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Angelina Jolie Meets Syrian Refugee Children in Turkey

Angelina Jolie Meets Syrian Refugee Children in Turkey

Angelina Jolie flashes her radiant smile while meeting with Syrian refugee children on the third leg of her solidarity tour for the UNHCR on Thursday (September 13) in Eastern Turkey.

The 37-year-old actress also met with refugees at the Oncupinar camp, the largest camp for Syrian refugees in Turkey, located in the city of Kilis.

“Syrians have a history of welcoming people in need,” Angelina said. “Now it is their hour of need and I am grateful to Turkey, and all the neighboring countries for their extraordinary generosity.”

Make sure to check out photos from the first and second legs of Angelina‘s tour.

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Credit: Dilek Mermer/AFP, JTanner/UNHCR; Photos: Getty
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  • Rose Nylund

    Dorothy? Did you borrow my funeral suit? Oh, I see Angelina did.

  • Turkish Orphans

    Go away, skinny lady!

  • Angelina’s Forehead Vein

    I’m baaaaack…

  • Crabby Patty

    Why does she bother doing this? Is she giving these people money or food?

    Is she just “raising awareness”? Because anyone who watches the news or reads the paper knows what’s going on in the Middle East.

    I think it’s a big ego trip for her, seeing the poor and hungry and knowing they are envious of her ability to get in her private jet and drink clean water and have a safe place to sleep. “Oh, those poor peons! How lucky I am!”

  • lylian

    @Passing Through:
    Yes, apparently they were in a chateau with 640 acres of land so I’m not sure how the pap got the photo. But – there you go, so much for the “strict” french pap laws. Wonder what happened to them?

  • California Heat

    Love that Angelina!!! There are those who break international ties and there are those like her who helps ease the relationships. You go mama, be safe in your work out there.

  • Good Job, Angie!

    Angie is so amazing and has such a big heart-the BIGGEST heart says Brad! Not sure about her being preggers or not…yes, her b**bs look pretty big*, but it could be the angle/fabric, etc. HOWEVER, I do recall that Angie ramped up the UN work in the weeks before she really started showing w/ Viv & Knox. The only planned JP movie back then was TOL…while there seems to be some JP film work coming up, I never believe it until they set on set (bc of all the made up stuff by the troll media over the years). Well, Shiloh was in Beowulf and the twins were in Changeling, so you never know!

    *As we fans know, that is always the first sign with a JP pregnancy!

  • NAN

    Wow, Whamo The Haft Man doesn’t like that we JP fans exposed Jho’s past huh ?
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    How many years that she said she is Pregnant ? (12-14 years ???)
    ” In 5 years I’ll be on my way to have family and kids ”
    The Unsinkable Jen Anuston said in VF 05
    ” I DID I DO AND I WILL ” (NO CAN DO ? )

    Lucky Mr.Brad huh ? that he could wake up and meet Angelina,she is the one that Mr.Brad choosing her to be the mother of his children.
    Look at Jho today WhamoDolly, she is still Empty Womb with her Bought Gigolo and The Dogs.

    I was here at JJ around 4+ years Not 7+ years,and learn a lot of Jho’s past.
    She called her own mother ” Disease ”

    She didn’t invited her own mother to her wedding day,but she could invited 200 guests.

    Poor Jho huh ? used a lot of money to be popular, But she is still cannot Overshadow Angelina Jolie The Real A-list movie star.

  • NAN

    Whamo The Half Man ,tell your friends go to read VF 05

    The Unsinkable Jenhiper Anuston. 9 pages.

    ” I just don’t know what hapened ” Anuston admitts
    ” There’s a lot I don’t understand,a lot I don’t know, and probably never will know,really.So I choose to take away with me as much integrity and dignity and respect for what that relationship was as I can.
    I feel as if I’m trying to scrounge around and pick up the pieces in the midst of this media circus ”

    Wow,Anuston doesn’t like to be in the media circus huh ?
    Anuston just publichy paraded her divorce around all the talk shows and other entertainment outlet for 7+ years Right ?

    Today Anuston is ” The Sinkable JenKukKuk & Kaput ”

    Angelina & Brad are still Together with there 6 lovely children….Ouch….Ouch.

  • money

    Yes, very frightening for the refugees but not for Angie and her family. They travel the world in their luxury jet, eating delicious, safe food and drink prepared by a personal chef. Lay their heads on fine linen, if not in one of their many multi million dollar mansions then surely in the fines 5 star hotels they frequent. Angelina and her boyfriend are the biggest hypocrites every born. I would like for Angie, once, just once, give her time and money quietly, without the press. Perhaps sell a home or two and save an entire city to the terror she claims to be so effected by…pfft. She is disgusting.

  • groundcontrol

    So what’s your point? You don’t think she does ENOUGH? She isn’t placed in ENOUGH danger?
    Please, fool. Take a hike and go back where you came from – the silly gossip sites that exist to lie about, denigrate and tear down everything this admirable woman does. As far as Angelina Jolie is concerned NOTHING will ever be ENOUGH for your ilk.
    While you’re waiting fro your broom to warm up, kindly provide info about those people you think do ENOUGH to satisfy your whiny and hypocritical azz.

  • ann

    thanks this

  • ann

    thanks this post

  • nasra

    @money: it is JA who is a freak and disgusting empty head!