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Jessica Simpson's Weight Watchers Commercial - Watch Now!

Jessica Simpson's Weight Watchers Commercial - Watch Now!

Jessica Simpson shows off her post-baby body after making an appearance on Katie on Monday (September 10) in New York City.

The 31-year-old entertainer was joined by her fiance Eric Johnson for lunch after her big reveal on the talk show.

“I’m very nervous!” Jessica said during her appearance. “I just had a lot of pressure on me to lose the baby weight. Today was one of my goals: getting here, feeling comfortable. I feel beautiful today!”

Jessica also revealed that she’s lost more than 40 pounds and also showed the first clip of her Weight Watchers commercial, in which she intentionally did not reveal her body.

Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watchers Commercial – Watch Now!

20+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson in the Big Apple…

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jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 01
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 02
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 03
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 04
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 05
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 06
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 07
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 08
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 09
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 10
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 11
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 12
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 13
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 14
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 15
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 16
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 17
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 18
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 19
jessica simpson ive lost over 40 pounds 20

Credit: Kristin Callahan/ACE; Photos: INFdaily
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  • IllWill

    Her boobs are huge, I am sure he doesn’t mind

  • rachel

    She looks awful. A blimp. I wouldn’t leave my house if i looked like her.

  • Din

    Good for her but how heavy was she that she has already lost 40 and is still chubby?

  • she’s still fat

    If Weight Watchers works, how come they only showed her fat head in the ad and not the body?

  • sunshine

    What does he do? She brings home the bacon so she eats it :P

  • jessOINKa

    Her dress has a built in apron to hide her fat gut.

  • an opinion

    She acts like she was the size of a supermodel before she got pregnant. She wasn’t. So of course it is going to take her longer to lose the weight because she was not in that good of shape to begin with.

  • nyob

    Poor thing. Her boobs are ridiculous. When those go down she’ll drop 20-30 pounds.

  • Amy

    I thought she would have looked bigger. She’s sure earning that money!

  • Looselipz

    I like that she doesn’t starve herself like so many others, including her sister who has had eating disorders for years.
    So what if she’s not rail thin?

    Weight Watchers happens to have a great success rate..good for her.

  • Journalistic

    Wasn’t she supposed to pose in a bikini?

  • Maddie

    She looks great! I love her dress.

  • nn

    Weight Watchers must not work. She is still fat.

  • gen

    Ashlee’s better. She’s the pretty sister. Jessica is a fat midget with stumps for legs and a man face that is fat.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks horrible. I agree – WW shouldn’t want her promoting their product. It’s bad enough they have that phoney Jennifer Hudson. Also, isn’t she always trying to pimp out her clothing line – she looks awful herself!!

  • Yohji

    She dresses like this because it’s the only way she can get people to talk about her again. She’s just not that relevant any more.

  • Jess

    She looks so much better. Her weight is fine, but she has a big belly that she hides with spanx and fabric. Hopefully she will get rid of it without a tummy tuck.

  • yup

    Dude… you guys… she’s going to lose the weight. Who the f cares if she’s still big (ish). Dumb people, wish I could see you.

  • can’t…breath

    do they still sell girdles? well she’s got one on

  • Go Ask Alice

    I do not dislkie Jessica Simpson.
    She has 4300 million or so dollars and her brand is self-sufficent in that she really does not ned to be the face of it or promote. It is like other brands, Anne Taylor, Liz Claiborne , self-working.
    $4 million is like $400.00 for her. She did not need this deal
    Her Father’s Doing!!!!
    She JUST had a baby 5 months agao. She was at her heavy side before ahving her baby and during her pregnancy, she really gained alot nd that is ok. Some people don’t and some do and it doesn’t matter how proportion sixed , watching what you eat.
    She should take offa good year. Be unseen. Swim. Work out. Eat babalanced samll meals of everything. Enjoy her child. Pay for Eric No Name no job Johnson. Jessica Simpson hasa long way to go. Her boobs look like they weight 25 lbs. She is very heavy. It is normal. Enjoy. Relax. Play with her baby. Enjoy .

  • Go Ask Alice

    $300 million thqt is , her total worht it has been said.
    I do not dislkie her, got that Jessica Fans. She needs to relax, enjoy her new life, child, Eric( I don’t why) and just stay off the radar for a year. She did not need Weight Watchers.
    She just hada baby and she loooks normal. NORMAL. She is heavy and so what. Normal.

  • Kate

    Gee everyone, if you try Weight Watchers plus personal trainers, nannies, no job/responsibility, lipo, & personal chef you can look just like her!!

    Maybe they throw that cheap, gross hair in for free!!

    And geez, he needs some self-respect STAT.

  • Huge Earth Shaker

    9+ months of deep fried Snickers bars

  • Owen

    Bummer – was hoping that she would extend that period of isolation and disappear for many more months (years). Not looking forward to seeing pics of her doing nothing.

    Look at me, I can carry a giant purse!
    Look at me eat lunch with my depressed baby-daddy!
    Look at me experiment with different fake hair and post pics!

  • Mount Jessica

    Not worth the climb these days.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Weight Watchers as in they’re watching her weight in awe?

  • Myla

    She will have more street credibility if she wears her own clothing line. I would like to see her wear Jessica Simpson shoes and carry a jessica Simpson purse! At least Beckham and Nicole Ritchie wear their own line once in awhile. This lad and the Kardashians wouldn’t even be caught dead wearing their own!!! I also wish she would lose that barbie hair…Makes it look like she is more into her looks than taking care of a kid.

  • Ana

    She gained so much weight, hopefully the weight watchers work for her, If she lost 40 pounds, God, how much did she gain before/during her pregnancy? Also for the commentor who said it was ok that she gained that much weight during her pregnancy, no it’s not. A large amount of weight gained can/could add all kinds of complications.

  • mrd2

    A breast reduction procedure would drop a few pounds!!!

  • Beautiful Jess

    If you are jealous of her, eat your heart out. She is rich, pretty, savvy business woman and I’m sure she does not care what you think of her. She has a beautiful baby and honey, what more could she asks for. Being pregnant does make a woman put on weight, so what, she will loose it in time. Now you run along and go do something productive!

  • SS

    Wow. Lady has several nannies, helpers, etc. How is an ordinary woman going to relate to this situation?

  • Soho

    @Beautiful Jess: He fiance/professional walker and escort is extremely unattractive and apparently has no career other than to escort and walk her around on her dime. Nothing to be jealous about. That said, I think a breast reduction would do her a world of good.

  • Scarj

    Do Spanx make full on body suits? I think she has one or two on.

  • So Judgemental

    Hi, I am Jessica. And I tied a feed back to my face for 9 months using my pregnancy as an excuse to eat for 6 and such quality foods too.. such as buttered pop tarts and tequila salt style peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I managed to pack 80 lbs on to my already packed frame (but I will lie lie lie about those numbers because I excel at denial and Cee Cee always whites out the 1 before the 6 on all my clothes). Since I made way too much money off crappy fashion lines suckers are stupid enough to purchase I know my out of work low prospect fiance was low risk for leaving my fat ass. Now I expect weight Watchers to pay ME even more money I don’t need to help me along with my chef, private trainer and probably a little nip tuck along the way to help me undo the 9 months of reckless damage I did to myself so that I can claim to be an inspiration to everyday women who actually have to pay Weight Watchers for help.. can you imagine? And I am sure my low brow sheeple fans will back me up and say I am such a role model while trashing people like Kristin Cavaleri and (cough) Vanessa Lachey for only gaining a healthy small amount of weight during their pregnancies and being back in pre baby shape with a sensible diet, exercise and breastfeeding alone.. I sure anyone who actually finds real role models .. well you know role models are just jealous of me and flagrant ignorance and gluttony. Haters will hate y’all.