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Angelina Jolie: Bekaa Valley Refugee Visit

Angelina Jolie: Bekaa Valley Refugee Visit

Angelina Jolie gets playful with a young child at a refugee camp in the Bekaa Valley on Tuesday (September 11) in Lebanon.

The 37-year-old actress and UN Refugee Chief Antonio Guterres visited the site to promote solidarity with the refugees, where numbers have reached over 250,000, and to thank the Jordanian government for the support of the people.

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That same day, Angelina payed a visit to the Zaatari Refugee Camp, which is near the Jordanian border with Syria.

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327 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: Bekaa Valley Refugee Visit”

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  1. 126
    andu Says:

    I am very worried, oh god angie and all is well. I hope that with brad and children

  2. 127
    FANNY Says:

    Hey,trolls! How are you??! You continous in here,is true??? Run to first comments about jolie-pitt ever???Thanks for your good job!! Your CENTURYS bad comments about Jolie-Pitts makes they MOST FAMOUS COUPLE here!!! hahahahah!! You live here, not eat, not slepp, no stud, not lover or f….. because you need post here!!! LOOSERS!!!Brad and Angelina continous make love,pretty childs,good actions! He have manny love,real friends, good causes for live…and your idol,Jen? She is sooo alone,nobody comments about she…and you?? Your are your fan?? Poor Jen…

  3. 128
    FANNY Says:

    Loosers are jen fans!!! They continuos here,ever…not in Jen posts,because your idol is boring!!!hahahahah

  4. 129
    Passing Through Says:

    # 136 CLINIQUA @ 09/12/2012 at 3:23 pm
    Putrid, at the ripe old age of 39, is trying to resurrect her floundering acting career. Notice how I differentiate her acting career from whatever the hell else it is she’s doing to keep herself in the news. Hawking overpriced crap for Hugo Boss, pushing frozen veggies in Germany, not writing her own cookbooks, advocating for spending half your day exercising, proving to the world that knows 2 rich-as-fvck-all black people and giving snooty “lifestyle” advise is apparently not fulfilling enough for her. Now she wants to ACT! again and do more than try to be sexy and act flirty while delivering stellar dialog like, “Tony, is that an anvil in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” and “Oh my god! Everybody run! It’s going to blow!”. So now she’s moving to LA with the husband who doesn’t want to be seen publicly with her and the children that she’s never around long enough to make sure the Nanny is slipping them Mickey D’s behind her back. That’ll give me something to look forward making fun of because, as you know, ragging on Ticky is a cut-and-paste job these days. I could go find a comment I wrote about that trick 7 years ago and it’d still be true today.

  5. 130
    FANNY Says:

    What jen makes today???Nothing!!!Hahahahahah!

  6. 131
    FANNY Says:

    Ho , Jen make up!!!Hahahahahah

  7. 132
    Passing Poo Says:

    This is just another total crock of PR shit and at the bottom of it is St Angie!

    Mister Hankey says ‘Howdy Ho’ to BAMPZSKVille!

  8. 133
    peace., I hope Says:

    15 Photos Of Libyans Apologizing To Americans A peaceful demonstration from Benghazi, the Libyan city where a U.S. ambassador was killed in a consulate attack Tuesday. “Chris Stevens was a friend to all Libyans.”

  9. 134
    busted Says:

    So just saw the new thread. love our girl.

    I saw this on Gossipcop
    Jason Sudeikis is coming back to “Saturday Night Live.”

    wonder if he knows that Miller movie is a bust and he is trying to have something in the works. He like Aniston is better suited for the small screen. Everyone does not have BIG SCREEN presence. Neither of them do. I remember that there was an article about JA and her not having a face for films. It was great.

  10. 135
    FANNY Says:

    The people libian are very brave,but ever not win with terrorism or war.Oxalá Obama no make retaliason over fact.The people are innocent,and are most afraid whit act terror! People against act of terror!

  11. 136
    teri Says:

    I have so much respect for everything Angelina has done for many years. There is nothing more beautiful than a person who has compassion for others.

  12. 137
    Howie Feltersnatch Says:

    Brad Pitt is an *******.
    I remember Jolie in the emerald green sequin dress laying all over Brad at the Golden Globes.
    Later, when she wasn’t laying on him, he ignored her while she laughed at some crap from on stage and looked up and back at him to share the fun with him. He wouldn’t even look at her. He was being a mean *******, she wasn’t expecting it, he had been acting normal for the camera before. She looked hurt and awkward, she drew her lips in and mashed them together while staring at him. He continued to pretend she wasn’t there for a time. It was hilarious.
    Then I remembered how they posing earlier on the red carpet together. He would walk away from her repeatedly and left her awkwardly alone and posing while he shot the breeze on the sideline. It was obvious he was acting more like a ringmaster than a boyfriend, he even made hand gestures as such.

    He’s also an insensitive *******.
    Now he is talking about how they have to scrimp and save like the rest of us. He isn’t gonna be getting the big paychecks he used to and he says “you’ve just got to balance economics like everyone does.” Maybe that’s why we haven’t seen the kids in foto ops lately, they had to sell them off.

    Jolie had to go to H&M to get clothes. What a comedown. But at least the store had enough sense to close it’s doors to everyone else for her so she could cope. She bought lots of David Beckham’s underwear for Bradley.

  13. 138
    Ella Says:

    If I was a child and a creepy wanna-be-mother-teresa woman with a camera crew came to talk to me I’d hide.

  14. 139
    aniston is a filthy loser Says:

    Awww the name-changing troll is maaaad y’all. I guess seeing Angelina, Goodness Angel of the World, fiancee and partner of the one and only Brad Pitt, mother of his children and super A-list Megastar drives the troll angry!! Lolol!! Keep ‘em comin troll. You sure is bringing the cray cray like your idol the Queen Loser, Anuston! hahaha

  15. 140
    zoey Says:

    WHAT A WOMAN, ANGELINA IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! There will always be haters that DO NOT I repeat DO NOT have a CLUE AS TO HAVING A PURPOSE IN LIFE. They criticize from yesterday never knowing when tomorrow will come. I am sorry this is not our high school years, you all must have been awefully beautiful and never stop hating only the ugly girl that took your man. No hating just loving peace out.

  16. 141
    Jones Says: has given ticky the “Hottest Hair” award which is absolute lunacy. All three pictures they have chosen to feature show ticky wearing her extensions!! How whack is that?! Huvane just doesn’t stop. Even when it’s an absolute joke.

  17. 142
    aniston is a filthy loser Says:

    LOL Huvane is slipping! From Sexiest Woman of All Time to DirtBag and now to Hottest Hair? LOLOL Granny manny will not be happy with this after all the pokies and the showing her mid riff photo ops. Hahahaha No wonder the name-changing troll is angry! Her idol is a LOSER buying all these awards!! And still no one curr! hahahah

  18. 143
    anon Says:

    Angelina has been in these situations at even worse times.She’ll be ok. I’m thinking though due to recent events. though, trying to get people in that region some help is gonna be a challange.

  19. 144
    bigwhoop Says:

    on Aniston buying herself another award for “hottest hair”…via hair extensions and coloring. Remember when Kate Gosselin was on ‘People’ every other week with her “hot body”. bwhahaha! Kate and Jen are two of a kind, both self absorbed and narcissistic…PR spun personas.(Kate dared compare herself to Jolie, lol) Aniston, well she is just out of her freaking mind. Mid-life crisis?
    ‘people’ rag is a joke.

  20. 145
    o boy Says:

    Angie, starving yourself is a shame, you are taking your imagined pain too far, your life is not filled with misery and war, your life is not a life of a refugee looking for shelter, stop pretending. You are not the people you show care about. If you really care, give up your monetary wealth and have a meal with the money you have left. Sure you can make a movie and get rich again. Stop pretending so much, get real you rich spoilt brat, and grow up. Take care of your kids and yourself. Eat something. 3 solid meals a day, they are called breakfast, lunch and dinner. And drugs are for losers, you don’t wanna be a loser do you?

  21. 146
    Bea Says:

    @Betina: Brad and Angie had dinner with Syrian Dictator and wife even joked about how well trained their soldier body guards were. Brad would send theirs to be trained by the dictator’s people. And now she goes to this this camp to give the Syrian dictator poor people support. She as an UN ambassador should have not been interecting with dictators of any kind. Do you have any idea how unberableit is to try to live under those regimes? So, please she was not well advised when she pareded with then in expensive restaurants and even kept contact with his wife. The world press has been talking about this situation …..So please not on a pedestal

  22. 147
    tom Says:

    You may want to wear that outfit all the time, ms. jolie. That suits you better than that red carpet dress.

  23. 148
    are u a judge? Says:

    @o boy:

    pratisce what u preach, and YOU DO THE VERY SAME THING
    awwwwwww u don’t want to give up ur money?
    so why the fcuk should angelina do the same?

    do me a favour, and shut the fcuk up judging ANYONE until u do something useful, other than being an internet warrior u waste of skin, u walking dog ****

  24. 149
    are u a judge? Says:

    sharon C and syd, STILL arguing on the internet 8 years later. pathetic.

    i hope u both die lonely, old bat shite crazy women, u both desreve never to have a partner.

  25. 150
    Angie Wan Kenobi Says:

    may the force be with you

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