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Angelina Jolie Meets With Turkish Deputy Prime Minister

Angelina Jolie Meets With Turkish Deputy Prime Minister

Angelina Jolie waves hello to onlookers as she leaves a meeting with the Turkish deputy prime minister and members of his cabinet on Friday (September 14) in Ankara, Turkey.

The 37-year-old actress also met with Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin before speaking to the press to express her concerns about the plight of the Syrian refugees.

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The day before, Angie met with Syrian refugee children on the third leg of her solidarity tour for the UNHCR.

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Credit: Adem Altan/AFP/GettyImages
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  • Charo

    ?Que locura es?

    Que feo, flaca!

  • Dc

    Elegant and classy! She’s been gone for the whole week doing a great job. So proud of you Angelina and thanks again for all that you do <3

  • “Maleficent” Wardrobe Dept.

    We seem to be missing a costume…

  • Anton LeVay

    No thank you.

  • Passing Through

    # 66 cesar @ 09/14/2012 at 5:56 pm
    Angelina Jolie in Duhuk on Saturday – source

    If this is true then this really is the longest UNHCR trip Angie’s been on since she and Brad have been together. I wonder if the kids are keeping up with Angie’s trip watching the BBC news. I remember Brad saying that they’ve blocked searching their names on the kids’ computers but what happnes if they’re channel surfing and there’s a picture or video of mommy visiting refugees. I know Maddox understands Angie’s work and probably Pax, too, but I think now Z and Shiloh are getting to the age where they can start to understand it better as well. It sure beats turning on the TV and seeing a picture of your mother with some busted scuzzball sticking his finger up her ass in public and a talking head saying, “Remember when Jen Aniston was NOT dating Gerard Butler…” Of course these are merely theoretical children…or if MK is to be believed, Cabbage Patch dolls…

  • Edna Garrett

    Oh my! She needs a care package from Edna’s Edibles! She’s looking so thin.

  • fyi12

    Has this been posted yet? Popsugar pictures from today.

    Angelina Jolie Talks “Very Frightening Time” For Syrian Refugees

    Posted on September 14, 2012 2:10PM by Katie Henry · 1 Comment

    Angelina Jolie continued touring the Middle East today with a stop in Ankara, Turkey. She met with Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin to discuss the plight of Syrian refugees seeking shelter in his country. Angelina said, “I’m very grateful to Turkey and all of the countries receiving the refugees.” Though with Winter quickly approaching, she voiced her concerns about their health and safety, saying, “[I hope] no one freezes to death in this very frightening time.” Angelina’s very involved with the relief efforts, and in fact, earlier this week she was nearly moved to tears sharing details of the conversations she had with Syrian families and refugees.


    Why aren’t you wearing me? Brad keeps putting me on the nanny’s finger during their foreplay!

  • Zenith

    Angelina probably wanted visiting refugees camps ever since Syrian internal war started but she couldn’t because of Maleficent filming. It looks like she has already finished the movie because no long nails. The first thing she is doing when the filming is done is to visit refugees camps. She has such a passionate and caring heart.

  • Passing Through

    # 75 Rose @ 09/14/2012 at 6:07 pm
    Rose, I don’t think there’s a slit. She was holding up the hem of the dress so she wouldn’t step on it and fall and those idiots at DM said she was attempting to look modest but was flashing her leg and put a photo of her Oscar pose next to it. Lame ass frauds.
    BTW – I see I was thumbed down on the other thread for saying that caftan is easily the fuggest thing I’ve ever seen Angie wear and I’ll stand by that. Show me Angie in an uglier outfit – a candid photo, not a movie or photo shoot – and I’ll retract my comment.
    Also, I’m LMAO at the trolls losing STILL their shite over this trip. This is day 4 and about her 30th UNHCR trip. Get over it already. They’re also jealous of her gorgeous skin. If they’d occasionally use a little soap and water maybe, and that’s a stretch, they, too, could have clear skin without puss-oozing zits andn blackheads. I’ll even buy them a bar of Dove to get started. Surely they can find a public restroom that won’t mind a few vagrants bathing in their sinks…

  • The Leg

    Lemme outta here!

  • Manis

    Thank you Mr & Mrs Smith for posting:))
    Look at all the Man droolings over our Angie :))
    Angie <3 we Love you … Love your Heart of Gold, our Devine Glorious Beautiful queen of the World !!
    The more haters screams… The more I feels so sorry for this sad poor Hateful jealous angry people… ( lol ) the more I love you Angelina Jolie… You take my Breath away :))

  • Kim Kardashian

    Maybe Kanye should be picking out HER outfits, too.

  • Johnny Depp

    Hey, Angelina! Any good dope there?

  • Passing Through

    # 99 fyi12 @ 09/14/2012 at 7:27 pm
    Some people might say her dress looks like a night-gown or does not flatter her, but I feel like she chose a perfect dress for the occasion, respecting the Turkish culture.
    I still say that caftan is fug. Angie couldn’t look ugly if she tried. I just think she could have found a prettier one since she’s wearing them a lot lately. The beige and black ones whe wore ealier in the trip were miles better – and I didn’t like those either…but they didn’t make me cringe.
    PS – I’m laughing in advance since I’ll probably get thumbed down again…

  • anustin

    bless my girl, safe.

  • anustin

    lol miss P’T love the caftan on our girl.specially those twin peaks screamin out to the OCEAN. haha

  • fyi12

    I know it is from X17, but cute :)

    Angelina Jolie Wears Maleficent-Inspired Gown For Meeting With Turkish Interior Minister

    Posted on Fri Sep 14, 2012 03:15 PM PDT

    Leave it to Angelina Jolie to wear a simple, black floor-length silk gown with no makeup and STILL look absolutely gorgeous.

    Brad Pitt’s ladylove, who will soon be starring in Disney’s Maleficent, met with Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin in Ankara, Turkey to discuss the plight of the Syrian refugees.

    During her visit, Jolie said the following: “Syrians have a history of welcoming people in need. Now it is their hour of need and I am grateful to Turkey and all the neighboring countries for their extraordinary generosity.”

    Earlier this week, the mother of six visited Syrian refugees in Jordan.

  • noplace

    Ha, queen of wit in the house! Hi Weng.
    “those twin peaks screamin out to the OCEAN. haha”

  • notyourfriend

    Angie, Angie, Angie, Angie

  • busted

    @Passing Through: @ 09/14/2012 at 7:57 pm

    I just fell off the bed laughing at that..

    I don’t like the caftans either. I know why she is wearing them, but not my favorite. There is a difference in saying you don’t like something and hating. So I guess I’ll get thumbed down too.. But fine. Thumb downs for some mean they don’t agree. Not a big deal. Someone posted a link of other pictures and I saw a super close up of her face and really her skin is just do die for and she looks amazing. There are not a lot of people that can handle a really close up shot. She sure as hell can. Stunning. Angie said once in an interview that she gets a lot of maps for gifts. And she takes them out to look at. I could see Brad mapping her whereabouts on a map for the kids to follow. Just saying a prayer for her safe return to her family. Just like Brad said.. Her heart is so big and she cares so deeply.

    let the haters hate. I guess looking at her just makes them know how small and insignificant they are.

  • Trinilady

    Angelina is appropriately dressed in a muslim abaya for islamic women 2012 fashion. The color black is highly fashionable too. For Western culture and even here in the Caribbean we would not wear that particular type of Islamic wear. My Muslim sisters in Trinidad and Tobago wear ‘shalwars’. it is more suitable to our climate. I think Angelina looks lovely and she chose something which is comfortable ( for long days), suitable and respectful to those around her.

  • lurkersville

    Good on you Angelina.

  • lylian

    I don’t usually write how beautiful I think Angelina really is because – well duh! Yes she is beautiful but that’s not the reason why I’m a fan.
    But then you see her photographed in the field, without any special make up, without any special lighting, without any special anything and still look just beautiful, – well, she really is beautiful (I know, I know, I’m repeating myself and my logic is circular!)

  • angelie

    She definitely looks pregnant. Kudos to her for trying to make a difference in the world. She is not condescending or patronizing like some other actresses who just throws some dollars to a charity and front for publicity. She actually goes down to the other countries and does work and raise awareness. Good job!

  • Jolie’s Got Gold

    Angelina is so beautiful and graceful! No matter what she wears, she does it in class and style. Safe journey home, not very safe to be there now.

  • Good Job, Angie!

    whoops- I was on the old thread. Angie is so amazing and has such a big heart-the BIGGEST heart says Brad! Not sure about her being preggers or not…yes, her b**bs look pretty big*, but it could be the angle/fabric, etc. HOWEVER, I do recall that Angie ramped up the UN work in the weeks before she really started showing w/ Viv & Knox. The only planned JP movie back then was TOL…while there seems to be some JP film work coming up, I never believe it until they set on set (bc of all the made up stuff by the troll media over the years). Well, Shiloh was in Beowulf and the twins were in Changeling, so you never know!

    *As we fans know, that is always the first sign with a JP pregnancy!

  • http://com Susan

    Angie is a special Envoy now, she is taking on more responsibilities, the High Commissioner said she would, and Afghanistan was one of the places he wanted her to focus on, but right now Syria is more pressing.
    So trips of a week may the norm.

  • megatit

    She wearing a curtain or what?

  • Dakota

    Angie is AMAZING!!!! So proud to be her fan!

  • NAN

    Hey 3 in one (megashitewhamotamshite)
    Anuston said
    ” Me no like DeadEnd ”
    ” Me no like a F-list Gigolo ”
    ” Me no like be Alone&Empty ”
    ” Me no like Baby-Babies ”
    ” Me no like my own Mother ”
    ” Me no like Undershadow ”
    ” Me no like Sinkable Life “

  • a zimbo

    wow …simply wow abt everything..being there during such volatile times…recognising that kids have been living through this for months , having empathy for all these displaced pple…giving a damn…risking her her man said …his children are fortunate to have her as a mother and we her fans are lucky to see such a beautiful side to this already beautiful woman…

  • well

    Sometimes I wonder if the in country paps or ones from “Huvane” friendly tabloid world muck with pictures of Angelina so her pictures are not of this quality where her true beauty isn’t allowed to shine. It must be a b@%ch for those agentsandpublicists who like a piece of the Jolie pie–like they get from milking a certain aging cow. Angie sends a bad message when she won’t pony up that percentage for greedy publicists and agents.
    Even Rob Pattinson (sp) said he was cheap and didn’t have a publicist, maybe he would have to get one to deal with the K-Stew fall out. Wonder how much those publicists direct negative stuff so the %s fall in their laps?
    Jolie looks beautiful, period. Good people.

    .Someone needs to write about book about the dirty deeds of Huvane, family and friends.

  • yolly

    @Good Job, Angie!: It could be if she is pregnant again, the baby is in maleficent. She is glowing too.Be safe & God bless you Angie & your family.

  • yolly

    Thanks JJ.

  • yolly

    So sad, watching the arrival of remains of Libya attack victims. My thoughts & prayers goes out to the victims & their families.

  • yolly

    @fyi12: Thanks, Angie is such a beautiful person, caring & dedicated to her charities.Her & Brad are such 2 people that I really admire.God bless them plus 6.

  • marina

    I agree that she seems to have takena love for this type of clothes lately… They surely must be comfy! It is funny beacuse I remember reading something aboutbhow she did not have jeans anymore because she would end up wearing them non-stop (they are comfy). She seems to get used to a certain type of clothing for certain periods of time, she was more casual years ago, then she started wearing more formal wear and ditched jeans for skirts and slacks, now she is wearing these loose dresses.
    I do not like this style, but I bet iit is comfortable, and also protects her pretty skin, not to mention that it is appropriate in the country she is visiting right now.
    Kind of agreeing with what Lylian said, praising her looks is not the best in this type of thread, where she is doing way more substancial things, but… I could not help but notice how beautiful and rested she is looking in this trip. More than usual.

  • reeven




  • reeven

    OOPS! IS POST #33 NOT #32, SORRY

  • carry

    I know jared is not gonna post this but I am very happy to see the threads are free of old exes I have just trying to scan not read all of the threads and coooooooooooool. I love 2012 pls no more and for ANYYYY reason.

  • winning-carry ;)

    I have been away for a few days and I missed a few threads since it went through I say this. Angie looks beautiful and glowing. I liked this dress expecially on her. Comfy and girly and flattery. I think she should considering making a comfy hommy feeling relaxed closing line ok just a suggession.
    I agree with the idea that some of you saying she probaly well could be is baking a brand new one from the scrach in the oven :D It just warm my heart the thought of it.;D I would love them to have at least to more 1 bio and 1 adopted at least before they call it done. Wishing offcourse.
    I have been trying to read every other post or a page or two here and some places and guess what. Something From the OT news got in to me about kirsten VS the wife still? of the director she had a fling or fcuk with laughing.
    OK I was watching tv and I thought they are resusciting a lost or even faild carrier of the wife of the director on kirstin back. Though Kirsten was dumb and stupid to did what she did and get caught espeically on camera and the humilation of your huband getting on with some famous with money young meat that you worked with and you become famous instantly for all wrong reasons is understandbably bad not wish it on anyone BUT she is not supposted run her lost carrier over Kirstin . Who has a more like bad lay or two over an old man ( with kirsten age comparison only offcourse) is not something Kirsten should be paying the rest of her life. I bet the direcotr husband more likely cheated on the wife before Kirsten more likely not the first person. ME THINKS the marriage was in bad condition before he went on venting on younger girl who was twice younger and twice famous and may be richer due to the sucess of the francise. Kind of feel sorry for her that there is not going back to bella swan nature of her even if she wishes. Just over an old man baddd move I hope she got her lesson
    Also why is te media put only women vs each otehr. Why not rob against the director guy. Tthe humilation is hurt robert as bad. it messes with his pride and imasculating him I bet ( eventhought the relationship may not have depth and could defenity be a set up and a push by the studios to be more than it is than it was/is.) why not I never even read on magazine or person asking he should apolgize to Rob or saying beat me man or something like men say you know. anyway not my business or interest much just wanted to say that cause they are running the woman on kirsten back too much there is aplology and they should retire it…..

    MOVING To real news that I really care about first hand … Brad movie pushed back to november good. I think it is nice it is not in the middle of a debate since they say it has some thing that was touching it or something so may be …. Most importantly that may well be giving it a award time movie and we could well be in another Award season may be this time Angie pregers in Brad arms ha! in my dream offcourse. cute wish! no? I mis the two. It is nice at least we getting Angie. Now when is the wedding are they in france putting the 40 day thing for the wedding registry thing or the wedding is in engliand? another wish offcoruse that one for real but may be where is the question now.

  • marion bb

    wining-carry- not sure what is going on, but, old manny has purposely kept “shock” alive for 8 years and there wasn’t even an affair, much less pictures. The director’s wife doesn’t seem as nasty & desperate & shamed as manny, so Kristen should be OK. Onto to much more important things- Angie is doing amazing work- she is such an inspiration!

  • marion bb

    edit should be shameless, not shamed- just think manny crashing the Oscars or dirtbag award (or so many other fat tick manny humiliating attention grabs) & you get the idea. Angie in Iraq:

  • busted


    Yes she does look rested and her skin is not tanned but she does have a bit of color to it. Anyway I don’t like the dresses but she does and Angie has never cared about what people think of how she dresses. Brad doesn’t seem to mind her in them so really why would she give a flying “f” what strangers think.

    I think the trolls are impressed by her looks too. all they are bit@hing about is her cloths and harping on her doing her job. Just shows how dumb they are. Until Angie went on this trip I don’t recall seeing any news item on this site about Refugees. The fact that she is there makes news and puts it out there on sites that never ever talk about anything other then showing some celeb on a RC, or who broke up with whom or someone walking to a gym. So that makes a difference.

  • lurking 2

    Why do the DUMBLISTERS spend so much time talking about the posters on this site. I don’t think anyone here posts there so why are we the JP fans on JJ such a big topic of conversation. They talk about the fans here all the time. I mean all the time. Michael K needs to get them under control. I think the want the fans here to go there. Why. D listed is so OVER. nobody talks about that site. Only the Dumblisters when they run to other sites to promote it. MK is funny on occasion, but he only has about 3 or 4 new topic per day. Once you read them there is no reason to stay.


  • anustin

    bless anjie’s safe.

  • QQQQ

    BAGHDAD (AP) — Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is in Iraq meeting with leaders about the plight of an estimated 50,000 refugees who fled to escape violence in Syria.
    A government statement said Jolie on Saturday urged Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari to ensure the refugees have enough supplies.
    Zebari said an estimated 21,000 Syrian refugees are living in Iraq’s western Anbar and Dohuk provinces. Another 31,000 Iraqis who years ago fled to Syria to escape sectarian fighting in their homeland have returned, he said.
    Jolie is a goodwill ambassador for the U.N.’s refugee agency. She is expected to visit the Kurdish self-rule capital of Irbil in northern Iraq on Sunday.
    It was a rare visit to Iraq by an American movie star. She posed for pictures with Zebari but was not available for interviews.

  • QQQQ

    Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser
    Angelina #Jolie is no longer frontrunner for Gertrude Bell biopic but is in Iraq to visit Syrian refugees in Kurdistan
    iraqiblogger: Angelina Jolie reads names for Foreign Ministry staff killed in massive bomb attack to the ministry 2009 #Baghdad #Iraq

  • an opinion

    Wish safe travels to Angelina and others.
    BAGHDAD (AP) — Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is in Iraq meeting with leaders about the plight of an estimated 50,000 refugees who fled to escape violence in Syria.

    A government statement said Jolie on Saturday urged Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari to ensure the refugees have enough supplies. Zebari said an estimated 21,000 Syrian refugees are living in Iraq’s western Anbar and Dohuk provinces. Another 31,000 Iraqis who years ago fled to Syria to escape sectarian fighting in their homeland have returned, he said.

    Jolie is a goodwill ambassador for the U.N.’s refugee agency. She is expected to visit the Kurdish self-rule capital of Irbil in northern Iraq on Sunday.
    It was a rare visit to Iraq by an American movie star. She posed for pictures with Zebari but was not available for interviews.