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Katie Holmes: Alice's Tea Cup with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Alice's Tea Cup with Suri!

Katie Holmes carries her adorable daughter Suri after a trip to Alice’s Tea Cup on Thursday (September 13) in New York City.

The day before, the 33-year-old actress and her fashion partner Jeanne Yang presented their Holmes & Yang line during New York Fashion Week.

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At the event, the clothes were shown as a presentation (where models stand still and guests walk around them), instead of having a standard runway show.

Katie told People that it “was more appropriate for the clothes we sell … more of a transition for us from meeting privately with buyers in a hotel room to going right to a big show.”

FYI: Katie is wearing Bloch‘s ‘Jenna’ flats

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri at Alice’s Tea Cup…

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katie holmes suri cruise alices tea cup 01
katie holmes suri cruise alices tea cup 02
katie holmes suri cruise alices tea cup 03
katie holmes suri cruise alices tea cup 04
katie holmes suri cruise alices tea cup 05
katie holmes suri cruise alices tea cup 06
katie holmes suri cruise alices tea cup 07
katie holmes suri cruise alices tea cup 08
katie holmes suri cruise alices tea cup 09
katie holmes suri cruise alices tea cup 10

Credit: Guillermo Bosch; Photos: INF Daily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • yep

    I’m sorry nut that’s her school uniform and that is way too short… Hope that shirt is a “skort”. I went to private school and the skirts had to be of a certain length. Aside from that I’m happy for Suri and her new life.

  • yep

    sorry “but” … I meant… the skirts too short. Hate auto-correct.

  • DB

    Why does Katie have to parade that poor kid out in public so often?

    Suri looks miserable and almost afraid.

    Katie should put her ego and need for attention aside and focus on doing what is right for Suri. Otherwise she’s a bad mother.

  • Hello?

    Can someone PLEASE tell me why she still carries her like a toddler?? It’s beyond bizarre.

  • Ann


    Because she trying play up her public simpathy for all it’s worth before it dry up, which will happen very soon. Right now Suri is her media meal ticket, that’s why instead of giving Suri a privet life she all about parade her around to show what a good mother she is.

  • jean

    Let’s take bets on how long she will carry that big girl around in her arms.

    1. Until she is 10.
    2. ” ” ” 12.
    3. Will she carry her in her arms to her senior prom?
    4. Will she carry her in her arms down the isle at her wedding?

  • yep

    1&2 not the real yep! Suri looks cute in her uniform.

  • Bar

    They are too cute! Katie is so beautiful and Suri also!

  • TheMuffinMan

    i dont know how she carries her around all the time, like i dont have a problem with it considering all the paparazzi but i can barely carry my 5 year old without having to out her back down

  • yes

    the uniform is too short.

  • yes

    Too bad Josh Duhamel is taken… Katie and him looked good together in “The Romantics”. They would make a great couple.

  • danielle

    wonder what grade she is in – i’m guessing kindergarten since she seems a bit behind socially.

  • sharon

    How many pictures does the paparazzi need to take of this little girl? Leave her alone already!

  • Katie the Media *****

    if she didn’t have Suri as her show pony Katie Holmes would be a non entity.

  • Bar

    @yes: I think so too! They are both cute!

  • rubyz

    That didn’t take long, did it? Wondered how long Suri would be in school before Holmes would be trotting her out in her uniform for the press … two days? This woman’s attention seeking absolutely knows NO bounds. Her constant use of her daughter for publicity disgusts me. I think the entire marriage to Cruise was a publicity move … she knew a kid by Cruise would be a lifelong meal ticket and publicity pony.

  • yes

    Hate Katie all you want but…..Josh Duhamel and Katie Holmes look better than Josh and Fergie… personalities are better matched and they are both tall natural people. Its too bad they were both hooked up when they did the movie “The Romantics” their chemistry made that movie.

  • totally

    I don’t like Jeanne Yang at all … she creeps me out

  • totally

    Suri is a beautiful kid… she does seem a little off… probably the paps and weird life but she has always seemed a little odd. Hope everything changes for her soon.

  • Mars

    @rubyz: you people have so much creativity, it makes me laugh too much . Go katie, don’t worry about opinions, you just trying to be a good mom…

  • dabu

    Well situation normal. Katie looks like she has been shopping at Goodwill–the sale rack. Still carrying that six and a half year old. It would be a simple thing to tell Suri “If you want to eat at Alice’s Tea Cup you have to walk. If you do not walk, we won’t go. If you decide you aren’t going to walk when we get there. We are going home.”

    It looks like Suri tho has a loose tooth. I noticed in the last sets of pictures she appears to be checking her tooth out. My nieces did that with the first one–always checking to see if it is still loose.

  • Bia

    katie is a simple beauty and i love that. And she always so polite and calm…I loved Joey, the best girl next door ever.

  • Brasil

    Brasil loves you, katie! Keep your head up always!

  • nancyw

    I can’t believe that Katie just picked Suri up like a baby in front of the other students!! I predict that Suri will be teased! Katie should know better!

  • Hamlet

    How does she seem like that, #12?

    Don’t be an idiot, #24.

  • marcy

    Frightened child, pedophiles dream. Enough with parading this little girl.

  • KissThis


  • Xiolablu

    Anyone putting down a child on here is a loser.

  • Melanie

    @DB: DB go away, please. Michelle needs you. Leave Katie alone.

  • Go away

    I´m sure all the haters here are from scientology church! Guys, go getting a life! She is a good person, sweet, pretty and period! Go talk about someone who is doing bad stuff…

  • Melanie

    Then DB comes back and back to add ticks to his/ her posts and negatives to all the Katie fans. It’s becoming a leetle beet obvious…L.O.L

  • nancyw

    @jean: Well, she will eventualy be teased by her classmates!! Why does Katie have to bribe her with a fancy tea after school?!? This won’t work out!

  • nancyw

    @Hamlet: Mr. Hamlet, I am not an idiot and do not call me an idiot!! This is a blog sight for anyone to use!! We all have opinions and we are allowed to state those opinions! You seem to have no life, because I remember getting into a discussion such as this one years ago!!

  • nancyw

    @nancyw: This is Just my Opinion! I do not want another critique by Mr. Hamlet!!

  • nancyw

    Oh and by the way, why is Suri always chewing, biting, sucking on her finger? I really think that Katie still indulges Suri!
    No comments, just my opinion!!

  • Peace

    @nancyw: You are worring so much about Suri and Katie. Let them alone! They don´t need you, go raise your child, go out with your friends or whatever… I´m sick of those people who just criticise others and never look to their own life!

  • nancyw

    @Peace: I have raised my 2 children! I asked for no comments! Why can’t people just express their own thoughts, you certainly are!!

  • Leah

    Hey Peace # 36

    You said: ” I´m sick of those people who just criticise others and never look to their own life!”

    Um, isn’t that what YOU JUST DID?? You criticized nancyw for sharing her opinion. Maybe you need to look at your “own life” or get one.

    You’re whats called a HYPOCRITE.

  • nancyw

    @Leah: Thank you!!!!

  • BG

    What goes around, comes all the way back around… Let’s be nice to each others, let’s say good things for one another, if not, better be quiet. Because what goes around, comes all the way back around… Katie, you sure are a good mom and too sweet always! Lot’s of love for everyone!

  • novelty

    Hamlet and Xiolablu has always monitor what people write. These two pedophiles needs a cock shoved up his ass!

  • novelty

    I believe that Hamlet, Xiolablu, Melanie are the same person. Never respects the opnion of anyone, always attacking people who comment and playing the vigilant staff Katie and Suri. If you love Katie and Suri great! Other people have the right to dislike them and comment.

  • novelty

    I’m sure Hamlet / Xiolablu / Melanie has a personal archive with photos of Suri stored on a computer. That is disgusting! Start living bastard!

  • Number one

    Everyone has a right to opine for or against famous people.
    But there are people here with a brain the size of a pea. The site is public!

  • Number one

    Suri is cute and looks like a normal mother Katie, but needless to become neurotic fans all the time overseeing the comments. Crazy people!

  • novelty

    Hamlet / Xiolablu / Melanie clicking down in the comments hauhsuahuaha is very stupid! Do not accept a contrary opnion. Cry baby!

  • banalist

    stop carrying this little brat

  • danii


    Actually Nancy, this is recent behavior and I think she has a loose tooth. I have nieces who did this with their first tooth. It is like they can’t help but constantly wiggle it and make sure it is still there.

  • nancyw

    @danii: You are probably right.

  • NY Classies

    Katie Holmes is a not a good mother. Carrying a child at 5-6 yrs old is not a sign of love but a sign of enabling the child. I’m sure KH will milk the Suri gravy train drippings coming from TC dry. Having con the biggest marriage quick rich scheme and landing her richer in her entire life, Katie is by no means have no talent or brains for a career. She is lazy and filthy. Using Suri for public sympathy is narcissistic and only bring hatred toward both mother and daughter. Wish they would leave NY! I wonder where is the real baby daddy? Tom is generous and most men wouldn’t have done what he did especially since he was being lied the whole time he was with Katie. Oh well, I am sure she won’t land any big prized hubby like TC. People will be smart not to be cheated when dealing with her. Maybe she can take her spoiled daughter and move to another country?!