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Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' Post Party

Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' Post Party

Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens attend the post party for Spring Breakers hosted by vitaminwater during the 2012 Toronto Film Festival held at Brassaiion on Friday (September 7) in Toronto, Canada.

The co-stars were all smiles as they posed on the red carpet before heading inside.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Selena Gomez

That same day, Sel rocked another dress at the premiere of her new film Spring Breakers, which also stars Ashley Benson, James Franco, and Rachel Korine.

In case you missed it, make sure you check out the clip of Spring Breakers.

FYI: Selena is wearing Dolce&Gabbana at the post party and wore Nikki Baker earrings while she was out and about in Toronto.

10+ pictures inside of Selena Gomez and her co-stars…

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193 Responses to “Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' Post Party”

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  1. 151
    skyfly202 Says:

    This maria has a serious problem. she always keep on talking about how zac is spineless because maria is sad that zac didn’t treat vanessa like a queen. then she says how she like people with a backbone (referring to vanessa there ) saying how proud she is that she released a statement when those nude ones came out and how she held her head high because of that. and then talk about how much of a hard time vanessa went thru because of that.
    first you call your self a mother with experience then you should know better than that that what she went thrue was not even a real problem to begin with. and sure she released a statement or else her career would have been over. and to tell you the truth you come here whole day and try to clean her out but if you are that much of a good mother then you should know better that coming to some stupid site and defending somebody without even knowing anything about that person is very dumb to say. eventhough you guys seem to hate zac for not treating her right (which seem to be the only reason you hate him) when somebody says how he may never really have loved her you don’t wanna agree with that either because then it would make vanessa dumb for staying with him. you know he is a great guy and he probebly didn’t treat her that way because maybe she didn’t deserve it. and why are you so proud that she went thrue some stupid scandal and saying that she handled it well so you are proud of her. how can you people as mothers even say that having naked photos of a underage girl online is a fine and that it was a mistake she made when she was a kid. that shows how great of a mother you are.

  2. 152
    Haters Suck! Says:

    What the f*ck are you talking about man? When are gayfrons little monkey fans going to move on with their lives? It’s been 2 years let it go and worry about your own damn idol. I wish Vanessa had never dated that dude not only did she get a piece of $hit for a boyfriend she also seemingly stuck us with his dumbass monkey fans for all of time.

  3. 153
    me Says:

    Now that is a very good point indeed. why is maria so proud. will she be this thrilled if it was her daughter. hmmm i sure hope not. its nothing to be proud of really.
    and the best part of all how v was being all i am perfect at the tyra show and bam the hits the fan next day and she’s nowhere to be seen.
    advise, keep your mouth shut next time.
    To take naked pics of your self and sending it to a guy specially when you are just 15 16. what kind of a mentality she had when she was doing this. this goes to everybody out there who take naked pics of themself. the devil will bite you in the as.s.
    and funny how she is being all religious now that she realize all the sins she did is coming back at her. better go pray vanessa.
    and ofcourse now maria will rant about how people are still holding on to some stupid mistake she made when she was young.

  4. 154
    maria Says:

    @skyfly202: Maria isn’t sad about anything. It’s not my problem if he had a sensitivity chip missing. But people like you think that’s all ok for a guy, if he is “hot”. Sorry, I don’t think so. I also didn’t say anything about a statement or talk about “hard times” she had, though I’m sure she did. Oh, and FYI…..the pics were stolen. What if you had NEVER seen or heard of these pics? Would you think differently of her? Yes, you would. Someone ELSE posted those online. Someone else has caused people like you to brand her for life, and she had to pick herself up, with the world watching, and move on. Think you could do it? Bet not.
    As far as how being a mother impacts my feelings? It’s because mothers know ALL kids make mistakes, and they don’t deserve to be hated on their whole lives for something they did wrong, when they were young and stupid. Would YOU like to be hated, bullied, and spewed on for a mistake you made? That’s why kids and teens take their lives, and YOU are one of those bullying her for something she regrets to this day. Get over it, move on, and don’t come here if you don’t like us defending her.

  5. 155
    tina Says:

    Two full paragraphs of misspellings and horrible grammer that say nothing. Obviously he felt she was worth it or he wouldn’t have stayed for five years. Again why are his pathetic little fans here?

  6. 156
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Well if your going to bring religion into it. “judge not for on your day of judgement you will be judged just as harshly.”
    And also
    “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” after you I guess

  7. 157
    BOJI Says:

    @Skyfly202, firstly from your criticism I can tell you don’t know a thing about motherhood. You speak with a sense of self righteousness and condemnation without compassion. A true mother will always love her child no matter what. She may hate what her offspring has done wrong but it does not lessen her love.
    Nobody said the nude pics were fine and if you bothered to do your research it was not released by her or for viewing to the public. You should have seen her at her lowest. Seeing so upset and downtrodden drew me to her all the more. I knew what she was going through and also felt for her mom. The positiveness and encouragement she gave to her daughter after the mistake. What you don’t understand is that Vanessa’s family are hard working blue collar workers who wanted nothing but the best for their children. They didn’t have the business savvy or connections like a lot of other actors who have more fortunate backgrounds. And they were unfortunate enough to learn things the hard way. Pleas try and open your eyes and be on a one track mind. Be open and listen. Until then everyone thought their hand phones and Internet accounts were safe from prying eyes. Not so and the perpetrator was uncovered and caught some 2 yrs later. The pics were the same collection released in 2 stages to create trouble for her. It was unwanted publicity despite what some of you say.
    Know what, I have resolved to make it my mission to go on explaining why Vanessa is a good person and why we support her till everyone gets it.

  8. 158
    BOJI Says:

    And Skyfly202, Yes, we have done our homework and research and that is why we speak with confidence. Been a fan of hers for 6 years or more myself and i’m not a teenybopper. Happen to be a mother myself and very much an adult, And what about you my dear? You’re still harping on a scandal that happened years ago. Unforgiving shall we say.

  9. 159
    me Says:

    @boji well bummer to inform ya, but your try hard on vacuuming out vanessa’s cra.p is not gonna happen. so now its clear you are out to make us believe she should be worshiped. and you tell us that we come here to change your mind and make you his fans. please don’t just stay there alright. now it will be your life long mission.

    @haters suck
    for the amount of times you say the word s.hit here is enough to send you to hell dude.

  10. 160
    intric8 Says:

    Miss grammar nazi Boji, expert on use of the word ‘inveigle’ – The phrase “one track mind” is virtually always used in a pejorative sense. The way you use it in your last comment makes your entire point quite awkward.

  11. 161
    Haters Suck! Says:

    First off I don’t actually say $hit, see I use the $. And saying $hit isn’t a sin dumbass.

  12. 162
    tina Says:

    @me before you bring religon into it you may want to pick up a bible, you santimonious twit. She has always gone to church, not just picked it up as a fad. Can you even name ONE sin you’ve seen her commit? God forgives, do you feel your better than Him?

  13. 163
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I just got one question for gayfrons monkey fans. When are you going to move on? Gayfrons moved on, Vanessas moved on, most of Vanessa’s fans have moved on go check gayfrons recent posts and count the Vanessa fans. It’s been nearly 2 years whenis enough going to be enough for you people?

  14. 164
    cutter Says:

    lot of body language experts here. now some people are saying austy isn’t into hudgens and then they say zacy pulled her away and wasn’t into and somethin somethin. not to be a crak here but even i noticed that the man is very uncomftable when nes get close to him in public. have any of her fans noticed it? ever

  15. 165
    intric8 Says:

    “Tina”? Is that you, Haters Suck!? Too many fake id’s here among you Hudgens fans. I always thought you were a chick because you rant like a woman on menstration.

  16. 166
    tina Says:

    Sb sanctimonious

  17. 167
    lola Says:

    lol at all the gayfron fans here at the same time… same person maybe??? lol

  18. 168
    me Says:

    This haters suck *** here call himself a guy (with balls, really) and then come to pudgens post every minute of the day and troll out about how perfect pudgens is, one thing is for sure no dude would ever come on some gossip site and troll like this to try and make a point like this ding bag does. as it is obviously a well noticed fact that this is a woman overly obsessed with pudgens or for the least i can imagine and panzi perhabs or maybe one of pudgens pi.mps.

  19. 169
    lola Says:

    hi intric8

  20. 170
    me Says:

    That should say f.a.g

  21. 171
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Unfortunately I don’t speak “complete dumbass”. I’m tying to piece together what the heck you just said but it’s so scattered and just a ton of gibberish it’s hard to understand. Speak English next time.

  22. 172
    tina Says:

    @cutter take a deep breath, think about what it is you’re trying to say(maybe pick up a dictionary) then get back with us.

  23. 173
    me Says:

    It was english you that low your IQ is you can’t understand what i said. no surprise there. a pudgens fan it is.

  24. 174
    tina Says:

    @lola you’re right it is him. What a sad little boy.

  25. 175
    tina Says:

    @me kind of reminds me of Yoda. Lol

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