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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Theory Twosome!

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Theory Twosome!

Kate Bosworth and her fiance Michael Polish attend the Theysken’s Theory Spring 2013 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Monday (September 10) in New York City.

The 29-year-old actress was also joined at the show by Rock of Ages actress Julianne Hough, who was red hot at the Caroline Herrera show earlier that day.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics from New York Fashion Week

Over the weekend, Kate was joined by Michael at the Altuzarra fashion show.

25+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at the Theory show…

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kate bosworth michael polish theory twosome 02
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kate bosworth michael polish theory twosome 16
kate bosworth michael polish theory twosome 17
kate bosworth michael polish theory twosome 18
kate bosworth michael polish theory twosome 19
kate bosworth michael polish theory twosome 20
kate bosworth michael polish theory twosome 21
kate bosworth michael polish theory twosome 22
kate bosworth michael polish theory twosome 23
kate bosworth michael polish theory twosome 24
kate bosworth michael polish theory twosome 25

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    Love Kate’s look as us usual !! .. prefer if she would buttoned up the shirt

    come visit my fashion blog :

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    I’m available to make it a Theory Threesome anytime. With Kate & Julianne I mean. Michael Polish can sit this one out.

  • Lena

    That guy has the creepiest face. He is so unattractive. Why does she stand so awkwardly? They are the grossiest couple around.

  • Whoa.

    I want her jacket, in a darker wash. She can keep her gym shorts, though.

  • Strange

    Yuck !!!

  • janekay

    @Lena, i couldn’t agree more, I thought it was only me…he is really creepy looking and I do not find her very attractive either.

  • Poor thing

    haha KB is so sad, she has to wh*re out whatever this (you know it’s not about the wedding it’s about the attention) is to the world and still no one cares and Blake did it all under cover and getting more care attention and probably a big check and pay off. She is much younger and she got Leo and now Ryan for a husband damn KB go back to where ever you were spawn from and do absolutely nothing there what’s the difference. She wouldn’t look like such a loser. The dude is a totally creeper. I am not kidding I wouldn’t like to be around him when it’s dark outside.

  • Seriously

    tell me what DO THEY DO? HOW DO THEY MAKE MONEY? He says he is an director hasn’t done anything in a year (JM doesn’t count) she hasn’t done anything since shoulder pads went out of fashion.

  • Cin

    I understand that everyone’s taste differs. That being said though, I think one would have to be nuts not to see that Kate Bosworth is a stunning beauty. I mean come on! But then again, ugly people tend to think attractive people are ugly. I think it’s some sort of defense mecanism.

  • Lois

    “Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend Michael Polish”

    Really JJ, didn’t you get the news that he’s her fiance? Seriously, Manorexic and KBola need to sit down.
    Sooo…KB has not been to any of the IMPORTANT shows like CK, DK, Prada, Pucci, Gucci, Cavalli, YSL, Lauren, Chanel, etc., etc…… Definitely shows how much the fashion world likes her.

  • Will u Wear a bra

    I see she has covered her pathetic excuse for tits also known as the saggy peas :)

  • JJ you said this

    The 29-year-old actress

    Since when was kho an actress, I find watching cob webs grow more Interesting then watching her trying to be an actress , she is a professional girlfriend and clothing hanger and crap at both professions.

  • chelle

    What the hell is this twat wearing??? She is wearing hobbit’s underwear???? What the crap is with her and wearing her night clothes in public???

  • Has anyone seen my keys?

    @Whoa.: Gym shorts! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • whosthatbitch

    @Cin: Yes …. that must be it. *rolls eyes* I don’t find her face ugly …. well, I didn’t. Now I kinda do. She used to be almost too pretty to look at, I’m not even kidding. But now her face just looks harsh. It’s a shame, really.
    Oh no, wait, I forgot. It’s either her ethereal beauty I’m jealous of or one of her exes. My bad.

    Someone mentioned money. YES. I want to know HOW these two make money. I bet she gets half her stuff for free but still, she must have expenses that can’t be covered by purses.

  • Lucy

    I love the jacket!! I love Kate Bosworth!! I love Olivier’s haircut!!

  • danielik25

    OMG! Her ugly legs again! This couple is… without words…

  • Lilla

    @Cin: Having seen her in person not that long ago, I don’t understand why people think she’s so pretty. Maybe it is because of where I’m from, but she doesn’t compare to the people I grew up with. For me, it has nothing to do with insecurity, it just has to do with taste. Julianne Hough is stunning in person, pictures do nothing for her.

  • chelle

    @whosthatbitch: that’s the normal goto from stans…. everyone is just jealous of how amazingly beautiful she is……. gagging now…. several of us have asked for actual reasons why people like her other than her looks and all we get is the “your just a fat ugly jealous fangurl of insert ex name here “

  • Whycantipost

    AGAIN KB? Come on JJ!

    But have to be honest and say I don’t hate her outfit. Not something I would wear, and not really fitting for the occasion (find it more a festival type of outfit) but it’s looks ok on her.

  • ladybug

    @Lucy: The outfit looks 80′s to me, so check your local thrift store, you’ll probably find something similar for cheap. And the shorts as well.

    @Whycantipost: she could wear this outfit to next year’s Coachella.

  • Marieme

    OMFG. We get a KB post every single damn day! And each time they keep that she’s 29. Who gives a cr ap?? This site is pathetically edited.

  • freya

    yay! another KB post! here I was fearing that I would have to go to bed without one today…
    And JJ, what’s the matter? she didn’t pay on time and you’re punishing her? he’s her fiance, or “husband-to-be”, not her boyfriend. did she do all that ringpimping for nothing?

  • ladybug

    @Marieme: I believe that’s she’s only got one more show to go. Though they’ll probably throw in a couple of more papwalks. And then maybe they’ll go home and she’ll work on her jewelry designing and he’ll work on finishing Big Sur and they’ll not have another post for a month.

  • toriiw

    If KB is twenty nine,I’m 11. If you check press releases thru the years you will find she was 27 for two years, 28 for two years, and 29 for two years this past January. 29? Yeah in dogs years.

  • Lois


    “she’s 29. Who gives a cr ap?? ”

    Maybe JJ was told to let people know she’s 29, not 39+ as she looks.

  • Macy

    If she’s this thin in photos, I can’t imagine how scrawny she must be in person. It would be jarring to look at her and the bobble head she has.

  • OMG!

    Kate interviews Olivier and it’s wonderful:

    They’re both adorable!

  • Fashionista

    @OMG!: Thank you for the link. Can’t wait to watch the interview. I saw a commentary that Kate and Derek Blasberg did for the show and it’s brilliant:

  • mforman

    I would love to know who had the bright idea to allow her to interview anybody, no matter how small the show was. The creature did it so she and the hobbit could at least go to some shows and once again she gets freebies. You can tell she was hand feed each and every question and the designers were told not to go off script.
    These interviews are just as bad as her acting, she offers nothing original, she is as stiff as a board and just follows what they tell her.
    The best and funniest part for me was she couldn’t even say “Olivier Theyskens” name, at the beginning of the interview he says his own name, she doesn’t introduce him. I thought she was fluent in French.
    I cannot believe that is how she was dressed, I mean come on already. We all know the designers offer them a few things to wear and this is what she picks, something to go on a picnic with.
    I mean look at Julianne Hough, a beautiful, stunning, talented actress, who looks absolutely amazing. After these photos KB should stop trying to look like a friend of Jasper’s who is borrowing JP’s clothes and try dressing her age.
    Also once again, she looks dirty and wasted, it just doesn’t work.
    KB might have shown up at Alexander Wang’s after party, but she was not invited to his show, or any other major designer.
    Thank goodness Fashion Week is almost over and we can go back to the vet, salon and of course food shopping.

  • Fashionista

    I goofed – sorry! I posted OMG!’s link. Here’s the link to the commentary:

  • Macy

    God, she’s brutal at interviews! She’s so lifeless most of the time. The people she interviews are much more animated than she is. “mmm, uh huh”. Good one Kate. She stumbles over half the questions too.

    I especially love the live commentary. She sounds as vapid as usual. Um, so that’s very tailored. Like I feel it’s day or night, really tailored. Um that sweater is like some kind of knit, like a laquered yarn or something”. Jesus! Derek Blasberg knows more about it than she does. He has to explain and then she’s like uh huh and repeats what he says. Terrible!

  • Lois


    “@OMG!: Thank you for the link. Can’t wait to watch the interview. I saw a commentary that Kate and Derek Blasberg did for the show and it’s brilliant:”
    “I goofed – sorry! I posted OMG!’s link. Here’s the link to the commentary:

    You’re really quite stupid, aren’t you? Thanks for confirming that you post under multiple aliases; that’s why you posted the wrong link .

  • ladybug

    @OMG!: Olivier’s adorable. She, OTOH, is not good at this interview stuff, whether she’s the interviewer or the interviewee.

    @Macy, I don’t understand why she’s getting these sorts of gigs, the interviews, because she’s boring in them. God forbid she actually think that she should do this on a more regular basis. There are just enough people who will tell her she’s great at this and she’ll want to be the next ‘great’ fashion writer or something.

  • Macy

    She’s just not good. She’s wooden and stiff. Olivier was the one who elicited any spontaneous reactions at all. He would do it and she would follow. She’s dead wood most of the time.

  • Cin

    She’s not as pretty as she used to be. It’s called aging people! Most people are most attractive between ages 14 and 24. Then it’s downhill. But she’s still stunning and more beautiful than 99,8% of the population.

  • ladybug

    @Cin: She’s 29, hardly over the hill. She looks older because she’s not taken care of herself, not because she’s ‘old’.

    But thanks for your vast insight into the aging process.

    @Macy, No insight, no spontaneity, no creativity. Which is why I don’t think she’d be a good clothes designer, should someone actually give her money for her own line. She doesn’t even design JM, she just curates. Bless her heart, she really, really wants to do this, but there’s no there there.

  • Really?

    @Cin: Okay, usually I just read the comments and move on but your “stunning” comment made me want to add my opinion. I have actually met Kate Bosworth face to face and the woman is not attractive. Her hair is thin thin thin, she had it pulled back in a ponytail and the whole thing wasn’t as thick as one of her fingers! She is boney, really really boney, in an anorexic way not in a high fashion model way. Her skin was raw and broken out when I saw her and her eyes are honestly kind of creepy. I will say that she was perfectly polite and friendly but you need to stop with the “stunning” cr*p, the woman is far from it.

  • Lois


    Sophia Loren is in her 70′s and is still stunning. KBola was once a cute girl that morphed into a blah, generic looking, prematurely aging almost 30 year old. Catherine Deneuve in her 60′s is still more attractive than KBola.

  • Macy

    She won’t design clothes either. Someone else will and she’ll put her name on it and say it’s all her. Most of the celebs don’t actually design the stuff in their lines. I’m sure a lot of it will be a rip off anyway.

  • Lilla

    @Macy: It is, she is so thin, it’s jarring (I stole your word, but it fits). I’m considered under-weight, but I don’t look like that. She didn’t look healthy. She used to be so cute.

  • Fashionista

    @Lois: Excuse me but I’m not OMG! I copied her link to send to a friend and when I tried to post the commentary link, her link copied. So give me a break! Think about it – if I were the same poster, it wouldn’t have copied twice. Kate did a great job at interviewing and the commentary.

  • Macy

    Actually it will if you change the body of your post, which you did. Here I’ll post twice to prove it, and just change a few words.

  • Lois


    “Excuse me but I’m not OMG! I copied her link to send to a friend and when I tried to post the commentary link, her link copied”

    Seriously? Whatever.

  • Macy

    @Fashionista: Actually it does let you if you change the body of your post, which you did from OMG. Here I’ll post twice to prove it, and just change a few words.

  • Macy

    Actually it will let you do that if you just change the body of your post a bit, which you did. Here I’ll post twice to prove it, and just change a few words so that it will work and post again.

  • Macy
  • Macy
  • Lois


    Stupidity looks good on you.

  • mforman

    There is no way in hell she can design anything and I doubt there is anybody out there that would give her a dime, let alone their ideas for her to steal and believe me she would do exactly that, steal someone elses ideas, because she doesn’t have an original thought in whatever brain she has left.
    This is a creature who has to be dressed to not only go to a music festival but to go food shopping,and to pump gas. Look at what a complete mess she has been since Cher has moved on and up. I knew how bad it truly had gotten for her trying in fashion when she wore that ridiculously short black dress or whatever you want to call it, to run around NYC with the hobbit to show off her ring. KB doesn’t have a clue without help and now she obviously doesn’t have any of the help she is used to. I mean look at her at the few shows she went to and then look at the real celebrities, that sums it up for me.
    The interviews she did were just awful, whatever people she has left should stop letting her do this, because it shows she cannot even do them with questions written down for her, she had to wait for the designer to say something original and then she tried to act all natural, it was actually painful to watch, and that ridiculous commentary on her twitter with Derek H, was like having a tooth pulled. Not one original thought, it was like she didn’t know what to do or what to say, there wasn’t one thing original in any of her comments, she just waited to follow his lead. Honestly how is that possible, like I said before she doesn’t have an identity, she just follows.
    @Fashionista—-I am sorry but what were you watching. Did you actually use the word brilliant? Have you been watching any of the real celebrities doing commentary, if you had seen them, then you wouldn’t be saying what you are about KB’s absolute nightmare.
    @Cin (#36)—-KB at 29yrs old, looks like she is 40yrs old. She has done so much damage to herself that it only gets worse. Please just look at her hair, her lips, her cheeks, the fact her breasts, whatever there is of them hang down in an awful way, and my goodness what is going on with her neck. I am surprised Robin B doesn’t only allow far away photos, these closeups they are doing just bring out everything and make it all the more obvious to what she has done to herself. I think that is why MP does the majority of his photos of her in B/W, because things are covered up. When you look at her posing next to these beautiful, talented, real actresses, everything comes into focus. Look at Sandra B, look at JLO (not a fan, but she is beautiful), and look at Julianne Moore, for example, these are gorgeous, talented women, who have it all, what does KB have.