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Angelina Jolie: Zaatari Refugee Camp Visit!

Angelina Jolie: Zaatari Refugee Camp Visit!

Angelina Jolie pays a visit to the Zaatari Refugee Camp on Tuesday (September 11) near the Jordanian border with Syria.

The 37-year-old actress and UNHCR special envoy was joined by UN High Commission for Refugees staff to visit some of the more than 250,000 refugees who have fled Syria. The United Nations is calling the humanitarian problems sparked by the conflict their “biggest crisis”.

“It’s been a very heavy experience, because oftentimes you come to these camps and … very rarely do you … meet them as they cross the border and you get to know people the moment they become a refugee,” Angelina said in a press conference. “The moment they’ve forever lost their home, their livelihood, their education, everything they have been is gone, and when I ask them, ‘What did you bring?’ they say ‘This’ (plucks at her shirt) ‘The shirt on my back.’”

The evening before, Angelina visited some refugees minutes after they made it across the border.

Watch The Today Show‘s special reporter Ann Curry reporting from the scene below!

Angelina Jolie: Zaatari Refugee Camp Visit!
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329 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: Zaatari Refugee Camp Visit!”

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  1. 101
    andu Says:

    my god, it’s so beautiful angie

  2. 102
    JenCaCa Fan Says:


  3. 103
    andu Says:

    idiot trolls, as it shows that you know nothing about angelina she assisted in many U.S. hospitals, leukemia, cancer and many more.

  4. 104
    fyi12 Says:

    From reuters

    Jordan’s King Abdullah meets with U.N. special envoy, actress Jolie, and U.N. UNHCR chief Guterres in Amman

    Jordan’s King Abdullah (R) meets with U.N. refugee agency’s special envoy, U.S. actress Angelina Jolie (L), and U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Antonio Guterres at the Royal Palace in Amman September 11, 2012. REUTERS/Yousef Allan/Royal Palace/Handout

  5. 105
    andu Says:

    jp fans angie looks pregnant

  6. 106
    lurker Says:

    great video thanks

  7. 107
    lurker Says:

    She is just happy and well rested

  8. 108
    Enjoy Trolls Says:

    This Hag is the epitome of a PR wh@re. Let Syria get their own remembrance day. Today is for the American people who lost their lives going to work on a September day. This crazy meth addict bi!ch can never take away from that. Why are you trolls even bringing Jen into this? This is all about this Hags poor taste and disrespect for our country. I have contacted a lot of people and I am sending them this way. Enjoy while you can trolls. I hate to get JJ any extra hits, but this bi!ch has crossed a line she can never cross back over. Maybe her plane will crash into a high building on her way home. Now that would be KARMA at its best!

  9. 109
    andu Says:

  10. 110
    Dull animals that go Baaaaaa! Says:


    Television news broadcasts and reporting are are part of each networks’ ENTERTAINMENT divisions which are owned by global money making conglomerates. You see and hear what those in power want you to see and hear.
    You are getting your ears tickled while they inform you.
    Marvin Bush (Presidents brother) had the security contract for the Twin Towers. This contract expired on Sept 10, 2001. Days before the towers imploded, the bomb sniffing security dogs were removed from the buildings. Youtube video exists showing magic building 7 standing in the live background shot while the BBC broadcaster says building 7 has fallen. There are recordings saying they are going to pull building 7 prepare to evac. Now they claim it came down on it’s own. Building 7 held secrets.
    Jolie picked a true day of US infamy to waltz and wince her way through a camp a half a world away. She’s as crass and used as they come.

  11. 111
    JP Fan Says:

    WOW that picture of angie in the royal palace is absolutely gorgeous

  12. 112
    anustin Says:

    lolz…the epitomniston and batman Theroux on the rocks.

  13. 113
    Reaaaally? Says:


    ‘she assisted in many U.S. hospitals, leukemia, cancer and many more.’

    Really? many links please.
    I have only read that she visited a boy in the hospital who Nicole Kidman had already visited twice.

  14. 114
    fyi12 Says:

    This idiot troll thinks Angie owns UNHCR & UN & can make schedule changes as she pleases! Are you for real?

    This trip was organized by UNHCR& UN! Duh, Angie simply works for them. Can you possibly embarrass yourself more, fueled by your jealousy& hatred of a wonderful human being. You are the reason why we love this family even MORE!

    Read & learn troll!

  15. 115
    hopeso Says:

    Love You Much!!!

  16. 116
    JenCaCa Fan Says:

    Krama will come after you a coward dog #111,11/09/2012 at 3:39pm
    ” Enjoy Trolls “(DOGS)
    Maybe the plane will crash into a high buiding when you and your family traveling,
    God always give bad KRAMA back to bad people.
    Look at JenCaCa KRAMA eat her @ss Forevahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. 117
    GMAB Says:

    She is wearing shoulder pads to look heavier than she is. She looks like the druggie she is. Her face looks like she is anerexic. She should stay there an live with these people for a while. She deserves to live the kind of life she pretends to fight for. When she gets back to Brads private jet and flies off to leave them to find food an water, she will be laughing all the way home.

  18. 118
    Faith Says:

    Stupid hens are dumb as rocks! The photographers are not paps but they work for the UN.
    If they want the paps to follow them, we would see daily pics of them in London.
    Angelina owns your ass day and night. Deal with it! lol

  19. 119
    Trish Says:

    She is just like Kim Kardashian. She will do anything for press & attention. Even if it means making 9/11 seem less than what is was. She is disgusting!

  20. 120
    JP Fan Says:

    hens are foaming at the mouth because Angelina looks flawless..they can no longer scream skinny because Angie has gained weight and looks damnn good, go scream at the ocean

  21. 121
    JP Fan Says:

    gosh now the name-changing 9/11 troll is back with a new name, funny how its only this troll that is making this bizarre connection between Angie going to Jordan on 9/11

  22. 122
    anustin Says:

    egawd!!! ur jealousy is killing ur fuggy azz….go find all the links of anjie helping a lot of dont have time for ur nasty azz.

  23. 123
    Lena Says:

    I don’t know what she did, but she looks a lot fresher and healthier here then usual.

  24. 124
    JP Fan Says:

    i already brought over a link of Angie giving $1000 gift certificates to the wives of U.S. soldiers(who by the way the soldiers wife talked about on facebook)..The trolls are UPSET today and im loving it

  25. 125
    Nicole Says:

    She looks so beautiful. Looking like this, in normal clothes and with nearly no make-up on, I’m stunned by how gorgeous she looks. Even more beautiful than on some of the events where I’ve seen her!

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