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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds: Married!

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds: Married!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have reportedly tied the knot!

The 25-year-old actress and the 35-year-old actor married in a ceremony on Sunday night (September 9) at Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., according to People.

The reception featured a performance by Blake‘s good friend Florence Welch, the lead singer of Florence + the Machine, who sang three songs during the evening.

Blake and Ryan, who starred together in the 2011 film The Green Lantern, have been romantically linked for nearly a year. This is the first marriage for Blake and the second for Ryan, who was previously married to Scarlett Johansson.

Congratulations to the happy couple, if the news is true!

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  • @sams

    yeah they r both verry boring I dont get it I dont think it will last they rnt that goodloooking I give it 6months .

  • @

    I bet Ryan feels like he needs to have a child before he gets too old. He seems like a woman desperate to cling onto someone who will impregnate her or in this case who he can impregnate lol Blake is known to get around and I doubt she will stay faithful to Ryan. It would suck to have 2 divorces under your belt at the age of 35, so for his sake I hope it works out, although this move makes me cringe.

  • donna

    LOL why the rush? Didn’t Ryan learn anything of his marriage with Scarjo? Because it was a failure. If I were Blake I sure wouldn’t jump into marriage with someone so unstable. I bet he gets bored soon.

  • Rita

    @Swanen: Actually, ALL directors of his movies and fellow actors remarked that, besides being physically terrific, he is very intelligent.

  • Rita

    @LAURA:@LAURA: ‘If you marry a guy just because he’s handsome, he’s a good guy and he’s nice to you… Well, sooner or later it is gonna end’. You will agree, though, that it will last longer than if you marry an ugly, mean and violent badass.

  • Gia

    @sams: Gosh, you are sick.


    I guess.. :) Though a lot of domestic violence makes women scared so that they wouldn’t leave their husbands even if they beat them.
    Obviously I meant that getting married implies a lot of deep stuff that IN MY OPINION can’t be built in less than a year.

  • sams

    all I did was joke that she’s had plastic surgery. y’all are insane the way you’re acting towards all this. who cares if it lasts or not, they’re both mediocre actors and that’s common knowledge.

  • Swanen


    @Rita, actions speak louder than words – I will stick to my opinions. I do not find him attractive, at all, his face looks weird and deformed to me and he is a BAD actor. Not the only one in hollywood but that does not change anything, does it?

    As for his fellow directors/colleagues, it is commonly known that Hollywood is the best place to work. Everybody is very appreciative of their fellow actors and other staff, everybody thinks highly of everybody and has only positive opinions about others. And, of course, that is all genuine, not at all because they cover their asses to get a role in future or network nicely. Yes, I am being sarcastic here but you know what I mean.

  • Ryan Lochte


  • Pottersfield

    He could have had Sandra Bullock and he chose her. There is no accounting for taste. She traped hin. that’s for sure.

  • LOL

    Yeah she ‘traped him’. LMAO
    Ryan is 10 years older but she forced him at knife-point and threatned him. How many conspiracies have we had now form the hater brigaide that can’t stop cussing at yet reading/writing about this ‘boring’ couple’?

  • Me

    This shows how full of BS the tabs are…Especially the “Star” rag mag…Just last week, they had them fizzling out & ready to break up…The same mag that had JustJen breaking up one week & engaged the next…Candice Trunzo (editor & chief) is the trashiest liar & will say anything to print & sell a story regardless of if it is a lie…I read it in the Lexus dealership… I would never buy that mag…Congrats to Blake & Ryan

  • Hazel

    I believe this marriage will work out. Well at least for the time being anyway. When Ryan was married to ScarJo, they were barely seen together meaning they probably didn’t spend enough time together to make the marriage work but as for Ryan and Blake, these two seem like they are always together. They look absolutely in love.

  • Яна

    oh Ryan…u r so silly…

  • Amanda

    He looks so skinny!
    WHAT HAPPENED, he used to be so hot!

  • Piper

    @LAURA: Blake Lively is “PRIVATE”??!?! omg, i am beginning to think that you actually believe that . you poor soul. ok, whatever, to each her own. i can’t argue with someone who believes that Blake NotSoLively is a private person. let’s just say that we’re on different planes of reality. i’ll go my way and i’ll let you go on thinking that she is a beautiful wholesome princess barbie unicorn that bakes you sprinkle cupcakes. hahahaha.

  • Piper

    @Hazel: Ryan and Scarlett were barely seen together because, guess what, they were private yet somehow the “pap” found Ryan and Blake every time they’re on a “getaway” i.e. family dinner, visiting his brother on a remote island, at some bed & breakfast in Utah or something like that. but yes, she’s a “private”…with “leaked” naked pictures.

  • ariel

    i hope them go forever~
    both are so sexy, cute, kind and romentic! :)



    I remember “leaked” naked pictures of Scarlett Johansson too, so it you put it that way there’s no difference.

    I, however, prefer not to aggress people on a gossip website when talking about some celeb wedding. You know, as a style of living I give myself priorities, it’s not healthy to live with such frustration, as apparently someone does.

    I don’t know why people has so bad feelings against Blake Lively, or against people who have the only fault of having different opinions, but whatever, you can keep insulting if it makes you happy. :)

  • ron

    This wouldn’t last. I give it 1 year only.

  • Bored

    I thought we were suppose to learn from our mistakes? Does this not smack of a Scarlett redo? Young, blonde upcoming actress who probably needs a few more years as a single woman to enjoy her success. Marriage too soon and out of the blue. Maybe this one will turn out differently. Or not.

  • AGA

    @danielle: #146 If Blake was like you think she is..then why didnt she do an ‘Engagement’ spread in People to be followed up with the Exclusive wedding shots of an over thetop celeb filled wedding??? Maybe you don;t know her or her real life feelings as well as you think.

    BTW–Not a Blake fan,,I think she has a man face like Aniston,Bundchun,lively,but each to there own!!!j

  • leonardo

    she is frigid

  • Rita

    @Swanen: You might be right, but ‘very intelligent’ is something that exceeds the mere polite exchanges between colleagues, e.g. he is such a nice dude, good colleague, etc. It has a higher value. As for him being a bad actor, I happen to think he is very good and exceptionally versatile. Deformed and ugly? Well, you are entitled to have your own opinions, but you definitely go overboard. In this way you will always end up being at fault.

  • Piper

    @LAURA: whatever, Laura Ingalls, i’ll leave you alone in your Little House House on the Prairie with your princess unicorn to eat sunshine and honey pot. i’ll stay here in the real world with human beings who doesn’t eat up every cutesy rainbow story Blake Lively farts.

  • taynaaa

    I agree with everything you said haha love it.