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Angelina Jolie: Zaatari Refugee Camp Visit!

Angelina Jolie: Zaatari Refugee Camp Visit!

Angelina Jolie pays a visit to the Zaatari Refugee Camp on Tuesday (September 11) near the Jordanian border with Syria.

The 37-year-old actress and UNHCR special envoy was joined by UN High Commission for Refugees staff to visit some of the more than 250,000 refugees who have fled Syria. The United Nations is calling the humanitarian problems sparked by the conflict their “biggest crisis”.

“It’s been a very heavy experience, because oftentimes you come to these camps and … very rarely do you … meet them as they cross the border and you get to know people the moment they become a refugee,” Angelina said in a press conference. “The moment they’ve forever lost their home, their livelihood, their education, everything they have been is gone, and when I ask them, ‘What did you bring?’ they say ‘This’ (plucks at her shirt) ‘The shirt on my back.’”

The evening before, Angelina visited some refugees minutes after they made it across the border.

Watch The Today Show‘s special reporter Ann Curry reporting from the scene below!

Angelina Jolie: Zaatari Refugee Camp Visit!
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Photos: Khalil Mazraawi/AFP/Getty
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  • bdj

    Toronto: Weinstein Co Pushes Brad Pitt Pic ‘Killing Them Softly’ Back Into Oscar Race
    By MIKE FLEMING | Tuesday September 11, 2012 @ 9:41pm

    EXCLUSIVE: Taking advantage of a sliver of daylight in the Oscar season release corridor, The Weinstein Company has moved from an October 19 to a November 30 release on Killing Them Softly, the Andrew Dominik-directed crime drama that stars Brad Pitt, Scoot McNairy, James Gandolfini, Richard Jenkins and Ray Liotta. Pitt plays an enforcer who investigates a heist in a mob-sponsored card game. It is a smart move because the film was going against October 19 openers Paranormal Activity 4 and Alex Cross, the Rob Cohen-directed reboot of the James Patterson series that stars Tyler Perry. Right now, the film goes against the Nicolas Cage/John Cusack thriller The Frozen Ground and not much else. It also puts Pitt closer to the Oscar mix.

    Harvey Weinstein confirmed the move to me. “In this industry it is a very rare event to look at a weekend where your movie could open as the only wide release picture,” he said. “November 30th will allow us to bring Killing Them Softly to a wide audience without competition. Additionally, the critical response to the movie has been very favorable especially on the amazing performances and November 30th positions us better in the Awards season calendar.”

  • BW

    annon @ 09/11/2012 at 9:45 pm
    Good for Brad and KTS for back into Oscar race, bad for us fans since we will wait longer to see the movie.

  • tweet

    G0ldenH0lden Angelina Jolie is such a champion! I’m so jealous of Brad Pitt

  • William Bradley& The Jolie

    Please!!!! Somebody talk me from the ledge. What in the “ell is Harvey doing? I don’t buy the Oscar talk. This is not that kind of film, and HE KNOWS THIS. And it is obvious that he is spending all of his time, effect and mojo on The Master and Django. First the crappy posters, then no other trailers or tv ads. No September Mags? Where is the marketing? I am so afraid this is Warner Bros. 2.0. REALLY, REALLY Harvey? The beginning of the Holiday season and this is when he wants to release a gritty, dark, VIOLENT, black comedy-drama. God help Bradley and everyone else associated with this film, because Harvey is positioning this to fail. Please, Please, somebody tell why I am wrong. This is making me ill.

  • Andamentothat

    Way to go Ange! She is so committed to her assignments and always speaks with such eloquence. I think she knows the Assads from Syria quite well but here she is, doing the right thing for a cause close to her heart – the refugees.

  • fyi12

    Another YT video of Angie & the UNHCR visit to Jordan & the refugees from Syria.

    Special UN envoy tours Syrian refugee camp in Jordan

  • fyi12

    So glad Ann Curry was there as well. I always remember AC’s great interview with Angie in Namibia & when Angie got the giggles :)

    This video is from yesterday from The Morning Show.

  • sunny

    lylian says
    b) Intervention may not resolve these long running political and religious disputes. Just look at Iraq, or even Libya. The situation in the middle east is really really complex – with divisions running on religious lines, tribal lines (yes, tribal) and political lines.
    I agree everything with what you wrote about Syria’s situation. That region is the epitom of human history and has been experiencing various wars since Antient Assyria (B.C.6000)era. Middle East has complex history and Westerner’s intervention often made their problems more complexed.
    (Especially after WW2 , Israel was formed and it created new issue).
    As lylian wrote
    it’s the syrian politicians and the middle eastern politicians who have to find that answer.

    Her mission with UNHCR tour to Jordan, Turkey etc’s refugee camps would be
    1. to draw global attention to those refugee and their need. UNHCR is hugely short of money due to decreasing money from the advanced countries.
    I donated small money ($65 ) to UNHCR that can supply one tent for one refugee family.
    2. to show gratitude to those countries hosting refugees from Syria.
    I heard those countries are reaching their limitation because of enormously increasing refugees they are accepting.

  • http://com Susan

    I don’t think she knows the Assads better than any other leader, a lot of corrupt leaders like photo-ops. She was visiting Syria to met the refugees from Iraq, and the UN wanted to thank Assad for allowing them to stay. Now the Syrians are fleeing to other contries to survive.
    So yes, she went to lunch or dinner with the Assads, then they took, Angie and Brad on a tour, the write up was in Vogue. The writer lost her job after story was published, the Editors thought the Assads pulled a fast one on her.
    When she visiting Countries, the leaders are aware that she is there, and it is common courtesy for her to meet with them.

  • http://t may

    i usually roll my eyes when celebrities get involved with this because they usually do it for their own self-image but i respect her for getting involved. the more publicity this gets the better it is for the people – i’ve seen it happen a lot in refugee camps. the minute cameras are around the UN get their sh< t together

  • JustinWantsAFrontlaceWig

    @Clean it up Jared 195
    ITA the only thread’s Jared cleans up are HorseFace, some comments are constantly removed and they are never the hate filled disgusting rants that JA trolls leave. As long as HorseFace continues to pay JJ he will kiss her SaggyOrangeLeatherA$$.

  • fyi12

    Another video.

    Angelina Jolie has spent the day at a refugee camp for Syrians

    Published on Sep 11, 2012 by AussieNews1

    Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has spent the day at a refugee camp for Syrians fleeing their country.

    In her role as a UN Special Envoy for Refugee Issues she toured the Zaatari camp in Jordan .

    Al Jazeera’s Jane Arraf reports from Zaatari camp in Jordan.

    FAIR USE NOTICE: This video has been posted to further advance our understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, Technological, democratic, scientific, and social justice issues which constitutes a “fair use” of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 for research and educational purposes.

  • fyi12

    One more YT video.

    Published on Sep 11, 2012 by justin messi

    Hoping her celebrity will bring attention to the widening Syrian refugee crisis, actress and U.N. envoy Angelina Jolie spoke of the horrors that children, many of them orphans, have witnessed in Syria.
    “Body parts separated, and burned people being pulled apart like chicken — a little 9-year-old girl said that,” Jolie said during her visit to a refugee tent camp in Jordan near the Syrian border.
    Every day, an estimated 2,000 Syrians are fleeing the relentless bloodshed that has gripped their country for the past 18 months, the United Nations’ refugee agency said Tuesday. That adds up to more than one quarter million Syrian refugees — 253,000 — now living in camps and other temporary homes inside Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, and Iraq.
    U.N. breakdown of refugees
    Life in the dusty Zaatari refugee camp outside Mafraq, Jordan, is not easy for those living there, many of whom have almost nothing after leaving their homes amid violence. Members of one family told CNN they had fled over the border with a 4-day-old baby and the clothes on their backs.
    Others complained of being short of food and water.

  • Dc

    CNN wolf Blitzer showed Angelina at 6pm on his show – and every time I see this video, I cry. You see the tears and emotion on Angelina’s face. She cares so deeply, gosh I just admire this beautiful and courageous human being,

    As a mom it is hard for me to see what’s happening to the children in Syria.

  • yolly

    How can we put in the trolls’ minds that Angie is for real, she went to Jordan to focus on the refugees plights not for her own self, because of Angie so many people are now more aware of the situations in the refugee camps all over the world & now in Jordan. Be thankful that we have as famous as her doing that job, it is far more dangerous but she couldn’t just sit down & do nothing, she needs to do something about the situation of the refugees. Kudos Angie, you are one of a kind. One reason, Brad fell in love with you, you are not fake, you are the real deal.God bless you & your family.

  • yolly

    Please donate to UNHCR, refugees needs help. I will donate again as I always do in the past years.

  • may

    @yolly: are you referring to me?

  • yolly

    Goodnight to all. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  • yolly

    Goodnight Neleh,Lara,Senior,Vicki ,Anoble & Shar.

  • Maleficent

    What an amazing woman.

  • Billie

    @How Convenient 4 Her:

    You are a f _ ck _ ng human being and your comments reflects that.
    You are despicable to the core.

    Angelina is an intelligent woman. Why would she risk her life for PR antics. She has enough of this even without trying.

    The whole world knows the calibre of this woman, mother, fiancee, humanitarian and an actress.

  • Billie

    @demagogue jolie:

    pure evil >>>>>>>>>>>>>>you

  • Awareness


    Are you like 6 years old or something? can you just act like a mature adult for once instead of being such an ignorant Jen’s ass lunatic fan, that’s what called awareness, how else is she going to bring attention to the cause ? after all she is an envoy person for UNCHR. It’s called News & Photojournalism.

  • groundcontrol

    FALP, Great to see more of your wise take on things. This deserves a repeat performance. I appreciate you speaking truth to trolls. The REAL doctor is in the house.
    first and last post @ 09/11/2012 at 1:54 pm
    Those who cannot, will not or are incapable of learning through education, experience or example are lost souls doomed to be angry with a cause to belch out and criticize even the most obvious good deed.
    The “will and desire” to be empathetic or be kind to others is blocked by the “me, me, me” …”I want attention now, I’m more important” syndrome…as I’ve noted before these are social maladroits who do not fit in and are detached emotionally toward any social responsibility to anyone other than the “me.” In their mindset, no one has it worse than them.
    Consequently nothing is “given away” by them, yet alone a compliment or understanding gesture without something they want, need, expect or demand in return so of course they would not understand AJ’s purity in her actions to do something for others out of the goodness in her heart.
    Subsequently because they do not recognize such goodness, they turn it around to its darkest element from their personalized POV, where everything is tainted, negative and has an ulterior motive because they have ulterior motives and are tainted negative individuals.


  • Brangelina Fan

    Dear Angie,

    I know you never read the tabloids but even then, I’d like to commend you for all your humanitarian efforts. You risk your safety for others.

    Please be safe at all times. I pray that God keeps you, Brad and your lovely children from harms way.

    Don’t mind the haters. They’re from the other camp (MAniston & ManHandler)

  • Maleficent

    Angie you are the best. It’s nice to see Ann Curry again working with Angie in this very important issue.

  • Mimi

    Why can’t she just be a stay at home mom, like the rest of us good woman. She is just pretending to be smart, I hate that and my hubby hates woman like her who are trying to be a man.

  • wfb

    Troll’s imaginary husbands like mediocre, do nothing and stupid women unlike Brad who likes them smart, strong & invested in the future of their children & their future grandchildren.

  • tamsin

    @Clean it up Jared:

    Hypocrite loons continue to bite the hand that feeds them… here they have a place to post their inane crap, and still they’re not satisified. So they’re now upset because the owner of this gossip OPINION blog (where people are free to post their opinions, whether positive, negative or neutral) has yet to remove some disparaging and comments against the beautiful, kind, fair and compassionate Angie. The horror! Heroina is a living saint and the world is a better place because of her. Those horrible haters do not deserve to have their comments posted here.

    Awww poor loons- such thin skin. Where do they get off telling the owner of this blog what to do? What happens when loons bash other celebrities, or bully other posters who don’t bow down to their heathen idols or agree with the loons’ twisted view of reality? Do loons get banned too? Do their comments get removed?

    Boo hoo crybabies. STFU or GTFO.

  • wfb

    Do not feed the troll

    The IQ of the thread just went sewer level.

  • Sunshine


    That is one of the reasons you and I pay taxes. Angelina is not the US government.

  • groundcontrol

    What Angelina did today was exactly what people shoul dbe doing to meaningfully commemorate 9/11. Taking action to help those around the globe whose lives have been torn apart by poltiical unrest and violence.
    Sitting around bemoaing the events of 9/11 or rewatching for the millionth time the planes crashing into the towers accomplishes nothing. That kind of wallowing needs to be discouraged and replaced by living memorials. Memorials that may make a difference and prevent future 9/11s. Angelina’s visits have proven a huge boon to UNHCR fundraising as well as refocusing the world’s attention on the very human aspects of political unrest. Such attention focused on those countries also helps keep pressure on them to keep their borders open to refugees. There is much people need to know about the refugee situation around the world and what needs to be done and what is being done. It is not enough to simply be aware they exist. For those in the US who have not known the terror of being made refugees by war since the Civil War we should be decent enough to appreciate the education.
    So for making 9/11 really mean something my hat’s off to Angelina and UNHCR for it’s very effective and meaningful use of the day. Every child you can help in those refugee camps through education and by giving them hope and the invaluable sense that people care about them may mean one less frustrated and angry youth turning to terrorism.

  • ??

    @groundcontrol: how dare you call people mourning for their love ones. ” wallowing”, I’m sure Angie would be appauled by your choice of word. How many times in your life have you seen thousands die one day at the hands of. Terrorists? How many times have you lost friends and love ones in one day? You should be ashamed of yourself. Tell us, what did you do today to mark the anniversary? except preach about what others should do and shouldn’t do.

  • megatit

    Er…unless Angelina supports it, it doesn’t exist, don’t you know?

  • Oh yeah

    groundcontrol @ 09/12/2012 at 3:17 am

    totally agree with you. Loonifers pretending to care about the commemoration of 9/11 is just to post hate on AJ because how does Angelina doing her work on as UNCHR special envoy visiting refugees who are suffering got to do with what’s happening in the US TICKY’s fans are EVIL INCARNATE in this earth. There are woman divorced all over the world who are worst than TICKY like not owning a house, no money, even got killed by their husband while TICKY who they think should be pity is wallowing in wealth .. that’s why i hope the b itch and her fans should be swallowed into the BLACK HOLE!!


    ?? @ 09/12/2012 at 3:47 am

    So you think commemorating 9/11 is more important than helping millions of refugees in a war torn country….puleaseeee get your priority right!! YOU CAN ALWAYS COMMEMORATE EVERY YEAR .. while refugees needs are of today right now..NOT REMEMBERING BUT ACTING ON THE PROBLEM AND GETTING HELP RIGHT NOW!!

  • megatit

    Hoo your comment got thumbed down with a quickness! Yes, I also thought this was a GOSSIP blog that allowed all kinds of opinions, not just Brangeloonie fanfic. I’ll leave the loons with one of my favorite Angelina quotes just to show I care:

    “Well I’ve opened his vial. Poured some on me. Ive painted with it. I’ve considered pouring it on my clothes but I think people might be upset about it.”

    Rolling stone – 2001

  • ??

    Ground control can preach all she wants but she has no right to tell others how to mourn the passing of their love ones. If I they want to re watch for the thousandth times the plane crashing Into the
    world trade center, that is how I cope. No one has the right to tell someone how to mourn the passing of their love ones. Don’t tell me I’m wallowing in my grief, are you a psychiatrist?


    yeah loonifers we know you love to bring about Angelina of the past as if Angelina is the only person in the world who is not allowed to grow up and be a productive member of the society !! While Johnny Depp and Drew Barrymore past indiscretion was never ever mentioned just because there’s no PITY PARTY to connect with … right barren hags aka FUGLYFEMALES!!

  • ??

    @JEN THE HAG: I’m objecting to ground control use of the word, wallowing, “that kind of wallowing needs to be discouraged”, When someone has lost a love one don’t tell them they are wallowing. That’s what pissed me off. Not what she said about serving others, ect.

  • megatit

    How strange …Heroina was 27 years old when she made that statement and yet loons consider her an experimental child at that age. I suppose that is why they dismiss her idiotic faux pas of recent times as well. I personally blame it on her mental illness i.e. her chicken leg episode…along with the rest of the world…

  • NAN

    Wow,megatit talked to itself huh ?

    whamo,tamshite,JL,+100 names = Dolly gangs

    “Charity is not my things, Feed The Dogs is my things” right ?

    FatF*cker UK are C r a y z y

    They B@rking for Jen tell all for 7+ years,

    Today Jen tell all = JenKukKuk & Kaput

    Use FF,then you will Floppy Bomb Bomb like JenKukKuk!


  • Marieme

    There’s Brad’s girl! Our sweet Angelina. Thank you for your huge heart.

  • juju

    this mentally ill troll can’t even count
    not that it matters n there’s nothing wrong w/ what she said
    but when she gave that interview
    i don’t think she was even 26 yet
    I believe the interview was before june of 2001
    2000 n 2001 were such decisive years for angelina
    she started the adoption of maddox
    n started working n traveling w/ the unhcr
    12, 11 years ago

  • megatit

    Oh here comes Cosmic Loon side by side with Tard Loon. What a coincidence. Still no answer as to why the ADULT Heroina gets a pass for HER long standing BELIEFS. By the way, Johnny Depp and Drew Barrymore never bragged about their indescretions. Nothing even spoken about them by the gossip rags was anywhere near what came out of Heroina’s own mouth.

  • NAN

    Wow, Someone bang her head on the wall again and again that Angelina can OVERSHADOW her for 7+ years.

    The Unsinkable Jen tell all VF 05

    ” I have worked with this THERAPIST for a long time ”

    After she admitted that she is Not OK,all men run away from her…Ouch

    The Sinkable Jen Deadend with Loves & Career ( 09-12++++++)

  • juju

    look the mentally ill troll thumbing it down
    i would fell sorry for u
    if u weren’t such a sad excuse for a human being
    forget angelina n brad n their fans
    n get the help that u desperately need
    i came back on a few hours n repost the post
    again so the troll can enjoying it thumb it down again
    she has no life poor thing

  • juju

    i’ll repost i again now
    cause later i might not have time

    this mentally ill troll can’t even count
    not that it matters n there’s nothing wrong w/ what she said
    but when she gave that interview
    i don’t think she was even 26 yet
    I believe the interview was before june of 2001
    2000 n 2001 were such decisive years for angelina
    she started the adoption of maddox
    n started working n traveling w/ the unhcr
    12, 11 years ago

    enjoy thumbing down


    megatit @ 09/12/2012 at 4:45 am

    SIMPLE It’s because there are no LOONIFERS LIKE YOU who hate Johnny Depp like they hate Angelina Jolie just because their idol the barren hag get dumped by Brad.. and also because there IS THIS WOMAN who held a PITY PARTY just because she got dumped by HER MEGA SUPERSTAR X HUSBAND!!

  • megatit

    @juju the paranoid loon
    Uh..thumbing what down? As far as I know there’s only me. Oh I guess you assume there’s only loon asses here on this fanfic site right? Wrong moron. Yes, keep reposting your literary garbage. Loons can cream themselves on an imaginary dis. Go ahead. Fact is your Hor is a joke that she created herself and is desperate to erase. Keep deluding yourselves loons. I’ll leave you with one of my other favorite insane ho quote. Enjoy it:

    “I’m so in love with my brother right now.” – Angelina Jolie

    Good night and have fun with your circle jerk.