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Erin Heatherton: Bikini Photo Shoot for Victoria's Secret!

Erin Heatherton: Bikini Photo Shoot for Victoria's Secret!

Erin Heatherton shows off her bangin’ bikini body while getting into a pool for a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot on Monday (September 10) in Miami, Fla.

“Good morning Miami!! Swim shoot for @victoriassecret about to get started.. Can’t wait for @angelcandice to arrive!” the 23-year-old model tweeted that morning.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Erin Heatherton

Last week, Erin walked in the Jason Wu show during New York Fashion Week!

“So proud to walk for such an incredible designer @jasonwu! Had so much fun,” Erin tweeted after the show.

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erin heatherton bikini photo shoot for victorias secret 01
erin heatherton bikini photo shoot for victorias secret 02
erin heatherton bikini photo shoot for victorias secret 03
erin heatherton bikini photo shoot for victorias secret 04
erin heatherton bikini photo shoot for victorias secret 05
erin heatherton bikini photo shoot for victorias secret 06
erin heatherton bikini photo shoot for victorias secret 07
erin heatherton bikini photo shoot for victorias secret 08

Credit: Brett Kaffee/Thibault Monnier; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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    She just does not have a great body, no shape. :(


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  • Jes

    That bra really helps

  • weird boobies

    Her boobs look kinda funny.

  • Lauren

    She has implants. 5th picture makes it really obvious. No pushup bra on natural boobs would do that.

  • illwill

    Where the curvy models at

  • Jenn

    Pfff if that’s what a Victoria’s Secret model look like than I should be the next Gisele Bundchen…spreading your legs often can get you really far it seems…

  • Roman


  • julia

    i dont she has implants that bra is just sooo tight that it makes her boobs look like that

  • ali

    beautiful woman .
    she is stunning !!

  • Fan of real VS models

    What a nice padded pushup bra can do!!!

  • Thanks

    Thanks JJ for not bringing Leo’s name to the topic!

  • Creed

    Not a great body like candace r adriana or allesandra

  • ?????

    Horrible body… who is protecting her in keeping her work for VS? I’m still scratching my head.

  • incredible

    When I think that Victoria’s Secret used to hire bodies like Leaticia Casta. What happened to the brand?

  • Funny

    Her boobs only come out when there is a VS photo shoot LOL

  • hahaha

    And this is the model who thinks photoshopping is a “lie”. More like a life and career saver for her! Erin is just boring and her body is not great. No curves, no appeal and just nothing interesting about her!

  • Dieter

    Finally the prove: Best ass of all the Angels. Easy and hands down !!!

  • slowly but surely

    Victoria’s Secret is becoming Victoria’s Toothpick Collection.

  • Taylor

    When did Erin get implants? She didnt have them the last time they shot VS swim!!!!!

  • Sunny

    A woman that thin doesn’t have boobs like those. They must be implants, and her hip bones are really protruding. She has beautiful skin though, or is it body makeup?

  • @21

    They’re not implants. It’s the padded bras. It must be so uncomfortable to wear.

  • Tara

    Those are definitely implants. They have the half melon look. Real boobs don’t have edges. She is a bony woman with a pretty face.

  • Frankly

    That ain’t a sexy body
    no bum, boney hips and a horrible posture.

  • ????
  • ????

    @Frankly: Agreed. Not feminine at all. Not the body, not the face.

  • Miss padded bra

    are we sure she loves her job…??? I checked all Popsugar bikini pics and she is not smiling on any of them. She looks stiff and so uncomfortable.

  • another pic
  • @#27

    You’re right. She doesn’t look too happy to do this photoshoot.

  • @28

    lol, lol! she’s reinstalling the pushup pads.

  • we

    she looks 50ish
    bad body

  • Model Fan

    I can’t believe how VS has gone downhill Erin and Lily Aldridge are the worst!

  • Journalistic

    What’s up her with boobs? The way they edge out like that….fake?

  • Another model fan

    Miami? Again? What I noticed lately with VS is not only how declining the quality of the models are, but the places they chose to operate their photoshoots. They are no longer shooting in exotic places. Is Miami cheaper?

  • Gossip

    Interesting, no one ever pappped Erin doing photo shoots, and now that she’s hired a PR team to “build a brand” she’s getting papped in NYC and Miami. Funny coincidence.

  • @35

    Even that can`t help the fact that she is beyond boring and uninteresting. Regardless how many times the paps `accidentally` take her photos she is just boring, her body is meh, her face is blah and there is absolutely nothing exciting about her. Nothing.

  • Leo

    It’s pretty sad Victoria’s Secret is trying to make me think she’s one of the hottest girls in the world. I see more attractive girls on the street everyday.

  • Cool

    Is that a six pack? I’m officially depressed.

  • What?

    No in mood to promote Jennifer Meyer jewelry.

  • Butch

    Fake boobs on skinny women always look so stupid.

  • @40

    the boobs are not fake. it is the bra that is padded. once the bra is off, the boobs are almost non existent.

  • Push-up bra

    Amazing what a VS model looks like without a padded push-up bra.

  • Wow

    Erin looks amazing. Perfectly toned physique and not an ounce of fat! She doesn’t look too skinny either, she looks great. I like Erin for VS, she has that all-American sporty look and doesn’t look like a friggin’ mermaid.