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Angelina Jolie Meets Syrian Refugee Children in Turkey

Angelina Jolie Meets Syrian Refugee Children in Turkey

Angelina Jolie flashes her radiant smile while meeting with Syrian refugee children on the third leg of her solidarity tour for the UNHCR on Thursday (September 13) in Eastern Turkey.

The 37-year-old actress also met with refugees at the Oncupinar camp, the largest camp for Syrian refugees in Turkey, located in the city of Kilis.

“Syrians have a history of welcoming people in need,” Angelina said. “Now it is their hour of need and I am grateful to Turkey, and all the neighboring countries for their extraordinary generosity.”

Make sure to check out photos from the first and second legs of Angelina‘s tour.

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Credit: Dilek Mermer/AFP, JTanner/UNHCR; Photos: Getty
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i do admire her work with refugees but i keep wondering…isnt it abit odd that this selfless good hearted person is the same person who wrecked a family apart?

I’ve read three different versions of Ben Affleck’s new interview. What I got from it is that he loves to work, loves his kids but can’t help thinking about work on the few moments he gets to spend with them, that J. Garner loves to work too but now it’s obvious that she doesn’t have too much choice in the matter because she has to pick up his slack because he doesn’t want to be a stay at home dad, and take care of the three kids that Ben can’t be bothered to be fully present with even when he’s with them. Ugh! Ben Affleck just puts me off.
If Brad had said half the things in that article it would be all over the media about what a shiitty father he is. Brad is so grateful to have his family, and so present and involved in his children’s lives. It shows in everything he does and says.

@Phool: Good morning my dear Phool. My tooth is just fine. A lot of people don’t realized that there has been such great improvement in dentistry that it’s now almost a pain free treatment. I was surprised myself there was no pain with my root canal procedure.
Don’t listen to the troll about you giving several links. All she had to do was skip or go to another thread. Also, we have fans who don’t scroll back so links are new for them. Keep up the good work.

jesshi.t!!!u mean the x urinated dum’peed ruined a 14 yr old relation? that so hurtless,eh ejit!yap im with u.

@jesse: Whose family did she wreck? Go back to the archive and you will see Brad said “Neither of us wants to be the spokesperson for a happy marriage. Jen and I always made a pact that we will see where this thing is going. I’m not sure it is in our nature to be with someone for the rest of our lives. You keep going as long is it keep growing. When it die, we do”. Their marriage died a long time before he met Angie. Anyway, 3 months from now will be eight years. Time for you to move on.

Really #151 @JesseDolly 14/09/2012 at 7:47 am ???

When The A-list hunk found out that he got dupe from A 1 night Ho Easy Poosey ,A Set up blind date ,May 98.

After 2 years married,the man have to say Goodbye and Deadend.
Hohumm is Cray Cray,even her own mother she didn’t invited her to her big wedding day,but she could invited 200 guests,that’s why she is still Alone – Barren with her dogs.

No one can Overshadow Angelina, JenKukKuk and Dolly gangs tried it for 7+ years ………. Ouch !

@who: Hi who, when you compare BA interview and how much he puts his job above his family compared to Brad recently saying when asked a question about staying in character, Brad replied, “No, I’m not that kind of guy, I’m really happy to get home”. BrAds family comes first, before anything else. That’s we are BA fans.

Good morning.

II agree with Doug when he said Angie is “awesome”.

Angie is always trying to save lives. Look at all the refugees she wants to help, especially the children.

The biggest and most important life she saved is BRAD’s.

Thank you Angie for saving Brad from the “evil one”.

Do not expect love to come from someone who can not love and does not love her own mother. Look at the way she treats her mother and
that says a lot about her.

She is still in Turkey, on Saturday in Iraq, on Sunday in Malaysia, on Monday in Sweden
Poor children, one week without seeing their mother
I ask myself that hot bodyguard has she in her trip of public relations

As Heidy Klum


Hi Rose, yes, that’s the recent quote from Brad that popped into my head when I was reading BA’s interview. Brad is about Angelina and his children first, and all else comes second.

NAN @ 09/14/2012 at 8:14 am
You do realize that no-one has understood a single comment you’re made in the last two years, WTF are you rambling on about Nan?

Bing bing Barren Hag be no happy now she not A-list Jen Kuk kuk kuk kkkkkkkkkkkkkuuukk dolly bing not ho now dong.
Almost every single post has “7 years now” in it.
Nobody understands you, they give you thumbs up because no one wants to be seen as not supporting the “slow” kid.

Were you dropped on your head as a child Nan, come on now tell us the truth. You slipped out of your mom’s hands and landed on the boot rack rack didn’t you! LOL!!!!!

Oh I’m sure you’ll come back with some thing brilliant, I’ll save you the time.

Whampon you no happy because you Barren Cow lose Alist man. Angie Brad be happy and Jen be **** to finger when Gerard be there like all star she sleep with.

Trolls will say anything to get attention, if they keep saying the same thing, it means they’re not getting the reaction they’re looking for.
Most of them don’t care about ticky, so please stop giving her credit.
They know everything coming out of their pie hole is BS, and they feel great about their miserable life, when someone acknowledge them.

@Phool: I love that Angie’s. UN work is in the news section rather than Showbiz section.One day I’m going to make a list of all the world leaders, heads of states,dignitaries, diplomats, etc Angie has met.

@who: Brad is all about his family first.

I see we have a witch is on board who is armed with Angelina’s schedule she say. Why is it the trolls are always stalking Brad and Angie? They Search the Internet for any bit of info they can find in order to turn it around for their sick believes. Take a break troll, Brad will be with Angie and his children until they are grandparents.

Passing Through @ 09/14/2012 at 9:43 am

Ruh Roh…Duh-Listed Crackhead in da house this morning! I see Whammy and Tampon have both found new proxy servers again. They just need to stop frontin’ and admit they’re obsessed with us. We can’t help it if there’s nothing but morons commenting at Duh-listed…and the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

Yeah yeah yeah, we know…Just more desperate attempts for the PR junckie to try & get attention…I guess she doesn’t get that it doesn’t help her horrible reputation in any way…Don’t forget to watch TV Guide channel this Monday night at 9:00 for The top 25 live TV blunders…They will be making fun of the Ho-leg blunder…She is gonna be pissed, but she doesn’t pay attention to any of that does she??? (yeah right)….

Brad and Ange meet guests at Premier Inn

You +1′d this publicly. Undo hour ago

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are making dreams come true, as part of a new ‘celebrity bedtime tuck-in service’ being offered by Premier Inn at Leicester Square.
Or rather, their doubles are; the celebrity tuck-in service, which launched on October 10th, uses look-alikes of famous faces to make star-studded dreams come true during a budget stay in one of London’s most glamourous areas.
Other celebrity look-alikes taking part in the quirky service include 007 hunk Daniel Craig’s double, who will be on hand to fluff up the pillows or read a short bed-time story.
Katy Green, Operations Manager of Premier Inn London Leicester Square, said: “With the hotel being just a stone’s throw from some of the world’s biggest red carpet events, A-list stars are often just a few metres away. This unique ‘Tuck Inn’ service means guests can get even closer to their favourite stars before drifting off to sleep.”
The budget hotel chain’s celebrity tuck-in is only avaliable for a limited time, and must be booked at least 10 days in advance.
passinh Throuugh you can see there is no mention of Ticky & Squiggy I guess they dont want their customers to get nightmares lol

Whampo I see you have yet to provide the receipts of CLooney staying in a Darfur camp for months like you said on Tuesday to belittle Angelina’s accomplishments, still waiting on those links

Next stop Libya!!!!! Oneday we will get lucky. The Hags hits are starting to drop on her threads. Even her troll fans are getting sick of defending her. Pool anyone???

Another video from their trip to the refugee camps in Turkey.

Angie and Gunterres meet with the Defense minister in Ankara.

It seems the reporters were allowed in to take some pictures before they started their meeting. It seems even the Turkish defense minister is baffled with all the attention. LOL

thank you sarah of BRANGELINSFORUM for the official table pix.cute!

I wonder if she feels exhausted trying to bring light when some of these ignoramous are so rooted with violence and hatred that they just negate all hope. Using an anti-islamic film as another reason to spark more protests against Americans belittles her tiresome work.

Now does she go away to Libya? every solitary nights in the hotels de luxe
Solitary nights and Jolie cannot go together

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