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Zac Efron: Back in Toronto for 'Paperboy' Premiere!

Zac Efron: Back in Toronto for 'Paperboy' Premiere!

Zac Efron carries his luggage through Pearson Airport as he arrives back up north on Thursday (September 13) in Toronto, Canada.

The 24-year-old actor is back in the city to attend another premiere at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. Zac will attend the premiere of his flick The Paperboy tomorrow night. Be sure to check back for pics!

Zac made a quick trip to New York City this week to help his pals promote their new flick Arbitrage. Make sure to check out his retro look from the premiere!

FYI: Zac is wearing an AllSaints Tokai shirt.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron at the airport…

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zac efron back to toronto for paperboy premiere 01
zac efron back to toronto for paperboy premiere 02
zac efron back to toronto for paperboy premiere 03
zac efron back to toronto for paperboy premiere 04
zac efron back to toronto for paperboy premiere 05
zac efron back to toronto for paperboy premiere 06
zac efron back to toronto for paperboy premiere 07
zac efron back to toronto for paperboy premiere 08
zac efron back to toronto for paperboy premiere 09
zac efron back to toronto for paperboy premiere 10

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • http://Fanpopgirl Dave

    Wanna be

  • danielle

    I love you, Zac! Too bad I’d be in London already when you visit Manila~ :(

  • R U sure

    Oh baby! Do you look good !

  • Xo

    Do any of his stans here know if he still hangs out with Ryan Rottman or Rumer Willis?

  • KissThis

    He’s kind of losing appeal imo

  • Ted

    Little squirt

  • florence2

    Here we go again with his gushing over Nicole and how great the sex scenes were with her, you just know that’s what’s going to come out of his mouth before it even premiers at TIFF.

    And what’s happened to all his fan’s he used to get a load more comments than what he does now he’s lucky if he get’s 50 a post. to much hype to soon in his career has’nt helped him at all.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmm


    Unlike you and the Vanessa fans we make comments when we feel necessary. Your idol calls the apps for photos so many times it a joke. Zac only gets pics taken when he’s going to an event to the gym all day everyday.

    And as for drooling over Nicole, why shouldn’t he, after all she is HOT.

  • pika

    now im kinda getting bored of him, he has done a movie yet that has really caught my eye..hope paperboy and at any price will prove me wrong despite very mixed reviews (check rotten tomatoes

  • anonymous

    what’s with his gay shirts?

  • Bunnylover

    @florence2: Perhaps we don’t see the point in making positive comments on here when all that happens is the haters come on and continually knock both him and us? Even if this guy found a cure for cancer some would still find a reason to hate on him. perhaps we just decided it wasn’t worth our while anymore? Doesn’t mean that we don’t still support him. :)

  • Jenn

    I hope his new movies do well! He is so cute! Still hate the outfit. Is he dating anyone? I read he is dating pr assistant person or something. Is that true?

  • Rachel

    Looking good, Zac! After that hideous outfit at that premiere in NYC!

  • Rachel

    We don’t keep posting again and again. And JJ doesn’t decide which celeb has more following and all, lol.
    Also we don’t reply to all negative comments, maybe some (the very very stupid ones). I mean everyone has an opinion, right? Except for the trash some people talk, we ignore the negative comments.

  • Rachel


    Paperboy got mixed reviews. But mostly all of them said that the actors did a good job.. I hope your opinion changes :)
    Read the At Any Price reviews, they are good :)

  • Rachel

    Okay, I have already posted thrice (give me a thumbs down, lol). But whatever ,this is good:

    This blogger on Indiewire says that ‘At any price’ is among the best 3 films at TIFF in his opinion :)

  • Not Impressed

    The movie is a dud. A friend of mine saw it in Cannes. It’s not by fault of the actors. The direction is shoddy and the cinematography awful. In a lot of the scenes, the top of the actor’s heads are cut off…not sure if this intended…supposed to be shot like 70′s blaxploitation film. A lot of exploitative and gross stuff…I don’t mind campy and perverse but it has to work within the story. I personally don’t think Lee Daniels is a good director from a technical standpoint or a storytelling standpoint. He is like Adam Shankman…producer turned director and not very good at that.

  • LouRose


    Thanks for the link Rachel.

    Zac really loves hideous shirt !

  • CraCra

    What happened to this so called rumor coming out? R u sure I’m waiting?????

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @florence2: I agree with all others. What the heck are you doing here? Go back to threads were you belong.
    You’re a hater par excellence. And we, his fans are getting tired. We defend him no matter what. But it makes absolutely no sense to talk to his haters here, to talk to a wall is the same.
    He liked to shoot with Nicole and it’s his damn right to do that.
    Or are you pissed at his statement where he said … that he scenes with Nicole where the highlight of his life. Sounds to me as if Vanessa wasn’t that great with this part. She has her new little lover so be happy with it.

    You bash him and his movies. You should read a few reviews of Spring Breakers, read them, I hope you don’t break out into tears, the most of them are negative.
    Leave him alone. He has nothing to do with Vanessa anymore. They are over for good and that’s the best thing that could have happened to him. He can finally do what he wants, play the roles that he wants. He’s free, independent and he doesn’t have to explain himself for anything he’s doing. One thing is for sure, he gets the better roles, he’s willing to do things that doesn’t feel comfortable, change his appearance, …

  • lauren

    go to
    she is the one who starts all this.

  • totlive

    i dont care about this guy, but you are talking about V and Spring Breakers, almost every review about the movie it is amazing, almost every critic loved the movie (why do you think is having like 6 screenings at TIFF and some critics are begging for more) as everyone (Venice and Toronto) are saying, Spring Breakers is going to become a cult movie for this generation. i dont know about this guy and his movies, but why do you need to bash an amazing piece of art like Spring Breakers? now i understand why everyone in this site hate this guy and his fans.

  • Tina

    Did anyone read the Blackbook interview? He sounds like a tool.
    Everythng was so Dope and yet he keeps talking about how he want to get down and dirty with dark roles. Then he stupidly talks about his YOLO tattoo like he got it in a drunken haze period where he can’t remember because he was banging so many and partying so much he can’t remember. Then this was odd he said he was in a relationship for six years, well we know he was Vanessa for five years so who was next . Rumor, Teresa, Taylor, Candice, Lily?

    Right now the rumor is he’s been banging his co-star the little 18 year old since Venice and he even followed her to New York. Today she is sad and posted a pic of herself saying She will make better mistakes tomorrow. Well did she learn a lesson or what? LOL or should I say YOLO.

  • Not Impressed

    @Revenge-Is-Sweet: Actually most of the reviews for Spring Breakers have been really strong with James Franco and Hudgens being the standouts. Sorry to break it to you. Also the cinematography on the movie is off the charts. One thing can be said..Korine knows how to tell a story had an eye for visuals and delivers.

  • Sharona


    You are full of more sh*t than a Christmas turkey with all of that BS.

  • lauren

    do you really believe that?
    do you really believe those twitters who start things mostly because they say they in the ”business’

  • Marsha

    @Dave: We know you wanna be just like him. But there is only one Zac.

  • LouRose


    Why do you share this link ? You hate Zac ? You are a Vanessa fan ?

  • R U sure

    @CraCra Well I’m waiting. Did you see?
    @lauren I’m not sure how I feel about you , but thanks on this one. I do think you like zac

  • mira
  • LouRose


    You’re the one Vanessa fan who think he abused her ?

    Because an actress tweet a sad pic mean that Zac was banging her ?

    Just saying Vanessa dated Josh when he was 18 years old too … But well when it’s her it’s so great !

  • lauren

    @r u sure
    um have you ever seen thoes twitters? they are the ones who start things and rumors because apparently they know how everything works? i’m pretty sure the ones who started alot of things last year and got alot of people to believe them, they hate zac becaues he’s no longer with vanessa, so they stan on here and hate on zac.

  • lana

    i love how people come here and fight over Zac how he is gay, blah blah, ugly blah blah,..immature much?

  • fiji

    Oh yes @tina here who is a van fan. ignore please we know you go to the extent to follow maika on twitter so that you can find some evidence that they are hooking up. i tell you guys vanessa’s fans are zac’s biggest fans they love him to death and obviously fantasize about him too. they just act like they hate him because he isn’t with there princess anymore. because they know vanessa will never find a great guy like him.

  • kerri

    Oh please, Vanessa’s true fans don’t care about ZE or what he is up to. You don’t see them on his threads causing trouble…they can’t be bothered. They are interested in her career and her life. And puuleaze, it is becoming so ovbious that she kicked Zac to the curb not the other way round. But you see some of his crazed fans on her threads causing trouble and berating her. I’m convinced some on his fans are plain cray cray and just have no life outside of stanning his as s. Sad really and I wonder what their idol would think about being stalked so aggressively?

  • kerri

    @Rachel: I have to give you kudos. At least you care about this guy’s career and movies than delving into his private life like other!

  • kerri

    I’m not a hater of Zac but a fan of both BTW, but it’s ridiculous to blame V’s fans and bring down V to try and bring him up. I just know that hardcore V fans don’t come on his threads and waste time bashing him!

  • Tiffany


    and so the hell what if ZAC gushes over Nicole again? WHATS THE MATTER?? your jealous because ZAC isn’t gushing over you? But hey haters are going to hate anyway so whatever get over yourself.

    Anyway i can’t wait for the reviews from the Toronto Film Festival. =)

  • dd

    zac’s fans want to believe he dumped vanessa,
    vanessa’s fans want to believe she dumped zac,
    but nobody knows who dumped who or if it was mutual.
    people will believe what they want to believe. and will find someway to make what they believe sound real,
    the truth is no diehard fan of zac ever come to bash vanessa on her posts only the stupid ones does.
    and the diehard fans of vanessa never come on his threads to bash him either only the crazy ones does.
    the best thing is to stop talking about why they broke up its been two years now.
    the zanessa fans are the ones who start all this s.h.i.t thinking that they are still secretly together.
    this will never stop until one of them get married.
    and its very stupid to keep hopes about a relationship you know nothing about.
    and its also stupid to judge a person who you know nothing about.

  • Jenn

    You are too funny! I don’t know I believe it, but it made me laugh YOLO;)

    I have to read the Blackbook article now. Did anyone else read it? I find it hard to believe he was all chatty on trying to sound cool or something by saying he is partying and hooking up. He is hot, famous, young and single – of course we already think he has a great social life and hooks up with many hot girls …. Sounds. Strange….

  • Tiffany

    the problem with them is that they don’t know when ITS TIME tO move the hell on. It’s obvious that ZAc has moved on A LONG AGO ( AT LEAST to me it seems that way) and the haters need to as well. Because lets face it Zac and Vanessa’s relationship wasn’t meant to be otherwise it would’ve continued today. as far as am concerned if Zac is happy with his life and career then am happy. IF ZAC LIKE IT I LOVE IT =)

  • Jenn

    Tina – you are crazy!!! I grabbed a few minutes to read the Blackbook article. There was nothing ridiculous at all. He mentioned he got the tatoo when he was recently single after years and going out all the time. I think that is fair! Why do you think he go it? Some deep personal mantra he lives by to this day ….come on! You are being too hard on the guy! Leave him alone.

  • sky

    @kerri stop acting like a psychic, you don’t know what happend between then and if you look at it that way he could have dumped her too. we were talking about a interview and you bring the relationship up. and we real fans of zac stay out of her thread. and we dont care about her either.

  • Prue

    Wasn’t a rumor supposed to be released 2day?

  • lauren

    yea that zac is ”dating” his co-star from at any price

    buy cus bitter vanessa stans start them

  • Jenn

    I love how I post defending Zac and I get a couple thumbs down! Is anyone actually a fan here? Too funny!

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    It looks like, some people here try really hard here to get me started, but I’m not going down on a level like this one. If this kindergarten here wouldn’t be so sad it would be laughable.

    Well at #22: 6 screenings at TIFF? Where? Than that was a different TIFF, make it the half than it’s the truth. The schedule of the movies is online.

    But for you, I copied it:
    Friday September 7
    Ryerson Theatre, 6:00 PM
    Sunday September 9
    The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, 3:00 PM
    Friday September 14
    The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, 9:00 PM

  • Rachel


    I like V too. Her hardcore fans don’t come here to bash him but some of her immature fans do. Same with Zac fans, some immature ones go to her threads and bash her but the hard core ones (if they don’t like her) don’t go and write crap on her threads. This whole thing is ridiculous. But just like her fans defend her on her threads we defend him here. And if someone says something against her here, her fans come and defend her. And if people write crap about Zac on her threads, some of his fans go and defend him there. I like them both and wish this stupid bashing etc on this site stops!

    And no, I don’t believe ‘she dumped him/he dumped her’ stuff just because some people like to spread rumours about what happened. We really DON’T know what happened between them. They have both moved on, seem happy and are working hard.

  • Rachel


    Are you crazy? He doesn’t sound like a tool in that interview! And you really are obsessed with him. So much for hating him, huh?

  • Rachel


    A lot of his haters visit his threads it seems. Hence too many ‘thumbs down’. Many a times the comments are positive here but the comments get thumbs down. Means the people who don’t like him come here and read the threads. LOL.