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Liberty Ross: Alexander Wang Runway Model!

Liberty Ross: Alexander Wang Runway Model!

Liberty Ross is white hot while walking the runway at the Alexander Wang Spring 2013 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Saturday (September 8) at Pier 94 in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress and model wore a sleek dress with sexy cut-outs around the skirt.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Liberty Ross

In attendance at the show was Jennifer Aniston‘s fiance Justin Theroux in the front row!

Earlier in the week, Liberty grabbed a cup of coffee in Los Angeles.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Liberty Ross’ runway look?

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liberty ross alexander wang runway model 02
liberty ross alexander wang runway model 03
liberty ross alexander wang runway model 04
liberty ross alexander wang runway model 05

Credit: Fernanda Calfat; ; Photos: Getty
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  • bob the builder

    one word: UGLAYYY.

  • Lola

    For some reason she’s looking really masculine in these photos.

  • CHO

    Yeah not cute, but sometimes that the look for the runway just high fashion and sharp edges.

    But wow she is getting right into the light now! I dont know whether to be proud of disgusted…

  • kelly

    Umm, I never thought I’d say this. If that’s the definition of a runway model. I could actually be one. Lol

  • Star Trek Anyone?

    She looks like Spock with those ears and hairstyle. Very unfeminine.

  • marina

    Runway models do not have much of a say in how they look at the different shows.

  • Claire Mélusine

    Idiots, idiots everywhere…sounds like many have never seen a fashion show apart from ”victoria’s secret”..

  • SaadGKhan

    Now I know who send Paps after Kirsten & Rupert …
    With proudness she walk around street and now returning to runways.. she is getting the more Benefit.. I have never seen a woman bounce back in weeks so strong after a affair that shocked the whole world.
    It took months and months for Jennifer Aniston to recover from Brangelina affair but this woman is making $$$$$ over that. She even hasn’t filed for Divorce, she is taking that jerk back for sure.

  • Claire Mélusine

    Darling she is putting lots of makeup, if you naturally look like that, you’re not model material, you’re just plain ugly , you’re welcome :)

  • tw

    dreadful “oufit,” and emasulining of a pretty girl. So this is fashion…

  • landa

    to being a model, a woman does not necessarily need to be beautiful is just have a thin body and a weird face

  • kelly

    @Claire Mélusine: Why so serious?? I was JOKING

  • monica lewinsky

    This girl is surely milking the fame.
    I kinda feel bad for K-stew and her children.

  • sarah

    I’m laughing at the clueless teenagers and frumpy middle aged housewives who know nothing about Alexander Wang and Liberty.

  • Essa

    Interesting outfit.
    Looks like something ud wear on Tatooine.

  • Fox

    Didn’t know they still hired women in their 30s to model runway.

  • Looselipz

    hmmmm, I would not describe Liberty as a classic beauty, but, she has a look that sets her apart..and in it’s uniqueness she works it well. I think she’s a perfect model…as for her husbands affair, I’m actually annoyed at how much press this issue got…as though it was the first time a couple had to deal with this i the limelight. I think the PR people are working overtime to milk this things for every bit they can.

  • Rose

    She’s kind of past her prime of being a runway model (she’s too old)… She’s no Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell or Giselle… They have empires so they can do it, but runway age cut-off is usually late 20′s. She’s only relevant because he husband cheated on her with that dumb slore…

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    I thought the person in the photo was a man. Runway models!!!

  • fork

    @monica lewinsky: Milking what fame? She was always a MODEL! Just because paps are now following her because of the affair doesn’t mean she’s milking anything. She never asked for her husband to cheat on her and her children.

  • @Claire Mélusine

    Ugh, agreed!

  • http://! Liverwurst

    This woman is ugly.

  • Lisa

    She wasn’t famous before the scandal so it doesn’t mean that she wasn’t doing these modeling things before.Haters better use their minds.

  • Lisa

    @Fox: Have you ever heard of Alessandria Abriosso & Adriana Lima?They are in their 30s.I am not defending Liberty but these are some facts!Miranda Kerr is also 29 so whats the point?

  • Lou

    @Lola: Alexander Wang’s aesthetic is usually quite strong

  • Cho

    I have to laught at some of the comments…clearly a lot if you don’t follow run way shows nor do you know anything about Alexander Wang and the kind if models used in the show.
    She was always a model its only now that her douche husbands scandal is getting her face out there.

  • Olga

    @bob the builder: and Kristen looks very pretty in Toronto (sarcasm)

  • Elle

    that cheating scandal was the best thing that ever happened to her! before that i had NEVER heard of her

  • Lisa

    Its so weird that all these Kristen lovers are making her the villain and now Kristen is the victim.They are always saying that Kristen is innocent,so what she made a mistake,stop judging her,you don’t know her,they used her,she is only 22,we all make mistakes,Rob will get back to her,Rob must’ve done something bad too that’s why she did that. LOL

  • Duh

    She should be thankful to Kristen! I knew she was model, but in the last years I haven’t seen her in the runway shows until this one.

  • lizzie

    She’s not milking fame at all, she’s always modeled it’s just that nobody paid attention before. Alexander Wang always uses some high profile girls in his show, last year he had all the old supers. The make-up isn’t flattering agreed, but if you look at the SWATH promo pics she;s a very beautiful woman. More attractive than she who’s won’t be named anyway.

  • Lauren

    @SaadGKhan: Like that would matter and change whose actions caused this. It’s about time she file for divorce.

  • krix

    Love Alexander Wang designs (especially his dusty purple).
    Liberty Ross – Her look is very runway and I think she looks great.
    As for the situation – I think she is handling it better than most (no reality tv, maury povich interview, statements to TMZ or other net sites, etc); maintaining a career, children and her own emotional has to be difficult.

  • someone

    all i see are those ears,other models are much better looking than her.sad that suddenly the cheating scandal has revived her career cos i never knew who she was before.i want to know who is looking after her kids,im guessing rupert while she goes out and gets pictured everywhere and everyone praises her for getting on with her life

  • lol

    why is she even on JustJared?
    I never really liked her….
    And what is a 30 yr old doing on a runway?


    The normal stupidity of the fat, ugly and jealous persons that came post the same trash when a beautiful and smart women appear in the news is the signal of a deep ignorance, hate and envy of American society.

    When someone write that “she could do this model work” or “she is ugly” or “she is milking the fame” it´s only because they love to bad-talk without showing their fat-ugly face behind a monitor in a dark room. Its ease.

    Americans are the most false, ignorant and arrogant people always trying to impose moral and values to others when they don´t know what they are talking but they think they know. Americans are all the time saying false things until they transform something false in true.

    The true is something that don´t need confirmations. Exist it´s real and permanent. the true it´s what you see and not what you want to see.

    The true is that Liberty is a world top model for the best brands since her teenage years.

    The true is that she is beautiful, intelligent and independent women.

    the true is that she don´t need PR, pub and nobody to be where she is and to be a successful model.

    the true is that she is a better person than KS, she is a mother of two beautiful kids and she is commanding is life without crying for pity like others womens have done. like Aniston or KS are doing with a big machine of PR lies to clean the garbage.

  • Chups

    for those of you who aren’t familiar with Alexander Wang and the models used for the run way show….check out the pictures in this article..then maybe you can stop dissing Liberty Ross

  • KAY blood

    This makes her look very unattractive and she is quite beautiful. The world of high fashion is weird.

  • And So We Begin….

    @SaadGKhan: Haha, actually, to compare this scandal to the Brangelina triangle is a little silly. The only ones that anyone even really knew were Stewart and Pattinson. And to be fair, those two are very young, not married and was only a matter of time before they moved on. It was to be expected. Not the affair, but the moving on part.

  • MegCH

    @someone: Who is looking after her kids? What kind of ridiculous question is that? Work is not an abnormal thing for a mom. Tons of perfectly good and capable mothers WORK. Geez, I see you grasping, grasping, grasping for anything you can!

  • starsh

    @Claire Mélusine: They probably haven’t!

  • starsh

    @sarah: Totally. Not to mention the people picking on her – even though all the poor thing did was get cheated on. What’s she supposed to do – wear black? cry in public? Dare not to go to work? Its hardly milking the limelight is its your job, idiots.

  • starsh

    @monica lewinsky: How is going to work (because she is after all a model, DUH!) milking the fame?

  • starsh

    @Elle: you had never heard of her? And you are? A modelling expert are you? Follow all the fashion shows do you? eejit.

  • someone

    @MegCH: all im trying to say is that i hope someone is making sure their kids are okay whether liberty and rupert are getting a divorce or not,and its more the fact that suddenly she is reappearing on catwalks all of a sudden.

  • someone

    just read an article that said “Liberty Ross has confessed she didn’t leave her house for “seven weeks” after learning her husband Rupert Sanders cheated on her with Kristen Stewart.” -what a load of rubbish,she was spotted out and about like a week or two weeks after the pictures surfaced


    @Claire Mélusine: Killing “Claire Melusine” and “Liberty Ross” and ALL your chinky “twilight” trolls will be more than Americas pleasure, as it is more than Americas favorite pastime. America will kill every one of you alien, fat, dumb, lazy, inbred, fagatt apeshit brits that we find. It’s what America does.

  • Model That!

    Oh oh! Is Justin Theroux seeing Heidi again? He got a very important seat. Hmmmm…whole thing looks funny since the ring-less fiancee is learning to act and the fiance is out having fun. This reminds me when John M was sleeping with Aniston and saying Jess is the sex napalm and later dumped Aniston. I don’t think there was engagement, just Aniston trying to steal thunder from the supposedly would be nuptial of Brad & Angie Pitt. The bitter X is lonely forever if she does not learn to be nice or learn tricks from How To Keep a Man for Dummies. Anyway, I enjoyed the fashion show and the pictures, thanks JJ.

  • gee

    It’s Wang, it’s meant to be slightly edgy…and clearly so many of those who are making harsh comments dont seem to follow fashion weeks and runways. She looks great and it’s not even about her, she’s being a clothes horse – IT’S ABOUT THE CLOTHES.