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Kristen Stewart: Soho House Party at TIFF!

Kristen Stewart: Soho House Party at TIFF!

Kristen Stewart ducks inside a party at the Soho House during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday night (September 8) in Toronto, Canada.

The 22-year-old actress is currently in town to promote her film On The Road, which premiered earlier this week at the festival.

“Professionally, from an actor’s standpoint, you do what you have to do. I think it’s about feeling safe with who you’re with and that you’re both there for the right reasons,” Kristen told USA Today about doing passionate love scenes in the film with her co-star Garrett Hedlund.

On The Road will be released in the US on December 21.

FYI: Kristen is wearing Barbara Bui high-top sneakers.

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94 Responses to “Kristen Stewart: Soho House Party at TIFF!”

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  1. 76
    anne Says:


    Are you blind she does not have the ring or the necklace on going into Soho. The test is the Twilight premiere with Rob’s fans.

  2. 77
    LOL Says:


    Bad reviews ???

    ”Emma Watson is a sassy high-schooler a million miles from Hogwarts in this young adult adaptation… Emma Watson through her baby steps towards the stronger stuff. She’s fine in this – confident in a role that lets her flirt with real world danger more than the school rules at Hogwarts”

    ”Emma Watson is tremendous as well, so too is Logan Lerman…”

    ”Emma totally has the girl-next-door with quirk and taste down to an art. I completely expected Emma to be an amazing Sam, so I wasn’t too surprised when she delivered marvelously.”

    ”Emma Watson was phenomenal. This was her first major role since Harry Potter, and I was anxious to see how she would do. She fit the role perfectly, completely embodying everything that Sam is– beautiful, wild, free, gentle, loving and even a bit broken. I was blown away by her performance, especially in the more serious scenes.She will make you sob your face off.”

    ” Emma Watson has a marvelous smile and hypnotizing eyes and is quite effective as a living symbol of perfect love”

    ”Watson is radiant as Charlie’s almost-but-not-quite gf..”

    ” Miller and Watson are certainly quite good in their respective roles…”
    ”….her performance is a shining light in the film…”

    ”Watson is solid as Sam…”

    ” …It is such a shift for her, and she’s so natural and real here, that I think this would count as the beginning of her adult career. It’s a lovely nuanced performance, and at this point, it’s impossible not to take note of just how striking she’s become…”

    ”Emma played Sam really well. Her American accent was really good…”

    ”This was Emma Watson’s first major role since Harry Potter (I believe) so I was eager to see how she’d do. On an unrelated note, it was so strange hearing her speak without her British accent! (But she pulled off being American really well!) Sam, in the book, is confident, a little insecure, free, wild, caring, and loving. Emma as Sam was PERFECT, in my opinion. Everything from her facial expressions to her more serious scenes to the part where she was killing it in Rocky Horror was phenomenal. I can’t see anyone else performing her role as well as she did. ”

    ”The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie is a contender for film of the year, I think. Emma Watson was just wonderful. ”

    ”Emma Watson can not be defined as the girl from Harry Potter. She shows that she is an actress who is meant for so much more. She reminds you of the girl you were in high school. ..”

    ”Emma Watson’s performance in Perks was flawless. ”

    ”Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller were perfect for their roles and all so talented.”



  3. 78
    katie Says:

    hipster glasses

  4. 79
    CHO Says:

    @anne she is wearing the necklace : but I see no ring.

    And I agree about the BD2 premiere…that will be one hell of a show! Hope they are all together cause drama drama! No but really I hope things go smoothly for the fans that have been so supportive over these years. Movie supportive not like me who only care about R&K HA :(

  5. 80
    Critics that mattered Says:

    Critics that matter…
    …Said Emma Watson did not impress. Also, if you want to prove a point, it’s best to put the critics name, and media outlet, those could be reviews from Watkins junior high lunch lady

  6. 81
    ROBsRINGisONbitchez!! Says:

    Kristen Stewart leaving TORONTO:

  7. 82
    ROBsRINGisONbitchez!! Says:

    Also, ROBs NECKLACE…almost forgot. Lol

  8. 83
    ROBsRINGisONbitchez!! Says:

    You’re such a lying freaks how, why are you trying to prove she isn’t wearing the ring by showing a picture THAT DOESN’T EVEN SHOW THE HAND SHE WEARS IT ON??!! You literally can’t even see her right hand in the pic you linked. Hahahaha!!! Get a life.

  9. 84
    A Says:

    Fun fact: Kristen wore ROB’S RING AND NECKLACE AND HAT when she hooked up with Rupert in broad daylight

  10. 85
    jessie Says:

    A @ 09/09/2012 at 3:36 pm
    They forget things so quickly.

  11. 86
    CHO Says:

    @ROBsRINGisONbitchez!! you sounds crazy. IMPO it doesnt look like the ring is on. Can’t you just be happy the necklace is one rather than trying to disprove and act like a looney?

  12. 87
    CHO Says:

    @A I said this…weeks ago *shakes head*

    I can for lack of a better word ‘appreciate’ all sides to this drama

  13. 88
    Giuseppe Lentini Says:

    Have you ever been mad at someone? I have, check it out:

    #giuseppelentini #madness

  14. 89
    Homewreckerbitches Says:

    @Liz: @CHO: @CHO lol I reckon yourve hit the nail on the head with this one! A gift from Rupie? I love it! Yea the type of person she has proven to be, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she’s not living with the dude! It’s what she does and does it well! And the weight loss? She’s probably doing it on purpose so she’s not fatter than The old geezer Rupert! After all he looks like a crack head!

  15. 90
    Homewreckerbitches Says:

    @Liz: Are you thick or what! The only reason she’s in every mag, is because it was her first official job since the affair scandal you dumb f..k!!! And people wanted to see what her reaction would be. She proved me right all along, she showed no remorse or embarrassment, she appeared to not give a flying f..k! Hmmmm Why does that not surprise me??? And when asked how she had been? Her reply I’m ok! Why don’t the media press her regarding scandal like they have for rob! Don’t know why they take it easy on the scummy little home wrecking hoe!

  16. 91
    TackyZacky Says:

    This girl can NOT look ugly even if she wanted to. She’s 22? Heck she looks 16!

    Good for her to not load her face with make-up.

    Bravo, Kristen for not letting the haters sink you to oblivion!

    Glad to see you at least honor your contractual obligations despite the “public beating” that’s enough to drive anyone to a nervous breakdown.

    Keep moving on!

  17. 92
    Guene Says:

    @CLINIQUA: I keep hearing these stories about they didn’t break up, how do you know?? would you please tell me where you got your news

  18. 93
    Guene Says:

    How do you know they aren’t broken up? I don’t understand any of this, will someone please tell me where they got there information??

  19. 94
    Rupert leftover Says:

    Definitely not together and will never be ever! otherwise KS team will manufacture gossip that KS is not homeless anymore! If that simple word “fine” become a big speculation the more if they will issue that they are really living together or at least together somewhere. KS IS DESPERATE TO CLEAN HER dirty IMAGE so her team will do anything for news that RP forgive and forget the cheating! No matter how she tries to wears RP stuff KS still STINK FROM! FRANCO – your turn to hundle the garbage of KS. KS will love you!

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