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Zac Efron: 'At Any Price' TIFF Premiere with Maika Monroe!

Zac Efron: 'At Any Price' TIFF Premiere with Maika Monroe!

Zac Efron is dapper as can be at the premiere of his flick At Any Price during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday (September 9) in Toronto, Canada.

The 24-year-old actor was joined on the red carpet by his co-stars Maika Monroe and Dennis Quaid.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

Before heading inside, Zac signed autographs and took pics with fans.

At Any Price is a drama centered around an enterprising farmer whose plans cause problems within his family.

FYI: Maika is wearing Dolce&Gabbana.

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and his co-stars on the red carpet..

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Credit: Mark Davis; Photos: Getty
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  • Kylie

    Even though I’m a Zanessa lover/believer, Zac and Maika look cute together. Anyways, Zac looks rather handsome, as always. :) Congratulations on the movie! Can’t wait to see it

  • veronica

    @Kylie: maybe if she had a D.I.C.K

  • Natalie

    @veronica: i think he is gay 2 but he can’t out himself it’s a career suicide,it’s like john travolta all over again

  • Elle

    see people, nothings wrong with him, hes smiling now


    yet another B movie that mr efron can add to his resume,what a disappointment this guy turned to be,get acting lessons and stop hiding behind your look

  • xo

    Her dress is really cute

  • R U sure

    Zac you are so sexy glad to see you are getting great reviews. the last laugh will be on the haters here.

  • vancrazed


    B…omg i read a review today from a top criitc that said the best thing about this movie was Maika!! good for her!

  • V

    He is not gay!

  • Mel

    Gosh.. when this Za..ssa thing is gone for good? Probably when he start dating someone already.

  • Elena

    That hairstyle just doesn’t work with his face..
    Oh, and RIP to that gorgeous jawline he used to have.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @Mel: He won’t date anyone soon. It’s understandable that he’s fed up. Women have nothing better to do than to use him, no matter if it’s for his fame, popularity, money, and so on, the list is endless. He’s looking for a woman who only loves and wants him for the human he is and not for his money or all his other belongings, or his career, fame and what not, and at least 99 % of the woman out there are just looking for that, they are not interested in him, but his money and also to use him to push their own careers or anything else.
    He’s concentrating on his career and can finally do what he wants.

    Zac and Vanessa are over for good. He doesn’t need her. He is young he has time the only thing that’s interesting for him now is his work and career, anything else will come one day.

    And to the ones who always call him gay, it would better if you’d take a good look in the mirror before you say nothing but crap. But it seems in all these small-minded brains is no room for anything else.

  • Derpina

    @ALEXA: “At Any Price” was praised by
    Guy Lodge (Hitflix)
    Justin Chang (Variety)
    David Rooney (Hollywood Reporter)
    Oliver Lyttelton (The Playlist)
    Mark Adams (Screendaily)
    Alex Billington (First Showing)
    Eric Kohn (Indiewire)
    Eric D. Snider (Twitchfilm)
    Peter Scirretta (Slashfilm)
    Manolis Kranakis (Flix)
    Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times)

    The only critics I see complaining about the movie

    Peter Bradswah (The Guardian)
    John Bleasdale (Cine-vue)

    84% is a good average, I hope the movie keep pleasing =)

  • anna

    you can take the zac out of high school musical, but you can never take the high school musical out of zac. he is forever going to be troy bolton and only ever be in c grade movies. he just looks too much of a pretty petal.

  • celestine

    The haters are out in full force huh? Too bad for you guys the critics are raving about this movie and Zac’s performance and a possible oscar nom for Dennis Quaid…

  • Rachel


    Yay to that! The haters know nothing about the movie. I doubt they know anything about Bahrani and the kind of movies he makes. Doubt they know about Quaid too!

    Love this tweet:
    Teri Hart ‏@TeriHart
    “He’s so talented! And so graceful! AND really REALLY handsome” – Kim Dickens & Maika Monroe on @zacefron #atanyprice #tiff12

  • Rachel


    C grade movies? 17 again was c-grade? LOL! The Paperboy is c-grade? At any Price by Bahrani is c-grade? You are hilarious!

  • Rachel

    From an interview:

    The director Ramin Bahran praises Zac’s dad’s parenting skills telling Cheryl, “Zac stayed two hours after the shoot one night to sign autographs for his fans, so I told his father ‘you done right.’”

    I’ve heard a lot about Zac staying for hours to sign autographs for fans. Very sweet.

    And he looks amazing here. Maika is so very pretty!

  • BO

    Why does he look so Plastic? Is he supposed to be so shiny? He has the worst fish lip pose. Yuk!

  • BO

    Omg!!!!!!! His nostrils are so hairy!!! Lmao

  • Rachel

    Some Vanessa fans can’t stop hating on him, can they? And I’m not a Vanessa hater, I like both Zac and V. But its just a general opinion. Like some Zac fans can’t stop hating on her.

  • celestine

    @BO: Oh no! He has nose hair and his face is shiny? -Gasp- He’s an alien!… You haters always complain about silly little things!

  • BO

    actually i am the real BO and I completely adore zac . He’s the best , most talented young actor at present out of all the actors of his age !!! glad to see AAP doing so well .It did well with critics , better than those films of ‘ other stars of his age’ and hope it will be a box office success too ! I smell oscars for AAP . Hope he gets at least nominated . all the critics are praising his performance . I am hopeful !

  • celestine

    Yes! I hope he gets nominated for an Oscar or at least this movie does! He deserves it so much!

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • michelle

    @Rachel: Not everyone here that thinks Zac is a talentless kid that lucky is a Vanessa supporter. He just isn’t that good. Plain and simple.

  • Derpina

    Immediately my comments receive 10.000 thumbs down, lol, these lunatics are organized

  • Bunnylover

    @Derpina: How dare you come on here posting positive reviews about Zac Efron films!! Everyone knows that if he is in a movie it is automatically the worse film ever made!!! Ah ignore the haters!! They have nothing better to do than try to wind people up with their stupidity!!

  • Rachel

    Yeah, well the critics sure think he is a good actor based from the APP reviews. First you say ‘talent less’ then you say ‘isn’t that good’. Words don’t match that well.

  • Rachel

    Haha. The haters are ridiculous.

    From twitter:
    FilmBuff ‏@FilmBuff
    Congrats to @kvpi and the rest of the At Any Price team on a fantastic North American premiere last night. #tiff12

    Carlos Laron ‏@carloslaron
    @MaikaMonroe I think you were great at the movie AT ANY PRICE! Just watched it while ago for #tiff12

    Since its an indie, it’ll be limited release I think. But I hope the good reviews keep coming and the movie gets the recognition is deserves.

  • LouRose

    And don’t forget he wants to be a sexsymbol who he’s sexualized in every movie he has done.
    He don’t act because he likes that since he’s 12 years old

  • BO

    those who come under the names of the fans and write hateful comments are in fact dopplegangers – the same befell me too . such people should know that it doesn’t affect his career or his popularity that he gets bad comments or thumbs down on some stupid gossip site . LOL sure there are fans of ”some celebs” who’s entire life revolves around the comments on this site , but we aren’t like that . we know they don’t have an effect on him !!

  • Jenn

    I think he will be great in AAP! He looks cute with Dennis quaid playing his son. Always so handsome
    I wish he would just go and get Vanessa back…..

  • Soho

    I think he still loves Vanessa and vice versa. Come on guys, you’re both young and beautiful. Compromise. Work it on out.

  • Rachel


    I believe you are a fan so you were being sarcastic, right?

  • Rachel

    Btw I loved his interview with the Advocate magazine. He clears off the gay rumours, and says that he is thankful for the support the gay community has given him. He answered all the questions really well. And the interview shows how sweet he is.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @anna: In what world are you living? If you want/like it or not. He’s an official A-lister in Hollywood, and now it’s time for dripping sarcasm. The Paperboy had it’s premiere at the Film Festival in Cannes, I’m sure just c grade movies are there the same counts for At Any Price which was at the Film Festival in Venice and Toronto, also The Paperboy is there. And his movies are at more Film Festivals, well that shows definitely that all his movies are miserable. If you don’t like him and his movies, don’t waste your time here. He’s doing great and he’s getting better with each single movie he’s doing.
    He’s not scared to take risks, the most people out there are scared and just go the easy way. He doesn’t, he does the opposite. He’s looking for roles that challenging him. If someone says to him, do this or that, this way because it’s better, he is listening. He listens to people who have more experience than him, he wants to learn as much as he can and he’s also helping people who ask him to help or to explain things when they don’t understand it.
    He deserves a much better treatment than he gets. He’s doing nothing wrong. He just wants to work, to get better, to learn as much as possible, to earn his own money, to be free and independent.
    After all he is also only a human being, nothing more and nothing less, he just has a different job than most people out there.

  • Rachel

    After reading this review, I want to see ‘At any price’ even more!

    “The final third of At Any Price features an entirely unexpected turn of events, which lead to a power-house display of emotions on both Quaid and Efron’s parts. Ultimately, the film rises on their shoulders – it is very much a character study of this family, and the recent state of the American farming community, and with Quaid and Efron putting in such strong performances, there is much brilliance to be found here.”
    4/5 stars by this one!

  • Rachel

    Nice post.

  • LouRose


    Sorry for late answer. But yeah I was, it didn’t translate well lol
    But I really don’t like his clothes in the new post !

  • LouRose

    @rachel I loved his interview on the advocate, mature sweet and respectful. And i can’t wait for AAP