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Vanessa Hudgens: Bid on Elephant Project Auction!

Vanessa Hudgens: Bid on Elephant Project Auction!

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her toned body as she leaves the gym on Tuesday (September 11) in North Hollywood, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress, who just returned from the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival for Spring Breakers, is participating in an auction for Alzheimer’s awareness for the second time!

Vanessa is one of the many celebs who have signed an elephant beanie baby to help The Elephant Project‘s fight to help everyone “never forget”. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. Bid now on eBay!

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens leaving the gym…

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vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 01
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 02
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 03
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 04
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 05
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 06
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 07
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 08
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 09
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 10
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 11
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 12
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 13
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 14
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 15
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 16
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 17
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 18
vanessa hudgens bid on elephant project auction 19

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# 1

Putting us all to shame, Vanessa, hittin’ the gym every day! Except when are these paps going to stop staking you out there? They know you go daily, so they just sit and wait.

# 2
Beam me up @ 09/11/2012 at 5:09 pm

Looking good mama.

# 3

Looking dam n good, Nessa! Keep up the good work! lol, I just wish the paps would stop stalking her… really, enough already.

# 4

Not fuc*king again, please give us a break with this pudgens at the gym crap

# 5

She should be leaving for NYC by tomorrow, for the magazine cover event, and the “Power of Youth” awards. Bring on the pics!

# 6
Haters Suck! @ 09/11/2012 at 5:55 pm

Oh blow it out your ass you stupid prick.!

# 7
call me french @ 09/11/2012 at 6:06 pm

Stella landed today in NYC, I think Vanessa might’ve gone with her…

# 8
call me french @ 09/11/2012 at 6:08 pm

@intric8: there’re soooo many posts from sooo many different artists here, yet you come here everytime jared post something about vanessa… if you don’t like it, just don’t comment.

# 9

I just avoid Vanessa posts already

Hi, this is a Vanessa Flawless Hudgens post!

Gorgeous bb, just gorgeous

@Haters Suck!: Hurry and bid on V’s Elephant since you are such a fan of hers.

Something about this girl that I find so attractive. Love her.

Dopelikecoke @ 09/11/2012 at 6:42 pm

Wide hips, short legs, and kinda weird looking but sexy i guess

Dopelikecoke @ 09/11/2012 at 6:45 pm

@Haters Suck!: You know, your so cool i think i’m gonna call you culo.

EW!! Dumpy frog faced squat!!!

PEAR SHAPED !!!! No boobs, big hips, short & stumpy legs !!! :S

Haters Suck! @ 09/11/2012 at 7:17 pm

Ya know I might just do that. One of My aunts suffers from Alzheimer’s and one of my favorite basketball coaches of all time pat summits brilliant coaching career was cut short by dementia and she will eventually succumb to the Alzheimer’s disease so it’s not such a bad idea.

@haters suck Did she coache you?

Haters Suck! @ 09/11/2012 at 7:41 pm

No. Pat Summitt was the womens basketball coach for the University of Tennesse. The all time leader in wins in mens and womens basketball with over 1000 career victories, 8 national championships, a 100% graduation rate. Two years ago she announced she had been diagnosed with dementia and will eventually lead to to alzheimers. After this past season she retired because it was having to big an impact on her. I loved her spirit, i loved her passion for the game and i loved the way she coached basketball. Shes one of my favorite basketball coaches.

Can’t help but laugh over the people describing themselves……short, pear-shaped frogs.

Oy, I need to work out.

@Haters Suck!: Great charity event……go for it, Haters! Such a good cause, and you’d get something personalized by V.

Tough Work @ 09/11/2012 at 8:51 pm

signing 1 whole beanie baby

MoreThanWords @ 09/11/2012 at 9:14 pm

HAhaha we should be accustomed to the jealous spiteful comments the h8ters resort to when a new post of Vanessa is up. Life must be really dull if the only means of getting any attention is through these boards. At least your mama still loves you. Maybe. Someone has to. Poor buggers.

Great work keeping fit Butterfly!

Saw something on Tv yesterday an investigation into Trollism on face book and twitter accounts. The presenter got to interview some haters and they really look like low life with nothing else better to do. They think it is fun and doesn’t hurt anyone. The mental torture they put their victims through is immeasurable and they have a hate list. Now it makes me wonder about our trolls on Vanessa’s threads.

Forgot to mention, Haters Suck, underneath that tough veneer lies a sensitive and caring soul, bless you.

MoreThanWords @ 09/11/2012 at 9:35 pm

@BOJI: Interesting, because I always likened haters to be uneducated sausages, the type to talk themselves up despite their imprinted a$$ cheeks on their seat, betraying their so called educated, active lifestyle.

Looking forward to the NYC pics! V is probably happy to only get papped going to the gym in the am, I am ready to see something else.
Where has the attentive, supportive, living BF been? He had a good run of being part of the gym pics

@BOJI: Sure does make a whole lot of sense. We’ve certainly been victimized by their trash here, and judging from their spelling, language, and grammar, they are highly uneducated trolls. Not to mention vulgar. Sounds just like the lowlifes in that story. Our vindication is a happy, successful Vanessa, and she pays no attention to her haters. She’s had them all along in the form of the ex’s lovers. She doesn’t let their negativity cloud her life. Good for her. But disturbing story, nonetheless.

Haters Suck! @ 09/11/2012 at 11:11 pm

What can I say I kick ass when I need to. But when people need a shoulder to cry on I’m good at that to. Either way I’ll fight for what I believe in.

I’m in Perth right now and that was an Aussie programme. Unfortunately I only got to watch a little of it. The presenter also got to interview the victim . She fears for her life as they threatened to rape and beat her up. And I think it was all because she spoke up on an issue. Didn’t watch the beginnining. The police here can’t do anything about it. I believe they all live within travelling distance from one another( the haters and victims) This guy they interviewed with his gf didn’tmthe harm in it. How many suicides have come about as a result of cyber bullying? Technology has helped us so much but it has also taken away much of our privacy and given the hooligans and bullies another vehicle to ride on. Sorry for my rant. I went to peek at Kristen Stewart’s thread and she’s faring not much better than Vanessa’s.

Oh, btw the victim looks a decent person.

ughhh so gorgeous!

I really love her workouts outfits

anyone know if she is scheduled to attend any event during the NYFW?

@call me french:
I think Stella is attending to some young party with her friend Sammy. i dont know if she is going to Vanessa´s party.

lol really? why are you here?

I think you stop looking at yourself so much.

Doing healthy staff everyday is not bad its worth it!! Great body V.. more pic to come!..

oh dear God, i can’t believe you are here biiitching at V and her fans when the news are about a good and respectable cause.

I love her she’s so pretty no matter what!

Is she attending the Power of Youth event? is she confirmed?

i hope Austin goes with her to NY, it would be so cute, love them together.

I love the positive reviews still coming in from the TIFF screenings, from normal viewers to critics. There were even complaints of people turned away since the scheduled screenings are fully packed! :D

and the elephant project for a good cause. please bid if you have the time and money. If not for V’s , then for other celebrities.

Same clowns on this post, different fake id’s. And tell me why anyone would give 10 upvotes to a comment about Stella flying to new york. This has to be the dumbest comments section that can be found around the web along with the fishiest support to be found among a “celebrity”

someone’s pressed….

@ Intric8 And you are one of them but, of course.

MoreThanWords @ 09/12/2012 at 4:46 am

@intric8: VOMIT

Haters Suck! @ 09/12/2012 at 7:42 am

Yeah, yeah, blah, blah. Same $hit different day. See ya on the next vanesssa post we know you can’t stay away from her. Dumba$$

@Haters Suck!: Vanessa really pulled the dads side. Seems like Stella pulled the mom. In fairness, i like Van’s jawline and that cleft in the middle in front. Really looks nice on her black and white pics. Van if your reading this, tell JJ not to post to much gym pics because it’s watering down your brand. Save your posts for stuff that kicks asss.

Faith-Hope-Destiny @ 09/12/2012 at 10:15 am

ciao, scusate la domanda, ma l’anello che porta sulla mano destra è lo stesso che indossava quando stava con Zac oppure è un anello di fidanzamento?
(questa domanda l’ho fatta per curiosità perché è da all’incirca 2 settimane che lo indossa, quindi non attaccatemi! per favore grazie).

Faith-Hope-Destiny @ 09/12/2012 at 10:17 am

scusate l’orrore grammaticale!

@Faith-Hope-Destiny: That wasn’t horrible grammar, and most people don’t understand you anyways cause it’s in Italiano. – Hello, sorry for asking, but the ring Vanessa wears on her right hand is the same she used to wear when she was with Zac, right? Or is it some kind of engagement ring? (I’m just curious because she has been wearing it for the last two weeks).

it is a new ring, but we dont know if it is an engagement ring or it is a promisse ring or just a present from her boyfriend, famor friend. But she loves that ring, i think she has been wearing it since Barcelona.

Can somebody tell me where i can find a picture of this ring? i still haven’t seen it.

Gorgeous baby V

I think she is a giver, good for her

personally i don’t think it is exactly an engagement ring, but it definitely is a really REALLY SPECIAL ring for her.

@me2 thank you for the links. you think austin gave it to her? i think he did.

I think it’s more like a promise ring if anything. Might just be a ring she got for herself or a gift from a grandmother.

btw the ring is gorgeous.

kelly martineau @ 09/12/2012 at 5:04 pm

Leave big lips and home where he belongs. He doesn’t need to follow her like a puppy dog. Why is she going to N.Y. And why was stella going for?

Another pitchure of her again working out. Do something else women. PLEASE!!!!!!

She has to lose about 5-10 pounds. Tons of gym pics but i don’t see any weight coming off.

@kelly martineau: For God’s sake….she just got home from two film festivals across the world, with photocalls, press conferences, etc. Now she’s heading to New York for a magazine cover event tomorrow. She is on the cover of Untitled Magazine for the cinema issue. On the 15th, she is being honored for her charity work at the Variety “Power of Youth” event. Then she will have a bit of time until promo work for Frozen Ground. Maybe she’ll have a quick project in there until promo for Spring Breakers starts. This is the life of an actress. Sometimes it’s back to back projects, sometimes it’s more spread out. You need to stop whining about it.

@intric8: You’ve obviously never seen her in person. She’s extremely petite and could actually afford to gain 5 or 10 pounds. And working out isn’t always about losing weight, it’s about staying in shape and being healthy.

The ring, the bracelet…. Maybe she is secretly back with the ex! Love it! As long as we can say goodbye to Austin it works for me

I also think she looks really toned lately. V does not wear tight, fancy clothes to work out so I don’t think you see it. She looked adorable in Venice and no one could say she did not look thin and fit

The ring isn’t on the right hand for it to be an engagement ring.

@Xo: How about 5 pounds? The contours will really show and when she photographs, watch out. She looks a bit chubby right now, but she looks healthy at least. Sexy, but that appeal limits you in hollywood. I think genetically, she will be fighting weight gain from here on out. She realizes that, hence the regular gym activity. She needs a boxing regimen, im telling you that sh*t is the best to drop pounds. The treadmill will only go so far so she needs to constantly mix it up. Weights will also help her look more toned. If she tweaks her look to a more toned appearance, they may cast her for action roles.

I know, but I can dream ;)

Did you see pics of her going to gym from the 10th? I think she looks really fit, dont you think? I agree she does not wear the most flattering outfits to workout, but she’s going to work out. I can respect that.

@intric8: All I’ll say is that its sad that you find this ‘chubby’. She looks great and obviously lives a healthy lifestyle and I would hate for a young girl Vanessa’s size to see this comment and think badly about her body. She’s beautiful.

I’m not saying she doesn’t look great, quite honestly she does, but it’s just my opinion that if she wants to compete for roles, she will have to trim down, especially for the more highly coveted roles. I mean, its one thing to look good for the typical person, but for hollywood it is a different story altogether. I think shes at a crossroads in terms of how she wants to market herself. HSM days are far behind now, she has to decide where to from here. 5 pounds, she can do it. It will work wonders for her.

Vanessa varies her workouts, and I highly doubt she does anything as boring as the treadmill. She does high intensity exercise, Pilates, yoga, dance, Spinning, and various boxing like classes. I have no idea why anyone thinks she’s chubby. She is VERY petite, but pics zoomed in like these make her look large in the photo. Every single person who ever meets her says she’s TINY, and not just in height. Not sure why this is of such concern to haters. She is healthy, normal, and real.

@intric8: Why don’t you let her worry about that. She was in the same shape she is now when she got her roles in Suckerpunch and Machete Kills. And who’s to say she wants to do more action movies right now? She goes all over the place with her roles. And I’ll stand by what I said earlier, she could gain five pounds.

Maybe she is getting in shape for a new role…

Just for the info, my grandmother was petite and slim till the day she died. We really cannot predict how they are going to turn out. Look at Selma Hayek and Susan Lucci,both petite. Both have had children and Selma is in her 40s and Susan touching on 60 I believe. Look how good they lookand they are an inpirstion to all petite women.Vanessa, if she keeps up with her workout regime and a healthy diet will and can continue looking good when she reaches their age. I
I know she had to gain weight for Gimme Shelter and it has been a challenge to lose those pounds after the movie was done. It isnt easy by any means unless of course you went on a crash diet which is not a healthy practice. I really can’t see it as being a problem though, this weight thing. I know the competition is great and it is about being the flavour of the moment and having the right connections. We will just have to wait and see and pray for the best for her.

@BOJI: I agree! Plus, she already has a healthy lifestyle with her diet, daily exercise, and love of the outdoors. I, personally, think she looks great, just the natural way she is. Some people make the point that she’s gained weight, well, yeah, she has. She’s grown up…she’s not 16 and Gabriella anymore. She is 23, almost 24 and a woman. Girls bodies fill out and get curvy in their twenties. It’s NORMAL. No one looks like they did at 16 in their twenties. But she looks great, all curvy and toned.

She shouldn’t change herself for anyone, especially someone who never misses an opportunity to trash her in her posts. She’ll never please you no matter what she does anyway. If you want to see a stick figure so bad then go check out the Victoria’s Secret model’s post.

So when is little beauty going to NYC? Is she on route or is she there already?

@ST: Yep in that set she is just about at a good weight. She needs to be just a little more toned, though. I’m almost positive her agent is giving the same advice. Its almost taboo to mention that a person should drop some pounds nowadays especially when they already look fine, but if Van wants to transition out of the kiddie roles and into drama and action, it would help her. Been looking at some of her face shots. That girl has a just gorgeous jawline i must say, and generally, her face is freaking beautiful. Here’s the problem – she is half filipina so she loves to eat yummy food.

he has a “GF” now

@Xo: Yes given that ive been a pain in the ass, your not interested in what i have to say, and i understand that she’s doing what makes her happy. That’s most important. IMO her career is actually panning out just the way any fan would hope for – transitioning into a more indy type genre with spring breakers, that flick with cage coming up as a vehicle to demonstrate her dramatic range, and working with Rodriquez which is actually a fantastic opportunity. In the first machete it was Alba and Lohan, and i bet those two were thrilled being a part of it. Sincerely and all trolling aside, i hope she doesn’t play some hispanic tramp for 10 minutes in that Rodriguez film. Now the audience has a taste of Van in serious roles, so the logical transition will be drama and action for her, and dropping a further weight will help her more than you guys probably realize.

Who has a GF now? I will need some details if I am going to believe it ;)

How tall is Vanessa?

@intric8, now you are talking. I like you when you’re in your lucid moments and you do make sense. This is a critique I can deal with.
Here’s something I’d disagree with, your saying that because she is half Filipino she loves good food, who doesn’t ? I think that is too much of a generalisation. I love good and yummy foods too, am not Filipino btw, but if taken in moderation it will not add the pounds on. Go for quality and not quantity is my motto and if anyone can live by it, rest assured you’ll stay trim.

Well, she’s keeping herself very fit for now and perhaps preparing for a movie role as some suggested. An action packed one perhaps?

Oh, she’s 5′ 2″ I think.

Or is it 5’21/2 “?

@ it looks like @bo is gone for good.

Thanks J , that article is again another great review of SpringBreakers. I really have no opinion on the matter. This is the first time I’m seeing SpringBreakers pitted against At any Price and PaperBoy in an article. Interesting.

Interesting indeed. I haven’t read other reviews of the other films mentioned so I have no opinion about it too..

Spring breakers already has a fresh 67% ratings on Rotten tomatoes :) I hope it goes higher or be consistently high on the review <3

I don’t think we could even try to compare the films. They are completely different kinds of films. I AM glad that reviewers really get this movie, unlike Sucker Punch. That movie was in a world of it’s own, but could have been edited better to make it more understandable. Visually, it was fabulous. But the reviews seen to really get Spring Breakers. So psyched about that. Korine sounds like he’s got himself a cult masterpiece of pop culture!

@Maria I know, right? And I’m excited too. It is like this movie is going to be in a class of its own.Really didn’t expect the response it got in Venice and now in Toronto. Am so happy for Korine and the Cast especially Vanessa. Can’t wait to see the movie.

@ Bebe
Vanessa Hudgens’s height is 5 ft 1 in (155 cm).

She’s 5 ft 3 ins tall, that’s what the quote says.

italian mom @ 09/13/2012 at 9:29 am

n. 100. What a review! Even too much, unexpected. let’s keep grounded.
I just saw a beautiful video of V in Venice. Very glad she was really happy.
When Evan is with her I always think “good, she is safe” because he seems so present and capable.
And Austin. I can imagine how beautiful this trip was for him. Well deserved, to balance the hate he sometimes gets here with no reasons.Last thing. I totally enjoyed her improved skills in talking to an audience. So charming. So perfect in that dress.
This girl shows us that she is constantly and seriously working on her craft.
She is only 23 .she loves her job and everything related.

So she’s 5 feet 1 or five – two ish? Alright, Ness, how about 3 or 4 pounds?

italian mom @ 09/13/2012 at 11:06 am

intric8. umhh, in real life mind your own shape and don’t be stressful to the shape of the girls you meet. Otherwise… bye bye girls.

Yes, it is a reliable website for celeb heights, since Rob gets to meet most of them and also evaluate pictures with other actors/actresses. Vanessa claims 5’3″ (like most actresses try to add a few inches) but she has been listed as 5’0″ and 5’1″ numerous times. Ahsley Tisdale is 5’3″, so Vanessa has to be a few inches shorter.
Also, (sorry to bring the ex here), Efron is only 5’7.5″ and he towers over her.
Read carefully Boji, she is listed as 5’1″ on the page… the quote is just something she said. She was also quoted saying she is 5’2″ in Lucky Magazine.
She’s quite petite, but quite proportionate imo.

Yes, it is a reliable website regarding celeb heights, because Rob gets to meet most of them and also evaluate pictures and movies with other fellow actors/actresses.
She is listed as 5’1″, but as also been listed as 5’0″ and 5’1″ numerous times. Read carefully Boji, she is quoted saying she is 5’3″ in an interview but she is listed as 5’1. Actors and actresses always tend to add a few inches to their height.
Also, Ashley Tisdale is 5’3″ so V has to be a few inches shorter. Sorry to bring the ex here :S but Efron is only 5’7.5 and he towers over her.
She has also been quoted saying she is 5’2″ in an interview with Lucky Magazine and Teen Vogue.
She is very petite but proportionate imo. Height really doesn’t matter on screen and many other actresses are 5’1″ as well like Reese Witherspoon, Ellen Page, Hilary Duff, Rachel Bilson, Selma Hayek, etc.

I don’t think she needs to lose weight, mind your own business intric !!!

there’s nothing less attractive than skinny legs like Kate Bosworth, Angelina Jolie, Lara Flynn Boyle. V has strong & athletic legs, it’s sexy.

oops sorry i posted twice!

she’s such a sweetheart!

it looks like @bo finally went away for good.

Aren’t we gonna get pics of her at the magazine launge? its today isn’t It?

Today is the day for her cover launch in NY. We should get some good pictures.

i heard that she’s in NY . Zac’s there too . Actually Zac is 5 10 1/2 .

Off topic alert!

Why is he even there? I will now say that after looking at pics of him at Arbitrage premiere … V should keep looking forward and never look back! It saddens me and I am still a fan, but he looks like a complete fool! If he has a stylist it is time to fire them and if not it is time to get one!

Can’t wait to see some new pics!

zac looks happy .may be they met- secretly – i mean zac and van

I will agree he does look happy …..I am not sure I think that happened, but meeting with Vanessa would have to put a big smile on his face ;) she is fabulous!

@italian mom: Funny, usually it’s the other way around. 4 POUNDS, HUDGENS! YOU CAN DO IT!

@italian mom Other way around in the sense that once i start getting heavy and no longer look hot, my exes ask me to trim down again. LOL

Did V bring blonde to NYC?

I think he was already there, filming his new show.

her boyfriend Austin Butler is with her

according to some people, he is there with his new pr girlfriend.. more news t o come!
Vanessa is there with her boyfriend Austin and Shawn, they were together last night

zac went to Toronto once for his premiere then came to NY to attend that other premiere then again flew to Toronto for his own premiere .What a busy , important man ! He has promises to keep . Miles to sleep before he sleeps .! LOL

yes , I believe Aus would take every measure to keep her pr gf from falling for her ex .he can bind her bodily but can’t do that to her heart ! LOL

You, again! Can you please stay on your idol’s threads. There’re rumours that he’s Bi and also his threads does seem to have a lot of Trolls. Thank heavens, they are not Vanessa fans. How would you like it if we went over to his threads and insist on posting news about Vanessa? Want us to do just that till you give up?

Lay off the snacks in NY, Ness. Come back slimmer!

hi boji bado! long time ya see! missed ya ! lmao

MoreThanWords @ 09/14/2012 at 2:18 am

@BO: Long time see ya?! Hahahaha oh dear lord forgive the poor soul. New pics needed JJ, PRONTO!

J, thanks again. The great reviews keep rolling in. Funny yet serious, I like.
@MoreThanWords Miss SriLanka is a comedy of errors, shall we say.

The coincidence was intriguing …. Why so much anger again? It was nice pleasant reading. There has never been a thread which did not contain a little Z! It happens! I agree no bashing should be done and none is …. I think you like to go back and forth with BO. lOL!

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