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Katie Holmes Lunches After 'Holmes & Yang' Show

Katie Holmes Lunches After 'Holmes & Yang' Show

Katie Holmes dons a white sweater while going out for lunch at Le Pain Quotidien on Wednesday (September 12) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 33-year-old actress presented her Holmes & Yang Spring 2013 fashion line during New York Fashion Week.

“It felt like a natural step to have more of an audience now,” Katie told the Los Angeles Times. “We are proud we make 95% of the collection in New York and the knits in L.A. That was how we began, wanting to use amazing people in America to make our clothes. We’ll see where it takes us.”

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes out for lunch…

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Credit: Kristin Callahan/ACE, JT; Photos: INFdaily
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  • DB

    TWO stories about her in one day does seem a bit much.

  • mlllllllllllle

    Duchess Kate is drinking water, Katie Holmes eating….now you’ll see the next topic, kate bosworth will be pooooping.

  • Jane

    Doesn’t she have any friends?

  • jojo

    I adore her, I don´t care whatever you guys say, she is just trying to do her best and she really is a truely simple beauty. Go girl!


    LONELY zombie girl without her pet suri

  • danielle

    Well she is carrying the H/Y $4300 bag. Plus it says Made in Italy in the description. Not American at all Katie.,default,pd.html?q=holmes%20%26%20yang&index=7

  • Bar

    People are too mean! She is just doing her stuff and she is not hurting anyone. Katie, you are cutie and sweet! Good vibes for you!!

  • deb97

    She looks terrible in those skinny jeans. She needs loose, boot cut to distract from those thick thighs and calves.

  • Sailorman

    Boring bimbo woman

  • Jane

    @deb97: her body looks good, i don’t agree at all with you!

  • Just My Opinion

    Inspite of the fact that Katie Holmes presented designer Carolina Herrera an award a few days ago, there were no famous celebrities at
    her Holmes & Yang fashion show, they banned the media, and Katie seen leaving afterward walking as fast as she could with her partner Jeanne Yang trailing behind. And then seen walking into this restaurant alone to have lunch. Surely she could have walked in with Jeanne Yang as they had been seen before going in and out of garment district buildings before. These pictures make Katie look like she does not have a lot of friends or support. Wonder why her mom or Suri go with her to this lunch to celebrate. How different Victoria Beckman’s publicity handle her fashion show. She had Vogue’s editor Anna Wintour, her husband David Beckman, her baby Harper, her mother and father in the front row of her fashion show. I still think Katie was not too enthusiastic about this fashion line because possibly Tom Cruise was one of the financial investors. The Holmes / Yang fashion line was played as low key as you can show it. Really, they banned the media, by invitation only? Most designers would die for as much media as possible and the Holmes/Yang fashion line went the other way? Strange.

  • Just My Opinion

    Katie can now focus on her upcoming Broadway show “Dead Accounts” the Bobbie Brown makeup campaign and raising Suri. I don’t think she has a lot for exciting projects coming up. I think this fashion line had Tom Cruise as an investor and now they’ve presented it so now it will slowly go on clearance at Barney’s and then fade away.
    I think from this point on, the upcoming Broadway show “Dead Accounts” is the start of Katie Holmes post Tom Cruise divorce from there on. Suri? We won’t see that much of her because she’ll be in school. Thank God Katie was able to win that battle. One Dead Accounts begins we will only see Katie getting off the car or taxi and head into the theatre but probably Suri won’t be with her on the weekends as she’l be doing other activitie. Good luck to these girls

  • Melanie

    @jojo: Right on! She’s not afraid to fail and guess what? She hasn’t. You go gorgeous

  • Melanie

    @Just My Opinion: Different strokes different folks Just My Opinion. They aren’t Victoria that’s why. Maybe she wanted her collection viewed from an unbiased approach as apposed to everyone calling her a paprazzi wh*re?? I call it class.

  • Just My Opinion

    #14 – Melanie – I don’t call it class. I call it let me “disassociate myself from this line and not promote it so it can slowly fade away.” A designer wants the media and public to view it that is why they created the line. All the designers are seen posing with their clothes, at the end walking down the runway to a sea of a cheering audience, media, everyone from Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Victoria Beckman, Rachel Zoe, Olsen Twins, etc., the list is long. No, class has nothing to do with it That’s the wrong word. Katie did NOT want to promote this line and when no famous celebrites showed up to her fashion show and for whatever other reason she banned the media allowoing only 1 o 2 in. I don’t think we will see this line blossom. I think Katie got a lot of career opportunities married to Tom Cruise and thought we’ll be married 5 years and in that time I’ll work hard at the acting roles I’ll get married to him and then when the divorce comes I’ll be an A list actress. It did NOT happen like that. As a matter of fact every thing she was involved with did “so so” at the box office or flopped. Even her fashion line should have been sold at Ann Taylor which sells more affordable clothes and she might have had a chance with a younger demographic because she at one point was the face of Ann Taylor. In the 5 years she was married to Cruise, she just picked the wrong projects (Eli Stone, So you think you can dance, The Romantics, Who’s Afraid of the Dark, The Extra Man, Mad Money, The Kennedys, Jack n Jill, Son of No One, etc) that’s a lot of work in 5 years but none made her a bonafide star. Right now she’s in the news because of the divorce from Tom Cruise that so many people expected because we all knew this was a sham marriage to begin with. For some reason, maybe its the isolation from the public, but it seems that Tom Cruise is fed some kind of ploy “marketing ploy” and is convinced that if he marries a younger woman “with her own power” he can convince the public they are a couple in love (he went over the top on Oprah, jumping on her couch), what a photographic child, the perfect successful couple NOT. Most of the projects they were engaged in at the time of their marriage did not do well. So no, I don’t call it class, I call it something else but I’ll say this again, this marriage contract TomKAT is over, they are going to start doing their own thing. The innocent one here was Suri Cruise because she was born into this situation. Whether she is Tom Cruise’s biological daughter we may know one day, but not any day soon. But I suspect we will know one day. This is a different time.

  • Robin

    If you were to sit katie in a room, with a piece of fabric and tools to create, she would not be able to do it. I bet she knows nothing of textiles, cutting, stitching, how to ruche by hand, nothing. She is not a designer. Nor can she sell it. Please don tell us it’s American made when the label on her leather bags reads made in Italy. Okay, so yes she is sweet, and simple and pretty and whatever else cupcake fluff comes with that. But she is completely untalented. NO TALENT. At all. Don’t you see how bad her clothes looked on the models? Don’t you see the nasty tight jeggings she insists on wearing, only accentuating her worst feature…. her rugby player legs!!! Gross. She doesnt inspire with her own sense of fashion. And she really can’t act. She’s had many opportunities, and prvrs over and over that she just cannot act. Again, no talent. Whatsoever.

  • Krix

    “It felt like a natural step to have more of an audience now,”

    Ironic considering they had no audience and that they sent a press release about VIP viewing of H&Y line ‘Presentation’ ONLY.

    Unlike the Olsen twins ‘Presentation’ of their line The Row, which received great reviews and the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s top womenswear designer award.

  • and so we begin….

    I would never buy clothing from a “designer” that has such terrible taste in the clothing that they wear. She has the WORST style in all of Hollywood. Her line should be called “FRUMP”.

  • and so we begin….

    Beckham is always flawlessly dressed! I will buy her clothes…. Wonder if Holmes and Victoria are still friends since the escape?

  • and so we begin….

    And, btw, I like Katie more since the escape, but her style stinks, just “holmely”…

  • dabu

    What a mess and you can tell by her smirks she thinks she looks hot. Older sweater that has seen better days. Jeans that are way way too tight. You can see where it is pulling at the zipper, wrinkling between the top of the thighs to the knees, and of course her hair looks as though she just clasped it back in a scrunchie. Oh, wait. She did. One would think she would take a little more care with her appearance, but since she thinks she looks hot and all those magazines that suck up to her keep telling her she has a casual chic style—well the poor woman doesn’t know that most of the rest of the world thinks she generally dresses like cra-pola.

  • BlindVice from Enty

    From Entertainment Lawyer: Crazy Days and Crazy Nights:

    43. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#1**
    What B- list actress and I am probably being generous there but her name which is A list kind of boosts the actress list a little higher had sex the other night and told a model that it was like being a virgin again because it had been so long. She also said she probably won’t see the guy again because he kept saying, I can’t believe I’m having sex with you repeatedly:
    Katie Holmes

  • Alicia

    One word. SMELLY. Katie Holmes appears stinky. I so hate to say it because I am sounding like a third grader. But how else to say it? She is pale, crusty, gray hairs, greasy hair, and jeans so tight I can’t see where she gets proper ventilation. What seals this thought are the nasty boots that have made Isabel Marant boots something to run from. Please people, no more Katie Holmes. She does believe she is IT. She does believe she has commanding power. She thinks she has STAYING power. And why? Because the press just glorifies her even when she looks her very worst. Everyone has an opinion. This is mine. I just can’t believe we put people on pedestals when they just don’t qualify. And to #19: agreed. VB is flawless always. She works hard, her persona and her work matters. Her career matters to her. I was fortunate enough to see a VB dress in person, and although in the couple thousand dollar range, it was a piece of art. A forever piece so tailored and impeccably made. I do not believe they have been friends for a long time. Not after her divorce either. I think VB manages her reputation to the full extent. She wouldn’t even entertain the idea of lunch with Katie Holmes.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Secon chance: Hopefully Broadway will give her an opportunity. I think she came to NY etc. to act (with dreams) and deserves a second shot. Tom was just the devil and she gave in to temptation. She appears a lot wiser anyways. Can’t wait to see her truly smile again. And I don’t think fashion is it!!!!