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Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Late Night Snack Run!

Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Late Night Snack Run!

Adam Levine and his girlfriend Behati Prinsloo grab some late-night snacks at Gelson’s Supermarket last week in West Hollywood, Calif.

The duo were spotted grabbing several pints of ice cream for a special treat!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adam Levine

Adam‘s hit show The Voice, for which he acts as a mentor alongside Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, and Blake Shelton, has begun its third season! Be sure to check out the next all new episode TONIGHT on NBC at 8pm EST.

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adam levine behati prinsloo stock up snacks 01
adam levine behati prinsloo stock up snacks 02
adam levine behati prinsloo stock up snacks 03
adam levine behati prinsloo stock up snacks 04

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  • wack

    that chick looks cracked out!

  • Yulia

    Is he gonna date all VS models?

  • DUbya

    He lookS…different.

  • Tony

    He can rock my world all night long!

  • kathryn

    this woman is a victoria’s secret model??? looks more like urban outfitters material

  • reese

    I don’t really like her face..
    And, btw, yep!, just as Leo di Caprio he’s going to date all VS models! :P

    Anyway di Caprio is the creepiest: did you ever notice that his new girlfriends are always younger than the previous one? Gisele was born in 1980, Bar in 1985, Blake in 1987, Erin in 1989. Creepy. What’s next?

  • Awkward couple

    They remind me of Leo and Blake when they were dating last year. An aging modelizer with the new VS flavour.

  • reese

    @Awkward couple: and did you notice that all of LEo’s girlfriends look alike? At lest Gisele-Bar-Blake-Erin, mostly the last three, they are all tall blondes gorgeous and not so skinny..
    And he’s been seen with all of them doing the same things: biking in NY, watching games.. I don’t know, to me it looks VERY CREEPY.. :O
    Like he’s obsessed..

  • rose

    smoking weed does make you feel like eating all sorts of nasty things and going for a late night snack shopping … well with that gal’s face that’s what comes to my mind

  • Lian

    What the hell happened to his face? @.@

  • jayraj

    Come on dude is tired, probably partying the night before, lets see how you guys look after a night out or shagging.

    She is rough though !!! Ann V was 10 million times more gorgeous. !!
    Cant believe she is a model. Sorry to be harsh but ..

  • Leenah

    Adam..what’s up with that hair? I don’t care who he dates anymore..if he’s shallow let him be,I like his voice and his songs,that’s all that matters.

  • Lana

    They both look a bit stoned !
    And behati, let me introduce you to a comb!

  • LeeSeol

    she’s ugly and his hair is wack like that.
    and the facial hair.
    just no.

  • Claire Mélusine

    ah yeah ”rock star” dating a model, so hardcore [sarcasm]

  • straight

    these two are living proof that all you gotta have is photoshop and good marketing to make it.

  • William

    just as Sherry responded I am alarmed that a mom can earn $6097 in 4 weeks on the computer. have you read this page (Click on menu Home more information)

  • unknown

    His face is flushed and a bit swollen. Both eyes look glittery. Hmmm weed and coke combo. Def sines of heavy partying LA style. Its sad he is so desperate for love he will do anything for it. Including throwing his life away. When he hits bottom. He will wake up. Howeverc its September and her ass isn’t working? And that’s a VS Angel? Her career is going to go away fast. He needs to wake up a see what is really happening!

  • unknown

    BTW. Love how she looks directly at the camera and has a lil smirk on her face. If she wants attention how about getting herself a job.

  • Fleurs

    Tsk tsk. JustJared missed out on all the good adorable pics of adam and behati here

  • Gay Vaginahaal

    The only special treat will be when, not if, this poundcake lets me pump him up his gaped behind. Hava nagila.

  • Livvyloo

    Pregnant, obviously by what appears to be Dartanion.

  • guess

    paps have a great friend in that supermarket

  • unknown

    You mean Dartanian? So where is it? She isn’t pregnant. They are high. Seems like meth. But if she is pregnant which she isn’t. That would be the worst mistake Adam could make with this girl ever. @Livvyloo:

  • Jordan

    He’s so gross

  • D’Artagnan


  • kathryn

    @Claire Mélusine: more like pop star that poses as a rock star even though all maroon 5 songs are made on a computer

  • Deb

    Yep. She loves the attention. In the link someone posted notice the ass grabbing trying to kiss the linked hands after she notices the papz. And drawing hearts on freezer door….. How very high school ! Def someone in it for the glamour and attention.

  • Jen

    I see that Adam is following Valerie vd Graaf who is the model in his upcoming (unnamed) video. It’ll be interesting to see how long it is before he’s dating her. ;-) And yeah, how coincidental that Behati knows where the camera is at all times and she’s now following Just Jared. I don’t care one way or the other about this girl, but she’s too obvious. It’s also interesting that she’s missed out on some important fashion things like NY’s Fashion Week. She must not have been selected.

  • lucas

    Adam Levine kind of looks like Orlando Bloom in that picture.

  • Vs angel


    Ohh she def wants and needs the attention! Vs angels are promoted so much, vs is constantly bombarding us with interviews,shows,catalogues etc. Even with all of that and being an angel for 3 yrs, she was one of the least popular ones. Now adam is bringing her all the attention. Her suddenly following jj only makes it more obvious.

    Granted, she likes music and musicians. And adam just happened to get single so suited her purpose.
    Someone said on the previous post that she was not taken for the shows cos they told her to gain weight. Believable. She was taken off runways a few yrs ago too since her bmi was below the recommended value. All that smoking doesnt help!

    Anne also missed the nyfw but that was because she was attending the wedding of her best friend Heather. I see no such reason with behati. Unless she was busy snorting coke and going to gelsons! And nyfw is one of the most imp fashion weeks!

  • Jen

    @Vs angel:

    I was kind of surprised as, I would assume, all models’ pictures are submitted for NYFW. When Anne returned from vacation, she was working on a photoshoot.

    Behati’s, what, 23? If I were her, I’d focus on the great projects now since she’s kind of “middle aged” for a model. I see her in some things, but not too many. As far as VS is concerned, I see the other models Alessandra and Candice way more often.

  • Effy

    Not that anyone cares, but that’s my favorite ice cream in her hand.

  • Vs angel


    I strictly dont see her even as vs material. Shes good for pink, cos she has that image of being a goofy kid. But thats all. Shes definitely does not ooze sexiness like adriana or ale. I think vs took her for her personality for pink. Candice is beautiful but has a very shy personality, chanel is cocky, so they needed someone to strike a chord with the pink target audience.
    I think irina shayk would have made a much better angel. She has the curves for it ! And the sultriness !
    I personally feel she does not have the passion for her job that others do. In that case, she should just retire. It doesnt matter what your job is, you should like it and have the passion for it.
    Anne has that passion. She loves what she does. And is grateful for what modelling has given her, thats why you see her get back to a job immediately.

  • KissThis

    Hmm. for a model, she’s rather plain looking.

  • outspoken

    wasnt he datimg some other VS chick? What a scum bag!!!

  • Melanie

    Ha ha they are both off their heads…

  • http://aimeeliaearart Amelia

    She’s actually my favorite VS MODEL! Very simple and FUN! SHE NOT BORING AT ALL! :))) Behati is such a character!

  • Jaja

    he does look a lot different now – tired and aging. these two are also always going out for ‘late night snacks’ and eating at the mustard seed cafe. he always took anne v to nice restaurants when they were still together – not on late night snack outings at the local supermarket. notice too that he is now carrying the bags and not letting her carry. ha ha – someone must have read the comments here!

  • unknown

    How is it that everytime they are at the store and Mustardf Green they are photographed and its always by the one photographer. thtas something you guys can all think about!! just saying!!

    BTW God Bless Gene and why did Shawn stop following Behati? i dont know if he refollowed her, but noticed he stopped.
    his wide eyes def say he is beyound high. so sad.

  • Katie


    Hahaha. If they start going to nice restraunts, then it will definitely prove the point that someone is reading the comments. I always thought he took anne more to basketball games. Most of their pics are at Staples ! But yeah never on midnight shopping to buy snacks!

    Something seems wrong with both their faces. Its sorta bloated, making the eyes seem smaller.

  • Marnie

    OMG they are both so high. I would think that would be a definite career blunder to be so obvious about it. I get that she’s 23, but 23 is an adult – who will need a job once VS fires her. I hope someone from the company gets wind of these pics and articles. As for Adam, he looks relatively normal on The Voice. These pics are weird but I think it’s the facial hair – not his normal scruff but more of a goatee. Anyway, both are crapping their lives away and need to break up fast before they lose everything. Dependency issues in more way than one!

  • MrsO

    I HATE these two together!!!! These are terrible pictures of handsome Adam. He looks so much older than her too. She is too young for him. And she is beyond disrespectful for dating her co-workers ex. What goes around comes around Behati. Karma is a bitc h!!!! Adam, get out now!!!!

  • Helen

    They have the same eyes in these pictures 

  • Amber


  • Jen

    Gene and Shawn follow Behati, so I don’t know what others are saying here.

  • Katie

    Hesalways gonna be dating models! So all his gfs will be co-workers! Modelizer!
    Yeah even i dont get all the twitter follow/ unfollow ref. Btw, is she tweeting on behalf of adam now?? All the multiple !!!!!! and hahaha Is so her! And i know he re tweeted her tweet with the grammar mistake, but wouldnt he have noticed it and changed it when retweeting? Adam never makes such mistakes.
    I dont understand them. Doing yoga and having unhealthy habits? Cmon guys , you are way too old to be throwing away yr health by smoking. So not worth it !

  • dana

    amh!! actually ADAM is the reason why I love to go to LA but because of that girl? I don’t think so.. Still, I LOVE ADAM. I’m happy to both of them even if it’s tearing me apart knowing that Adam has his girl already. LOVE U ADAM NOAH LEVINE <3 FOREVER!!

  • dana


    does it mean Adam and Behati is suitable for each other?? hehehee.. COz I think Adam deserves a girl who can really makes his life full of happiness.. :)

  • dana


    maybe it’s just a matter of coincidence.. :))