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Angelina Jolie: Bekaa Valley Refugee Visit

Angelina Jolie: Bekaa Valley Refugee Visit

Angelina Jolie gets playful with a young child at a refugee camp in the Bekaa Valley on Tuesday (September 11) in Lebanon.

The 37-year-old actress and UN Refugee Chief Antonio Guterres visited the site to promote solidarity with the refugees, where numbers have reached over 250,000, and to thank the Jordanian government for the support of the people.

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That same day, Angelina payed a visit to the Zaatari Refugee Camp, which is near the Jordanian border with Syria.

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Credit: J Tanner; Photos: Getty
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    no lives but a pc and a keyboard, saving the world from their mum’s basement, or taking a break from their care work

    all patehtic, and thank the lord everyday u are not them.

  • angelina is fine

    getting a little bit annoyed by some fans wanting angelina home so quick.
    think of the poor people who can’t just leave.

    angelina will be fine.

  • DizzyRiz

    This just makes me sick. As a Lebanese, an Orthodox Christian Lebanese for that matter, and having to constantly watch my country crumble, it sickens me that people with power and money that have some form of influence, like Angelina Jolie, ONLY visit Bekaa Valley when it is to aid Syria or other turmoils that are associated with EVERYONE else other than Lebanon and the Lebanese people. There have been numerous occassions where she could have participated in ending some form of aggression or injustice in my country and chose not to for some strange reason. Lebanon is the size of a pea yet the pain and bloodshed it has endured can last a thousand lifetimes and it hurts to watch those that CAN help do nothing, yet find a way to assist other neighboring nations.

  • blech




  • yuri

    man she is ugly

  • Saint Angelina

    She’s not only beautiful, she is smart and she helps make the world a better place to live. What a unselfish woman she is. I just love Mrs Jolie Pitt!!!!


    Hey,trolls!!! When you are here, expanding your life,Angie are in other side of world promotes peace and great things for save people!!! Where are you fantastic jen??Hoo…she is in front of the mirror!!! Hahahahah!!! And you,loosers fans of jen,still here…post moore and moore messages for my favorite person,you are very generous,because my idol be a most popular!!!Loosers!

  • Saint Angelina

    She’s not only beautiful, she is smart and she helps make the world a better place to live. What an unselfish woman she is. I just love Mrs Jolie Pitt!!!!

  • LaCroix

    Angelina Jolie is a UN REFUGEE Ambassador.. her job is solely to help refugees.. the politics of the country has nothing to do with Angie. Stop blaming others or Americans for your countries problems. Tired of this BS talk about a woman that CHOOSES to do this with her life. You ppl are unreal.


    I comment again:Hey,trolls!!! When you continuous here, post moore and moore comments against my favorite person,Angelina are in other side of the world,make great actions for save lifes,help people!! You makes Jolie-Pitt most popular in every comment!!! Hahaha! Where are your Jen? Alone posts? Probally,she stay in front of the mirror!! And moore:she ignoress your existence!! Hahahaha! Pathetic group…you can´t calling fans,cause you are fanatic and stupid!!! No have conditions or arguments for discution in everywhere…Grow up!!

  • http://deleted JP Fan

    i notice Whampo never came back with the receipts from Clooney supposedly staying in a Darfur camp for months, nevver answered my question on why Clooney has not been working for months and vacatoned all summer in Italy and did not go to Darfur one day during this break, how convenient that whampo disappeared when I provided words from Clooney’s own mouth where he was praising Angelina so much for her humanitarian work. typical duh-lister.

  • yesm

    Angie could solve the worlds problems with a black high slit dress and a round of “Jolies”.

  • Jolie’s Got Gold

    She is so honorable. Why else would Brad chase the hottest woman in planet Earth! You go Angelina!

  • Jennifer is crazy!

    Eat your charcoal heart out Jennipoo! All you do is rot in your small world. We own Jennipoo’s fans, they go crazy with jealousy, the loons. LOL big time!

  • Ang

    “Thinking of all you cute little fugees back at Miraval while I’m having my feet rubbed and quick pedi”

  • soi

    Angelina is more than fine. She can definitely take care of her self. Such a compassionate and worthy woman. I am thoroughly disgusted by some of these hater comments on such real tragedy. I know I should not even care because they are the lowest form of human being but in such a serious situation I cannot help but be saddened and disgusted. Keep on ANgelina- I love you.

  • lylian

    My condolences to the families and friends of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and others who were killed in the Benghazi attack.
    Their deaths were tragic and senseless.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Hi Phool,
    Please do not let the idot troll fool you. The multiple names on this board and all other hate boards belong to none other than Tacky Tammy and her sidekick Wacky Whammy.

  • dawne

    I’ll bet some of the toys Angelina brought for the kids came from her own home…….I’m sure her kids coughed up some of their treasures; Mama teaching giving to those who have so much less after losing everything they own. I doubt she misses an opportunity to teach this.

    Isn’t it funny how all these flakes in HW are always winning something or being honoured for something….yet the only really valuable entity is never recognized………..because she doesn’t have a publicist banging down doors to get her official kudos…….I’ll bet she looks at the whole publicist game as staggeringly stupid and shallow. She has so opted out of HW and it’s superficial games to blow bought and paid for smoke up those vacuous toned azzes.

  • Theresa

    Whamo @ 09/12/2012 at 11:34 am

    once again we get a sermon from our resident psychotic jealous troll. still haven’t visited your therapist.

  • Julia

    You make me so proud to be in your team Angelina. Thank you for all the work you do. Safe journey home. It is nice you wear a scarf to show sign of respect. You are a beautiful person.

  • vickifromtexas

    angelina clearly feels so much for the people she meets. i think the way she uses her celebrity to bring attention where it is so desperately needed is wonderful.
    hello to my dear friend yolly. hi to groundcontrol, tita, thelookoflove, falp and all jolie-pitt fans.

  • mary

    I just love Angelina and every thing she does. Today, all i can think about is the attack on our Embassy in Libya and the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, and two others not yet identified. I also can’t stop thinking about the pain that the families of these men are suffering.

  • dawne

    Everything, and I mean everything, Angelina does she excels in…..just an amazing human being. No wonder Brad said she is scary smart.

    She carries herself with such poise, she speaks with such elegance, she feels with such force, she cares with canyon depth, she mothers angelically, she loves her man with such fervor and gratitude, she can master badazz and saint in the same week, she reads and studies voraciously, she inter-relates on a global level, she writes with such purpose, she directs with respect and heart, she donates with such generosity and she is the epitome of self actualization in how she lives her life and what she doesn’t let in to sully her loving world.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Hi Rose.
    Angelina looks soooo beautiful in all of her pictures.
    OMG!!!! Brad must be unable to contain himself when she is lying by his side every night and kissing him tenderly to sleep. I love how she always massages his hair and he seems to love that.
    I thank her Guardian Angels for watching over her as she does such great work bringing the world’s attention to those who are in need.
    Many, many blessings cover you sweet lady.
    I also love how the Spirit of Love says…”when you do so unto the least of these my brethren you do it unto Me.” This is the spirit of Angelina. Always reaching out to help those she can in what ever way she can. No wonder Love walks with her wherever she goes and shines out from within her. Her beauty truly is shining from inward out. I thank also the Angels for watching over Brad and their beautiful childen as they wait for mamma to come home.

  • anustin

    my anjie,the beautiful.bless you.

  • tweet

    NickKristof MT @ZahratTrablis: Citizens of # Benghazi raising money to rebuild US Consulate. These are the Libyans I know and love

  • soi

    I miss you PT. You are my favorite read. I hope all is well in your world.

  • kkjh

    y se la da de monja la puta esta!!!!

  • Ssshhii_baby

    waving hi to all the Jolie-Pitt fans from around the world! look at our girl! this is the reason why i love her so much! beautiful inside and out! i honestly think she looks her best here..doing what she is meant to do. her true calling..she truely is heaven sent…please get home safe to your so proud to be her fan!

  • lylian

    Me too.

    My muslims friends predicted that when the Mubaraks and the Ghaddafis of the world depart, societies in Egypt and Lybia aren’t going to magically become civilised democracies. These societies need to learn and grow into civilised democracies. That initially freedom from dictatorship may simply result in a greater dictatorship.
    But it is a process and we must trust the process. And the process may be such that the society will take one step back for every two steps forward. In the last couple of days, Egypt and Libyan society took a big step backwards
    So right now, I’m waiting to see whether the leadership in Egypt and Libya are going to take the forward step in this process towards democracy.
    In particular, I’m waiting for President Mohammad Morsi, president of Egypt who came to power because the world supported the Arab Spring, to soundly and roundly condemn the killings. I’m waiting for him to say that when 1 or 2 out of the 7 billion people on earth wave a red rag in front of the muslims, it’s not alright for anyone of the 1.5 billion muslims to scream bloody murder, throw a temper tantrum and kill an innocent person because they can’t get to that 1or 2 persons who waved the red rag. What he says, what leadership he shows, is going to affect the course of this process.
    I’m waiting for him to say that it’s not alright for anyone of the 1.5 billion muslims to kill the 1 or 2 who waved the red rag because other cultures have other values and freedom of speech is a value. But I do think that might be just a step too far right now.

  • back on earth

    The cia, nato,mi-6,the un have purposely allowed and assisted radical muslims to topple stable friends(though they may be nasty dictators) who themselves were installed by the same,in order to create a new post Soviet threat that must be conquered using military might costing trillions, many lives,and the ultimate bankrupting of the US and other western countries. The booty is oil, other natural resources, and the sale of military hardware.Lunatics run our world. Arab Spring is a cute little story for those who like to be spoonfed pablum. You need to search out and read independent news or you are just reading lies.


    To whom much is given, much is expected. She is a good example that many in Hollywood could follow (for the long haul)

  • baby love

    Great job, Angie- you are an inspiration to all! Here is a little blast from the past

    Baby Shiloh has Chubby Cheeks

    Feast your eyes! Bigger pictures have arrived of the Pitt-Jolie family courtesy of BradleyFan and Ell. Enjoy the very first candid pictures of baby Shiloh with Papa Pitt, Mama Jolie, big bro Maddox and sister Zahara. The happy family was spotted leaving a restaurant together during their trip to New Orleans.

  • http://Facebook Gail Warfield

    Beauty inside and out!! And to top it off, she’s gorgeous!! 8-) And on top of all that, she’s engaged to Mr. Pitt, with some gorgeous little ones they look out for!!!!

  • lylian

    @back on earth:
    Fvvck! Another conspiracy theorist!
    Your arguments defeat itself. Why would the west, including Australia, want to purposely allow radical islamists to control key resources? You’d want to put in a puppet, not a radical loose cannon.

  • Rio

    she is beautiful beyond words. beyond description. and that’s that.

  • Justin’

    Can you imagine Jen ever visiting a refugee camp? She’ll probably sport a t-shirt bra-less so her nips are in full display. That old wh.0Re!

  • Rio

    on a side note, those jordanian kids are so friggin’ cute…


    LOL Loonifers posting crap while foaming at the mouth.. all losers. That’s what you do when your idol is the laughing stack of Hollywood . Let see what has their idol the barren hags has done so far :

    do lame romcon – check
    buy a toyboy – check
    announced a fake engagement – check
    pretend that you are preggy – check


  • Love the JoliePitts

    HI JuJu
    Hope you don’t mind but I just saw your post on a previous thread and am bringing it over here for the fans.
    I hope this is true.
    their sources have brad in miraval?
    he was there for 3 days a few weeks ago
    n now according to a airport worker
    he n the kids went w/ angelina
    n r in a neighbor country to jordan
    waiting for her to finish mission

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Thanks, grandma for this post.
    Passing Through, I think you will get a big kick out of this and I am not trying to hate on her but the minute I looked at this pic I thought she would be a the perfect person for the Pillsbury Dough boy Ads. But it should be called the Pillsbury Dough girl ad. Somebody needs to give Huvsy a call. Easy money in his pocket.


    Justin’ @ 09/12/2012 at 10:48 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +6

    Can you imagine Jen ever visiting a refugee camp? She’ll probably sport a t-shirt bra-less so her nips are in full display. That old wh.0Re!
    maybe TICKY can help the refugees specially the babies by breast feeding them at least for once she’s useful LOL

  • yolly

    She is such an inspiration & good role model to all of us. Angie, you are so dedicated to your cause.God bless you & your family.

  • yolly

    I love all Angie’s pictures. Thank you JJ. Waving to Neleh,Lara,Rose,Senior,Vicki,Anoble, Anustin,Jolie Pitt fan & Kimmy.

  • yolly

    @lylian: RIP.

  • andu

    the only thing that can give take the day tomorrow maniston If you ever have sons, is milk powder

  • yolly

    Angie should be on her way to London to her family. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family. Goodnight to all lovely ladies of JJ.

  • http://deleted JP Fan

    i believe she is going to Turkey tomorrow then possibly Iraq on Friday