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Megan Fox: Doctor's Appointment with Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox: Doctor's Appointment with Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox shows off her growing baby bump while leaving a doctor’s appointment at a local hospital on Saturday (September 8) in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old pregnant actress was joined at the appointment by her husband Brian Austin Green.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Megan Fox

Late last month, Megan grabbed takeout food from Monte Carlo’s Deli and flaunted her baby bump in a red top.

Megan‘s film This Is 40 will be released later this year.

FYI: Megan is wearing a Chan Luu for Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet.

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green at the appointment…

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  • Din

    Its going to be a very cute baby :)

  • juno

    Her neck looks weird

  • No_kung_fu

    megan fox is famous for being a sexpot. Do you think she’ll still be relevant in her 30s?

  • Yoki

    I hate to admit it, but her kids are going to be so good looking!

  • Lala Land

    @No_kung_fu: haha Sexpot :D well said !

  • Jess

    She’s such a cool woman. Not a party animal, even before she got pregnant, and more whole than you can say for a lot of other young celebrities these days.

  • Lola

    Is she still getting those cheek and lip injections even though she’s pregnant?

  • Ande

    Her jawline is so much less defined these days than what it used to be. I think she looked better when it was more defined, but does anyone know why it is that way?

  • Wild Child

    @Jess: Cool woman?? Are you kidding?In every movie she’s just an object for sex, nothing more, talentless woman :P

  • Jess

    @Wild Child: I’d like you to name ten movies in which the female main character isn’t somehow an object for sex.

    Welcome to the 21st Century.

  • Wild Child

    @Jess: Being Objectified and just being sexual it’s not the same babe :P You should know :P

  • Wild Child

    @Jess: Ten movies? There are houndreds… Not all movies are sexist and degrading woman….Heard you about HUNGER GAMES ???

  • emm

    @Ande: A lot of women get bloated in the face when they are pregnant so maybe that’s all it is?

  • Jenn

    She’s always walking behind him…in a couple it’s so disrespectful to walk ahead of you beloved…

  • baybe

    I dont like her gross and bitter expression. Looks cheap!

  • Rose1987389!!!

    Most actresses become irrelevant in their 30′s unfortunately. I do think her children will be good looking but you can’t really tell though. I don’t think Brangelina’s kids look as good as people thought they would be. Shiloh may have been prettier but who can tell now that she’s been turned into a boy (probably so she wouldn’t steal her mom’s thunder like Suri did for her parents)!!

  • ladyb

    Thanks. I don’t why people think just because the parents are goodlooking means they will have beautiful kids. I see a lot of good looking children and their parents are not all that. It all depends. And the post above mentions it, Angelina Jolie’s kids with Brad Pitt are not the most gorgeous kids in the planet which was what everybody was expecting.

  • Jess

    @Wild Child: I know, but society doesn’t make a difference between the two.

  • Bellabooz

    aww She’s looking tired!

    That’s gonna be a cute kid!

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @No_kung_fu: she already isn’t relevant

    @Jess: ten movies? Ok, go: Safe, The Hunger Games, Man On A Ledge, Prometheus, Attack The Block, The Help, Carnage, J. Edgar, Fair Game, Waitress…. All very different movies released in the last six years BTW.

  • Marissa

    That’s bull….I make my husband walk ahead of me, I feel more secure that way. @Jenn:

  • Jess

    @Happy_Evil_Dude: If you don’t see how the MAIN female characters are characterized by their sexuality in most of the movies you mentioned, you truly are brainwashed by the media. People like you are the reason I’m getting an advanced education. Haha, you’re funny…

  • Sheigh

    Why I got this impress it’s just a kind of pillow under her clothes not a baby’s growing ?

  • pixie

    Does anyone know when she is due? Pregnancy suits her. I agree with you Marissa. My husband walks on the outside if we are on sidewalk and he will walk in front to clear a path for our little famly. Also because people have a tendency to reach out to physically touch our children I perfer he walks in front so that there is control if someone tries to be agressive in their motives. Hes 6’4 and 375 pounds. Im 5 feet and blurb blurb pounds. If im in the front people have a tendency to confuse me with my children.

  • Creed

    Pregnancy suits her :)

  • Courtney

    she doesn’t owe us an announcement of her due date which is probably a few weeks from now. as for thinking the kid will be good looking because the parents are that’s normal take a gander at Daisy Bevan both her parents are beautiful and so are all the women in her mothers family so she was destined to be a beauty and she is.

  • MIU

    @Jess: lol you can’t see the difference between sexuality and objectivication. For example : Jennifer lawrence is sexual, when megan fox is just a Sex
    Toy. :)

  • Tellin_it

    Jennifer is a mono-tonal robot. At least Megan is sexy and gorgeous.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @Jess: you may be getting an advanced education, congrats, but no need to disparage, I already have one.

    Characterized by their sexuality huh?

    Safe => main female character is a 12 year old girl who is a genius with numbers. Hardly a sex object.
    The Hunger Games => while Jennifer Lawrence is pretty, if anyone is “a sex object” in this film it’s the two dudes. The character of Katniss is not about exuding sex vibes to horny teens.
    Man On A Ledge => main female character is a frumpy, foulmouthed cop who spends the flick with her head out of the window trying to talk a man out of jumping. No midriff baring or tight jeans involved, and no kissing.
    Prometheus => main female character is a godawfully incompetent “scientist” who spends just about the whole time in a space suit. Yeah, that’s reaaaally sexy. Not.
    Attack The Block => main female character is a nurse who gets mugged by a band of thugs and later has to stick with them to fend off an alien invasion. She hates them and they hate her until they learn to respect one another. Total wankfest material.
    The Help => main female character is a plain jane who no men are interested in and spends the movie fighting for the rights of black maids. Oh yeah, I got a hard-on right now.
    Carnage => main female characters (two of them) are bickering, haggard soccer moms. Hot!
    J. Edgar => main female character is the main character’s secretary and confidante. Said character is more interested in his male number two. I can’t contain my love juice!
    Fair Game => main female character is a CIA operative backstabbed by the US government. No tight spandex outfits though, this one prefers to sit behind a desk and talk. Now that is so steamingly sexy baby.
    Waitress => main female character is a mother trapped in an abusive marriage who spends the film in a 1950s apron making pies. Divorce ensues, so you can’t get more sexy than that.

  • Andie


    Then check her June 2012 hawaii pics to see the bare belly. She is pregnant.

  • anonymous

    Best of luck to Megan Fox with her pregnancy, but I have to be honest and say that I am not attracted to her. She’s not a bad looking woman, but Ive just always found her overrated. Her natural skin tone and less makeup looks better these days, but she still looks kind of plastic now. She does look good in some photos and films, but overall, I don’t personally see her appeal.

  • starsh

    @Lola: why shouldn’t she inject herself? Its not like drinking when you are pregnant. Goodness knows she’s only a housewife anyway. Never much of an actress.

  • Bruna

    @pixie: she is seven months pregnant now, she will due in the first or second week of november