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Kristen Stewart: Soho House Party at TIFF!

Kristen Stewart: Soho House Party at TIFF!

Kristen Stewart ducks inside a party at the Soho House during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday night (September 8) in Toronto, Canada.

The 22-year-old actress is currently in town to promote her film On The Road, which premiered earlier this week at the festival.

“Professionally, from an actor’s standpoint, you do what you have to do. I think it’s about feeling safe with who you’re with and that you’re both there for the right reasons,” Kristen told USA Today about doing passionate love scenes in the film with her co-star Garrett Hedlund.

On The Road will be released in the US on December 21.

FYI: Kristen is wearing Barbara Bui high-top sneakers.

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94 Responses to “Kristen Stewart: Soho House Party at TIFF!”

  1. 1
    berbee Says:

    say what you want you want to say about her private life, you can’t deny the girl has become quite the looker, dayum

  2. 2
    Toni Says:

    Love Kristen, she’s a babe!

  3. 3
    mary Says:

    OF COURSE she went to Soho! It was the hottest place last night, it was Jen Lawrence’s premiere party, so of course she had to go there! But Jen is so cool, so she trew her a bone!

  4. 4
    alexis Says:

    partying? Oh I see how heartbroken she is… NOT

  5. 5
    Jenny Says:

    So good to see the positivity from her appearance at TIFF, the girl has had a hammering but nobody can deny she isn’t gutsy for facing the intense glare to promote her indie film. Onwards and upwards for this girl!

  6. 6
    nina Says:

    @berbee: srsly?? Have you seen her pics in toronto? She’s a skeleton! Unless you like anorexic looking girls, so..OK, whatever floats your boat!

  7. 7
    Jenny Says:

    @mary: Mary – you are an idiot! Jen and Kristen are friends. Deal with it!

  8. 8
    Ina Says:

    @nina: Yes she has lost weight, but she has been under enormous pressure. She can put the weight back on. She will always be a pretty girl

  9. 9
    laura Says:

    I don’t get all this ‘praise’ for going to do her job, which she was contractualy obliged to do, after hiding her face for 6 WEEKS!!!

  10. 10
    ann Says:

    she has spend 2 months hiding,no one saw her.. she was sad and heartbroken from what has been heard,not eating etc..acctually that can be seen because she looks much skinnier in the face… she went to TIFF to support her movie OTR wich she is proud of..and well,now she went a night at soho and spend with jennifer lawrence,who i like..

  11. 11
    ann Says:

    kinda of her job..

  12. 12
    mary Says:

    @Jenny: they are not friends, they met last time for the first time ever, go check US mag

  13. 13
    ann Says:

    acctually jeniifer was the one who said she and kristen changed emails and talk!

  14. 14
    CHO Says:

    She’s not wearing the ring – OMG OMG OMG

    I am so kidding…

    She does look nice though.

  15. 15
    berbee Says:

    @nina: no need to exagerate, yes she looks a bit thinner than usual, but she’s in no way a “skeleton”, it’s just a phase. I happen to find her hot. Hell, I even thought she gave Charlize Theron a run for her money, looks wise, in that Snow White movie.

  16. 16
    cara Says:

    Kstew pr team is workin like a maniac. Thats why.

  17. 17
    V Says:

    Great to see Kristen supporting Jennifer!

  18. 18
    JMHO4 Says:

    @mary: and US Weekly is such a reliable source…….

  19. 19
    Wendy Says:

    @JMHO4: They caught her cheating. Even 20/20 used them as a source on Friday.

  20. 20
    V Says:

    The haters have descended. If you don’t like someone why are you wasting your time commenting about them? That I will never understand.

  21. 21
    A Says:

    “you do what you have to do”, just like you did with rupert

  22. 22
    OTR Says:

    Love Kristen!

  23. 23
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Why would she be heartbroken if she and Rob never broke up idiot? Listen to Rob and don’t believe everything you read. Neither one of them have announced a breakup. They aren’t going to.

  24. 24
    Lisa Says:

    @V: I think comments section is for everyone and you’re gonna meet different type of people here.

  25. 25
    Liz Says:

    Actually she is wearing Rob’s ring, and the necklace he gave her. They aren’t broken up and hater heads will explode once that’s made obvious.

  26. 26
    Kelly Says:


  27. 27
    B Says:

    ewww her hair!! she needs to take a shower

  28. 28
    Ina Says:

    @laura: She wasn’t contractually obliged actually. She was paid a basic SAG fee so there would have been nothing written in stone as to where she HAD to be. She has already been papped since the scandal broke and there was nowhere else she had to be, so how was she hiding for 6 weeks? She went to TIFF because she wanted to support her film. If she wanted to hide away she could have waited until November until she had to promote Breaking Dawn. She faced the cameras in a very public setting where she could have been booed, attacked and asked horrid questions by media. So yes, i admire her!

  29. 29
    ypo Says:

    her minutes of fame are over, she’ll never get a job!! and I’m tired of her being in every mag -.-

  30. 30
    Liz Says:

    Kudos Ina! Your post rocked. Don’t let these jealous bitchez bother you. Haters are miserable aren’t they??! Lol

  31. 31
    Ina Says:

    @mary: Jen and Kristen are email buds! Sorry if that annoys you :o

  32. 32
    really Says:

    gooooooooo awayyy *****!!

  33. 33
    Liz Says:

    Lmao you dumb fck. You’re a big fat contradiction, the fact that you’re tired of her “being in EVERY mag,” is proof she’s anything but over. She was the best dressed at TIFF on all the sites, the most buzzed about, the most anticipated, and she’s getting great reviews for her film – she’s hotter than anyone going right now. Jealous bitchesss are jealous and bittchy. Lol

  34. 34
    emma Says:

    @Ina: then you need higher standards

  35. 35
    Scarj Says:

    The shine is off this girl and it has nothing to do with Rob Pattinson. She homewrecked Rupert Sander’s marriage. What’s worse is Liberty had her back and recommended her for the role..supported her. Kstew has been very lucky but I have a feeling that karma will take her down eventually. Not completely down but down. Hope Pattinson washed his hands of her. She is beautiful but obviously a neurotic basket case to deal with

  36. 36
    **K Says:

    Later on in the evening, two young blockbuster franchise starlets, Kristen Stewart of Twilight and Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games, took over a corner on the third floor of the members’ club. A relaxed Lawrence had her shoes off and held them in her hand, dangling her legs over the arm of her chair. They left at the same time, without Stewart’s publicist, and I’d like to imagine that they went back to their hotel, changed into their jammies, ordered up some greasy food, watched videos and shared playlists while dreaming up a screenplay together.
    I hope stew can learn sth from Lawrence…

  37. 37
    ha Says:

    @**K: more like: went back to the hotel and got high. lets be realistic and not live in narnia

  38. 38
    Sheena Says:

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  39. 39
    intric8 Says:

    Kristen you are loved

  40. 40
    Ina Says:

    @Scarj: Liberty and Kristen weren’t even friends, even Rupert said that in an interview. They barely had any scenes together and Liberty had nothing to do with Kristen’s let’s not paint the picture of them being best friends just because it fits the picture you want to paint of Kristen doing her best friend’s husband. They were cordial acquantences, nothing more. How about you hate on Rupert for cheating on his wife of many years and stop going after the girl, misogynistic fool!

  41. 41
    CHO Says:

    @Liz I don’t see the ring in these pics. I see the necklace BUT all this leads me to really think neither are from Rob BUT lord knows.

    @B her hair looks 100x better than it did in the god awful style on the red carpet! She doesnt look ill in these pics.

  42. 42
    Scarj Says:

    @Ina: My bad. Rupert and Kristin both suck. Satisfied?

  43. 43
    threesome Says:

    now she is kissing Jennifer Lawrence’s ass,pathetic girl!

  44. 44
    Toni Says:

    Hope she had fun! I read that her and Jennifer were hanging out! Katniss and Bella – so cute! I like Kristen’s jacket!

  45. 45
    Toni Says:

    @Scarj: who is Kristin?

  46. 46
    Bahaha Says:

    Bahah, “the shine is off?” SAY WHAT?!! What planet are YOU on? The girl has never been bigger than this in her life?? lol. Get off the pipe you dumb cow, haha! I live in Toronto and Stewart is THE hot ticket at this fest – she got THE biggest buzz, bar none…she was on all the broadcasts, and was the #1 hot ticket for ALL media – reporters and news shows that had to leave her film premiere when it ran over to go cover other film premieres were bitchingg because they couldn’t stay. She was on the covers of all 4 major headlong papers and also magazines for TIFF the next day. She has directors and oscar winners singing her praises. You wouldn’t even know that other wannabes like Selena Gomez or Emma Watson (who got bad reviews for her perfirmance in perks of a wallfl) were even here. Lmao! That said she’s already locked up for the most coveted role in HW, Peyton loftis.
    You need help for your little bitterly envious cow problem. Lol

  47. 47
    Bahaha Says:

    Sorry, the ring is on her finger and it’s from Rob sweetie, it has his name on it doll. The twihards already did the detective work months ago, and you can see the engraved Rob in his handwriting in super closeups of the ring. People don’t just call it Rob’s ring for nothing honeybun. Also kris already said the necklace was fr rob as well.
    Oh, and to the person that said liberty Ross recommended Kristen for snow white, I’m ROFLMAO — as if a trophy wife wannabe actress/has been never run model of a newish 3rd tier director has power to do anything but spend her perv husbands money. Lolol Kristen Stewart is the hottest actress going, she doesn’t need recommendations from overthehill no name models.

  48. 48
    danielle Says:


    Actually she most likely was contractually obligated. When an actor signs a contract to do a movie there are generally provisions in it for doing publicity for it. Sometimes it is spelled out as to exactly what they will need to do (touring, appearances on shows, red carpets etc) and other times it is left more general.
    Aside from that Kristin had said, before the scandal broke, that she would be in Toronto and she reiterated in her latest interview that she would be going.

  49. 49
    Greg Says:

    More like the opposite, as if Jen Lawrence would have gotten as much ink without Kristen Stewart’s name….i like jen law, but please ish. Lol

  50. 50
    intric8 Says:

    @Scarj: I have never read such horsesh*t in awhile. Ruperts wife “recommended” Kristen for that role? LOL! Care to validate that somehow?

  51. 51
    Agar Says:

    Okay, so whose shirt is she wearing KStew fans?

    Robert’s?? Rupert’s?? Beyonce’s??

  52. 52
    Me Says:

    No, she’s not wearing the ring in these pictures. Check out.

  53. 53
    Greg Says:

    Wow, someone is jealous of all the kstew Rpatz clothes sharing aren’t they? Muahaha. What do you care bish? Y u mad? It’s not like Rob’s tee is gonna be stretched out of shape by your obese nobody asss. Lol

  54. 54
    CHO Says:

    Thank you @Me !

    So I saw this posted a bit ago, about this necklace. I can believe the ring is from Rob and NOT because it says Rob because I don’t buy they were ‘that’ kind of couple.

    But why does Kirsten D have a necklace much like hers…I heard it was a gift from OTR…

  55. 55
    CHO Says:

    BUT then she did talk about the necklace as a b-day gift during SWATH…maybe it was fro Rupie…

  56. 56
    Er link? Says:

    So where’s the link?
    You ARE aware the ring was the ONLY jewelry on her finger on the red carpet and at the airport, so I have to ask… NOW what is your point since you follow her jewelry sitch soooo closely, oh jealous cow?? If u acknowledge it was on yesterday and off today, youre still acknowledging that it was ON, and she was wearing it and that it means something…hahaha…dont look now but BUSTED!!
    ..are you alleging pattinson and Stewart were together?? …but er, broke up last night? Hahaha.
    When you see the ring back on her finger, if it ever was off – what will you do? Acknowledge what we’ve always said about it??
    I love you contradictory jealous cow haters…poor things don’t know which way is up or what they’re saying most of the time. Lol. But thanks for ADMITTING THE IMPORTANCE OF ROB’s RING. :)

  57. 57
    ChoCOW Says:

    Oh,and dear jealous CHO – please change your name to jealous vindictive COW, know that karma is real. Kristen said the necklace was left on her pillow, I doubt she would be admitting that if a) another man not Rob left it, or b) if the OTR studio or production would have snuck into her house and left it there either. But hey, keep lying to yourself, sad creep with no life. hahaha.

  58. 58
    pup Says:

    And if that Patterson guy is still with her, he’s pathetic as h.e.l.l.

  59. 59
    Rose Says:

    You notice how many of her Robsten is Unbroken / Krisbians have been trolling this site since she came out of hiding/ shown her manish face… She doesn’t know you nor does she care about you, yet you devote all your time to worshiping her… Makes you pathetic and certifiable.

  60. 60
    A Says:

    Oh Kristen is not wearing her ring…so much for epic love! But I love how Robsten fans KNOW that ring is loose so she is wearing it around her neck.I smell desparation lol

  61. 61
    A Says:

    @A: * desperation

  62. 62
    Lauren Says:

    Kristen is fine and they can both move on. I’m just happy she’s out partying and proving that she and Rob are better apart! Charlie Bewley said Rob is single at a Twi convention appearance the other day. Time for people to move on!

  63. 63
    Desperate Says:

    Her fans are pathetic and do come off as desperate and if she is still trolling for Pattinson she is very desperate.

  64. 64
    CHO Says:

    @ChoCOW are you insane?

    I was just making note of what I heard, I didnt say this stuff. I was just putting it out there what I had read.

    I am a full on R&K shipper. IF you read which I assume you can somewhat, you will see both of my posts.

    BUT while I am an R&K shipper I DO NOT wear the rose coloured glasses you seem to be wearing in all this.

    Get a hold of yourself.

  65. 65
    Lauren Says:

    @Scarj: I think it’s obvious she has mental issues and is surrounded by enablers and acting like nothing is wrong. This is not going to turn out well on a personal front. And it is good that Rob will not have this poison in his life anymore. So many more things are important in life and he’s always been the one who gets it.

  66. 66
    Scarj Says:

    @Bahaha: Cow? LOL…that’s your reflection in the mirror lardass. Jealous? Why would I be jealous of Kristen Stewart?

  67. 67
    Scarj Says:

    @Lauren: I agree. She has serious issues. Anyone who says they wish they could be f*cked over and proceeds to sabotage themself is seriously f*cked in the head. Pattinson is clearly better off at this point.

  68. 68
    A Says:

    @Scarj: That’s so true.No one can deny that she has major issues.IF Rob decides to take her back,he will regret it sooner or later because people with self-destructive tendencies ALWAYS end up hurting people around them.

  69. 69
    barf Says:

    Any A Lister and accomplished actress who acknowledge Stewart is doing the tramp a huge PR favor. No one else wants to socialize with her because she is tabloid tarnished news. Not to mention a lame actress.

    Her agent and PR people are now on a mission to save this poop of a whale actress. Anyone with a name that she breathes with in the same room will be claimed as her “friend”.

  70. 70
    sharyllee Says:

    she is still a bad girl!!!!

  71. 71
    karl Says:

    Apparently she was stalking Skarsgard so hard that he had to leave…

  72. 72
    Agar Says:

    @Greg: Nope not jealous nor mad! Just posting a random comment on a gossip board. Why do YOU care so much GREG? Also, at 115 lbs I’m far from obese! Have a nice day!

  73. 73
    Jessie Says:

    laura @ 09/09/2012 at 9:32 am
    Exactly, this is her job. She is legally contracted to promote her movie. However, they aren’t letting anyone ask her questions about the affair. So other than showing her face and spouting platitudes like she always does, how much of a hardship can it be. Hearing her say certain things in the face of her own failure sounds hypocritical, but she’s talking about a movie part, not her life. She’ll get over this and so will the public, but I hope she’s learned a lesson. Don’t wish for something ( i.e. wanting someone to fvk you up) you just might get it, even if you have to do it yourself.

  74. 74
    Jessie Says:

    The other thing. Why would they ANNOUNCE a break up? They have a movie to promote. None of the Twilight fans wants to hear about a break up now, no matter how they feel about KS. Hanging your hats on that as a sign that they’re still together is a fool’s bet.

  75. 75
    anne Says:

    No ring. She just wears it to hurt RP. The woman has been in hiding for 6 weeks now her PR team is feeding us bull and some of you are buying it. She hurt a lot of people. She had to attend the festival she is contractually obligated. Let us not forget she is a cheater. Wonder if she was having an affair with this director?

  76. 76
    anne Says:


    Are you blind she does not have the ring or the necklace on going into Soho. The test is the Twilight premiere with Rob’s fans.

  77. 77
    LOL Says:


    Bad reviews ???

    ”Emma Watson is a sassy high-schooler a million miles from Hogwarts in this young adult adaptation… Emma Watson through her baby steps towards the stronger stuff. She’s fine in this – confident in a role that lets her flirt with real world danger more than the school rules at Hogwarts”

    ”Emma Watson is tremendous as well, so too is Logan Lerman…”

    ”Emma totally has the girl-next-door with quirk and taste down to an art. I completely expected Emma to be an amazing Sam, so I wasn’t too surprised when she delivered marvelously.”

    ”Emma Watson was phenomenal. This was her first major role since Harry Potter, and I was anxious to see how she would do. She fit the role perfectly, completely embodying everything that Sam is– beautiful, wild, free, gentle, loving and even a bit broken. I was blown away by her performance, especially in the more serious scenes.She will make you sob your face off.”

    ” Emma Watson has a marvelous smile and hypnotizing eyes and is quite effective as a living symbol of perfect love”

    ”Watson is radiant as Charlie’s almost-but-not-quite gf..”

    ” Miller and Watson are certainly quite good in their respective roles…”
    ”….her performance is a shining light in the film…”

    ”Watson is solid as Sam…”

    ” …It is such a shift for her, and she’s so natural and real here, that I think this would count as the beginning of her adult career. It’s a lovely nuanced performance, and at this point, it’s impossible not to take note of just how striking she’s become…”

    ”Emma played Sam really well. Her American accent was really good…”

    ”This was Emma Watson’s first major role since Harry Potter (I believe) so I was eager to see how she’d do. On an unrelated note, it was so strange hearing her speak without her British accent! (But she pulled off being American really well!) Sam, in the book, is confident, a little insecure, free, wild, caring, and loving. Emma as Sam was PERFECT, in my opinion. Everything from her facial expressions to her more serious scenes to the part where she was killing it in Rocky Horror was phenomenal. I can’t see anyone else performing her role as well as she did. ”

    ”The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie is a contender for film of the year, I think. Emma Watson was just wonderful. ”

    ”Emma Watson can not be defined as the girl from Harry Potter. She shows that she is an actress who is meant for so much more. She reminds you of the girl you were in high school. ..”

    ”Emma Watson’s performance in Perks was flawless. ”

    ”Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller were perfect for their roles and all so talented.”



  78. 78
    katie Says:

    hipster glasses

  79. 79
    CHO Says:

    @anne she is wearing the necklace : but I see no ring.

    And I agree about the BD2 premiere…that will be one hell of a show! Hope they are all together cause drama drama! No but really I hope things go smoothly for the fans that have been so supportive over these years. Movie supportive not like me who only care about R&K HA :(

  80. 80
    Critics that mattered Says:

    Critics that matter…
    …Said Emma Watson did not impress. Also, if you want to prove a point, it’s best to put the critics name, and media outlet, those could be reviews from Watkins junior high lunch lady

  81. 81
    ROBsRINGisONbitchez!! Says:

    Kristen Stewart leaving TORONTO:

  82. 82
    ROBsRINGisONbitchez!! Says:

    Also, ROBs NECKLACE…almost forgot. Lol

  83. 83
    ROBsRINGisONbitchez!! Says:

    You’re such a lying freaks how, why are you trying to prove she isn’t wearing the ring by showing a picture THAT DOESN’T EVEN SHOW THE HAND SHE WEARS IT ON??!! You literally can’t even see her right hand in the pic you linked. Hahahaha!!! Get a life.

  84. 84
    A Says:

    Fun fact: Kristen wore ROB’S RING AND NECKLACE AND HAT when she hooked up with Rupert in broad daylight

  85. 85
    jessie Says:

    A @ 09/09/2012 at 3:36 pm
    They forget things so quickly.

  86. 86
    CHO Says:

    @ROBsRINGisONbitchez!! you sounds crazy. IMPO it doesnt look like the ring is on. Can’t you just be happy the necklace is one rather than trying to disprove and act like a looney?

  87. 87
    CHO Says:

    @A I said this…weeks ago *shakes head*

    I can for lack of a better word ‘appreciate’ all sides to this drama

  88. 88
    Giuseppe Lentini Says:

    Have you ever been mad at someone? I have, check it out:

    #giuseppelentini #madness

  89. 89
    Homewreckerbitches Says:

    @Liz: @CHO: @CHO lol I reckon yourve hit the nail on the head with this one! A gift from Rupie? I love it! Yea the type of person she has proven to be, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she’s not living with the dude! It’s what she does and does it well! And the weight loss? She’s probably doing it on purpose so she’s not fatter than The old geezer Rupert! After all he looks like a crack head!

  90. 90
    Homewreckerbitches Says:

    @Liz: Are you thick or what! The only reason she’s in every mag, is because it was her first official job since the affair scandal you dumb f..k!!! And people wanted to see what her reaction would be. She proved me right all along, she showed no remorse or embarrassment, she appeared to not give a flying f..k! Hmmmm Why does that not surprise me??? And when asked how she had been? Her reply I’m ok! Why don’t the media press her regarding scandal like they have for rob! Don’t know why they take it easy on the scummy little home wrecking hoe!

  91. 91
    TackyZacky Says:

    This girl can NOT look ugly even if she wanted to. She’s 22? Heck she looks 16!

    Good for her to not load her face with make-up.

    Bravo, Kristen for not letting the haters sink you to oblivion!

    Glad to see you at least honor your contractual obligations despite the “public beating” that’s enough to drive anyone to a nervous breakdown.

    Keep moving on!

  92. 92
    Guene Says:

    @CLINIQUA: I keep hearing these stories about they didn’t break up, how do you know?? would you please tell me where you got your news

  93. 93
    Guene Says:

    How do you know they aren’t broken up? I don’t understand any of this, will someone please tell me where they got there information??

  94. 94
    Rupert leftover Says:

    Definitely not together and will never be ever! otherwise KS team will manufacture gossip that KS is not homeless anymore! If that simple word “fine” become a big speculation the more if they will issue that they are really living together or at least together somewhere. KS IS DESPERATE TO CLEAN HER dirty IMAGE so her team will do anything for news that RP forgive and forget the cheating! No matter how she tries to wears RP stuff KS still STINK FROM! FRANCO – your turn to hundle the garbage of KS. KS will love you!

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