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Kristen Stewart on Robert Pattinson: 'We're Going To Be Fine'

Kristen Stewart on Robert Pattinson: 'We're Going To Be Fine'

Kristen Stewart makes a quick dash through Pearson International Airport on Sunday morning (September 9) in Toronto, Canada.

The 22-year-old actress was in town to premiere her latest flick On The Road at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

On the red carpet for On the Road, the Associated Press asked Kristen about her relationship with Robert Pattinson, took a turn after her cheating scandal with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

“We’re going to be fine,” Kristen said about their upcoming Breaking Dawn 2 promotion. “We’re totally fine.”

FYI: Kristen is wearing the A.L.C. Jude Pant.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart heading through the airport…

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Photos: INFdaily, FameFlynet
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  • just me

    Of course they’re going to be fine..all this is just a pr scam!

  • Lola

    I like Kristen (even though what she did was wrong) but if I’m being completely honest, I would rather see Rob with a different girl, I mean if he wants to stay with Kristen that’s his choice, but I think it would be refreshing to see him with a new girl.

  • BEAN

    @just me: Precisely

  • Xavier James

    Homewrecking whore.

  • Din

    I would never be able to trust someone that cheat on me again. Especially with no moral compass given the married dad of two. If it is all for PR they could have found someone with no kids at least…

  • A

    Her comment was about the promo not her relationship with Rob.Questions about her personal life was a strict NO @TIFF.

  • Leslie


  • T

    JAJAJA …. sure

  • Really?

    Has anyone noticed Rob’s been quite about the whole thing not making comments at all and she make these kind of statements and is wearing clothes that were his. For someone that doesn’t like attention she sure is crying out for it. She’s making these desperate displays. She behaves like a teenager.

  • Black-Dahlia

    I used to love her. Then she became a female douche.

  • ann

    yes it was about the promo of twilight and how will be things

    In November, Stewart faces some awkward public appearances when she and Pattinson will be promoting “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2,” the finale of their vampire romance.

    Stewart is confident they will get through that all right.

    “We’re going to be fine,” Stewart said. “We’re totally fine.”

  • Lilie

    Of course Jared, you’re posting “… on ROBERT PATTINSON” just so that everybody is gonna come in this topic & trash her even more!

    But at least, if you pretend to be a blogger, get your facts RIGHT!!!
    She said that about the PROMO!! Saying the promo is gonna be fine! Of course it will be.. if they have to be separated for the promo then it’ll be like this but in all the scenarios possible it’s going to be ok for the 2 of them!
    STOP trying to create drama on purpose!!

  • ann

    she is wearing his hat! again! and i thing those are his pants too!

  • Anne

    I do not understand why so much around her. She always has the same face, common and “always the same” interpretations, with a face that demonstrates unwillingness, and with man’s clothes. I found a lot of this unhappy child everyday I walk by. Then, why so much attention and why to care about her?

  • Daisy Kenyon

    People may hate her, but they sure are talking about her!

  • Lilly

    If she’s a girl, why is she always looking like a boy? With that boring “bad-mood” face. She’s always acting and behaving like a child. It’s time to grow up, girl!

  • bip

    “refreshing to see him with a new girl??”
    seriously?.. their relation and love story is not something that’s suppose to entertain you, or feel refreshing for you!
    since the beginning they both asked for privacy, which has been disrespected since the start!
    what the media do to people like them, who don’t want that in their life, who just want to do their job, be actors, is awful ! and people like all of you are making it worse, bc the stupid tabloids, keep making BS stories to entertain you, or tell something “refreshing”.. :$

  • Jess

    What if her so-called cheating scandal was only for PR…?

  • what

    why is she wearing that??? ewww take a shower

  • Kristen Stewart is a JOKE

    She’s not classy in the least bit. Always dresses either like a street hobo or tramp. And what’s with wearing Robert Pattinson’s hat and other gear..The tramp cheated on him and this is her tacky way of sending messages of love..What a joke she was always so stand offish about their being together NOW she is desperate to show off his items when being photographed. Not mature at all.

    I seriously hope Pattinson finds a mature girl to bond with and not this slacker.

  • Simmy

    Go away w h o r e.

  • The Real Emma

    Robert deserves so much better!

  • Donna

    I honestly think this is just wishful thinking on Kristen’s part. We don’t even know if she and Rob have communicated since the scandal broke out.

  • pib


    Bullshit stories? I wasn’t the one caught kissing a married man or breaking the heart of a loving boyfriend or endangering the promo of the coming Twilight movie. You don’t want to be in the tabloids? Act decently and properly. Wait….you want to get the best of both worlds, don’t you?

  • Creed

    Lets all keep in mind that there are many defintions of the word ‘Fine’
    It could be ‘Fine’ as in the will keep there relationship civil while promoting, it could mean ‘fine’ as in they are getting back togeter.
    We will find out in time.

  • Lailah

    Kristen opened the door to her private life when she released that statement. But seriously she is playing this like crazy. His clothes, ring, hat, this. It’s not coincidence. It’s manipulation. She and her pr team know exactly what to say and do and it’s so obvious.

    Kristen needs to stop. She doesn’t value privacy at all. What a hypocrite with all her “I hate fake people…I’m anti-Hollywood” in reality, she’s way worse. Way worse.

    And BTW this isn’t about Robert Pattinson or their “relationship” – she’s talking about promotion.

  • http://ymail Pita

    KS- stop using RP stuff to get an attention! PATHETIC HOLLYWOOD CHEAP ACT!

  • Steph

    Of course shes wearing robs hat. Pathetic

  • Lauren

    Kristen is continuing these blatant games wearing clothing and items that people know are Rob’s. This shamelessness continues. She is so smug and I hear she snapped at her bodyguard!

  • Kk

    Gross sweat stains!!!! On hat…. I think she has his underwear on

  • Franchesca

    Kisten is messerable bitch all the time

  • Kk

    She has his underwear on !!! With sweat stains too!!!

  • meme

    looks like someone’s in denial. She’s wearing her ring & necklace from him and dressed head to toe in his clothes. His hat, pants.. and probably his dirty old underwear.

    And don’t give me the, she misses him or she’s trying to show her love for him. Well, what about when she was wearing his hat and clothes and jewelry the day the cheating pictures were taken? THE day they were caught, doesn’t mean they didn’t hook up before…. wasn’t a moment of indiscretion, please! They looked mighty comfortable and it seemed pretty routine to me!!!

  • Franchesca

    She is a joke! Loll!

  • yep

    I wish them both happiness! I am sure Kristen has learned through her lack of judgement, has seen the pain she caused and hope they do what is best for them.

  • yep

    I wish them both happiness! I am sure Kristen has learned through her lack of judgement, has seen the pain she caused and hope they do what is best for them.

  • jenna

    People who say this is PR are stupid. PR is when unknown celebs looking for attention try to get attention! Rob would never make himself look like such a fool for press! You’re stupid. And Liberty with two kids? She’d never! This isn’t PR! This is just HW. HOME WRECKERS.

  • NYC

    She reminds me of Elvis.

  • Franchesca

    Rob is better be off without her! Rob deserves better girl than her!

  • http://ymail Pita

    KS is sick in the head, she is dangerous. She can find pleasures in torturing people and situation. i just pray that God will protect Robert P attinson from her!

  • jenna

    I shouldn’t say unknown celebs, not just unknown, but celebs who don’t get any press who need to put out false stories. AKA Theresa from NJ housewives. Perfect example

  • dn

    I think that kscrew is desperate she knows that she won’t get Rob back so she is playing game with her brainless fans by wearing his clothes and her fake apology (she is telling her fans look I’m sorry I can’t live without him I’m loosing my mind I’m cryin a river) all of that is not truth she just want to make sure to have the support of her fans $$$$$ for all her coming projects. Another thing she has not drop out of cali she and her PR team did not want to say it because they want you to believe that she is loosing weight because her cheating scandle she is working out in a gym with a trainner. Folks she is ruthless as much as hate to say it Rob is better off

  • ella

    what could she say?? someone ask – she gives a answer. I like her so much as a actress i dont care what she’s doing with her private life- it is HER life not mine, not yours

  • Franchesca

    She is not a good actress anyway! All her movies is a joke and waste of money only o watch! The only thing I watch the Snow white and the huntsman is for the other actors not her!

  • Franchesca

    Everyone will be fine for sure but I dont know about you Kristen! You are homewrecker and missearable ***h. What goes around comes around so watch!

  • Yesssss!

    She’s on her way home to Rob!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sorry for my english

    @Lailah: You’re absolutely right! Her PR team told her to smile on the red carpet, and she smiled her ass off, for the first time in her career.

  • DanaJ

    You guys are INSANE if you think it was staged. Simply INSANE. I don’t have other words. To think that someone who’s already THAT famous would go through this humiliation in order to promote some movie… What are even talking about here?? Of course it was all real. And it was very painful for everybody involved. But it’s their lives, not ours, so, get over it.

  • Rob and Kristen Forever

    I believe they’re trying to work things out. A love like the one these two share doesn’t disappear overnight. She wears his clothing/accessories and the jewelry he gave her because they are hers to wear. Get used to it, haters!

  • daniel

    apparemment tout le monde sait que ce soit disant scandale est un coup monté mais on préfère déverser sa haine sur kristen . qu’elle noblesse d’esprit les gens ont et tous les commentaires lus prouves la pauvresse d’esprit qu’ont ces personnes en écrivant leur morve le meilleur est :”J’aime Kristen (même si ce qu’elle a fait, c’est mal), mais si je suis tout à fait honnête, je préfère voir Rob avec une autre fille, je veux dire que si il veut rester avec Kristen c’est son choix, mais je pense qu’il serait rafraîchissant de le voir avec une nouvelle fille.” vous pensez à vous peut-être.
    vous savez quand on n’aime quelqu’un on ne parle pas de lui mais vous la peur de savoir qu’ils sont toujours ensemble donne de l’énergie à votre sale bouche et votre esprit tordu par la jalousie. que dieu est pitié de vous toutes. vous êtes la risée de tous les média de merde que vous nourrissez..