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Hayden Christensen: Monday Moving Day

Hayden Christensen: Monday Moving Day

Hayden Christensen packs up a U-Haul truck outside of a private residence on a sunny Monday (September 10) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 31-year-old actor then stopped at another residence to unpack the truck.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Hayden Christensen

Earlier this summer, Hayden and his girlfriend Rachel Bilson were spotted house hunting together! The duo also were seen picking out furniture for their new abode.

15+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen packing up a U-Haul truck outside of a private residence in Los Feliz…

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hayden christensen packs uhaul 01
hayden christensen packs uhaul 02
hayden christensen packs uhaul 03
hayden christensen packs uhaul 04
hayden christensen packs uhaul 05
hayden christensen packs uhaul 06
hayden christensen packs uhaul 07
hayden christensen packs uhaul 08
hayden christensen packs uhaul 09
hayden christensen packs uhaul 10
hayden christensen packs uhaul 11
hayden christensen packs uhaul 12
hayden christensen packs uhaul 13
hayden christensen packs uhaul 14
hayden christensen packs uhaul 15

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Anna

    Look like Brad Pitt in the 90´s Very handsome!

  • Linda

    Me like scruffy Hayden but the shirt’s got to go but it’s still cute.

  • aria

    Hayden’s hair sure grows fast! Rachel and Hayden were seen at Robeks Juice yesterday September 9th buying drinks according to one of Rachel’s fansites. I wonder if any of those things they bought at that lighting place last summer are for a new house? Hayden is quite handsome with a scruffy face.

  • tina

    There were only pics of Rachel at Robeks so who knows.

  • gersh

    L O S E R !!!

  • sloane

    As usual – another phot-op day for another jobless day…
    He might needs a major scandal to get his career back but isn’t his performance in the SW prequels or the more like NON acting talent is much scandalous enough?!

  • tweet

    He looks better than Brad Pitt.

  • R U sure

    I’m sure he is scandal free. yeah sure

  • shadowy


    Not really – when Brad Pitt is at that age; he’s already a superstar w/ plenty of acting jobs side by side. His *looks* & appeal surely matters in HW – then & now.
    Haydamn at 30 is just a FREEloader BUMmer!

  • herms

    31 year old who still dresses like a 16 year old

  • devaney

    I remember when he was one of the most promising “actor” in Hollywood. Cant & Wont. Only real talent w/ right attitude stands the test of time.

  • Dr Cool

    It’s about time they had their own home together. Hopefully the next step will be marriage.

  • Ha

    He’s so hot. I don’t understand why he’s not in more films!

  • LeeSeol

    @Ha: Because he can’t act. He’s not in anything worth seeing like ever. He’s essentially being followed around for the rest of his life for three extremely huge movies. The end.

  • Ty

    His outfit is crazy retarded.

  • Willa

    Wth is he wearing

  • Ok

    So they’re back to long together again?
    After they were engaged broke up then back together again?
    Of u call off an engagement and then get back together that spells doom, darth vader.

  • monreal

    After all the Star Wars Prequels had ended, imagine her former SW co-star, Natalie Portman already got an Oscar, a husband, a kid & still got a working acting career. This SW dude still acts & looks nothing & still looking for nothing.

  • kaleigh

    @ 14 – He’s essentially being followed around…
    Major plus (3x)… is that he also got a very-long-time gff whos a professional & a hustler in famewh0ring.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! You’d think with Rachel working they’d be able to afford movers!!!

  • gilmorie

    He’s just saving up some more money for gassing up that sole fancy car of his that he’s been ‘flaunting’ off from time to time when doing photo-ops – he already forgot to buy some decently budget &/or age-appropriate outfits – oh what some ^shallow^ mind would do?!

  • just me

    Jared Hayden didn’t stay with Rachel anyway. So why you are saying this and other sites too? So she got some publicity and Hayden come be moving some of his things out are her house. He didn’t stay with her anyway.Rachel was by herself looking sad for a reason. No one showed a picture are them together. And no one asked Hayden what the moving was about. Rachel is not moving with him at all or marrying him jared.Stop making up things for her. She was at some guy house and hayden followed her there. He still lives in canada don”t he? He has not given up where he live yet. She put him out so he wouldn’t come to her house to visited her house. She is not getting a new house at all.Jared how are you writing this? He can’t pack up thing and at a private place and then unpack at a private place..Just say Rachel told him to get his things out! Hayden did not get anything she did. And it was one thing in culver city. She wanted him to buy something and he did not . Be honest for once. She was also spotted with other guys too. Didn’t mention that either!

  • stacy

    These pics make me sad. I used to love Hayden back in the day and thought he got an unfair share of the blame for the Star Wars thing. He was in other films and did a fine job, whether those films themselves were actually any good. Now, it looks like he doesn’t do anything but get his picture taken having lunch or gassing up his sports car. I’m sure he’s financially set for life but I wonder how his girlfriend tolerates his long-term unemployed status? Most women would have kicked the bum to the curb by now. Is she that co-dependent? She’s reasonably cute, she works fairly steadily – why have him weighing her down? And where’s his self-respect? Yeah, I know, he’s supposed to be filming this or that later this year or early next year or whatever, but those projects never seem to come to light. Hope he negotiated a good royalty deal with Lucas.

  • Owlman

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Still with the stupid name? If it wasn’t for Rachel or Hayden, you wouldn’t have fking life! I think I speak for everyone!!

  • jeezzum

    Obviously, both coup-let got a talent size of a gnat…that’s why they cant get acting jobs that are remarkable but just all nonsense, random, small-time if not just all thru connections; such as his microscopic thing girlfriend who could only get a regular acting job (one that would require her to do acting work more than 2 days) if not being a long-time bonafide member of Josh Warts’ Casting Couch Agency.

  • Dr Cool

    @just me: Wow, kid. You ever think about spending that reality check you never cashed in. Sounds like you could use it!!!

  • Hazey

    Omg! He stopped at another house to unpack? Crazy! Unheard of! Hahahaha that sentence made me laugh so much!

  • amaranth

    The number &/or length of time that his farts… err fans regularly press-outings that he’s going to shoot a new movie then failed / gone to materialized… was like that Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum already finished filming 5 movies.
    And moving day?! Should be more apt that its (another) jobless day???

  • maya

    he is sooo HOT LOVE HIM i really miss him with rachel my sweet girl hope u’ll be married soon u are so PRETTY together

  • Iren

    Wow! He found a job.

  • Lulani

    What happened to this guy? He used to be so hot

  • whodie

    I could see some expression while doing this part time job of his than when hes acting on screen.

  • Anakinusedup

    Hey at least he’s a moving man now!! Maybe that’s why they didn’t hire any movers lmao. Oh well, did anyone mention that Joaquin Phoenix and Will Smith didn’t work for 3 or 4 years? Oh that’s right, I forgot Joaquin actually has talent and Will is a box office draw!! So Anakin is all used up. Too bad :(

  • What?

    The hair. More Pratt than Pitt. He looks more like he is channelling his inner Spencer.

  • gilmorie

    Duh?! Of course, peeps here would not be that aware that the likes of an Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix & an Alister/box-office star Will Smith didnt work for about 3-4 years… simply becoz they dont ^regularly^ appear on gossip/tabloid blogs for as obvious as simply some nonsense self-promotion. Nuff Said.

  • isn’t it?

    You exfans girls are just so jealous that Rachel now has more of him than you do.

  • tanya

    I doubt that Hayden cares about what is said about him by trolls on gossip sites and he shouldn’t. Every actor out there has someone trying to make themselves feel important by taking down a celeb with their less than intelligent comments. As if the opinions of internet trolls matter at all.

  • JoaquinistheMaster

    Unfortunately Joaquin Phoenix has not won an Oscar, not yet anyways!! But he will eventually, he should’ve won for Walk the Line though but Philip Seymour Hoffman beat him for Capote. And that just so happens to be his costar in The Master.

  • screwed

    Internet trolls absolutely *matters* when a hacktor’s famewh0ring only gets more photo-ops & photo-ops & photo-ops and so not even some acting job in yearsss. Oh and here’s another version or an extension of JJ LOL

  • tanya

    Classic superiority complex. Internet trolls have much too high of an opinion of themselves.

  • screwed

    All over & over again (sic)… your kind of generation is astounding! It has finally devolved to the point that mediocrity & futility is celebrated and rewarded.

  • drewlard

    Unemployment rate were still up high, this slacker should not only do some moving but must go back home for good!

  • Monica

    Really, L? Can’t move on, huh?

  • annie

    looks good hayden,wish he wanted to act more but hes in love with bilson she leads him around by the nose,too bad a real man hes not

  • rheis

    even w/ a mustache; he’s still looks like a floppy wuss.

  • OMG actors use U HAULS :D

    Wow breaking news!!!!!actors use UHAULS seriously not much to the story here. JJ is getting really unoriginal. Why did they say in the article it was a “private house” he was seen packing a U HAUL in front of because that is Rachel Bilson’s house? JJ has always posted pictures of her for years and that blue door thing sometimes every single day non stop for years!!!. Suddenly JJ doesn’t know which residence it is? Doubt it.
    Interesting theory here… what if Rachel Bilson is having her boyfriend move out…..stranger things can happen.

  • No on both rumors

    According to TMZ and several other sources on line. Rachel and Hayden are not moving in together actually.He has is own LA home already but Rachel finally found a buyer for her home. She tried to sell it before recently and no one bought it so she took it off the market. She also went house hunting in the mean time. Then was contacted from a potential buyer that offered her the money she wanted for it. So she sold her house before finding a new house for herself to move into.
    Hayden is moving his items he had there ( hence why he only needed a UHAUL to move his things with, the place he drove to from Rachel’s is believed to be his home in LA) out first and then Rachel is expected to move out next.
    Then she will be shopping for her new pad.

    So no they are NOT moving in together and they are NOT breaking up yet on either rumor.

  • wishful thinking?

    @ no on rumors

    You left out the part in the TMZ article that says Hayden is “taking Rachel’s stuff with him”. Hayden and Rachel have been living together well over a year now. They were looking for houses together this summer. Hayden moved his things out first, but there is a new thread of him now at the same Los Feliz gas station he always gets photos at near Rachel’s house. He will still stay with Rachel until she moves, and she will stay there in her house until she has to move because she is very close to the Hart of Dixie set. When Rachel finds another place, they will both move back in together. Why else would they look for houses together? After living together this long, you really think Hayden would swap staying with Rachel for being roomies with his brother, lol? They spent the entire time Rachel was not filming HOD together in Canada, Barbados, NewYork, & LA., and were seen looking for houses together this summer more than once here on JJ. The Daily Mail says Hayden moved in with Rachel last year. They may have more than one transition move, that happens alot when buying a new house. I have not seen any rumors that they broke up, the explanation about Rachel selling the house solved that.

  • wishful thinking?

    The other Hayden thread says there are photos of Hayden leaving from LAX. He must have stopped to say goodbye to Rachel before leaving. Probably why he moved out first.

  • Ashley

    Thats Rachels house I read it on hayden christensen’s page and it said he moved out and that their over so hell to the yes the lord has done his duty lol