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Angelina Jolie Visits Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Angelina Jolie Visits Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Angelina Jolie makes a special visit to meet with refugees on the Jordanian border minutes after they crossed over from Syria on Monday (September 10) in Amman, Jordan.

The 37-year-old actress, who is also a UNHCR Special Envoy, met with some of the over 200 refugees who fled the violence in Syria that evening.

“I am very concerned, the world is very concerned,” Angelina said (via Washington Post). “What is very heartbreaking is when Syrian people ask you why you think no one is able to find a solution for them.”

“What they described on the ground, hearing it from them is so horrific,” she added about the moving stories of children. “When you meet so many innocent people and civilians, the people of Syria are asking who is on their side. ‘Who is going to help us as the months go on?’”

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Photos: J Tanner/UNHCR
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  • Lovely

    Did she get another face lift? lol

  • Kate

    I love that she visits the refugees, it’s very thoughtful of her

  • Allen

    her skin looks like marble

  • WTF

    i’m sorry but she like doesn’t look human in that side shot

  • saint

    Still ashamed of your past Angelina?? What a surprise

  • her boo hoo face

    Time for an Attention HO fix

  • saint

    The light of faith

  • tiffany

    I hope they get the help she is looking for. Get all of Angelina’s clothes here

  • Tam

    Why doesn’t she visit people in Gaza as well? They live in worse circumstances or is it because that Israel is involved here? Anyway, this women is just looking for publicity and her looks are helping her a lot.

  • Summer

    what a great human being there is more in life going on than what’s going on in our latest tv show and who brokeup with who but ok you don’t give a sh*t about what goes on in the world and sad stories of fellow human being and you keep indulging in whatever BUT atleats don’t make fun of her for caring and trying to shed some light on important serious matters of life and death of children and women and men and the only thing that caught your attention is her skin?? i don’t weather to laugh or cry on what the world has came into
    oh and ashamed of her past??really??
    the only one who should b ashamed is
    that’s it im out PEACE

  • Ang

    Wherever in the world a refugee cries for help,II’ll be there, for a photo op.

  • Alysha

    At least she uses peoples interest in her to throw light on important subjects. I admire her for that. She’s one of only a handful in Hollywood who really do. Of course, it doesn’t do her image any harm and i dont doubt she’s aware of that, but only a real cynic would say that she was doing this completely selfishly.

  • silly

    She’s ugly and hardly speaks

  • Globalina

    one country at a time

  • fruzz


  • Fan

    What an awesome human being. While she helps out the refugees and is a voice for the voiceless, the imbeciles are here making a fool of themselves.

  • I am concerned..

    ..that my government is involved in the illegal overthrow of another country and that makes Ms Jolie a propagandist and a crimminal

  • soi

    Love this woman! Beautiful inside and out.

  • baby seal

    visit us angie
    we are going to be clubbed

  • cee

    Wow the haters heads are exploding again. Just for once I wish that Aniston fans would grow a spine and stop putting their petty jealousy and hate for Angie to good use like supporting the needs of thes refugees who have done nothing to you. I am amazed that ut seems like these trolls were just hanging back waiting to ounce on Angie and her good work again. So disappoint in these people but I need to remember they are Aniston fans and she attratce shallow people like herself. God Bless Angie for her work and her family for supporting her.

  • juju

    she’s an extraordinary human being
    for 12 years she’s not only been giving her money
    but her time and dedication
    many time putting her life in danger
    proud of her

  • NWO Ang

    more evidence of her rotten worthless soul

  • juju

    to our name changing crazy resident troll
    u r not only mentally u r scum
    u should do the world n urself a favor
    n end u r misery

  • cee

    I meant pounce not ounce . But I really do feel sorry for these hateful people. Must be sad not have a life and spend your days and nights looking for ways to bash or hurt a great humanitarian, mother and most beautiful woman in the world.

  • juju

    Alysha @ 09/11/2012 at 8:58 am
    no one goes to war zones n put their lives in danger for 12 years
    if they don’t truly believe and r committed to a cause

  • rachel

    beautiful person

  • Rubber Face Jolie

    ahhhhh— old and fug–lol

  • as it is

    People will always hate people who do good. Maybe they are feeling so guilty they haven’t done anything. Thank you Angelina Jolie for humanizing those nameless refugees. I am very much aware now of the sufferings.

  • cuckoo

    so pathetic and uninformed are our idiotic Ang fans

  • Whamo

    Aww isn’t that nice Heroina puts on her sad “refugee face” says a few useless words, goes back to her hotel and flies home first class. All the loons weeps and fall to the floor wailing in wonderment at how their a their useless idol can possibly so wonderfully caring. They think she’s somehow made a difference in this hopeless situation. She’s not and does nothing but highlight the absolute impotence and uselessness that is the UN. The world sits back and does nothing while innocent women child AND men get slaughter. Never fear though St Angelina is there to put her sad refugee face” on and lay her hands on these poor people. The world is now a better place isn’t it loons. What a pathetic joke she is to use these people as yet another prop in her identity rehabilitation campaign. This is sickening.

  • Angie-angel on earth

    This is the reason I am a fan. Woman of substance.

  • Registered nurse

    Keep up the good work Angie:))) we love the Jolie Pitts family xxx

  • Ang the psycho

    Anything for career advancement. winkwink. I’m very interested in being a top Director.

  • microrose

    @Summer: ignorance!!!!! These people that only comment on stupid things like her skin,or whatever else does’nt matter are TROLLS!!! Angelina is an ANGEL to these refugees who think nobody in this world cares about them and she shows them different. A beautiful woman inside and out!!

  • Ang Fan

    She looks pretty.
    She is good.
    That’s it.

  • plez

    Thank you Angelina for you work to bring light to those who are suffering.

  • plez

    Thank you trolls for showing how pathetic ugly human beings you are. Can’t hold back you hate even when others are suffering. Your comments show more about you than anything about Angelina.

  • Passing Through

    Just as I predicted yesterday…the second Jared put up this new Angie thread all the roaches came scurrying out of the woodwork. Hope they didn’t cap themselves while they were waiting for new pix of Angie. The poor t hings were probably rolling around in a mountain of their own f e c e s. Where’s The Urinator when they need him…

  • Dream

    The ignorance here astounds me. What have you done to help peopl today?? Nothing.

  • http://deleted JP Fan


    They are busy complaining about Angelina risking her life traveling to these countries yet their lazy assses are on the computer not lifting a finger to help anyone

  • Rose

    Trolls just have a complete meltdown ,just looking at Angelina’s beautiful face. What are the trolls going to do when they see the wedding photos? commit mass s.u.I.c.I.d.e? Angie you have a heart of gold. Keep up the good work. you are helping people by bringing the displaced people plight into the light. Get home safe.

  • Passing Through

    I saw a story on the last thread that Angie was also supposed to go to Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq on this trip. If that’s true, then this sounds like at least a week-long trip for the UNHCR. That would be the longest trip she’s taken on their behalf since she and Brad have been together. I’m sure her security is tight but Godspeed…cuz there’s a lot of crazies out there…and I don’t juust mean the idiots trolling these J-P threads

  • groundcontrol

    Jared, clean up this thread.
    The trolls are insulting to those refugees who are trying to survive and ALL those who are trying to help them survive.
    Kudos to Angelina Jolie and those she joins in the search for a safe home for those on the road of flight.

  • http://deleted JP Fan

    @Passing Through:
    exactly! those countries are very dangerous who in their right mind would risk their life for “pr”, trolls are beyond dumb and are just mad because Angelina the special UN envoy is doing so much good in the world.

  • danielle

    @I am concerned..:

    Don’t be an a$$. She is with the United Nations High Commission on Refuges and is not representing the United States. Do your research before you spew.

  • cheral

    Beautiful woman!! Phenomenal human being! -) Love her!!

  • groundcontrol

    It is always the people of action and substance who attract the most jealousy and vitriol. It’s a sad and peculiar pathology these angry females possess. They are the worst of sexists and their misogyny aimed at Angelina is classic.
    Meanwhile Angelina keeps on doing her thing and working hard to make the world a little better in any way she can. She really is an incredbile role model for young people – especially young females who have to fight to break the sexist expectations and limitations of their worlds.
    Let’s hope these female hating trolls are incapable of reproducing or getting jobs as teachers.

  • Dakota

    Angie once again travels into dangerous areas of the world to help people in need. She has been doing this for 12 years. God Bless this compassionate woman.

  • Not Jolie’s day!

    Who cares about what Jolie is doing or what country she is in now. Today is a day for true Americans to remember 9/11, not stupid fake celebrities like her. We should feel our own heartbreak and sadness today. Jolie is a PR junckie and this is in such poor taste even coming from her. She is not in this for good deeds, she is in this for PR and taking advantage of the horrible loss we suffered on 9/11. Nice try Jolie. You could have pulled transparent stunt on another day Bi!ch! This is our day!

  • NAN

    JJ made new Angie’s thread for FatF*cker UK,They are so lonely mouths,because their Ca Ca bosses said…………

    No B@rking, No ££$$€€ Right ? Whamo The Mouthed Dog of all time.