same person as “broken English” up there. Thanks for informing me I don’t know how to speak English. I guess being born and raised in the U.S. to white parents has been a figment of my imagination all these years. *rolling my eyes

  39. 39
    Plouf Says:

    I’m the one with broken english and I don’t hide myself behind other names. I stop writting because you’re too crazy. What can I say? You don’t believe a word that I say, you always laugh at me, it’s unfair. I DO belive it’s serious because when you start to date with a girl who has a child, this child is always in the equation too. Look what he said recently about his relationship with his grilfriend, this sentence: “There are just so many lines in the movie that my girlfriend uses on me and I just start to laugh”. You didn’t see him during all this month because he was with her, discretly and they are together since while, you can feel it, their complicity is not one complicity of few weeks or one month, I’m sorry. Now, you can like her or not, you can think what you want about me, this time, I tell you, it’s different. By the way, I’m not the one you mentionned about his ex because, I didn’t have the net before and I just know Just Jared since few weeks because of a friend. You see, you know nothing!

  40. 40
    hewon!! Says:

    He got the girl, the award, what’s next??? LOL!!

  41. 41
    Katy Says:

    I like Joaquin Phoenix because he is a great actor. Can’t wait to see the Master.

    Who knows about this girl. Time will tell. She looks okay to me. Too tall for Joaquin but I guess that doesn’t bother him. I just always like to look up to my man. He is short and I only imagine how many short girls would love to be with him but then they have to be compatible.

    Good luck Joaquin. It’s time for your Oscar – long over due!

  42. 42
    argghh Says:

    New pic on Joaquin Phoenix Central, she’s everywhere, I can’t stand her anymore

  43. 43
    happy Says:

    He never looked so happy, look at him!!! Jealous argh???

  44. 44
    Zephyr Says:

    This is not the first woman with a child Joaquin has dated. He has also dated plenty of women who aren’t models. He has also dated women in their 30s. Fool, you may have followed the tabloids, but, trust me, that’s not the whole story of this man’s dating history.

    Heather Christie isn’t just anyone. She’s famous in her own right and used to fame. If she handled Anthony Kiedis, she can handle Joaquin. And Joaquin looks really happy. That’s great. I’m happy for him.

    And, most importantly, he’s a great actor.

  45. 45
    Ezekielbread Says:

    Joaq and Nika have been together for a while. They’re very happy. Back off, critics, and let them be.

  46. 46
    Plouf Says:

    Thank you for your last two posts, somebody who finally think the same!!!

  47. 47
    LOL Says:

    I imagine all our faces at the Oscar when you see them, always together, hand in hand. Wonder how you’re going to react

  48. 48
    hello Says:

    - Golden Globe to Meryl Streep, he was dating Teuta but no pics of them arriving hand in hand.
    - Reservation Road, he was dating a girl who I forgot the name, he arrived alone.
    - After Party with Elton John, he came separatly with Aria.

    So, you see, it’s the first time in seven years that I see him in public hand in hand with a woman.

  49. 49
    ..... Says:

    What surprise me the most is that I don’t see the difference of ages between them, he looks incredibly young!

  50. 50
    peggy Says:


    I take it that you know Joaquin. I am just a fan that has follwed his acting career for years. Don’t know the man and don’t know about all his girlfriends.

    I understand that the latest starting dating Anthony when she was 18 years old and he’s about twice her age. She was legal so I guess her guardians couldn’t stop her.

    From looking at pictures of them when she was dating him (with baby) and had girls all over him,I would say she tolerated not handled. This is just my opinion of course because I don’t know any of them personally.

    What’s it like knowing Joaquin?

  51. 51
    Jess P Says:

    From Daily News:
    Following a Coppa Volpi win at the Venice Film Festival (aka Best Actor), Joaquin Phoenix arrived at the Toronto Film Festival with 26-year-old Heather Christie on his arm. The 37-year-old Oscar winner and his real-life leading lady walked the red carpet for “The Master,” in which Phoenix plays a thinly veiled version of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. “They have been dating for quite a few months now and he asked her to join him,” says a source. “It just recently got serious between them.” Christie, a model and actress, has a 5-year-old son, Everly Bear, with Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis, whom she split from in 2007. Phoenix has hit it off with the little boy. “Joaquin would make a great dad,” adds our source. “He’s surprisingly really great with kids.”

    Read more:

    Well so it’s serious according to others?

  52. 52
    Katy Says:

    I wouldn’t take this article to serious.

    Joaquin has never won an Oscar. He was nominated for best supporting actor in the Gladiator and lead actor in Walk TheLine. Lost both times. I happen to think he should have won for WTL.

    He is not playing the founder in the Master. He is playing a character named Freddie who becomes friends with the founder played by Philip Seymour Hoffman.

  53. 53
    Jess P Says:

    yeah I just now realized how many cringe- making mistakes there are in this article. Looks like the writer doesn’t even have a good ‘source’ on the most basic and well- known information.

  54. 54
    LOVEHIM Says:

    I read and read all your posts and you still don’t see what is evident. Of course he’s in love, who would bring a few months date in Venice, next Toronto, and on the red carpet just like this?? Come on! Seriously! IT IS SERIOUS, YOU CAN SEE HOW THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER, THEIR COMPLICITY, ARE YOU BLIND??? Jesus!!

  55. 55
    Plouf Says:

    I told you so… But again, somebody is going to laugh and says I’m crazy (by the way, I’m italian, it explains my broken english)

  56. 56
    hum Says:

    Maybe she’s pregnant

  57. 57
    LOL Says:

    It’s too funny! It reminds me Robbie Williams. Everybody said that it wasn’t serious with his last girlfriend, he was a womanizer ( I notice how much you love that word here!). And now, look at him. He’s married and his last girlfriend became his wife. Now, they’re expecting a child.
    Can’t stop laughing, I’m sorry

  58. 58
    notfan Says:

    You can say all you want, I really don’t want to see him coming to the SAG with her, oh nooo, please!!!

  59. 59
    LuLu Says:

    If she does come to any of the award shows, I sure hope she dresses better than she did at Venice or for sure, Toronto. At Venice, she looked Vintage which was somewhat decent. Toronto, she looked like she was going to a bar!

    Joaquin can afford a styiist for her if he even cares!

  60. 60
    sunshine Says:

    Joaquin is normally very private when it comes to putting his relationships on display. I’ve seen plenty of photos with Joaquin and his other family members, but not with previous girlfriends that much.I guess the relationship must be something special for Joaquin to put it on display at The Master premieres
    And she’s a beauty, she can wear anything she wants!

  61. 61
    sad Says:

    I’m sad, she’s 26, he’s 37, I read everywhere: “she’s gorgeous, they’re cute together, he seems SO comfort and SOOO happy”. Oohhh, lucky little Everly, he’s SO lucky. I didn’t expect that, really sad

  62. 62
    LuLu Says:

    Sorry I tend to disagree with #60.

    She is very tall and lanky looking. She is way tooooo tall for Phoenix(who is a short man) and it looks odd.

    She is okay looking- no beauty!

    A petite female would look better next to him JMO

  63. 63
    Oups Says:

    He must spend all this time with her because he’s invisible! Lucky is a lady

  64. 64
    truth Says:

    I think the same 63! I’m sure they’re together right now but some people here don’t want to admit it. Until there, everything they said didn’t happen and he finally took her hand at this premiere, they were totally freaking out, too funny!

  65. 65
    snoop Says:

    I love Nika, she looks so happy on these photos, you feel love between them. She’s more beautiful in blonde by the way. There are many articles about them on the web, so I guess we’re going to see them very soon, maybe kissing, who knows?

  66. 66
    bof Says:

    I saw her only smiling when she was under the spotlights with him or when somebody was all “cute” with her.

  67. 67
    Mmm Says:

    It’s the first time in seven years that I see him doing such a thing, she must be special to him. No pics of him since this event so he’s more private than usual, like if he wanted to protect their relation and having her only for himself. The body language reveals many things too. He’s very protective, eyes contact all the time, I confirm: they are in love.

  68. 68
    Suzie Says:

    Heather has a small child so I doubt if he can have her all to himself. There is a child involved here.

    He might care deeply for her. Time will tell but it’s to soon for one to speculate JMO.

    Hope he fines happiness.

  69. 69
    Ok Says:

    When my stepfather met my mom, I was 5 and he was spending all his time with us because we felt good together. It’s like if he disappeared from our neighborood! A child is really not a problem, I’m sure Joaquin he’s really nice with him, they must feel at home all together

  70. 70
    LOL Says:

    Just read 30′s comment, I copy: “well, what in the world would he see in a girl like that? man, that girl is NOT his type at all and wow, homely??? ewwwwwww. He has been seen with a very beautiful girl in the last months but this isn’t her, for sure. What happened, Joaquin? Anthony’s retread is the best you can do? He’s not that desperate. This won’t last. My Lord she is plain and has no sense of style. what is that she’s wearing exactly? I always wish Joaquin the best because he is brilliant but this is sure not best he can do. At least I hope not anyway.”

    Ahhhaaa! Another troll who knows nothing!

  71. 71
    Suzie Says:

    A child is a blessing. If you are a good parent, your first concern is their well being. You can find time for your boyfriend but the kid comes first.
    There is also the other bio parent. I read that Anthony is involved in his son’s life. That is great.

    All can be worked out if everyone really wants it to.

    Time will tell!

  72. 72
    plouf Says:

    When I said that everybody laughed Suzie so don’t be surprised if the “jump” on you

  73. 73
    ahahaha Says:

    I was laughing alone after reading your comments because I imagine Aria’s face when she sees Joaquin, hand-in-hand, all kissing, with Heather at the SAG, Golden Globes and Oscars. She will be there, you can be sure… He always came separatly when he was with her, never wanted to be in a pic with her and suddenly, just front her eyes, what does she see?? What a beautiful dream for me!

  74. 74
    b*** Says:

    Don’t laugh too loud cos’ it’s her who broke with him, she felt alone with him and it seems that he’s ready to not make the same mistake with this one. You don’t see him anymore, he’s hidding upon me and maybe because it’s really serious this time.

  75. 75
    justathought Says:

    She followed him in Italy, Toronto, a mother would never leave her child for few days and so far away for only a “simple” date. It’s obvious! They know each other very well and I guess they planned everything together. She knew she would be exposed and he wanted to be seen with her.
    I do believe they are in love

  76. 76
    anonymous Says:

    Believe me or not but I have a friend who saw them together yesterday. They were in a car, I guess Joaquin’s one, they were laughing and there was a kid sat behind. He said that they make a lovely item, I don’t agree but, hey! Who am I to judge. Just wanted to share…

  77. 77
    wanttoseemaster Says:


    kudos to you. I completely agree with you. They look cute together and it’s nice to see him with someone that he’s know a long time and she has a child. That’s great. Whatever happens with them. Hope they are happy. People should stop judging someone they don’t know. None of us know him or his past relationships. None of our business but these photos show him shining that I have not seen in photos of him before, especially in the public light.

  78. 78
    wanttoseemaster Says:


    kudos to you. I completely agree with you. They look cute together and it’s nice to see him with someone that he’s know a long time and she has a child. That’s great. Whatever happens with them. Hope they are happy. People should stop judging someone they don’t know. None of us know him or his past relationships. None of our business but these photos show him shining that I have not seen in photos of him before, especially in the public light.

  79. 79
    anonymous Says:

    It was Everly Bear’s birthday yesterday, Heather’s son and I wonder what Joaquin offered to him

  80. 80
    hopenotseriouswithheather Says:

    I’m worried, seriously, someone can answer me and give me his/her feelings about it because I start to think he’s really in love with her. We don’t see anymore, even her, please, someone???

  81. 81
    hopenotseriouswithheather Says:

    No answer, thank you, I guess you think the same: they’re in love and we’re going to see them at each ceremony very soon. My poor little heart

  82. 82
    asnwer Says:

    Yep, this one stole his heart, no doubt!

  83. 83
    anonymous Says:

    anybody knows if they’re still together?

  84. 84
    hopenotseriouswithheather Says:

    They’re still together, someone on Twitter saw them at lunch (go to JPC’s forum in “news and gossip) Serious, serious, no doubt

  85. 85
    Sissy Says:

    If the blonde was about a foot taller than Joaquin, then I guess it could have been Heather.

  86. 86
    love Says:

    It was her, I’m sure, they are a beautiful item

  87. 87
    trash Says:

    two losers

  88. 88
    love Says:

    ??? Losers what, who?? Uh!

  89. 89
    Tabot Says:


    Well, I’ve never seen that tweet but if the girl was blonde, it was not Heather. I am following her on Twitter and have been ever since she made one (because she is linked to Anthony and I’ve been a fan of his for 12 years). She has uploaded a lot of pics of herself throughout this month, and she has had brown hair for all of October and some of September.-not blonde.

  90. 90
    plouf Says:

    Blond girl is not important, they’re still together anyway. She must be very beautiful with brown hair, lucky Joaquin!

  91. 91
    Tabot Says:

    Btw, her twitter is @marytylergore. When I began following her it wasn’t on private and then she put it on private a while later. That basically means no one can follow her anymore without her allowing, but she can’t delete the people who began following her before she was on private (like ME!)

  92. 92
    plouf Says:

    I don’t believe you a minute and it doesn’t mean they’re not still together, sorry.

  93. 93
    anonymous Says:

    I have her on FB and she’s posted some brown-hair pictures of herself there too, BUT they are from the past. She uploads many old pictures.
    I’m sure she’s still blonde…

  94. 94
    anonymous Says:


    wtf r u talkin about? She hasn’t tweeted for ages.

  95. 95
    amore Says:

    I suggest you two solutions: go to Twitter and ask to this person, with a photo, if it’s her or…. GET A LIFE!!!!

  96. 96
    etna will tell you the truth Says:

    oh please…of course it’s her…who else? Have you seen his FACE in the pictures from Toronto? He’s GLOWING! I ahven’t seen him that happy in 10 years or so. I find it HARD to imagine he could break up with her and start dating another girl withis 2 weeks…HIGLHY UNLIKELY
    Sorry to those who want to see her back with Kiedis and to those who hate Phoenix for some reason (yeah I mean the person who’s been calling him sleezy modelizer for the past three years).

  97. 97
    tinker bell Says:

    I think he did look happy in Venice and Toronto. I hope one day he will find someone he can share his life with. Most of us need that. If this girl is it for him so be it. As time continues on, we shall see.

    As far as him having lunch with a blonde girl – can’t he do that without being in love with that person?

  98. 98
    plouf Says:

    Thanks to you both for these reactions and comments!!! Ahh! What a pleasure to see you think the same about them.
    She will be there for SAG, Golden, Oscars, let them talk, they’re only jealous

  99. 99
    phj Says:

    I don’t see him showing up at any of the awards shows next year after what he said about the oscars.

  100. 100
    nonsense Says:

    I don’t see why, he never said he wouldn’t! We will see them holding hands, no doubt!

  101. 101
    news Says:

    During our interview Phoenix mentions his girlfriend being with him in Venice and through much of his recent life. All he will say is that she is not an actress and he clearly likes it that way. Unlike Affleck who has two children with Phoenix’s younger sister, Summer, Joaquin (who was originally named Leaf,) is not about to have kids.

    “In my 20s I assumed that I would, but frankly I have no desire to have children,” he says. “I think about perhaps getting into a place in which I might be able to have a good home that would be suitable for children to adopt but I don’t know. It’s not a definite plan.”

    Joaquin Phoenix in a recent interview you can find on JPC, the girlfriend, of course, is Heather. Now, really, it is serious, you can’t edny it

  102. 102
    news Says:

    “deny it”, sorry for the mistake, I’m at work, not easy

  103. 103
    anonymous Says:

    It’s all about HIM.

    What if his partner wants to have a child with him. She is out of luck unless this interview is a bunch of BS like so many of his other interviews

    I can’t even imagine being in a relationship with this guy unless it was for the money and the perks that come along with that!

  104. 104
    ef Says:


    Don’t worry. You’re not in danger of being in a relationship with him because he seems to have found his significant other;) As for kids, that would be awesome if he and Heather adopted some children in need. He’s always had such a big heart. He’s very selfless. Besides I’m pretty sure that if Heather said to him that she wants to have a baby, he’d be on it this very minute. ;)

  105. 105
    anonymous Says:


    You sure are pretty sure on lots of things. Do you know him? It sounds like you do. Keep us posted please.

  106. 106
    ef Says:


    Yes, I do ;)

  107. 107
    noway Says:

    His signifant other???? What a joke, too funny!!!

  108. 108
    ef Says:


    jealousy is a terrrible thing… :(

  109. 109
    Plouf Says:


    No it’s not an “old picture”. It was a photoshoot she did for Halloween which she posted on/around Halloween. Stop making excuses. That poster said she had brown hair and not blonde for a month on her private twitter, then right after she posts pics of herself with brown hair. Is that poster a psychic? No I think not. Heather hasn’t had blonde hair for a while. So he was spotted with someone else.

  110. 110
    lol Says:

    @news: It is serious because he says he DOESN’T want children? If anything, this confirms what we knew. He likes to date various young models, and he has no desire for children or a wife. Doesn’t sound at all like a man who has plans to “settle down”. If by 38 years old he still “doesn’t have desire for kids”, he never will. The man is nearly 40 and still doesn’t want children. He’s old enough to know by now. Also- we know he refers to Heather as his girlfriend. No one is denying he is dating her. Just like he referred to Teuta as such in a magazine (all while cheating on her and dropping her for Josie Hamilton who he dated for a year and put in his movie). What are you implying exactly? That by him having a girlfriend right now, that means he doesn’t stray? That means it’s the real deal? Well hey if that were the case, he’d be married with 5 kids by now- because he’s always had girlfriends. Always. Liv, Teuta, Josie, Aria, Heather, Topaz, Acacia, Lea, Inger- and many many many more women were his GIRLFRIENDS. It has nothing to do with infidelity.

  111. 111
    lol Says:

    ^ Ps- what I meant by “he’s referred to Teuta as such in magazines” I meant, he has claimed she was his girlfriend in magazines before. He said “I was in New York picking up my girlfriend to go out to dinner” in a 2007 interview. At that time he was with Teuta who lived in New York . Of course at the same time he was with other girls (which of course everyone denied on here ) and then he was immediately was seen with Josie Hamilton at an airport a month after he was seen holding hands with Teuta at Coachella.

  112. 112
    Scarlettjohanssonownsme Says:

    Joaquin doesn’t want kids. He flat out stated “I have no desire to have children”. He isn’t 25 saying this, he is almost 40. That means he will not be having children- he has proven to love the life of a bachelor. No man at nearly 40 says he has absolutely no desire for kids then turns around and wants kids. He is of age now in life to know what he wants. So it is a given that there will never be any such thing as settling down with Joaquin Clooney. Ultimately, Heather having a kid will be a problem down the road. Right now it is fine because they’re in a new relationship but for someone like him who likes to womanize, I can only imagine how fast he will run if she tried to turn him into some kind of step dad. Never ever do that to a man who doesn’t want kids. He will leave you, and fast.

  113. 113
    Scarlettjohanssonownsme Says:


    Yes but as why is that a bad thing? I am female and I don’t want kids either. The wrong thing to do is to have kids just to make someone else happy. You’re supposed to WANT kids first, and if you don’t you shouldn’t have them. It is kind of ridiculous to get mad at someone for not wanting children. Maybe we should be mad at people who do want kids that’s as much sense as it makes. You can’t help what you desire and what you don’t desire. The fact that he publicly stated this indicates he wants this to be known. Maybe he’s been with a lot of women who tried to pressure him into having kids, so he’s setting the record straight.

  114. 114
    anonymous Says:

    there is nothin left to talk aboout. joaquin said he doesn’t want kids & it is confirmed now. his actions over the years correspond with this. he ain’t having kids he ain’t getting serious with anybody and you can all lie and make up false sightings but that won’t change what he said. no kids, he isn’t even close to settling down. case closed. bye

  115. 115
    JP is all of us Says:

    LOL at this hater. Plouf get a life- your unhealthy obsession with Joaquin becomes worrisome. Heather recently posted a picture of herself on FB-she’s blonde. I know it’s hard but take it. You’ve been on this site for the last 3 years writing crap about Joaquin under every single article and under different names. Are you Teuta”s friend? You keep mentioning her like you’re her advocate. And the truth is he dumped her because he fell in love with Josie. Yes, LOVE. Just because your favorite Teuta couldn’t keep him at her side, doesn’t mean Heather can’t. I understand you’re jealous because you’ll never have him but writing crap and being in denial will not make you his girlfriend. Ever. It doesn’t work that way.

  116. 116
    etna will tell you the truth Says:


    Anthony Kiedis- father of Joaquin’s GF’s child changes girls every 5 months. He wanted to have a kid and he has one but does it mean he settled down? NO. Not wanting to have kids doesn’t mean you can’t get serious with a loved one. Besides Joaquin mentions possible adoption…
    I’m sorry sweetie in denial but your argument is void. Find yourself a real boyfriend and you’ll be happier.

  117. 117
    anonymous2 Says:

    It’s really interesting how much everyone knows about this man.

    I think he is a very good actor.

    Besides that, he is a little short dude. Needs a step stool this go around!

  118. 118
    Jess Says:

    It’s not the first time he has mentioned Heather in an interview. He mentioned in another interview she quotes lines from the movie step brothers at him. It’s no deal that he mentions her again. He doesn’t want to be a father anyone could have figured it out.

  119. 119
    anonymous Says:

    why would he want to be a father? Just because he doesn’t want kids doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to settle down with one woman.

  120. 120
    anonymous Says:

    especially if that woman already has a child of her own.

  121. 121
    ahum Says:

    The same…. Go to JP Central and start to realize…

  122. 122
    Isabella Says:

    BAM. There you go. looks more serious than anything before no?

  123. 123
    Kate Says:

    Do guys even know Joaquin and Anthony have a history its not the first time Joaquin has hit on one of Anthony’s Girlfriends. Anthony does not like Joaquin he did not really like River all so who was a close friend of Flea’s. They all used to hang out in the early days. Johnny Depp all so used to hang out with them. The Night River died he was with Flea and Johnny at the Viper Room. This girl Heather won’t last she hooked up with Anthony when she was 18 he was 40 something. They broke up got back together he wanted a kid she was 20 and split not long after she had the kid. Anthony looks after the child he is a single dad doing a great job they are never apart. he even takes Bear on tour with him. You never see her with Bear. These European models all want be with an Actor or a Rock star it the in thing with these models.

  124. 124
    anonymous Says:


    get a life, you sad, jealous hater :)

  125. 125
    Kay Says:

    He is disgusting. Joaquin hooked up with Lindsay Lohan and countless other disgusting women. His girlfriend should get an std check and do not trust him.

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