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Kristen Stewart: 'On The Road' New York Screening!

Kristen Stewart: 'On The Road' New York Screening!

Kristen Stewart goes glam at a screening for her upcoming film On The Road held at Disney Park Avenue on Monday (September 10) in New York City.

The 22-year-old actress recently returned from a trip to the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, where she premiered the flick.

She also sat down with THR at the festival to discuss acting.

“My biggest thing about acting is that you’re not pretending to be someone else; you’re just finding yourself,” Kristen said. “What I knew when I was younger was that I wanted to know that I was going to be really challenged, and I am.”

FYI: Kristen is wearing ALC pants, Jimmy Choo heels, and a Balenciaga shirt.

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Credit: Kevin Mazur; Photos: Getty
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  • Trampire

    Kiki are you from ONTD? :D

  • Jenna

    So GORGEOUS. Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn 2.

  • Mitch

    Gorgeous!….hauntingly beautiful.

  • candy

    I will never understand why the Twilight fans love her so much. She’s not a great actress, she’s alright ,and she seems like a horrible person in general. Cheating on your boyfriend with your married director and costar’s husband is a big deal. Going around and flipping the finger in public, smoking pot outsite, and bashing other people is a big deal. This chick never even aknowledged her relationship with her boyfriend until she was caught cheating. I will never understand why people like Chris Brown, Kristen Stewart, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Kanye West, and a bunch of other azzholes with no morals or anything.

  • aquarius64

    Why is her face oily and her hair frizzed here? At TIFF she was made up to the point she was unrecognizable. She needs to fire her glam squad.

  • blair

    Her face is very pointy and angular because she’s lost weight. It went straight to her face which sucks for her.

  • Rupert

    yumyum can’t wait to get those Jimmy Choo’s pointing skyward

  • Koel

    I would like to address a double standard here. Why do we still hate on Vanessa Hudgens when some azzhole released her nude pics? It was not her fault at all. Why do we still hate on Kanye West when he cried for forgiveness on television asking people and begging them to forgive him? Why do we still hate on Tiger Woods and boo at him when he’s playing golf? Why do we hate on Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene and call them sl*ts? And why do we think Kristen Stewart is a goddess when she was the one who choose to cheat? This is the double standard I will never understand.

  • Sooty

    She looks like she cleaned a chimney or two.

  • Stewpid is Back

    Just recently Kristen Stewart flipped out at her bodyguard in front of everyone at the airport when leaving Toronto for NYC. She yelled “Get your f****** hands off me!”

  • JOl

    Trampire back struttin’ her stuff. lmao

  • SaadGKhan

    Remember when she said that ” Why is everything so easy for me? I can’t wait for something crazy to f–king happen to me. Just life. I want someone to f–k me over! Do you know what I mean?””
    I just want to ask her One Questions, How she feels now someone f**king her over?!?

  • Jenny

    @@: She’s at a film premiere with camera after camera taking her picture.

  • vera

    Kristen was wrong, that is a fact. but we all make mistakes and repent, but the ability is amazing that people think they have the right to judge other people’s lives.

    If you notice from the pictures that she has matured with all this pain that feels and knows he caused.

    She is beautiful and human. and their lives, not ours.

  • Jenny

    To all of the people who are calling her a home wrecker and a whore. You are all anti-woman and need to get over yourself. Men in Hollywood cheat all of the time and do it while MARRIED. Stewart is young, single, and is allowed to make mistakes big or small. Everybody has made mistakes that have ended in hurting people we care about and have made us look low.

  • chaca

    she dirty
    leave slime trail wherever she go
    just like lowly snail
    need good long scrub
    with heavy duty wire brush

  • moon

    her face looks like Bella’s face when she was pregnant w/ vampire baby

  • Lizzy

    Agreed. She just made a mistake ….with her make-up and hair.

  • vera

    enny @ 09/10/2012 at 9:26 pm, congratulations!
    what scares me is this fake moralism, the director seems the lamb in wolf’s hand.
    just missed it?

    Again, she seems more mature and these people who judge so easily? would not be too radical?

  • mls8662

    Beautiful young woman. Looks like she is standing tall and facing her haters head on. Good for you Kristen. I never could understand the self-righteous, judgmental attitudes of some people. Jealousy and envy are the only reasons I could see for the so-called decent people that hate a young woman they don’t even know. If she and Rob are together I wish them peace, joy and lots of love.

  • Jen


  • vera

    peace and love to the couple!!

  • dn

    I think she is trying to look liberty ross maybe instead of Rob she wants bastard ruperv she is going for the top model look anorexic looking celebrities that once she critized I hate to say it but kristen is so fake

  • vera

    peace and love to the couple!!!!!

  • vera

    paz e amor para o casal !!! e para pessoas que amam a paz, o perdão e a harmonia!!

  • vera

    peace and love to the couple!! and for people who love peace, forgiveness and harmony!!!!

  • leone

    I can’t stand her because she’s so fake and mean and a horrible human being. Her negative attitude and permanent frown doesn’t give me a warm feeling but a cold one. Her constant complaining about life and bashing other actors has gotten her here.

  • bling

    She looks a lot like Liberty Ross here.

  • Val

    Kristen Stewart cheated with her married director and boss. She knew he was married. What’s worse is that she knew his wife. She played her biological mother in the film and her kids were on set too. She took their kids for ice cream and still decided to have an affair with her director. She had a wonderful boyfriend at home. A lot of money. Friends. Fame. Everything. I just don’t understand why she choose to wreck her own home and someone else’s.

  • Yup

    Didn’t Adam Brody once say how horrible she really was in an interview with Diablo Cody?? I also worked at the place Adventureland was filmed at when I was in college and all the grounds people said she was the only actor that wasn’t nice to them. They let the cast ride the rides and she refused because of the quality? She’s a beast.

  • Hmmm….

    I’m sure the reason for the weight loss is because of all the media attention she received for being labeled a homewrecker. I’m sure it stressed her out, but she brought it upon herself. With that said, I hope she’s learned something from the experience and sort her life out personally and professionally.

  • Looselipz

    Cookies and fries and chocolate with some milkshakes my dear.

  • Nanny

    She’s a very rude and mean person in real life. Don’t understand why people think she’s nice or a beautiful person when in fact she cheated on her last boyfriend with Rob and now cheated on Rob again.

  • Misty


  • joojoo

    dude looks like butch!

  • oh no

    Think she’s lost a bit too much weight. She kinda looks like Bella when she’s pregnant w/ Renesmee, minus the belly ofcourse.

  • Lauren

    Her comments on acting show mental instability. I saw one interview of her with Vanity Fair and she has not been having a hard time through this. She is a very troubled girl. Very.

  • Kristen Stewart is a JOKE

    Go away Trampire, you’re not liked and in these pics you look like skeletor!
    I suspect she’s doing drugs to look this bad.

  • Lauren

    @JoJo: I see Kristen loving, Rob hating Lainey putting that out there. Funny how the Rob haters want this tramp back in his life because they know she is no good for him and their way of seeing Rob get his share of pain. If Rob took her back it is over and you know she probably laid on the pity for herself big time. But it is not going to end well and they all want Rob to suffer and he will if he’s a fool.

  • Keeparme

    I get the concern but cant be too sorry since this weight loss is self-inflicted…based on her demeanor in interviews, it’s almost like she is feeling sorry for herself with a “poor me but I’m still bad-ass” attitude.

    I also get that she is human, but the constant praise and quick defense of her (and none for the victims) is getting on my nerves. Morals in general is lost anyways, so not really surprised. She will probably be a bigger star for this mess, and Rob is left to hold the $hitty end of the stick….

  • Tracy

    I like her shoes.

  • Keeparme


    I can see Rob taking her back but wont think he is a fool for it. When you love somebody as much as he did (to the extent it literally poured off your face in pictures), I get it will be a tough decision for him………but looking from the outside in, I do wanna slap him out of it, and kinda feel bad cuz I dont think she really loved him as much, and may hurt him again.

  • Lucia

    Why do you like her? shes not even pretty and shes a very bad actress!

  • Babaloo

    Wow finally this girl looks like she has some confidence and some sort of poise. She had to phuck a real man for that to happen I guess.

  • Daisy Kenyon

    @commonsense: I like Rob and Kristen but Lainey does not know shit.

  • Daisy Kenyon

    @Keeparme: Oh come on, the hate bombs have been much greater than any “praise.”

  • Ellen

    Newsflash–>> having a pretty face doesn’t mean you are beautiful. >>knowing what to say to sound profound and deep doesn’t make you a good person. >> Your actions are important also (IMO, most important). She deserves to move on from this of course, but I’ve forever change my opinion of her.

  • dn
  • Ellen

    if Rupert is a “real man”, then we are doomed.

    FYI, these slights at Rob get thrown out by her fans all the time, but no one seems to care. Yet, anytime anyone says anything about her character for doing what she did, we are told it was only a mistake.

  • Wow!

    @stewpid: From the look of this post , she has more class than you !!! Lol…