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Justin Theroux: Manhattan Motorcycle Man!

Justin Theroux: Manhattan Motorcycle Man!

Justin Theroux gives a grin as he heads to his motorcycle on Monday (September 10) in New York City.

The 41-year-old actor and director, who parked his motorcycle on the sidewalk, was spotted cruising Manhattan’s Lower East Side on the gorgeous afternoon!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Justin Theroux

Over the weekend, Justin hit up Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week by attending the Alexander Wang Spring 2013 fashion show at Pier 94.

20+ pictures inside of Justin Theroux walking to his motorcycle in NYC’s Lower East Side neighborhood…

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justin theroux manhattan motor man 01
justin theroux manhattan motor man 02
justin theroux manhattan motor man 03
justin theroux manhattan motor man 04
justin theroux manhattan motor man 05
justin theroux manhattan motor man 06
justin theroux manhattan motor man 07
justin theroux manhattan motor man 08
justin theroux manhattan motor man 09
justin theroux manhattan motor man 10
justin theroux manhattan motor man 11
justin theroux manhattan motor man 12
justin theroux manhattan motor man 13
justin theroux manhattan motor man 14
justin theroux manhattan motor man 15
justin theroux manhattan motor man 16
justin theroux manhattan motor man 17
justin theroux manhattan motor man 18
justin theroux manhattan motor man 19
justin theroux manhattan motor man 20
justin theroux manhattan motor man 21
justin theroux manhattan motor man 22

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  • Leyla

    OMGGGGG!!!!! Gosh he kill me, such a bad boy, love him<3

  • rachel

    douchebag on a bike

  • Leyla

    @rachel: Why Douchebag? explain me? you are a hoe simply patheticc :D

  • brenda


    She or he posted their opinion. Just like you called him “a bad boy and you <3 him. So explain why you like him. Is it pathetic too????.. or just your opinion. I don't know if he is a douche or not. I just hate when people get attention because of who they date. Go check the archives and see how many post there were about this man. He is not a star, just an unknown writer that works for his friends. He may be talented, but I sure don't see REAL A list writers/directors being showcased daily on this site.

    He doesn't know you and you don't know him. Just because he is Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend doesn't make him a STAR. You need to chill calling people a hoe because they voice their opinion about someone that is making it very clear they love the attention they are getting. He is seen more then Jennifer. I like Jennifer and I don't get fans have to like him because she is with him. He may be a good man, but he is getting a bit over the top on being seen.

    He wants to be a celebrity.. well guess what people talk about celebrities. Good or bad.

  • brenda

    OH and this is the last time I post on anything about him. He needs to earn his status. not date it or marry it

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    Love him

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    My hero baby

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    Justifer rocks

  • http://Justjarde Jack

    Lucky Justin

  • http://Justjarde Amanda

    Oh sexy

  • http://Justjarde Amanda

    I like him so much

  • GIN


  • yep

    need to see jen! justin looks good!

  • LeeSeol

    He’s creepy.

  • Bety

    ugly famewhore who needs to look in the mirror and realize he’s not 17 and he’s not danny zuko


  • Heidi’s Love

    He is missing Heidi ):

  • Blue Moon

    He does not have to work. He’s got turkey tit to milk from.

  • Kilem

    He looks like his hair smells good.

    What is all the hate about here? We hardly know ANYthing about this dude, other than he used to live with some fashion lady, he has made a long career of writing screenplays, he is presently dating an overpublicized actress, and he really likes wearing jeans. I don’t get the hate.

  • its true

    i just want to know why any of you don’t like him. is there a reason?

  • jghawaii

    Isn’t it illegal to park your motorcycle on the sidewalk? It certainly takes up more room than an ordinary bicycle.

  • Piper

    @brenda: wow one of the most mature comments on this site i’ve seen in a while – except that you like JA LOL. i am curious, wouldn’t the same fame by association apply to JA for married to Brad Pitt?

  • Tanya

    22 photos of Justin walking. His photos must be cheap. Maybe it’s because he wear the same hideous outfit day after day. Where’s Jen?

  • Moving on up

    He’s a college graduate. Jen barely has a high school diploma. He knows how to work it. He just oozes working it.

  • clothespin

    He always looks the same.

  • aaa

    Time to buy a new pair of shoes/boots.

  • H

    Jennifer Aniston is a homewrecker. She dug deep and low to breakup Justin’s long term relationship. Worse she told his girlfriend at the time that she and Justin were only going over their lines. She pretended to be Heidi’s friend. Well get this, Heidi’s is a smart cookie, she is the one who will come on top of all of this. Jennifer is no trophy and soon Justin will figure out how ugly Jennifer’s heart is.

  • Mrs Vince


    You are pathetic. The same Jen who goes to Gerard Butler, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper and all the Exs and post that they are hot? You are senile and have no self respect.

  • lala

    i dont get the hate…he has been around for a long time…just because you guys dont know him doesnt mean he is a zero.and should only high profile celebrities date? isnt it kind of ridiculous that you think they are engaged only for his career benefit?thats saying jennifer has no brain whatsoever.



  • TheDudeAbides

    Word is the guy is dynamite in the sack…

  • Jen

    Wonder if his bike was bombed with bologna again.

  • AAP

    thanks justjared!
    justin looks hot! love him! cant wait to see jen with him!

  • irisne

    very hot man

  • Isha


  • renata

    he’ll be jen aniston’s husband! one lucky guy!

  • renata

    gorgeous guy!

  • Jessie

    Right about now, he’s realized he’s gotten all he’s going to get from his association with Jen. I think she made a big mistake getting involved with this man. He doesn’t seem like the type to play nice. I think she’s going to be more sorry that she made a pact with this devil than any of the others. He’s got the upper hand, no doubt about it. He gets to live off her money, piggy back HER and have his freedom at the same time, while poor Jen has to toil to make her next buck. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s seeing Heidi behind her back. Don’t know if it’s true, but the rumor is he’s cheated on Heidi a number of times and she’s taken him back.

  • Wesley

    He’s got style. He’s wearing the classics, digging the cool white t-shirt. And I agree he does look like he would smell gooood! His looks remind me of old hollywood, not a teenager. My opinion is the classics are where its at. Jeans, white tshirt, old boots, and leather jacket. However, you also have to make it look good such as Justin does. Another bonus when he opens his mouth to speak he is intelligent and funny!!

  • Douchebag M4 Maniston

    Him and Jennay better send a Thank you note to Brad Pitt…
    Because… This midget hoe douchebag with capital M on his forehead become somebody from a nobody for one reason only …..

  • Douchebag M4 Maniston

    I like Ellen, watch his short legs with his tight jeans spinning his ugly stay tan greasy body doing the rap….. WHAHAHAHA…..
    He’s as Ugly as sin…. and sound as stupid as a Douchebag!!
    Pheuh… Lucky his Front lace toupee with capital M, glued tightly LOL… LOL…

  • Wowee

    Huvsy work hard for his master…
    Must take this Douchbag hour and hour for make over for this meaningless 22 photos out of 200 he’s selected … then sold for peanut!

  • Jenny

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  • allie

    get over it.
    a href=”/2012/09/10/justin-theroux-manhattan-motorcycle-man-2/comment-page-1/#comment-24931434″>Heidi‚Äôs Love:

  • ann h

    #20. I’m curious too. I don’t live in the United States so could some of you please tell us if it is legal to park a motorcycle on a sidewalk. For me, he may as well park it in a handicap spot for all the class he has.
    Hope somebody puts some week old bologna on it. Shame on him if it’s illegal, and just stupid of him if it is.

  • Jennifer is crazy!

    Jennipoo posting hungry love comments to all her Xs is just pathetic. All of them dumped her. Old woman so desperate for this no hung man, short, balding and living off the rich sugar mama. Jennipoo homewrecked all for this one? How low can you go? LOL

  • Cheater Boy

    Little man dyckless is begging his Heidi ,you know his Heidi Bivens he lived with for 14 yrs saying puleaseeee i have money now lots of it, i will be good and go back to rehab just take me back . He promises he won’t fcuk Heidi and Jen at the same time and lie about it as both him and Jen did last yr. Love It Heidi ain’t budging. Go Heidi!!

    Heidi’s saying..You made your fancy bed .it doesn’t belong to you , never will little dumpster diver , just keep walking the streets getting your pervie friend Terry Richards to continue taking your pic. The pics nobody gives a rats azzz about looking at. ya dum,b fcuk.!!!