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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish Visit the 9/11 Memorial

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish Visit the 9/11 Memorial

Kate Bosworth is white hot while enjoying an afternoon stroll with her fiance Michael Polish on Tuesday (September 11) in New York City.

The cute couple was joined by Kate‘s parents Patricia and Harold.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

While they were out and about, Kate, her parents, and Michael visited the 9/11 Memorial.

The day before, the pair hit up the Theysken’s Theory Spring 2013 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth out and about in the Big Apple with her fiance and parents…

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Credit: Brian Flannery; Photos: FameFlynet
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  • lara


  • landa

    she’s really hot!!! The two make a great couple.

  • may

    and this needed to be a photo-op because…….?

  • geeg


  • Survivor

    As someone who lost a lot of people on this day, I find it extremely disrespectful that she can’t take one day off from being seen & flashing the ring to respect this day & all of the lives that were lost.

  • JEN

    sorry for your loss. She is sickening tbh. She couldn’t take one day off from famewh0ring, and even worse she uses the memorial site of 9/11 as her backdrop. Vile human being.

  • Shoegal421

    He looks like her pimp.

  • Survivor

    @JEN: Thank you, I appreciate that.

  • not surprised..

    well, I am not sure I’m surprised that a couple that seems fairly self-absorbed takes a day like 9/11 and puts themselves in the position to be seen as devoting time to 9/11. like they matter or care as they seem not at all somber. Even if they weren’t intending to be photographed, surely they knew it was possible, they certainly posed for it. I was in the area as were a number of people I’m sure, it’s still a major event, not a tourist attraction. I think this is a challenge for KBos, she’s often out of tune with what is real to the things that are happening in the world. if she found a few things that would make her seem more real, more in touch, that would help, but this – it just makes me mad. and mad if those are really her parents, they are as clueless as she seems to be about the pain that event left behind.

  • geeg

    @Survivor, SO sorry for the disrespect! From the STUPID SLAG WHORE

  • JEN

    @not surprised..:
    MTE I realize you don’t have to be in tears walking down the sidewalk but the way they are acting it’s as if the memorial site is f ucking Disney land or something. She’s showing off her ring, posing all over her hobbit, laughing like a hyena. I mean this is clearly a photo opportunity and nothing more. I’m surprised she didn’t have the paps follow her into the site so they could take pictures of her crying and looking sad. Knowing her she would send them into casting agents to show them that she can cry on cue.

  • Dana

    How many more silly left – handed- fkicks- to- show -off – the – ring are we going to be subjected to? Has she gone down to such a level that she needs to do a bit of terror tourism to make sure she is photo graphed?

    Does she not realise that this event was a sad turning point in world history? Not to mention so many lives were lost.

    @survivor so sorry about your loss. My husband, who was then my fiancee was providentially saved since he overslpet and was late for his meeting. He still has nightmares about it around the time the anniversary comes in. Cannot imagine people using it as a photo op. Its so disrespectful on so many levels.

  • Dana

    And the writers at jj should be wacked! Looking white hot? Who cares?

  • anna

    A better title for this post would have been “Whatsherface and Creepy serial killer looking dude try to use a day that’s sad for many people to get attention” It’s long, I know, but accurate!

  • Helen

    That actress is nobody ,why we have new pictures least Lindsey makes news ( bad or good) but that one she is boring

  • lord

    Hahahaha to all of her stans that say she has friends ie Live Tyler and Helena Christensen

    her invite must had of gotten lost in the mail

    11 years i still remember when and where i was. Australians woke up to the news it was one of the few times i hear my dad swear. even watching the news tonight it sill makes me cry. to anyone that lost someone that day im so sorry for your loss.

  • ladybug

    Oh, this is is beyond tacky and headlong into disrespect. I suppose we should be grateful that we don’t have pics at the Memorial.

    They couldn’t have separated Pap Walks and done the Memorial on a separate walk?

    What’s next, side trips to the Pentagon Memorial and Shanksville on the way back to LA?

  • landa


  • landa


  • ladybug

    @landa: Yes, a papwalk including the 9-11 Memorial is ‘so cute’.

    I’m not from NYC but have friends who were there that day, or who lost people that day. They’re tired of people using 9-11 for their own purposes, and I’m pretty sure that includes using it as part of pap walk.

    So, no, it’s not cute, it’s narcissistic and pathetic.

  • love her

    She is a great little actress with a lot of potential. Let’s hope she stays on the right track.

  • mforman

    Enough already with the “cute couple” crap, it is completely ridiculous, and I love how we were all saying that she has nobody and that all she is ever with is MP and she has nodody. Well what a miracle her famewhoring parents fly in to spend the day.
    Look closely at the photos, it is like the pap is yelling out okay, now MP walk with the creatures mom or okay everybody now laugh. Just like KB there is nothing original, nothing spur of the moment in these photos, they are all set up and forced. These are some of the worst, “look at me and my ring” shots and the best part is she what did you think her parents would make her look less like a famwhore,ent and through her parents
    Come on JJ, even you crossed a certain line when you printed this post. This was the height of bad taste.
    There is just so much wrong with everything about this post, there isn’t enough room to mention it all.

  • Jeannie

    I know I shouldn’t be surprised that she did this, but I am. I’m also really angry. Seeing her posts daily during fashion week are annoying, but this takes it to an insensitive & disrespectful level.

  • connie

    @not surprised..:

    No they were just taking advantage of the SUFFERING of thousands to get another photo op…disgraceful..and another thing..does this midget think he is hot with his shades and slicked back hair..he does realize who his predecessors are, right? Skarsgard, Bloom, I mean puhhhleeeze..a joke:)

  • mforman

    @lord(#16)–Liv Tyler stopped associating with the creature right after the Chris Martin affair happened. Liv was on team Gyn as was everybody else.
    That was the point I was making regarding HC, they pose at red carpets, they will smile, but they are not friends(in my definition), if they were friends KB would have been invited to that event.
    I know the Daily Mail didn’t write anything about the couple that wastes the air they breath, but how come they are always writing about KB and MP or just about KB, when did that love affair begin and how come the Daily Mail never checks their facts.
    I am still in shock that JJ covered this disgusting pap walk. The worst part is, it shows you her parents are just like her, they are famewhores and just encourage the thing. Being the adults and the parents they should have told MP and KB that if they had called the paps and photos were being taken, they should have gone somewhere else.

  • lord


    Daily Mail NEVER fact check or edit their stories from gossip to actual news. i find they copy and paste articles from the US gossip sites and add in a few lines.

    ive noticed recently in the past few weeks *since the vogue article* they have been posting more articles on her but most of the commenters cant stand her either.

  • liza

    I think it’s great they took the time to pay their respects at Ground Zero. You don’t know they called the paps. Stop believing your assumptions!

  • Lois


    STFU, Tulip. It’s a pap walk, plain and simple. She’s truly a soulless b*tch and Molish is beyond stupid.

  • Survivor

    @liza: And you don’t know she didn’t. How many other celebs were seen at the site? Everything about this looks staged. She could’ve gone to Central Park for these shots, but she didn’t.

  • Jen

    Show some f—ing respect instead of using the memorial as a backdrop to your famewh0ring!!. Such a colossal idiot for thinking this was an appropriate time and place for yet another staged photo op!! I use to think she was merely a hollywood joke – someone to laugh at because she’s so obvious in her desperation for attention. This, however, is a dispicable act from a vile human being (both of them!)

  • Camden

    Uhhhh…can this guy quit it with the Brylcreem….seriously no one but senior citizens used this….what’s with the plastered down hair?

    I’m sick of seeing these too papped everywhere.. like they need it, with the amount of self promotion they do on Twitter, with their self absorbed photo posts and tweets….

    Has she even BEEN in a movie in the last year…or more importantly has anyone even bothered to see it?

  • Nina

    It’s nice to see Kate in her favorite area: fashion, she was bornt to it!!

  • Anette

    @Survivor: Where are those staged paps shots at 11/9 Memorial?

  • Blackcat9

    I agree this beyond disrespectful! It is so obvious that all this meant to Kate was another opportunity to get papped! and FLASH that ring! It’s just disgusting!

    I just love how that ugly beige slip Kate wore as a Dress a few days ago keeps peeking out of the bottom of this ugly dress!

  • Puhleez

    @love: She had her parents in town.
    @Anette: Now that’s critical thinking! You’re right. Those pictures could have been taken anywhere and they called it 9/11 Memorial because Kate tweeted a very nice remembrance and a picture of the new One World Trade Center. In fact, it looks like outside the Milk Studios. Her tweet was so thoughtful.

  • Texas Swede


    You are right. They could have been taken anywhere. But for her PR people(and for JJ that is she and Polish) to have released it as a visit to the Memorial was very disrespectful. A blatent attempt to try to show she is a compassionate person who cares.

    Well Ms. Bosworth we know you read this column so let me say, big mistake. Any celebrity worth anything would have stayed away from the Memorial on the anniversary of that horrific event. They would have wanted the attention to be where it should be, on the people who lost their lives that day, and not let their presence draw away from those who made the ultimate sacrifice. But not you. You treat it like everything else. You use it for your own selfish gain. I did not lose anyone in NY on that day but I did at the Pentagon and in the following war in Afghanistan. A lot of people have. And this insults all who were lost because of the actions of that day.

  • Tulip

    @Texas Swede: Her PR people didn’t release these shots and celebs don’t pay JJ. Advertisers pay him. Agencies the paps work for sell the photos. I think you know that. Funny thing is, if Kate hadn’t gone to Ground Zero but was papped at lunch, haters here would have criticized her for not going there and paying her respects. She did the right thing.
    @Lois/mforman/Survivor/blackcat9: Sorry to disappoint you but I’m not liza. And why do you have to stoop to treating posters with disrespect?

  • Aryanna

    I doubt celebrities read comments at JJ. If they did, they’d be gluttons for punishment. Most posters are pretty snarky!

  • ladybug

    @liza, she may not have called, but she was certainly aware that they were, since she and MP were doing their usual hanging all over each other that they do when they know paps are around.

    @Tulip, I could could actually care less whether or not she goes to the memorial, I don’t consider it disrespectful if someone doesn’t want to go. But I consider it disrespectful that even something like this, a walk with her fiancé and parents to/from the Memorial gets turned into a pap walk for her.

  • Texas Swede

    @Tulip: You are so naive. JJ may not receive cash payments for post but believe me he receives some type of reimbursement from them. Things like invitations to a, b, and c list events. Check out a lot of the photos he post of KB and you will find a JJ mark on them. There is usually no credit to the photographer then. Hmmm? And she did not have to call the paps to the Memorial. She tweeted about it and voila! they show up. Coincidence, yeah right.

    Yeah people would be tacky about anything KB does right now. But this Memorial thing Is something I am not being tacky about. I would be upset with any celebrity that pulled something like this. If she had set up a Memorial Scholarship fund at Princeton, or something similar with it benefiting the kids left without a parent on that tragic day I would not find it offensive. But she used it just to put herself on a page in the public somewhere and that is an insult to many of us personally (I mean who lost someone in the attacks of 9-11).

  • Tulip

    @Texas Swede: are you saying JJ now has his own team of paparazzi? That’s completely false. You don’t know the paps were at the memorial. Also, Kate could have tweeted about it long after she was there. I’m sure paps aren’t waiting and watching her tweets or anyone else’s. They have a much more sophisticated system than that! You’re the one who’s naive.
    I think it’s wonderful she tweeted a remembrance of 9/11 and that she paid her respects to the grounds. Did you see her tweet? ?

  • ladybug

    @Texas Swede: Actually, JJ does credit the photography, when one is listed, usually he just credits the agency.

    @Tulip: “I’m sure paps aren’t waiting and watching her tweets or anyone else’s. They have a much more sophisticated system than that! ”

    But according to you they just lay in wait for her? I’m presuming that, in addition to be called by the celeb or celebs pr or just hanging around LAX/JFX, the probably do monitor twitter, I’m presuming you can set up alerts/feeds.

  • Blackcat9

    @Tulip: Girl! PLEASE! Do you really BELIEVE that Kate is that relevant?! That the paparazzi just lay in wait for her? Kate Bosworth is what the Paparazzi do on a SLOW! I mean a REALLY SLOW day! Next thing you will be trying to feed us is that the Paparazzi sell her Photos for the same amount as Julia Roberts,Kate Winslet or Cate Blanche. Truth be told Kate Bosworth probably has to pay them just to show up!

  • ladybug

    @Blackcat9: Yes, Tulip does think KB is that relevant. She thinks KB never, ever has to call the paps and “everyone in Michigan adored her’ while she was filming Another Happy Day.

  • Survivor

    @Tulip: I never once said that you were another poster. I also don’t consider it disrespectful if people don’t want to see Ground Zero, that’s a personal choice, My problem is the fact that she had to announce to twitter that she was there. Did she expect a medal? Do you have any idea what that day was like here? To wait around for hours, days, weeks, months to hear if your loved one was found? To see all of the missing person posters everywhere? To have nightmares about the things you wish you could unsee? To try & find your way home after both towers collapsed & you couldn’t see or breathe? No, you probably don’t, so please don’t try & belittle those that went through hell but were lucky enough to make it through. To me, showing her respect would be to just show up & not announce to twitter that she was there.

  • OMG!

    @Survivor: The drama! You do realize Kate wasn’t the only person in the world who publicly paid their respects yesterday, right? Almost every public figure did in one way or another. Do you think one had to go through the nightmare for it to be nightmarish? FYI, I had a friend on one of the planes that went into the South Tower.

  • Survivor

    @OMG!: Yes I know that others did, but the ones that I saw didn’t mention they went there, only paying respects. I’m very sorry for your loss.

  • Duh

    Most likely, those who paid their respects but didn’t mention they went to the site probably didn’t go to the site.

  • Tulip

    @ladybug and Blackcat9: You claim Kate isn’t relevant and yet to you she’s very relevant. You spend a lot of time on her threads! I’m a big fan and I don’t spend nearly the amount of time you do discussing her.

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: We’re here to mock her, but that doesn’t actually make her relevant, not even to me. Nice try, though.