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Katie Holmes: Holmes & Yang Presentation at NYFW!

Katie Holmes: Holmes & Yang Presentation at NYFW!

Katie Holmes and stylist Jeanne Yang prep for the Holmes & Yang presentation at The Box at Lincoln Center on Tuesday (September 12) in New York City.

The fashion duo presented the line for the first time at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!

“This year, we’re excited because we’ve incorporated a lot of new trims. It’s basically pieces that have evolved from basics, but not too far. They’re just nice, well-made luxury items that highlight the woman wearing them.” Katie told WWD about this season’s line.

“She has incredible taste, and I look to her for a lot of guidance,” Katie added about Jeanne.

Also pictured inside: Katie arriving at her fashion show earlier in the day.

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Credit: Kevin Mazur; Photos: Getty, INFdaily
Posted to: 2012 New York Fashion Week Fall, Jeanne Yang, Katie Holmes

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  • AMY

    She looks so much happier now that she isn’t married to that demon!

  • nyc

    She looks depressed. Always with that smirky smile.

  • KC

    It’s not that the clothes are bad, they just are not exciting. They look like basic everyday pieces.

  • Escherichia coli

    This is new to her so I will give her a break. It’s the basic stuff and I’m glad she knows it. Nothing wrong w going safe on a new adventure and it wasn’t a full fledge show. Just presenting the cloths so good for them.

  • A

    oh thank god! she finally ditched those hideous boots for a decent pair of heels! there are some stand out pieces in her collection that i like. not bad.

  • lori

    She needs to give of the broken doll posing with her legs. Stand up straight, show some good posture. You’re in your 30′s not 13.

  • DB

    I honestly wonder – would she in any way be famous if she had not been married to Mr. Cruise?

    Her acting, her look and her fashion seem so uninspired.

    She doesn’t walk with her head held high and a beaming smile on her face, which you probably should do if you are trying to promote a look – a line of fashion products. Show you are proud to wear what you created.

    Why would someone want to buy fashion from a woman who does not walk with good posture, does not take the time to do herself up when she goes out, hardly ever covers up the dark circles under her eyes and who seems to have very bad taste in shoes? She should be Representing – but instead she’s Underselling.

    Maybe I’m being unfair. I dunno. But I just don’t get what is exciting about anything she’s doing right now.

  • danielle

    Some of the pieces aren’t bad (saw some blurry Instagram pics), but certainly no where near the amount of money H/Y wants for them. They are uninspired creations and as Katie has said–basic pieces. You can get much better quality for a lot less if you want uninspired with a couple of other lines out in the market place. So I don’t know why anyone would spend $1000 for one of their silk camis when you can get a much better made one from Dana Buchman. Same with the silk blouses. Talbots, Pendleton, Barry Pace, the old Town and Country label all have great silk blouses with a lot of detailing for around $200. And their bags for $6000 (tote)–even Katie doesn’t carry her own tote. It looks cheap inside. Don’t get why anyone would pay the prices they charge!

  • missy

    @DB, you seem to say the same thing over and over on every KH post. If you dislike her or find her so boring and uninspired, why pay so much attention to her? It’s not like anyone is forcing you to read or comment on posts about her. Why not focus on the people you actually like or are interested in?


    Who the heck would even consider wearing her clothes? In public apperances she chooses clothes that are all wrong for her body type, never fit properly and not well put together. Not inspiring anybody to buy (plus like someone wrote, they look like clothes you could get anywhere). And in her personal life, YIKES, she is probably one of the worst (if not the worst) dresser of all celebs. Always looks sloppy, everything looks like it was bought at thrift store, she never looks put together. I would never buy her stuff based on what she looks like. Pretty face, horrible fashion sense.

    And could she not do ANYTHING else with her hair here?!?! Her ponytail look is the same look than when she brings Suri to gym class. She has no clue, she should not be in fashion.

  • Danae

    She will be known as ‘ex-wife of Tom Cruise’ forever.

  • janekay

    she looks really nice to me…this is definitely one of her better efforts…maybe at the actually show, she will wear a more glamorous, high-fashion looking outfit…we will see..

  • we

    those clothes are TERRIBLE – drab and depressing, just like katie

    she can’t even brush her hair back properly in a pony tail – like she can’t put forth the effort

    what is going on with her – doe sever depression run in her family? she has got to get some help.

  • we

    look at this dress – it’s not fitted right, it looks like the hem is messed up
    like they couldn’t even press it….wow BAD!/search/%23KatieHolmes/slideshow/photos?



    I agree DB!! She is so dull and boring and especially when she talks.

  • Just My Opinion

    Yesterday was Suri’s first day of school as a first grader mingling among
    the rest of the 6 year olds. Something that Katie fought tooth and nail with Cruise to accomplish. In these pictures Katie looks STRESSED and TIRED. Maybe it was one of those hectic mornings.–wheres-Tom-Cruise.html

    The Holmes / Yang Fashion Line presented and is now part of history.
    Done! And most certainly her partner Jeanne Yang took the lead in
    getting the leg work done but Katie’s name (and probably thanks to
    the funding source of Tom Cruise) helped launch this fashion line.

    WHAT REMAINS? Katie’s upcoming (Off) Broadway show called Dead Accounts. That will be heaven sent because the rest of her activities are little if any. So that Vanity Fair magazine cover was trying to cash in on whatever demand they thought might be for Katie, Tom Cruise (who doesn’t seem to have made it to New York to hold Suri’s hand as she walked into school for the first time), etc.

    Good luck to all these characters. The TOMKAT show has ended and it is a new beginning for Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Suri Cruise.

  • Just My Opinion

    The Holmes / Yang banned the press to the show so they won’t be “live” on YouTube “The Runway” like Rachel Zoe, Michael Kors, etc.
    To was by invitation only to the media which is not always a good thing.

    I get the feeling that Tom Cruise was one of the investors in this fashion line and Katie wanted to be done with this and maybe hope it didn’t do well. She is walking out of this fashion show (see link above) looking relieved. Yes, we saw Victoria Beckman looking relieved and by all accounts her show was a success. She managed to get Vogue editor Anna Wintour and her famous husband David Beckman to sit in the front row of her fashion show along with her cute daughter Harper. Katie Holmes looks like she is trying to get to her car as fast as possible and is leaving her partner Jeanne Yang behind. Whatever the case, its over. She can go home and rehearse her lines for her upcoming Broadway show Dead Accounts, help Suri with her homework and adjustment to public/private school and think about what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Good luck.

  • Just My Opinion

    New York’s Fashion Line is LiVE on YOUTUBE called
    “The Runway” only Katie and Jeanne Yang banned the
    media from the show. Unlike all the other designers
    Rachel Zoe, Michael Kors, etc. who welcomed the media
    to gawk at their wares. Strange. LOL!

  • Avati

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  • Just My Opinion

    Katie and New York City – Katie can now say she has appeared on a Broadway show “All My Sons” in 2008, and debuted her fashion line in New York’s Fashion Week, and lives in New York City (expensive). But I will say these two projects & residence were done, launched, during her marriage/association to Tom Cruise. I really doubt she would have done any of this without her association with Tom Cruise. I am not on Tom side but the entertainment & fashion industry is a very competitive and cutthroat business and Katie Holmes from Dawson Creek would not have done this without Tom Cruise. NOW she is divorced from Cruise and Suri’s mother. Good luck to her. This is a new beginning because the projects she was involved with like the fashion line were still pending when she filed for divorce.

  • jade

    She sure looks miserable for a “designer” having her 1st show at fashion week. It’s a shame that someone else with talent and enthusiasm couldn’t take her place.
    She would not be a winner or even a contestant on Project Runway and I hate to think of what Tim Gunn would have to say about that drab and ill-fitting dress in the show.

  • horrible clothing!

    The quilted “Members Only” style jacket looks cheap and just ghastly.

  • DB

    @missy: Well, I suppose that because stories about Katie keep coming up over and over here on Jared, I would tend to be repetitive, as are the stories. Which is fine.

    This time, it’s about her fashion line, so I wanted to comment about THAT topic, specifically, and her all-around sort of “malaise” in terms of her overall vibe.

    I would want my wife to buy clothes from someone who seems to enjoy what they do and what they make.

    I don’t think I’d want her to buy from the “depressed and slouchy” collection, no matter Macy’s or JC Penny, you know? :)

  • KOHL’S

    This stuff looks like what u find on the sales rack at Kohls….75% off
    you know, all that crap they through on the rack and it all looks like junk

  • joel

    a ponytail for the occasion? seriously?

  • flop
  • krix

    Holmes & Yang Facebook page – NYFW Thank you post -

    No post of individual designs.

    The media build up of the Holmes & Yang debut seems to have eclipsed the actual presentation.

    Based on Holmes & Yang response on their Facebook page seem very lackadaisical about the actual showing. (JMO)

    Found a few reactions from media outlets granted access to the “presentation” (not an actual show) -

    “So what was the verdict? writes that the collection was done in a palette of cream, navy, and black, features luxe shirts and trousers. ‘Textured silk jumpsuits; motorcycle jackets; leather, silk-lined blazers; and ruched strapless dresses worthy of the red carpet.’”

    ****Red carpet? not seeing it******,0,4015581.story?track=rss – “The line may be made in New York, but it has that relaxed L.A. sensibility that really reflects what people wear every day. There’s no reason to think that the line won’t continue to gain momentum now that Holmes has garnered so much goodwill with the public since her split with Cruise. Could Holmes and Yang be the next Row, the line designed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen? Or the next Victoria Beckham? We’ll see. First, Holmes and Yang have to show us more about what their particular brand of fashion is all about.”

    ****So the positive reviews are ‘pity parties’ for poor Katie, Thanks to Tom Cruise. (I read between the lines. :-/ )*****

  • danielle
  • Amanda

    I agree with the majority. Katie Holmes doesn’t have any star appeal, don’t know why so much media fascination with her. That being said, the conversation is about fashion and the designers that bring great things to fruition. Katie Holmes cannot ever be labeled a fashion designer. Not only does she not emulate style, she is downright sloppy and looks as if she needs a good bath of soap and water. Her collaboration with Jeanne Yang is embarrassing. The garments presented are not only boring, they are ill fitting and look incredibly cheap. The price tag is just laughable. For those who talk the discount rack at Kohls, you are so right. For me, having worked so hard in the fashion industry and knowing the hard work it entails, it’s sad to see someone so unqualified strut right into fashion week and truly believe she has a decent line, at best. There are so many great designers creating such beautiful clothes, worth every dime for those who can afford it. Victoria Beckham, although a celebrity at first, has certainly shown her impeccable taste both personally and in her amazing clothes. Quality at it’s best. Her hard work proven. I just hope we get past this Katie Holmes craziness, and maybe she will get a clue that she is competely out of her league. And by the way, now being the face of Bobbi Brown, that’s as good as her makeup gets on such an important event? Disappoint. I will say though, shoes are sweet. Des anyone know what shoe designer that is?

  • vickyficky

    crikey sakes! A ponytail? The usual boring smirk? The pigeon-toed look?

    How did she get into fashion? Makes no sense . It will NOT last.

    Just go home to Ohio Katie and straighten out your life and get the spoiled brat raised right

  • Xiolablu

    @DB: “you would want your wife”, she’s not your wife. So who cares?

  • Just My Opinion

    In the end, I don’t think Katie was enthusiastic about this fashion line HOlmes and Yang. I think this was one of the projects that were launched with the funding of Tom Cruise and who knows who else and she wanted this to come to an end. That is why leading up to this event she was seen wearing those horrid boots and looking like a hot mess because who would buy clothes from someone looking sloppy? No one! The event was as low key as you can want considering they were scheduled to be part of the New York Fashion Week and the divorce blindsided Cruise. I think Katie showed up today because she had to her name was on the line but I am betting the dynamics of this fashion line will change. I don’t see this as a successful line. If anything this fashion line is winding down along with whatever Katie Holmes had connected to Tom Cruise. I seriously doubt Suri is Tom’s biological daughter. They had a 5 year marriage contract, Suri is someone else child, and Tom and Scientology movement were surprised when Suri became a pap magnet that they wanted to extend the contract but Katie realized it was time to check out. Katie had so many career opportunities while married to Cruise and was exposed to the finer luxurious living only problem was she had to give up her soul and that of her daughter. No dice. Time to walk. Still she made more $$$ with Cruise than without him. Time to move on. She does not inspire my respect, I find her to be daring to have hooked up with Cruise knowing he was a Scientologist. Cruise should just marry a Scientologist and stop marrying Catholics.

  • annie

    although i’m a great fan of katies, never been afraid to tell it the way it is.
    for me the clothes are nice, anyone can wear them and look good, which is more than can be said for some other shows i’ve seen.
    she hasn’t catered for the hollywood set , that VB goes for, she’s catered something for everybody.
    loved the spider dress, the jackets, the shorts/jacket ensemble, and other things, my only criticism is they are very expensive, but there are a lot of wealthy people around that would buy them, because to me they look very wearable.
    can’t like everything, but i liked quite a few pieces, they were not hideous like a lot of designer stuff is……don’t lets deny that fact, because it’s true.
    so sick of hearing that TC has everything to do with everything, yes he put her on the map, but people like H Stern or Bobbi Brown don’t care who you are with, that’s no good to them, if you can’t deliver.
    Katie has a lovely face, skin, hair, eyes, that’s where she scores with these people, perhaps over others, there is something different about her, that sets her apart from the rest, and that is always appealing.
    she’ll get more endorsements, more roles, her fashion label will sell and you lot will still continue with your shitty comments, and that’s how it is.

  • Just My Opinion

    This is comment #33. Wow! Less and less comments. I was in New York in 2008 and saw Katie Holmes in the Broadway show All My Sons, there was an interest in her because of all the baggage she carried, married to Tom Cruise (who insiders know he’s gay but the public is thinking he is but not sure), and she was the mother of the photogenic Suri Cruise, etc. All that has changed. I think Katie will se herself and Suri fading into the background, the New York City landscape and become one more We will see less and less of Suri and one day see a photograph when she is 12 or 15 years old. And Katie photograph will appear under “Where Are They Now?” Cruise will make movies and then move into producing them, etc. This TOMKAT was a 5 year marriage contract. The premise was to perpetuate the image the public has of Tom Cruise as a heterosexual male married to a younger woman, Katie Holmes and parents to the photogenic Suri Cruise and they make the perfect couple, young, in love, successful, photogenic and Scientologists. The plan backfired. Katie’s projects failed, Cruise had several unsuccessful movies, and there is that question about Suri, who is her real father and does she have a disability because of her stimming and sentivity behaviorial. Time will answer some of these questions.

  • annie

    just read early reviews, not bad at all!!!

  • Just My Opinion

    Annie: I think Katie is an attractive girl and photogenic when she has her make-up done and she is photoshopped. However, she does not have the discipline a public figure need to keep a successful career in acting or fashion. I don’t see her having a big career. She does not care for her “brand.” After her marriage ceremony to Tom Cruise in Italy, that was a bookmarker in her life because you can see how her physical appearance DRASTICALLY changed. She was given access to stylist, makeup people, etc., to create a “brand” that would be something young women would aspire to. The reality is during the time she was married to Tom Cruise she did have a lot of career opportunities and she wore a lot of different clothe, sunglasses, handbags shoes, etc., that its easy to figure out that part of settlement was that she was given a credit card with an allowance and she was able to keep these things as gifts she received during her marriage contract. The New York housing alone during the time she was in the 2008 Broadway show All My Sons would have been expensive, not to mention the nannies and bodyguards she used to be able to be in that show. However, the real Katie Holmes is a casual jeans at heart gal. I doubt Katie will make it big in fashion or in the movies. She had all the opportunities but is NOT a great actress nor a fashion designer. Had she had great talent we would have seen some of it in the movies she’ appeared but it didn’t happen. Yes, we will see. I also think Tom Cruise (with the exception of the Mission Impossible franchise) has seen his best days. He is no longer be the biggest movie star in the world. That’s what his handlers want him to think.

  • Just My Opinion

    As Katie said herself “she relied a lot on Jeanne Yang.” I believe it. Yang probably did most of the work but needed a “name and $$$” to kick off a fashion line or else she would be “one more” sylist in Hollywood.

  • danielle

    I find the matching outfits on Yang and Katie to be truly juvenile.

  • Bar

    @annie: I love her too and she has the the sweetest face!

  • Van

    You are so mean! Are you happy, darling?

  • dabu


    First off Annie, this very uninspired line has high fashion prices. How many every day mums can afford to pay $350 for a silk cami, $900 for a blouse, $2000 for a dress. Furthermore I believe size 8 or for sure 6 is the highest size the line comes in. If you look at the straps on some of these outfits–exactly how heavy duty do you think a spaghetti strap is? Katie brags their clothes can go from work to being a mum to night time wear. Right. Those spaghetti straps would give in a minute. Furthermore most of the blouses and dresses are made out of silk. Silk is both strong and fragile. Stains easily, fades easily, wrinkles easily. Yeah that will hold up. And ALL of their pieces need to be dry cleaned.
    Personally if I’m going to pay thru the nose for a frivolous piece of clothing, then I want it to dazzle since its shelf life is short. I’ve seen a lot of comments about how this is stuff for real people. Well I don’t know what kind of “real” people you know, but most of the “real” people I know can’t afford to buy a piece that is so useless in terms of long term wearability for the price it is marked. And most real women that I know are size 6-12. They actually eat rather than pick at lettuce for meals.

  • Susan

    Katie Holmes is boring. Her life is boring. Her clothes are boring. She doesn’t have style. She mimics style. How do you explain her pre-Tom Cruise image compared to her image once she married him and acquired money and status? Her twinlike look when she acquainted herself with VB was pathetic. Her fascination and again, duplicating herself to the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge is once again, proof that she is lost in finding who she really is. Every single photo of her out and about with Suri dispels a woman who literally just rolled out of bed. In our society, that reads the look of someone who is tired, stressed and depressed. Period. Her fashion line you will find on the clearance rack at Barney’s. Like, tomorrow.

  • Nel

    Hope she covered up those nasty gray hairs. Seriously.

  • Van

    @Susan: DonĀ“t think so, darling! I think she is a really true woman and I admire her for that!

  • Hera

    Annie and Van are fans of K Holmes and stand behind her. Thats quite refreshing in a site that shows the disdain towards her or her product. I respect that as well. Whether we like or dislike what she represents, that’s a whole different arena. This is about the FASHION she is selling. It is horrible. I don’t care about the actress, the phenomenon called Suri and Katie, the larger than life husband named Tom Cruise, or the Scientology tag. I am in this because it’s Fashion Week! And, I have no idea why this line is being showcased. It’s just soooo hideous. It’s ugly, poorly made, and priced off the charts. It just doesn’t make sense.

  • Love the Shoes!!!!!!

    I love, love,love her shoes! Any fashionista know if they belong to the H&Y line?

  • Kors/Beckham Fan

    The line lacks anything unique or creative. Anyone can copy the “look” if you cared to, for much less. Even the models look bored.

  • Michelle

    She is the kiss of death in everything that she touches. She is not an effective endorser. Yes, she is very pretty but she just has no star appeal.

  • Stacey Kay Haden

    Finally had the chance to pour over the entire Katie Holmes line. I was a buyer for Neiman Marcus, and now work for Saks. I can tell you this line will never hold its own. I am not saying trial pieces won’t be picked up by some upscale stores, however, it is visible to me that the quality of the garments will not make a successful second round at any credible store. The magic that a line should abound at first presentation is indescribable. This falls as flat as a souffle in a microwave. Katie Holmes holds a mystique because she was very much silenced in her marriage to such a movie star status mogul. Scientology, I am sure, was a huge factor in controlling just how much came out of Ms Holmes mouth. Yes, she has been hounded by paparazzi, we see her in so many photo ops, red carpet events, and in her own casual time. Buts that is all we know of her. We haven’t really heard her be vocal. On anything. So makes sense the contracts she gets, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and H. Stern jewelery. Although both showcase her natural beauty, her simplicity, they are hoping to maximize that quiet air she “owns”, through sexy make up and glamorous jewelery. And that will sell, just not a whole lot. Because although she is aesthetically pleasing to look at, most women do not want to be her nor can they relate to her. I think Katie should blow some socks off through a potentially great movie, as she is an actor first, make some great money off of the model look that will really, be short lived, and most definitely step away from the fashion industry. Otherwise, mystique gone, oversold, overrated, and career nosedive. Simply my thoughts.

  • Melanie

    @missy: Well said Missy!!