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Angelina Jolie: Zaatari Refugee Camp Visit!

Angelina Jolie: Zaatari Refugee Camp Visit!

Angelina Jolie pays a visit to the Zaatari Refugee Camp on Tuesday (September 11) near the Jordanian border with Syria.

The 37-year-old actress and UNHCR special envoy was joined by UN High Commission for Refugees staff to visit some of the more than 250,000 refugees who have fled Syria. The United Nations is calling the humanitarian problems sparked by the conflict their “biggest crisis”.

“It’s been a very heavy experience, because oftentimes you come to these camps and … very rarely do you … meet them as they cross the border and you get to know people the moment they become a refugee,” Angelina said in a press conference. “The moment they’ve forever lost their home, their livelihood, their education, everything they have been is gone, and when I ask them, ‘What did you bring?’ they say ‘This’ (plucks at her shirt) ‘The shirt on my back.’”

The evening before, Angelina visited some refugees minutes after they made it across the border.

Watch The Today Show‘s special reporter Ann Curry reporting from the scene below!

Angelina Jolie: Zaatari Refugee Camp Visit!
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Photos: Khalil Mazraawi/AFP/Getty
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    Trolls never cease to amaze me; day in day out their integrity already is some where in the gutter. Would it be too much to ask why your snarl about humanitarian crisis in the world, just because you chose to ignore by closing your eyes and putting hands on your ears to the unfortunate facts does not justify your hate. How low can one stoop.

    As for those talking on behalf of every American regarding
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    Please is it too much to ask if haven’t anything productive thing to say apart from laughing at refuges, those refuges that are homeless and know in camps which are surrounded by metal bars, from their safe secured homes out in the wilderness so to speak, destitute to an uncertain future.

    And you’re wishing death to those that are trying to shine a light on their flights, the ones that are paying from their own pockets as every little help is appreciated. Shame people like you exist in this day an age.
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    @Passing Through: Now I’m laughing harder because you trust in Harvey Weinstein. Bwhahaha

  • chelsea

    Thank you so much angelina for coming to visit this refugee camp and support those families , i`m arab so understand what those families are going through i wanna say to everyone who is reading my comment that arab are not terrorist and not all of them are muslim in the middle east you have different religions (muslim, christian ….) and please we don`t live in desert seroiusly??? we are people and human like everybody else.



    “Ugh. I’d heard a few weeks ago that Angelina Jolie had been banging on about going to Syria. The source was saying how screwed up the kids are and then added in a text: ‘She’s talking about going to Syria. She’s crazy’.


    She’s also talking about adopting again from there, but Brad’s not keen on yet another kid. No doubt she’ll charge over and do it as a single mother when he’s busy filming and pretty much force his hand, as she did when they had this situation with Pax.

    Anyway, lets have a laugh at the photos.

    Ange, upon wrapping up Maleficent at Pinewoood studios in London, popped her bony arse on a private jet, along with a make-up artist and photographer, plus their assistant so the lighting would be just so and went to Syria.

    They then checked into a five-star hotel in Jordan and nipped along to the Zaatari refuge camp for a quick half-hour photo op along with UN Refugee Chief Antonio Guterres to “demonstrate their solidarity with Syrian refugees and pay tribute to the Jordanian government and people for their strong commitment to refugee protection.”

    Solidarity? How does that work when your fiancé owns a property portfolio that is nudging $100 million and yet you barely spend time in said luxury houses because you mostly trek from rented home to rented home across the globe? Ah. I get it. Angie thinks she’s like rilly a refugee too and totally understands their plight because she doesn’t have a permanent home in one country either.

    Got it.

    Careful Angie, this expression is veering from ‘compassionate’ towards ‘what the f-ck are you saying to me?’. It was a real fail pretending to that married man in the UN you sh&gged to get the gig all those years ago that you speak several languages fluently.

    She’s heading back to Chateau Miraval in the South of France to join Brad who’s been there for a couple of weeks ‘architecting’ (in the same way Vicky Beckham designs).

    I’ll talk about what they’re planning later.”

  • Premalee

    @PT #301

    You go girl.

  • VirtualInsanity

    I have such respect for this woman who uses her position in life to bring awareness to atrocities such as this one. God Bless the people suffering and Ms. Jolie for giving them a voice.

  • Isis Lara

    Oh goodness! My comment was a question not a statement wishing any ill will on her. Just playing devil’s advocate into the minds of the religious fanatics who wants to destroy America.

  • groundcontrol

    Notice how she never writes about all this so called “insider source” info BEFORE something happens. THAT alone should tell you what BS this is. Again no one can ever tell you what they are doing ahead of time. Why is that if they all claim they have inside sources? LOL!
    And, Angelina talking about an upcoming trip for weeks and no one else knows about it? Please.
    Brad hasn’t been “at Miraval for weeks”. He’s been out and about in London and its environs.
    Angie never brings an entourage wth her on missions. Never. She also travels commercial unless that is impossible. She also doesn’t bring her own photographer which has become a favorite canard used by those who try to dismiss her work with the UN. So unless Ms Paul or whoever is writing that tripe can name names and provide proof it’s just more BS. The UN naturally records all field vists by all their reps. The UN provides photographic servies and personnel.
    The site inoled also previously tried to attack the JP Foundation with factual misstatements and by misreading the tax returns. Even with proof in front of their eyes they cannot get it right – either because of stupidity or deliberate malice. In any event, they are writing nothing more than anti-fan fic.

  • juju

    their sources have brad in miraval?
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    So she puts on a black outfit and takes 20 photographers with her and then what??? Is she going to help these people that she claims that she feels sorry for, NO! She and her useless partner have movies out and that what this is all about and the sheeps are wowing all over JJ. Give some of that undeserving money that you make to their country and help them not to starve, how about that HOllie???

  • cora

    she looks like a man…

  • sam

    yeah right…how come we never see her in a palestinian refugee camp??

  • sam

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  • Emily

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  • Hope you enjoyed the posts

    I went out and spread the word….Nice move on my part!!!! Love it….

  • SA

    Good job Angie.

  • lsam

    I’m glad she is working with Anne Curry again. Angie is so brave going to those countries at this time.