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Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger: 'Inescapable' Premiere at TIFF!

Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger: 'Inescapable' Premiere at TIFF!

Joshua Jackson suits up for the premiere of his film Inescapable during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival on Tuesday (September 11) in Toronto, Canada.

The 34-year-old actor was joined on the red carpet by his girlfriend Diane Kruger who looked gorgeous in a Valentino dress.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

Inescapable is a thriller about a father’s desperate search for his daughter and the chaos of the Middle East he left behind.

In case you missed it, make sure you check out the film’s trailer.

FYI: Josh is wearing Louis Vuitton. Diane is wearing a Valentino dress.

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# 1

This guy lost his last chance to be a respectable actor in fringe
Unlikely he’ll get another starring role in another series because he showed no talent in fringe
So I think he’s shaped to his role as Parcey
And appears with his bride corpse on gossip sites

# 2

why these artist expressionless as Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger is always appearing on this site?

# 3


Josh is not at some stupid fashion show you moron. He is at the PREMIERE OF HIS IWN DANB NOVIE YOU IDIOT!!!!

# 4

She looks pregnant. Normally I wouldn’t be able to see past her big forehead, but the beginnings of a baby bump look obvious.

# 5

this film received poor reviews, and he is only an supporting actor in the film

# 6


I don’t know about Kate Bosworth but Diane Kruger appears alot on here lately because she attracts an enormous amount of trolling responses. Hence, giving the site lots of traffic, so photograpers keep going after her, because they know they get paid. To prove my point, these photos are barely out and JJ took no time whatsoever getting them on here.

So, easy fix, if you don’t want to see her face on here all the time then stop the trolling comments.

# 7

@Jo: well said.

# 8

I do not see him doing anything else after fringe
Except appearing with this skeletal model in gossip sites or making low budget films because he is a terrible actor and has no respect as an actor

# 9

she is not even close to being a healthy weight


Really? She looks so thin but black tends to cover a lot. Time will tell.

Georgina12 @ 09/11/2012 at 9:18 pm


Why don’t you go screw anna Torv and leave Josh alone?


kate and more popular than Diane, she attracts more comments on your posts
Diane has only a troll fan JJ who posted several comments neither one is relevant and careers their is not doing much success lately

Honestly think that kind of artist buying space on these sites

He looks great! It’s nice to see her there to support him in HIS endeavors.

It amuses the Pacey/Joey fan in me that Josh and Katie are a few posts between each other on here.

Holy forehead, why would she wear her hair that way? With all she’s done to make herself camera ready (considering she always seems to know where the paps are standing) I’m surprised she hasn’t had her hairline fixed.

for me he is a loser because he markets himself as such in the media and no one’s gonna respect a loser

honestly this woman has the ugliest legs I’ve ever seen

Everytime I see a picture of her, all I can see is a gargantuan forehead and a pair of matchstick legs with nobbed knees.



she is a model without scruples she always attract the PSP because his career isn’t well pose nude and one of the things she did , she is Kristen Stewart that did not work,

As much as it is killing me to say this, Josh is not aging well. I can’t see where his career will go from here. He doesn’t have the body or looks to pull of the roles Chris Pine or the likes will get. He doesn’t have the acting chops that Joseph Gordon Levitt has, so he wont even be considered for meaty roles. There are so many actors out there that are the same age: Bradley Cooper, Michael Fassbender, Ryan Reynolds, etc. and so much more talented. He needs to find roles like Pacey Witter.

when she was young until he could be pretty, but now she looks ugly she isn’t aging well

I know beauty is personal but find this pretty woman is off


I think he’ll be just fine. He’s been working for over 20 years and hasn’t ever had trouble getting a job. I don’t think he’ll ever be an A-list star like Brad Pitt, but he’ll land on his feet somehow.

The two of them look great at this event. Very elegant and polished, but not over the top. It’s always nice to see them all dressed up and together.


Why don’t you shut up *****?

this film seems. that will not be distributed elsewhere going to be only at this festival so is good he be happy with their fifteen minutes of fame


Why don’t you go to hell?

Anna and john are extraordinary actors; he was the biggest mistake of cast fringe He just looks mediocre compared to the rest of the cast


Huh? So, what’s wrong with that!
The movie is an indie and made on a small budget. The producers/directors had alot of trouble getting finance for the film, because of it’s story matter. All involved with the film, are so happy that it got picked up for TIFF because it is a Canadian film and it is right for it to be shown there.


Kate Bosworth is the most popular famewhore celebrity this site Diane she wants to steal her position

I thought she was so pretty when she was Helen of Troy! But now she has gotten so thin that her head seems huge if compared to her body, she looks like a bobble head…. Eat a donut Diane!

It looks like the film is not exactly extraordinary. That’s not surprising, seeing how the script is hardly original. Taken wasn’t good or original either, but it had the budget to make it more action driven and entertaining, whereas this film was made with very little money. Perhaps they should have toned down the action movie aspect and played up the cultural differences. It also seems Marisa Tomei is the weak link in this movie, but that’s something I expected afer watching the trailer. Whatever, I’ll watch this movie for my wonderful Josh.

Josh and Diana are looking absolutely gorgeous in those pictures, although I’m not a fan of that hairdo of hers. Still, beautiful face. Josh looks 10 years younger without a stubble.

I think diane is prego

I think diane is prego

Diane was drinking vine at the after-party.

MassEffect @ 09/12/2012 at 4:48 am

Notice when pics here are of Joshua Jackson by himself, most comments get positive ratings. When pics here are of him and Kruger, most comments get negative ratings.

MassEffect @ 09/12/2012 at 4:50 am


Actually Joseph Gordon Levitt is a just okay actor, but he’s not that great.

i dont think her forehead is the problem…i think shes baldin…


Go josh , go diane. This is what love really is.

josh looks sooo good in a suit..damn:/

diane looks gorgeous and so happy. joshua looks so hot.

Super Cool…can’t wait to see it

JOSH is amazing, in everything he does! his choice of films getting better and better.

She looks so cute! Love seeing her with JOSH!

oh my goodness, they are the cutest couple ever. they’re chemistry is undeniable and they would make such cute babies!!

he’s always more fashion forward when he’s with her. I love his suit but MOST of all I love his talent and he’s just so doggone adorable! LOVE josh and joshua together, they make each other better when they are together.

*joshua and diane i mean

HE has always been really handsome. I used to have a major crush on him back when he was on DC

wow how long has this couple been going out man? time to put a ring on joshua

Yummy yummy josh!

Wow, diane and josh look so good together. Now that is what I call 2 hot couples.

he look so hot, the dude is a beautiful man!!

joshua jackson really has no business being this fine. It’s just not fair to the other men in this world. he just gets more handsome. It’s freaking weird.

OMG they are so chic, sweet, adorable, amazing couple love her dress and shoes lovee josh’s suit

he looks gorgeous, simple “real man” style

joshua and diane are good looking with or without make up and expensive clothes. I think what’s neat about them is they make each other BETTER by being together. Hollywood is an awful place for a “relationship” and they have kept it on the down low so I applaud them. I just know I love them as a couple and I am a great fan of joshua jackson and his movies, he’s like that old Hollywood glamour kind of guy and has been doing movies and television since he was only a litte boy. He’s just naturally a hunk…ha ha!

Beauty and sex appeal have a name: joshua jackson.

josh looks smokin’ and I can’t wait to see him on the big screen.

I suppose josh just took diane along with him, they are inseparable for months now, anyway.

joshua is so talented and amazing! He’s representing Canada so well!

Beautiful and talented !

They really appear stronger and seem so much better as people when they are together. They are just SO gorgeous and joshua jackson, well, there’s everything to like there! Ha ha!

they are so cute. love to see them together smiling to eachother

he is so handsome, I miss him in movies. I think the last movie I saw him in was one week and he had a cool role in it. he’s a good actor

What an attractive couple those two are! So good to see them smiling and laughing especially Nice to see josh at an event for himself for a change

Goshhhhh Joshua Jackson is so BEAUTIFUL…Perfection !

Could this couple get any cuter?

i love this picture, the way diane looks at josh! full of love!

joshua jackson, get in me…

josh looks so beautiful. I am looking forward to there being a 5th season, even if it is short.

Someone is posting way too many comments the last hour or so.
Someone wants to see them here a lot it seems.

journalists @ 09/12/2012 at 7:53 am

female reporters were losing their sh*t when seeing Mr. joshua jackson. He has that power.

joshua, you are enchanting beautiful and total cute. I love you. I wish you all the best.

Okay, I admit it: They look actually happy in each other’s company this time and I do love their outfits.

diane and joshua arrive at the toronto film festval

ian somerhalder is the true definition of handsome man I’m very jealous of vampire diary I would like to see him in fringe with anna

Es taaaan mona y el taaaan guapo! Qué también son susceptibles de caerme fatal!

diane and josh, beautiful and dapper as usual

Diane Kruger is so endlessly stylish.

perfect couple is perfect

Joshua Jackson gets more and more attractive as he ages! precious, love him

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger look so young and fresh couple….they need to reproduce their beautiful…make babies!!

very hot and so sweet


They’ve been together for 6 years some couples don’t need to be married which is probably best considering how marriages in this business rarely last


They look cute together, I like them.

Too much hotness.

He looks nice! And yes the man is simply gorgeous in person. Looking forward to seeing this.

josh you are so sexy, and he will be a good father !
diane is a lucky woman that josh is choosing her to be the mother of his future children.

Joshua Jackson is so Yummy. Most gorgeous man on the planet

diane rocks but you gotta give it up for Joshua Jackson!

clémontine @ 09/12/2012 at 8:34 am

joshua, je t’aime, mon amour

I am so impressed! He is an extremely talented actor, an artist and yet he hasn’t followed the “superstar” paths! He dresses and behaves like a normal person that you see on street every morning! That’s how a real artist should behave and not like some other ones who, can be artists and talented actors but they lack of…attitude…

catherine @ 09/12/2012 at 8:40 am

He is so beautiful and has such a great personality, so easy going, no ego at all. He is so perfect, just unreal.

Way to go josh! This will be a good movie.

I love diane topknot. It’s beautiful! She looks hot!

Such a stylish couple, I love them!

He’s always so gracious, well-mannered and obliging. Such a class act. And he looks amazing.

it’s so pathetic that the same person just posts over and over again in EVERY post about bland boring Diane kruger.

what a nice couple!

he just seems to be really at ease just enjoying life. He and diane must be really loving their time in the canada.

She always knows how to choose some great outfits.

all Interviewers were praising him afterwards in their reports and yes they all couldn’t deny the fact how more good looking he is in person and not only that how humble he is.

johny boy @ 09/12/2012 at 9:09 am

mighty ducks forever! love this dude

She is stunning and a great actress too!!

He’s sooo dreeeaaamy

He is a beautiful man. Love his work, love his look.

depois de o meu outro reallyship tom kate acabar, eu amo o meu novo joshane…casal mais lindo do universo diane kruger joshua jackson *-*

Superbe! Ils sont trop beaux tous les 2 ! J’envie la place de Diane!!

This is sooo Diane! Chic and gorgeous!

He’s such a great actor, not to mention gorgeous.

Sexy, sexy, sexy!!!

josh you are one hot babe.

Diane and Josh will continue making low budget films and promote them on gossip sites like big movies josh already know that after fringe will have no opportunity for him,so they will keep using such marketing

Does Diane look pregnant?

he is so hot. UNFFFFFF

Angelina jolie is a real first class celebrity, gorgeous, talented not like those two losers

So proud of him and his choices of movies. He just gets better and better.
Go josh

Why must joshua jackson ALWAYS be so damn beautiful ! I’m totally loving him !

“joshua is an extremely smart, talented, versatile and committed” and HOT actor!

he’s so magnetic i just love him to death.

diane kruger is a lucky girl. And he is not a player! Love him, she’s adorable too..

@flamingo: Eh yes he is a player just because you don’t hear about it compared to others doesn’t mean he isn’t one. Anyone who followed DC gossip in the past knows this. He’s just not famous enough to care about his exploits

She’s a natural beauty and very stylish/chic

@Blake: that´s the dress. The model who´s wearing it on runway looks “pregnant” too and she´s skinny

katherine @ 09/12/2012 at 1:27 pm

diane kruger is so gorgeous! #jealous

He is looking good, glad he made it to TIFF and very sweet to see
diane kruger supporting him.

I love Fringe! He is awesome in that show.

could these two be any cuter together? Ugh..

Looking dam n good, joshy! Keep up the good work!

wow, diane is a total knockout

So beautiful!! I’m a big big fan

diane kruger french actress @ 09/12/2012 at 2:48 pm

damn, she looks soooooo pretty:

Six years together and still so in love. Definitely the cutest couple in Hollywood.

I wish I had what they had also but I am happy for them

Love watching them. THey seem so perfect for each other and so fortunate to have found one another.

clémontine @ 09/12/2012 at 4:34 pm

elle est trop sexy. je l’adore beaucoup

REALLY neat couple! Loving life and having a great time doing it together!

Love Josh, Look forward to seeing him in more movies, he is a gem!

@Xiolablu: @Xiolablu:
like this, for sure!

I cannot see anything past that acre of forehead yikes! Josh Katie is sooo much prettier and more your type, sparks flew when you were with her, oh well it doesnt hurt to dream lol

MassEffect @ 09/14/2012 at 7:05 am

Josh and Katie looks better. Just my humble opinion.

serendipity @ 09/14/2012 at 9:25 am

Speaking of Fringe, his girlfriend could actually use a fringe/bangs to cover up that out of control forehead

wow, what a power couple! love them!

Sincerely concerned @ 09/23/2012 at 5:34 pm

Just read another article put on the websit 42 min. Ago. Josh tells sources that Katie called him after the divorce to say hey. How do these “sources” get out there? What to believe????

Josh is so gorge!! Keep it up Jared… I will ever tire of seeing pictures of this man and his pretty girl!!

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