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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds: Married!

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds: Married!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have reportedly tied the knot!

The 25-year-old actress and the 35-year-old actor married in a ceremony on Sunday night (September 9) at Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., according to People.

The reception featured a performance by Blake‘s good friend Florence Welch, the lead singer of Florence + the Machine, who sang three songs during the evening.

Blake and Ryan, who starred together in the 2011 film The Green Lantern, have been romantically linked for nearly a year. This is the first marriage for Blake and the second for Ryan, who was previously married to Scarlett Johansson.

Congratulations to the happy couple, if the news is true!

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177 Responses to “Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds: Married!”

  1. 1
    Heidi Says:

    well…..that was fast

  2. 2
    someone Says:

    This guy is the luckiest. From Scarlett Johansson to Blake Lively!. More than just a good looking. Congratulations to them.

  3. 3
    Sailor Says:

    Another failed marriage in the works. I give them 10 months.

  4. 4
    James Says:

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! A hot guy and a hot girl OUT of the market.

  5. 5
    lauren Says:

    I do not approve

  6. 6
    this Says:

    Didnt even hear that they were engaged

  7. 7
    Anna Says:

    Best wishes to happy couple:))

  8. 8
    monica lewinsky Says:


  9. 9
    . Says:

    I’m sure Scarlett Johansson and Penn Badgley wishes them the best.

  10. 10
    123lol Says:

    Congratulations!! I hope its true. They make a lovely couple.

  11. 11
    Cleo Says:


  12. 12
    don't approve Says:

    he looks so wierdo in that photo.

  13. 13
    Jess Says:

    He is very impulsive.

  14. 14
    Donna Says:

    It was quick, but I don’t know why, I have a feeling their marriage will last. At least by Hollywood standards.

  15. 15
    Mia Says:

    looool so quicky….

    I give them 3 months.

  16. 16
    gossipguy Says:

    what like… WHAT

  17. 17
    James Says:

    I never get why, if it’s confirmed, JJ uses question marks

  18. 18
    eunice Says:

    man, this guy can’t stay unmarried for so long. I liked them as bf gf but this is just too soon

  19. 19
    Laurel Says:

    I bet she’s preggers.
    But still, Ryan is such an idiot. When will he learn?

  20. 20
    Bree Says:

    i bet shes PREGGERS! she was looking plump lately

  21. 21
    LaCroix Says:

    Congrats .. lets see how long this one lasts.. :D

  22. 22
    njk Says:

    poor ryan lochte

  23. 23
    rachel Says:

    she is ugly and can not act.

  24. 24
    sookie Says:


  25. 25
    Ale Says:

    Wow I didn’t expect that!! O_o

  26. 26
    Nadia Says:

    Dear Ryan Lochte: Too bad. So sad.

    Oh…and congrats to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds!!!

  27. 27
    Bety Says:

    People just confirmed it. So much for being a fame *****. If she were really one she would have milked the crap out of an engagement.

  28. 28
    Eric Says:

    “Congratulations to the happy couple, if the news is true!”

    Why are you reporting on this if you don’t even know if it’s true or not? Wait until you get an official statement. This how rumors start. Because news site report on information when they don’t even have official statements from their reps.

  29. 29
    Kirsten Says:

    Wow, they’ve barely dated a year and he just became divorced not so long ago. Why the rush?

  30. 30
    Nathan Says:


  31. 31
    Anne Says:

    From the very pretty and talented Scarlett Johansson to a gossip girl. What a downgrade.

  32. 32
    Amanda Says:

    He does know that he doesn’t have to marry every girl he dates right?

  33. 33
    Steph Says:

    Ummm, okay

  34. 34
    Kiki Says:

    What really surprises me here is the fact that Blake is “good friends” with Florence Welch. When did this happen?

  35. 35
    sam Says:

    So she’s pregnant, right?

  36. 36
    boob Says:

    @Sailor: lol why 17?

  37. 37
    lil Says:

    I didn’t even know they were together

  38. 38
    Kit Says:

    He split with scarlett Johansson in December of 2010 and the divorce was finalized in July 2011. He sure dose move really fast and his last marriage only lasted 3 years.

    Its one thing to date soon right after your divorce its another to marry a year later, I see another divorce coming in a year or two.

  39. 39
    aghjkj Says:

    she seems very mature , and the kind that only marry once. i think they will be married for a long time

  40. 40
    bahha black sheep Says:

    Blake can do do better than this loser

  41. 41
    Leelee Says:

    She wanted him, went after him, now they’re married. She’s preggers.

  42. 42
    AR Says:

    OMG! I can’t believe it! I’m in shock! I love her so much! I’m sooooo happy for them! but I can’t believe it!

  43. 43
    TackyZacky Says:

    Good for them.

    Read somewhere that Blake is a homebody type who loves to bake and cook. During the filming of Green Lantern she used to bring the entire crew some delicious home-baked cakes and cookies.

    Supposedly Ryan had also been hankering for a wife he could have an authentic family with. Hopefully, Blake will fill that role.

  44. 44
    Isha Says:

    I have too agree with everyone on this one, this was really quick, but it’s hollywood. In my opinion it doesn’t matter if they date long or short term, most all hollywood marriages end in divorce. I have to give it to them, they proved that if you are an entertainer and you want to have a private wedding it can be done. Most stars pretend that they want privacy but they purposely leak information for publicity.

  45. 45
    Soho Says:

    They both are kind of bland so maybe this will work out. She will probably be pregnant in the next year or so if she isn’t already. He strikes me as the type who id desperate to start a family because he feels like the clock is ticking. Scarjo wasn’t down with that obviously.

  46. 46
    Billie Says:

    Congratulations to Blake & Ryan. May your marriage last a lifetime because you two deserve each other.

  47. 47
    Looselipz Says:

    Was the wedding their first date? Whoa.

  48. 48
    MaisyRL Says:

    so maybe there was truth to the rumors that Blake was trying to get Dicaprio to marry her after all? i like RR and BL together…but why couldn’t she have waited until GG was done filming? what was the hurry? they both seem like monogamous individuals that like long term relationships…but still…marriage is forever. RR just got divorced. i don’t think BL is pregnant…she wants to build her ‘career’. i’m cautiously happy for them and i hope it works out. but after the Seal and Heidi Klum separation/divorce (those two seemed as if they were MADE for each other) it’s hard to have faith any H-wood marriage will last.

  49. 49
    vanessa Says:

    Congrats to the very beautiful couple!

  50. 50
    K Says:


  51. 51
    Serendipity Says:

    Maybe I’m in the minority but I just don’t find either of them to be very hot. Oh well, congrats anyway!

  52. 52
    kjnbl Says:

    I give them 6 months at the most.

  53. 53
    Sarah. Says:

    Didn’t see this one coming. Didn’t even think they were gonna last. It still seems like Ryan just got divorced. Anyway, I liked him with Scarlett better. Because I don’t like Blake, bad actress. Congrats, maybe this hollywood marriage is gonna last.

  54. 54
    notyourfriend Says:

    They are happy together, congrats to the couple!

  55. 55
    Layla Says:

    Whaaaat? Lucky girl-Ryan Reynolds is gorgeous and from interviews, seems like a very down-to-earth guy. But she’s beautiful and seems nice herself, so good for them!

    Congrats to the happy couple-hope it lasts!

  56. 56
    Mara Says:

    That was… fast.

  57. 57
    Carbon Copy Says:

    Definately shows he’s not afraid to committ.

  58. 58
    toni Says:

    Ryan moves fast because he just got divorced like dang Ryan you don’t have to marry every girlfriend you have.

    Besides that I hope this is serious and that they can at least last longer than some days, months, or even a year hell I would hope they stay together for a lifetime since I can’t stand people marrying just to marry only to divorce each other as quick as they got married.

  59. 59
    Sweetness Says:

    Now this is a beautiful couple! Congrats! Stay grounded and focused on each other!

  60. 60
    Jem Says:

    This is very…random.

  61. 61
    pinkydoo Says:

    First off, I don’t think this guy knows how to be alone. Always needs a woman by his side. He seems like a spoiled whiney brat type to me. Something about him rubs me the wrong way. She, seems like a moron type and will wind up being barefoot and pregnant in no time flat. There goes her career, or whatever the hell you call her “acting.”

  62. 62
    Ruta Says:

    Love all the negative comments from people who have NEVER met either Ryan or Blake! Why not just wish them all the best in their life together?

  63. 63
    blh Says:

    I do not approve!

  64. 64
    Erica Says:

    How long have they even been together? hollywood has a terrible track record for marriage but especially bad for people that get married impulsively like this.

  65. 65
    KissThis Says:

    Wow!! Kind of hard to believe because they didn’t date long, but congrats to them! They’re a great looking couple.

  66. 66
    ha ha ha ha Says:

    how do you go from ScarJo to Blively? what a comedown

  67. 67
    anon Says:

    Hopefully now we don’t have to hear about how fabulous Blake is blah blah…Both of them can disappear off the media landscape.

  68. 68
    ella Says:

    shocked but im happy for them :)

  69. 69
    congrats? Says:

    the next couple coming up? Selena Gomez and James Franco…She’s sensing Justin Beiber’s star is fading so just by the pictures of the past week of her haging on to james for dear life shows that she’s working to get him.

  70. 70
    Mollis Says:

    I don’t care if it’s true or not coz they’re s dull and boring couple!

  71. 71
    anon Says:

    Funny how Ryan Reynolds is currently trending on twitter but not Blake Lively….

  72. 72
    Ashley Says:

    Stop saying most Hollywood marriages end in divorce….these stats are the same for common folks too. The divorce rate is high period everywhere.

  73. 73
    Jokergurl Says:

    Wow, that was faster than the Green Lantern…good luck to them both, they seem pretty normal and level headed. If they ever have children, they will be TALL like their parents…

  74. 74
    gillian Says:

    Florence Welch sang at her wedding… how awesome is that?!

  75. 75
    Meh Says:

    Meeeh…will see how long this going to last.

  76. 76
    reb Says:

    maybe he should stop rushing into marriage with women much younger than him.

  77. 77
    NO Says:

    no HE IS TOO HOT FOR HER!! Ryan get your head out of your a**, and he would be cuter with sandra bullock

  78. 78
    jmho Says:

    People, people, gash, you can be in love and not get married ya know.

  79. 79
    Blake Says:

    I think Scarlett was too independent for Ryan. Blake will have his babies and make him dinner every night.

  80. 80
    yeah Says:

    She’s preggers and he’s desperate.

    They will have children as dull as themselves, a union made in hw..

  81. 81
    guestrt Says:

    Re-bound marriage. Wonder what Scarlett thinks.

  82. 82
    Jessa Says:

    Lololol absolutely ridiculous.

  83. 83
    Fiona Says:

    He just got divorced for cryin out loud.
    Hollywood people are Cray.
    Thy think they’re living I a movie and get swept up in emotions that aren’t real or given time to establish a real foundation.
    Zero chance of lasting.
    What a couple of complete idiots.

  84. 84
    Kelly Says:

    He was still nursing his wounds from scarjo divorce not long ago.
    This is like its rebound wife.
    Who knew Ryan Reynolds was a total dumbass.

  85. 85
    Helen Says:

    So no more famous boyfriends for Blake ,I can’t imagine 

  86. 86
    Losa Says:

    OMG! That was fast. They just met less than a year ago. I just have a feeling it won’t last. I never liked Blake. I don’t get it why people say that she is so beautiful. I live in a European country and If I’m going to the street I can find 10 much more beautiful girl in 10 minutes than this girl. I don’t think she is talented. Maybe she wants to married to Ryan because she is just a Gossip Girl actress and not an A-list star.
    And Ryan did the same mistake with Blake too. Scarlett and he were dating for a year and they got married quickly and then they divorced after a short marriage. History repeating itself.

  87. 87
    Jen Says:

    So Ryan goes from Alanis to Scarjo to Blake Lively? Yeah his stock price has fallen. And it annoys me when people proclaim how hot Blake Lively is given her blatant plastic surgery! Yeah she’s a pretty girl but her face (and boobs) were perfected by a doctor

  88. 88
    Black-Dahlia Says:

    uh-oh. Scarlett deserved so much better than him.

  89. 89
    Sean Says:

    What’s the rush to get married? I dont get it. I give this less than a year

  90. 90
    joyman Says:

    w/ their homely face; one of w/c absolute goes under the know – they would surely ugly babies

  91. 91
    joyman Says:

    w/ their homely faces; one of w/c absolute goes under the knife – they would surely have ugly babies; hopefully thei future child/children wouldnt inherit blake’s original big witchy nose.

  92. 92
    LAURA Says:

    OMG, this is so stupid.
    What were they thinking??? (if the news is true)
    Even if they are or could be each other’s better half, you wait before getting married! You have to be sure, and you just can’t be after less than a year… Rushing into things can ruin them.
    And he’s already been married once, shouldn’t he be careful?
    I’m very sorry for Blake, but this is a conscious jump into been a divorced 26 year old..

  93. 93
    lizzie Says:

    Do you think Ryan just runs out of things to say, there’s an awkward pause in the conversation and the only thing he can think to say is ‘marry me?’ because I honestly can’t see any other reason to want to marry Blake Lively. Congrats.

  94. 94
    LAURA Says:

    It’s so stupid I can’t even believe it.
    What do they think marriage is??? All these Hollywood people who get married so easily are just heading for a quick divorce..

  95. 95
    LAURA Says:


    That’s exaggerate, I mean, they’ve been together for some time (not enough to get marry but almost a year it’s not nothing) and they live together, so I guess there are basis.. But on those basis they should have worked for another couple of year, in my opinion!!!! Especially since he already made that mistake once.
    But let’s not offend them too much, they didn’t do anything wrong.. Just something extremely stupid!

  96. 96
    sss Says:

    he just got the second one out of five best looking leading ladies of hollywood. he is full of luck!

  97. 97
    Noisettes Says:

    I give them 3 years and including one baby…

  98. 98
    gersh Says:

    Blakey got married to a fellow actor to stay on the HW radar coz she knew she wouldnt get a career after GG’s ending.

  99. 99
    LAURA Says:

    Or maybe she’s pregnant..

  100. 100
    pip Says:

    I seriously don’t think she’s pretty at all. I mean her face isn’t pretty! She has nice style but I definitely dont get the hype about her looks! she is so average!

  101. 101
    jacker Says:

    Ryan loves fame and fame-ho’s!!! Sad because his physical appearance is hot.

  102. 102
    llws88 Says:

    I;m being generous and I give them a year and a half to two years! In that time I wish them all the best! Congratz to them :)

  103. 103
    Happy_Evil_Dude Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! She’s mine, you hear me Ryan? MINE!!!! :’(

  104. 104
    Doodle Says:

    Idiot….from scarlett to blake?? Please…..

  105. 105
    Love The Shoes Says:

    I knew it! Those 4th of July photos with friends was extremely telling about how these two felt about each other. They were in love; real love and so so smitten and happy. I never saw Ryan smile like this or just seem so content and “light.” I liked him and Scarlett but he seemed tense and serious ALL THE FREAKING TIME! Very happy for them and believe they’re gonna be one of the rare HW-celeb couples who’ll long haul it.

  106. 106
    Love The Shoes Says:

    @Sailor: Why so negative? Why not wish them well? I just don’t get how easy it is for some to find the worse in life and be so damn flippant about it.

  107. 107
    ian Says:

    Bullshit ..

  108. 108
    lucia Says:

    @ian: it’s marriage!!

  109. 109
    ace11 Says:

    Didn’t think this guy was that dumb

    Just proved me wrong

  110. 110
    Courtney Says:

    some of you are real bright just because she’s gained a bit of weight lately doesn’t mean she’s pregnant maybe it was stress from planning the wedding or the low box office of Savages. most hollywood marriages are short though some quicky weddings have led to some of the longest hollywood marriages Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward for example ran off to vegas and married in between the completion of the Long Hot Summer and it’s world premiere on January 29th 1958 the film premiered at Baton Rouge Louisiana on March 5th 1958 marking the newlyweds first public appearence as a married couple and post miscarriage

  111. 111
    Swanen Says:


    Probably never, because he is an idiot

  112. 112
    eve Says:

    At last some good news… Best wishes to them. I like them together.

  113. 113
    Ruth Says:

    @Ashley: I agree. I am European and we normally marry after one year or so. Do people think that if you wait ten years the marriage has more chances of succeeding? It does not work like that. You may wake up one day and look at the person sleeping next to you and you ask yourself ‘what the hell am I doing with this guy’? I know it sounds awful but this is how it is. Stop grading people according to their looks. Scarlett is prettier than so and so. F**k, she might be a silly *****. It is dumb and heartless. In addition, how do you know that he commits to every girl he meets? Do you think that he only dated three women? Seriously? What about ceasing to speculate negatively on PEOPLE WE DO NOT KNOW?

  114. 114
    What!!! Says:

    These actor types are off the scale nuts. They must think they’re in a movie or sometime. I give it two years max. What happened to getting to know each other. Idiots. SHAKES HEAD.

  115. 115
    Swanen Says:


    Come on, it is not about dating 10 years before marrying. It is about a guy who first dumps his serious girlfriend (Alanis), for 22-year old, then marries her and gets divorced from her even sooner for no apparent reasons. Then he hooks up with 24-year old serial dater who seemed to have tried her luck every celebrity she could before ‘she got lucky’ with RR. Now, after less than a year since they met and since his divorced, he marries her.

    They are two consenting adults, but don’t tell me RR behaves like a mature man he should be at his age. He comes off actually quite dumb.

  116. 116
    didem Says:

    i cant believe my little Serena is married! :)
    i hope they work it out.

  117. 117
    zurichgirl Says:

    Hot couple, congrats !!

  118. 118
    Please Says:

    Ha so Blake found a sucker huh? good for them. I expect them to have a long very prosperous marriage.

  119. 119
    kace Says:

    I hope for their sake they wait to have kids. Make sure this is the real deal. There’s no way for them to know at this point. They’ve been together less than a year! they’re still in honeymoon period where they think everything is dandy. Besides that they were both very busy in their first year, they were always working so they didn’t really spend that much time together. You’d think both of them would be smarter than this. Blake was in a relationship for three years, you’d think she’d understand that things can go south after a few years. And Ryan…well he’s had enough failed relationships to know this one is not different from the others.

  120. 120
    Jen Says:

    Best wishes

  121. 121
    Philly Says:

    I like Blake’s look. She reminds me of 80s supermodel Elaine Irwin
    Congratulations I guess.
    True in Europe a year is plenty enough time…… but Ryan is coming off Ross Geller-ish here! LOL

  122. 122
    Surprise!! Says:

    At least Leo was smart enough not to fall for the Lively trap. I give it 6 months…

  123. 123
    Truth Squad Says:

    Their movies suk!

  124. 124
    Oddsmaker Says:

    The over under is 2 weeks on how long this lasts!

  125. 125
    Best Wishes Says:

    Quick. But I wish them the best
    @122 – Don’t worry Titanic stan Leo is safe. But for some of us he ain’t no prize either.

  126. 126
    Juniper Says:

    Not sure why everyone is so surprised, they have been together for a year and given his history he appears to be someone who likes the idea of being married. Whether it will last who knows, but they seem happy now.

  127. 127
    Really?! Says:

    @125 He’s a better actor than Blake and Ryan combined!

  128. 128
    Ruth Says:

    @Surprise!!: Leo is GAY! There is nothing wrong with that but I do not expect he will ever marry! It was a celebrity stunt which everyone pretends to believe because it is good gossip fodder. Real deal, real deal. How the hell does one know? If you think you know, good luck to you. One has to swallow a lot and strive to make it work. Some times it works, some times it doesn’tt. ‘He has had enough failed relationships’/ What, two women, at 35 years of age? I will reveal a secret: It’s called experience.

  129. 129
    Barbara Says:

    People are so vain, jealous and envious that is not even funny.
    Face it, they fell in love, moved in together and decided to make it official. They may or may not last, just like someone in your family and neighborhood. Probably a lot of people in your family and neighborhood. unfortunately marriage doesn’t last these days in most cases, HW or not.

    That said I wish them to last till death and to be really happy and produce amazingly beautiful kids because they’re too beautiful not to.

  130. 130
    LAURA Says:

    Would you stop criticizing Blake Lively? She’s not the **** you say she is, she just had 4 boyfriends, which for Hollywood style is not much: one when she was really young, then Penn, then Leo and then Ryan.
    As stupid as it is getting married like this, I think she’s just living a fairytale, she just dreams of the perfect man, perfect marriage and perfect happiness.. :)
    We all know reality is not like this, but I think she means good.
    And if she was really looking for more fame I think she would do something like posing nude or being with someone who’s more talked about. She’s very private, she seems nothing like the fame seeker.
    BUT this marriage is the dumbest thing ever.

  131. 131
    LAURA Says:

    Yeah, but marriage doesn’t last also because people don’t take it seriously.
    If you marry a guy just because he’s handsome, he’s a good guy and he’s nice to you… Well, sooner or later it is gonna end..
    Obviously we know nothing of their private life, but that’s how it looks like.

  132. 132
    Owlman Says:

    ScarJo > Blake

  133. 133
    IKR Says:

    Good luck to them. But lol at the BS about how Blake ‘ensnared’ and ‘forced’ him. Haters/Stans like Hollywood people are true cray cray

  134. 134
    yep Says:

    Congrats! Beautiful couple!

  135. 135
    Kate Says:

    the that will that Penn Badgley e Scarlett johansson think of this marriage wanted know .

  136. 136
    Piper Says:

    @LAURA: right, she only had 4 boyfriends in her entire life, eats “like a cow”, doesn’t work out, bakes cupcakes, loves cleaning, has real boobs, can really act,doesn’t have a stylist, not a famewhore blah blah. you still believe in Santa, don’t you?

  137. 137
    Looselipz Says:

    Ryan and his then girlfriend Alanis Morrisette were getting pedicures and manicures the same day I was several years ago. In front of all the other customers they thought nothing of making out and petting each other.
    My first reaction was that I thought Ryan was gay! He was so effeminate..

    Anyhow, yes, this was far too quick, especially after a divorce…
    I don’t see why they rushed this unless she’s pregnant?

  138. 138
    sams Says:

    two boring, untalented and mediocre-looking people getting married. neither can act, both are obnoxious – so maybe they deserve each other. I don’t care if they last forever or not, I just don’t want to see her horrible acting anymore. she’s probably pregnant, anyway, so I feel bad for their children if they inherit her original nose, actually.

  139. 139
    LAURA Says:


    Well, I just know that she’s very private and discrete with her life, she’s only been seen with Penn, Leo and Ryan, so why not believing it.

    You know, there are a lot of Hollywood girls who have a new bf every month, like Taylor Swift, for example, while Blake Lively has never been seen in affectionate behavior with other than Penn Badgley, Leonardo di Caprio and Ryan Reynolds.

    Maybe it doesn’t mean a lot, but I’ve never seen her acting in a ****** way, dressing in a ****** way or posing naked..
    Like it or not she’s one of the most discrete Hollywood gals..

  140. 140
    Coco Says:

    Not sure if I’m in agreement with this one … First Alanis, then Scarlet, now Blake??? Talk about high powered women!!! I hope this one sticks

  141. 141
    LAURA Says:

    the word that the * cover is s l u t t y.

    Btw, I don’t think she ever said that she doesn’t work out, I actually remember her personal trainer talking about her routine exercises for her legs, or something like that..
    For sure she’s not skinny, which i believe is just a good example..

    I think this marriage is a really stupid thing, but don’t give Blake all the faults in the world, it’s really ridiculous.

  142. 142
    Thelma Says:

    I think ryan reynolds is ugly.hes no brad pitt far from it…he looks like a sissy and his eyes so close together

  143. 143
    Ryan Lochte Says:


  144. 144
    @LAURA Says:

    Agree with 100% everything you’ve written.
    This marriage was too quick but let the hater(s) stew.
    They’ve nothing else.

  145. 145
    Ruth Says:

    @sams: I envy you. I would be ashamed of myself for THINKING what you post, let alone putting it down in words.

  146. 146
    danielle Says:

    Blake seems very driven to be famous. If this marriage doesn’t give her the roles and opportunities she is expecting it to she’ll dump him.
    I also have to laugh in that so far the coverage of the wedding is not exactly front page news. Must be so disappointing for her.

  147. 147
    LAURA Says:


    She’s never been looking for fame… She’s the bright star of THE hit tv show of the past 5 years, I don’t think she needs him to get some roles.

  148. 148
    @danielle Says:

    Yep. I’m sure them doing it during NYFW/ TIFF in complete seclusion means she was hoping for it to be front page news. lol
    Despite the fact its one EVERY single website and blog from here to Spain means its not news and no one cares but you *sarcasm*
    But you remain invested in her feelings. Guess can’t fix stupid.

  149. 149
    @LAURA Says:

    Stop feeding and responding to trolls. You’ll derail the thread

  150. 150
    Olivia Says:

    that’s fast but it’s Hollywood, I wish them the best but we know it won’t last

  151. 151
    @sams Says:

    yeah they r both verry boring I dont get it I dont think it will last they rnt that goodloooking I give it 6months .

  152. 152
    @ Says:

    I bet Ryan feels like he needs to have a child before he gets too old. He seems like a woman desperate to cling onto someone who will impregnate her or in this case who he can impregnate lol Blake is known to get around and I doubt she will stay faithful to Ryan. It would suck to have 2 divorces under your belt at the age of 35, so for his sake I hope it works out, although this move makes me cringe.

  153. 153
    donna Says:

    LOL why the rush? Didn’t Ryan learn anything of his marriage with Scarjo? Because it was a failure. If I were Blake I sure wouldn’t jump into marriage with someone so unstable. I bet he gets bored soon.

  154. 154
    Rita Says:

    @Swanen: Actually, ALL directors of his movies and fellow actors remarked that, besides being physically terrific, he is very intelligent.

  155. 155
    Rita Says:

    @LAURA:@LAURA: ‘If you marry a guy just because he’s handsome, he’s a good guy and he’s nice to you… Well, sooner or later it is gonna end’. You will agree, though, that it will last longer than if you marry an ugly, mean and violent badass.

  156. 156
    Gia Says:

    @sams: Gosh, you are sick.

  157. 157
    LAURA Says:

    I guess.. :) Though a lot of domestic violence makes women scared so that they wouldn’t leave their husbands even if they beat them.
    Obviously I meant that getting married implies a lot of deep stuff that IN MY OPINION can’t be built in less than a year.

  158. 158
    sams Says:

    all I did was joke that she’s had plastic surgery. y’all are insane the way you’re acting towards all this. who cares if it lasts or not, they’re both mediocre actors and that’s common knowledge.

  159. 159
    Swanen Says:


    @Rita, actions speak louder than words – I will stick to my opinions. I do not find him attractive, at all, his face looks weird and deformed to me and he is a BAD actor. Not the only one in hollywood but that does not change anything, does it?

    As for his fellow directors/colleagues, it is commonly known that Hollywood is the best place to work. Everybody is very appreciative of their fellow actors and other staff, everybody thinks highly of everybody and has only positive opinions about others. And, of course, that is all genuine, not at all because they cover their asses to get a role in future or network nicely. Yes, I am being sarcastic here but you know what I mean.

  160. 160
    Ryan Lochte Says:


  161. 161
    Pottersfield Says:

    He could have had Sandra Bullock and he chose her. There is no accounting for taste. She traped hin. that’s for sure.

  162. 162
    LOL Says:

    Yeah she ‘traped him’. LMAO
    Ryan is 10 years older but she forced him at knife-point and threatned him. How many conspiracies have we had now form the hater brigaide that can’t stop cussing at yet reading/writing about this ‘boring’ couple’?

  163. 163
    Me Says:

    This shows how full of BS the tabs are…Especially the “Star” rag mag…Just last week, they had them fizzling out & ready to break up…The same mag that had JustJen breaking up one week & engaged the next…Candice Trunzo (editor & chief) is the trashiest liar & will say anything to print & sell a story regardless of if it is a lie…I read it in the Lexus dealership… I would never buy that mag…Congrats to Blake & Ryan

  164. 164
    Hazel Says:

    I believe this marriage will work out. Well at least for the time being anyway. When Ryan was married to ScarJo, they were barely seen together meaning they probably didn’t spend enough time together to make the marriage work but as for Ryan and Blake, these two seem like they are always together. They look absolutely in love.

  165. 165
    Яна Says:

    oh Ryan…u r so silly…

  166. 166
    Amanda Says:

    He looks so skinny!
    WHAT HAPPENED, he used to be so hot!

  167. 167
    Piper Says:

    @LAURA: Blake Lively is “PRIVATE”??!?! omg, i am beginning to think that you actually believe that . you poor soul. ok, whatever, to each her own. i can’t argue with someone who believes that Blake NotSoLively is a private person. let’s just say that we’re on different planes of reality. i’ll go my way and i’ll let you go on thinking that she is a beautiful wholesome princess barbie unicorn that bakes you sprinkle cupcakes. hahahaha.

  168. 168
    Piper Says:

    @Hazel: Ryan and Scarlett were barely seen together because, guess what, they were private yet somehow the “pap” found Ryan and Blake every time they’re on a “getaway” i.e. family dinner, visiting his brother on a remote island, at some bed & breakfast in Utah or something like that. but yes, she’s a “private”…with “leaked” naked pictures.

  169. 169
    ariel Says:

    i hope them go forever~
    both are so sexy, cute, kind and romentic! :)

  170. 170
    LAURA Says:


    I remember “leaked” naked pictures of Scarlett Johansson too, so it you put it that way there’s no difference.

    I, however, prefer not to aggress people on a gossip website when talking about some celeb wedding. You know, as a style of living I give myself priorities, it’s not healthy to live with such frustration, as apparently someone does.

    I don’t know why people has so bad feelings against Blake Lively, or against people who have the only fault of having different opinions, but whatever, you can keep insulting if it makes you happy. :)

  171. 171
    ron Says:

    This wouldn’t last. I give it 1 year only.

  172. 172
    Bored Says:

    I thought we were suppose to learn from our mistakes? Does this not smack of a Scarlett redo? Young, blonde upcoming actress who probably needs a few more years as a single woman to enjoy her success. Marriage too soon and out of the blue. Maybe this one will turn out differently. Or not.

  173. 173
    AGA Says:

    @danielle: #146 If Blake was like you think she is..then why didnt she do an ‘Engagement’ spread in People to be followed up with the Exclusive wedding shots of an over thetop celeb filled wedding??? Maybe you don;t know her or her real life feelings as well as you think.

    BTW–Not a Blake fan,,I think she has a man face like Aniston,Bundchun,lively,but each to there own!!!j

  174. 174
    leonardo Says:

    she is frigid

  175. 175
    Rita Says:

    @Swanen: You might be right, but ‘very intelligent’ is something that exceeds the mere polite exchanges between colleagues, e.g. he is such a nice dude, good colleague, etc. It has a higher value. As for him being a bad actor, I happen to think he is very good and exceptionally versatile. Deformed and ugly? Well, you are entitled to have your own opinions, but you definitely go overboard. In this way you will always end up being at fault.

  176. 176
    Piper Says:

    @LAURA: whatever, Laura Ingalls, i’ll leave you alone in your Little House House on the Prairie with your princess unicorn to eat sunshine and honey pot. i’ll stay here in the real world with human beings who doesn’t eat up every cutesy rainbow story Blake Lively farts.

  177. 177
    taynaaa Says:

    I agree with everything you said haha love it.

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