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Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' Post Party

Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' Post Party

Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens attend the post party for Spring Breakers hosted by vitaminwater during the 2012 Toronto Film Festival held at Brassaiion on Friday (September 7) in Toronto, Canada.

The co-stars were all smiles as they posed on the red carpet before heading inside.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Selena Gomez

That same day, Sel rocked another dress at the premiere of her new film Spring Breakers, which also stars Ashley Benson, James Franco, and Rachel Korine.

In case you missed it, make sure you check out the clip of Spring Breakers.

FYI: Selena is wearing Dolce&Gabbana at the post party and wore Nikki Baker earrings while she was out and about in Toronto.

10+ pictures inside of Selena Gomez and her co-stars…

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193 Responses to “Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' Post Party”

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  1. 76
    america Says:


  2. 77
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Told ya efron fans were the most evil fan group out there. It was only a matter of time before they came here looking to start a fight. They obsess more about Vanessa the they do their own idol. I’ve never seen people so hell bent on trying to turn people against another person and get them to follow their idol. It’s scary.

  3. 78
    J Says:

    late but CONGRATS to Spring Breakers for having a special mention award on the Venice Film Festival!! yay!!

  4. 79
    ST Says:

    Where has V been? So many cute pics of her these past few days ….

  5. 80
    J Says:

    damn, lot’s of pressed haters up in these post lol…

    I cannot wait for the Power of youth event!

  6. 81
    maria Says:

    @intric8: Don’t call me an a$$ hole, buddy. You need to stop with your trashing people. You don’t know KStew, yet you defend her. Bingo. Doesn’t that tell you why WE do the same for Vanessa??? Some of us have been following her since the photo leak, defending her right to privacy which was violated. Yeah, she made a mistake taking the pics in the first place, but teens don’t grasp the concept of consequences. And like YOU said, everyone deserves a second chance, buddy. So WE are on Vanessa’s doing just that. None of us are family, or paid pumpers. Just good ole’ fans. WHY is that so hard to understand?? Most celebs, if you read their posts, ALL have faithful followers. Doesn’t make them stupid, or evil. But you trash the fans regularly, as well as Vanessa, on purpose. Just to piss everyone off. Why? Like I said, it’s your cheap thrill. That’s sick and twisted.

  7. 82
    tina Says:

    What I don’t get is their need come to her thread as if someone is going to say “I really liked Vanessa but with what america and intric8 had to say, boy that changed my mind” Get over yourselves. This is a good time for her. This movie and her performance recieved great reviews. She has a new magazine cover to present on the 13th and on the 15th she will recieve her award. Her next picture is going to be released in November. She is happy in her life, maybe if you were in yours, you’d leave her post alone. Like Vanessa says”haters gonna hate.” Her best answer is her continued success.

  8. 83
    Rob Says:

    @intric8: Dude, hope your **** is bigger than the size of your brain otherwise you have real issues. Vanessa is a goddess who you will never have…go back to KStew’s threads.

  9. 84
    maria Says:

    @tina: It’s been great, tina. She’s looking gorgeous, and really does well promoting, without pimping herself out. She hasn’t “gushed” about s*x scenes like another we know. She just promotes, without going too far. Can’t wait to see this movie, and love how it’s been received. It’s definitely controversial, and not meant to be a mainstream film. Loved how Harmony said this was a dream cast for him, and the mentions of Vanessa’s performance. It’s difficult to stand out in an ensemble cast, but she does. Love that!

  10. 85
    J Says:

    Another review for Spring Breakers

  11. 86
    Rob Says:

    I don’t mind Selena but damn her teenybopp fans are annoying. They probs are also Justin Bieber fans too…annoying all around.

  12. 87
    BOJI Says:

    I agree that she does not sell herself like some or gush about pleasing her fans. She talks about the movie and the director and his work and working with James Franco and her experience with movie,

  13. 88
    BOJI Says:

    I ‘m referring to Vanessa hudgens.
    Intric8, your usage of inveigle is wrong.

  14. 89
    tina Says:

    @marie, that ‘s what those with negative comments fail to see. Korine movies are usually known for their shock value alone. With SB he has gone pass that. That it got honorable mention at the Venice fest which is know for being old school, says volumes. NOTHING these people can say can detract from that. Her performance has gotten his own good review. If the only bad thing they can find is stupid people, who have never travelled outside of the US, commenting on her wearing a Venician mask ( which they sell on the streets and its a tourist type thing to do) I think she’s doing quite fine.

  15. 90
    Jo Says:

    pudgens fans are the most arrogant you can find out there. and specially maria who calls herself the best mother on earth. what a shame. feel sad for the kids if there is any. you people tell the haters to go away and stop hating on her. what did you do when they first broke up. all of you sometimes maria alone would go on his threds and make his fans see how great vanessa is and how his fans should worship her and how his career is going nowhere (we can see now who’s one going where) and how you guys were sad that he didn’t kiss her like buttlips does. you guys don’t remember those? karma is a its coming back at ya. you got your chance now its his fans chance.

  16. 91
    intric8 Says:

    Oh boji now u go grammar nazi too? Seriously, get a life. And if Van is successful in her career or not, that eventuality will have little to do with what i have to say individually on JJ. That is social consciousness at work. So grow up asshooles. Smoke a bowl, get lives.

  17. 92
    BOJI Says:

    @@Jo, the very fact that you use the word Pudgens tells me you’re a fan from the other side. Well, you were not happy yourself when she was with her ex so now that they are no more what is your gripe? Maria is not arrogant. She has her beliefs and has good reasons for doing so. You are harping on something that happened a long time ago. I myself used to post on his threads defending her against the trashing but it served no purpose, So now we regulars stick to Vanessa’s threads and it seems that you are not happy about that either. Just no pleasing you Effing Efron fans is there?

  18. 93
    J Says:

    Haters can hate but fans can’t retaliate?

    The new pic of V in the Untitled Magazine is sooo gorgeous <3 <3 <3

  19. 94
    intric8 Says:

    Maria now that it was mentioned, y dont u go mind your kids for a change instead of engaging in your vitriolic, highly inconsequencial rants against total anons who dont give crap about what u say?

  20. 95
    tina Says:

    I find myself in a strange position. I AGREE with intric8, what he says doesnt matter one iota. So I’ll put him in the same ignore space as bo. Like elevator music annoying but easily put out of your mind.

  21. 96
    J Says:

    plus, Fashion blogs are also loving her outfits for these festivals woot!

  22. 97
    Rob Says:

    Vanessa is my goddess. Selena is hot but she has bad taste…the Biebs? Really?

  23. 98
    Rob Says:

    @intric8: Dude, you as annoying as those Selena/Bieber teenbop fans..nvermind. You are more annoying!

  24. 99
    ehryle Says:

    intric8 is so very devoted to Vanessa’s Post in an annoying way!! well guyz he live that way his life will be not complete without Vanessa!

  25. 100
    sara Says:


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