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Kristen Stewart: 'On The Road' New York Screening!

Kristen Stewart: 'On The Road' New York Screening!

Kristen Stewart goes glam at a screening for her upcoming film On The Road held at Disney Park Avenue on Monday (September 10) in New York City.

The 22-year-old actress recently returned from a trip to the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, where she premiered the flick.

She also sat down with THR at the festival to discuss acting.

“My biggest thing about acting is that you’re not pretending to be someone else; you’re just finding yourself,” Kristen said. “What I knew when I was younger was that I wanted to know that I was going to be really challenged, and I am.”

FYI: Kristen is wearing ALC pants, Jimmy Choo heels, and a Balenciaga shirt.

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188 Responses to “Kristen Stewart: 'On The Road' New York Screening!”

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  1. 176
    Bells Says:

    @Dopelikecoke: Please do your research. While both The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons received mixed-to-negative reviews, both were financial successes. The Da Vinci code was the 5th highest grossing movie of 2006, and Angels and Demons was the 9th highest in 2009.

  2. 177
    Kristen Stewart is a JOKE Says:

    Oh please both Pattinson and Trampire can ONLY be successful as long as they are in Twilight movies . His movie Cosmopolis flopped royally. Her movie was headlined by Charlize Theron and the hot Chris Hemsworth which did better than his. Unless she is in a movie with better actors she’s not worth the time or money to see in a film. Studio geniuses figured that out. Maybe Trampire deliberately got herself caught so that she would appear more interesting in the news and then people will go pay to see her naked bones out of curiosity..You get it..The only way she can get people interested in seeing her is by flashing her tah tahs.

  3. 178
    Julz Says:

    Its been like 2months since that whole cheating thing, hater need to get over it now she made a mistake and it was a stupid one that cost her alot but i think that she’s learning from it. People need to remember that she wasn’t the only participant in the cheating scandal, however she was the most recognised and thats why she is been trashed so much more than than the sanders guys, who is just as accountable for his actions as she is. Enough of that, she is lookng thinner which is to be expected after whats she’s been through over the last couple of months, howvever i still think that she looks very pretty although she should start eating properly or something because she was at a nice shape before all of this mess. I hope her the best and will still watch her movies because she’s a good actor.

  4. 179
    N Says:

    I used to think her awkward/cranky face was a kind of endearing reluctance to be in front of the cameras. Now I just think she looks devious.

  5. 180
    True Love Never Ends Says:

    Kristen, you are such a beautiful person, on the inside and the outside. Don’t let the haters get you down!!! Everyone makes mistakes. All that matters is that we learn from them. Please stay positive and hopeful!!!!! Oh, and please, please eat some carbs!!!

  6. 181
    KStew Krew Says:

    @JayDee: Seriously, do you think she would give up her job over some ridiculous momentary indiscretion….you are stupid. You really know how to spew the hate. Watch out Karma is a biotch…hope you don’t get bit, but it would serve you right hater. Piss off and mind your own g – d business. Hypocrit.

  7. 182
    KStew Krew Says:

    @Stewpid is Back: perhaps she doesn’t like someone touching her she doesn’t know and that would include her bodyguard. Sorry but I didn’t see anything or read anything about this….you made it up right…are you working for JustJared? So what if she did have words for him….leave her the f alone.

  8. 183
    Danny Says:


    See, the difference her is the book genre. The DaVinci Code is an adult book while Twilight was YA/fantasy. These books (same as comics) have a HUGE following that comes with them. Book fans will most likely go watch even if it’s out of curiosity and excitement. That’s why studios love to go after YA books and superheroes. It’s partly because the core audience they target (teens or geeks) are passionate and loyal audiences.

    Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments is coming, Warm Bodies is coming, Daughter of Smoke and Bones, The Fault in Our Stars… the list keeps going on and on…

    “Bottom line – If her acting sucks as many say, people wont pay to see her at the box office, yet in her real post twilight test as an actress (snow white and the huntsman), her movie did great.” See, I can guarantee you that the people that think her acting sucks are not the same that are going to went to watch SWATH because she was in it. One thing doesn’t denies the other. Like it or not, her fan base exploded because of Twilight. She gained tons of fans because of it and yes, OF COURSE! There’s a core of fans that are going to transcend the Twilight movies and go to watch other movies she does, but not ALL of the Twilight audience will do that.

    Plus, let’s not assume that EVERYONE that goes to see Twilight or that went to see SWATH went to the movies did so because of HER. Of course, the studio wanted KS because, acting skills aside, she has a big fanbase. She has done other movies besides SWATH that have not done so well, regardless of having her on board. You just can’t ignore the fact the audience interest for both Twilight and SWATH goes beyond KS and her acting abilities. It’s affected by the cast, the director, the producers, and ultimately, the story itself. Both are popular stories, and fairy tales adaptions have become are a trend lately.

  9. 184
    Danny Says:

    @Bells: Thank you! That was exactly my point: financial success for movies based off popular books is somewhat expected even if they end up being awful…The books core audience will see it either way.

  10. 185
    o boy Says:

    Wonder how she feels about being forever cast as the cheating ho of a girlfriend, in real life, she’ll never get that stamp washed off.
    Also wonder how much they paid her to forever taint her reputation whilst everyone else gets a good deal. A sham marriage on the brinks of divorce gets fame for both husband and wife, and the gay boyfriend gets a solid cheated-on-straight-guy reputation to kill of the gay trail. The only one screewed in this all is Kristen. Too stupid to know she got the shortest straw, or did she get millions and plans a exit from the world of acting anyway? in that case they all got good stuff from this whole set-up cheating scandal all made up for publicity

  11. 186
    Kim Says:

    I think she looks beautiful! Glad she is out of her hiding and moving on with her life.

  12. 187
    hmm Says:

    Kristen, that hairstyle looks Mucho better!!! compared to the one a few days ago.

    Great job!

  13. 188
    Hanna Says:

    Kristen is beautiful ,but something is different I think she age from all the drama I hope everything is ok

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