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Angelina Jolie Meets With Turkish Deputy Prime Minister

Angelina Jolie Meets With Turkish Deputy Prime Minister

Angelina Jolie waves hello to onlookers as she leaves a meeting with the Turkish deputy prime minister and members of his cabinet on Friday (September 14) in Ankara, Turkey.

The 37-year-old actress also met with Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin before speaking to the press to express her concerns about the plight of the Syrian refugees.

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The day before, Angie met with Syrian refugee children on the third leg of her solidarity tour for the UNHCR.

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Credit: Adem Altan/AFP/GettyImages
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  • anustin

    why oh why the trollston love hanging in our azzez.hehe

  • QQQQ

    who @ 09/15/2012 at 2:50 pm
    She and Brad can have as many babies as they want to have, and I will be over the moon happy for them every time. But some people want her to be home and pregnant all the time, and to me she’s much more than that.
    Exactly! The constant speculation just gets annoying after a while. The woman was shooting a big budget movie, doing stunts and the first pics from the set was OMG and on and on.

  • Rose

    @anustin: We will get everyone angry with us. Some fans are very sensitive to that subject. And, we know the trolls going to go running at the ocean screaming for deliverance from Bad and Angelina. :-)
    Anus tin, you know we both will be in trouble for even thinking such a thing. :-(

  • lurking 2


    Go back to dlisted and whine about the JP fans. I thought someone said you were supposed to be a guy. YEAH no guy even gay has that much time to whine at one site about what fans on a site are talking about.
    HON you have so many issues I don’t have the time to list them all. And you don’t have to say you’re upset. It was easy to read. Maybe someone as beautiful as Angie makes you realize daily how ugly and useless you are. Aww poor thing.

  • Rose

    @who: Thanks for your comments. As you say, just because we are fans does not mean we all should have the same opinion on everything, if we all have the same opinion, this would be so boring. Im sure most of Angie’s fans are fans because we admire her for all the good she is doing all around the world. I understand now what you meant by the baby machine. No problem. I’m still hoping we will see another Jolie Pitt one day, jmo. Take care, good talking to you.

  • fyi12
  • who


    Thanks Rose, glad I could clarify. Oh I hope we’ll have another Jolie-Pitt baby on the way one day too, I just like confirmation of an event in the JP’s life over speculating and getting my hopes up. I was ecstatic over confirmation of their engagement, and I’ll be just as ecstatic over a confirmation of another baby for them, whenever Brad and Angie are ready for another one.

  • Ssshhii_baby

    waving hi to all the Jolie-Pitt fans from around the world!! regarding her clothing, this trip is not a fashion show. yes, the outfit might not be the most fashionable thing she can wear, but it is a respectable one for the region. since its silk, the fabric clings to her body. and, it really show-off her curves and makes her breast look bigger. the reason why i think she might be preggos (secretly hoping she is) its because she seemed to have this beautiful glow about her..maybe its a glow from just being content and loved up..either way, its nice to see her trying to save lives and looking so beautiful at the same time.

  • fyi12

    From Reuters—one new picture at link.

    UNHCR Special Envoy, Angelina Jolie, talks to a resident in an area home to families previously displaced by the conflict in Iraq and now returning due to conflict in Syria, in Baghdad September 15, 2012. The United Nations is in the process of registering more than 250,000 refugees from the 17-month-old conflict in four neighbouring countries, with more than 100,000 arriving in August alone – 85,000 of those in Jordan. REUTERS/UNHCR/Jason Tanner (IRAQ – Tags:

  • Rose

    @who: Don’t
    Kill me now, but it’s fun to speculate. But you are right, we should wait for confirmation, if and when that time comes. I’m happy whatever they do. I’m jet a fan here having fun and trying to ….off the trolls by saying somethings that I know will send them screaming at the ocan. They are here trying push our buttons, so I’ll push back at times.

  • Rose

    @fyi12: I have to thank you again for your hard work getting all those photos for the fans. I really appreciate all you do for us.

  • bdj
  • sullivan

    As a very long-time lurker who occasionally comments, I want to thank the loyal trolls for doing their part to make sure AJ’s posts are the most popular. Thanks to the loyal fans who thumb down the trolls so I don’t actually have to read their tedious comments. It’s a win-win situation .

  • Lily

    Angelina takes her job in UN very serious, 12 years working for UNHRC, that’s dedication. Gotta to respect this woman.

  • Beautiful JPs

    Excellent work, Angie! She is an inspiration to the whole world, especially at times like these.

  • http://deleted JP Fan

    hey a lurker dont respond to tampax its sole purpose is to get you to respond, it hates when it is ignored so dont give it the satisfaction, its the weekend and tampax always trolls this board on weekends because its “fun” and it knows of nothing else to do with its time but to troll on a board of a celeb they claim to hate on a the way when is Whampo going to provide them receipts of Clooney being in a Darfur camps for MONTHS like it claimed a few days ago, still waiting for them links tick tock..once gain DO NOT RESPOND DIRECTLY TO TAMPAX that is its main purpose on the board, its a troll.

  • Bety

    Most actors and people for that matter are too vain to bother themselves with learning about the world. I think it’s nothing less than admirable that she goes to all these places when she could just lounge in her mansion with Brad.

    And Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon are scary places right now. She’s incredibly brave.

  • Angelina Jolie is Pregnant

    That woman is pregnant. Her breasts have not been big like that for years. To the dumb commenters saying the dress is making her Breast bigger, you must have a brain of an ant. She told us a few months ago in a interview that she may become pregnant at anytime. The film Maleficent should be wrapping up soon. If Angelina Jolie is pregnant which more than 100% she is, good for her. I predicted years ago that when they got married it was going to be a double surprise, meaning she would be a pregnant bride and the wedding of the century. If I was with Brad Pitt I would have his babies too. I’m team Jolie all day, every day. She’s a very smart lady.

  • tweet

    I love the picture in this tweet – so much love!!

    ~Jaine~ @JainesPeace Angelina & Brad ’09 Golden Globes Made For Each Other I Jus’ Love These Two They’re So Awesome Together

  • Trinilady

    I do not post often but i read comments everyday. Thanks to all the loyal fans who keep this thread going. I do my part by thumbing down all negatives. I have to say that i wonder if Tamsin rereads its posts. Does Tamsin seriously expects answers from fans. Tamsin has to be the biggest ##### to waste time thrashing Angelina. And by the way, Tamsin.Whamo, yep or whoever you are, say and wish what you want, there is no turning back for Brad.

  • carry-winning

    tamsin you are ugly. why you obsessed with them? The dress looks nice on her and she wasn’t in red award show or a movie permier etc. You can’t complain about her being skinny or some crap because she looked Good so you talk about a dress that she wore where modesty is needed so dumb.

  • The Real Emma

    @Angelina Jolie is Pregnant:

    Have to disagree. It just depends on what bra she is wearing, I think she often wears camisoles that have bras built into them which are not very supportive, or she goes without a bra a lot, too, but when she puts on an underwire, looookout!!! Brad walks into furniture.

  • megatit

    Hey Tam. So I guess she’s in costume for her role as humanitarian here? Is it me or is she morphing into Handsome Squidward? What the hell is going on?

  • bdj

    Just when you think you’ve had enough hitman movies, Andrew Dominik pops up with a belter. The writer-director isn’t just concerned with making a gritty crime comedy thriller, though – this is a state of the nation address.

    They are minors quibbles, though. It’s gritty, it’s violence, it’s funny and the performances are flawless. Killing Them Softly is a must-see.

  • bdj

    Brad Pitt is terrific in this super-stylish crime drama that relishes its brutal mob storyline, inner-city locations and oddball characters.

    It is also bleakly funny and packed with memorable movie moments. Pitt is perfect as the leather-coated hitman who is always in control and as interested in his payments as he is in the killings.

    He can be great in more light-hearted fare but, as he gets older, he seems to be growing into the grizzled enforcer role. He’s helped by some great dialogue from writer-director Andrew Dominik.

    Dominik – who directed Pitt in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford – has crafted a highly atmospheric film set in a rain-drenched Boston in the midst of the 2008 Presidential election. Pitt dusts off his quirky mannerisms as super-slick Jackie Cogan – although, when he starts tracking down the drug-addled robbers, it is always set to end badly.

    The film brims with sublime support performances – The Sopranos’ Gandolfini as a rival hitman who’d rather sort out hookers and booze, Liotta as the devious mob man who runs the poker game and, best of all, McNairy and Mendelsohn as the petty thieves.

  • Passing Through

    # 148 QQQQ @ 09/15/2012 at 9:57 am
    Angie was in Baghdad today? Wow. She really is hitting all the border countries on this trip. Is Israel next? Or are they not exceping Syrian refugees? When you stop to think about refugees having to flee into Iraq – a country that was just engaged in a major war…then you know the sitch is dangerously effed up in Syria. The UNHCR is lucky to have Angie and I’m sure Guiterrez is well aware of that fact and it’s why he’s made her a Special Envoy and has joined her own this trip. Haters to the left or take a seat. Your choice.

  • Passing Through

    # 149 QQQQ @ 09/15/2012 at 9:59 am
    Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser
    Angelina #Jolie is no longer frontrunner for Gertrude Bell biopic but is in Iraq to visit Syrian refugees in Kurdistan
    ROTFLMAO. I guess this person doesn’t know there are 2 Bell biopics…

  • Passing Through

    # 151 Rose @ 09/15/2012 at 10:24 am
    I read your post saying Angie is no longer a frontrunner for Gertrude Bell. I’m guessing she is going to rest and fill her time with another project. :-)
    There are 2 different Bell biopics. Angie is attached to the one that Ridley Scott plans to make. The guy was obviously referring to the Werner Herzog film that was announced about 2 months ago that’s going to star Naomi Watts. Herzong’s fim was in development for years before Ridley Scott even announced his project. It’s taken him all this time to get financing and a script. It could literally be years before Ridley Scott’s film gets made – if ever. He still plans to do sequels to Blade Runner and Prometheus before it unless something else comes along and he fast-tracks it above his other projects like he did with TC. Supposedly he was all set to start pre-prod on the Blade Runner sequel and Cormac McCarthy’s script was given to him to read for an opinion and he dropped everything to produce and direct it. Plus, the man is 73 or 74 so obviously his age is an issue as well because he’s not going to live forever…even if Clint Eastwood seems to be. Clint’s mom was in her late 90s when she passed a few years ago, so genetics is on his side.

  • megatit

    Lil, Clooney almost got his azz killed! While Hor flies in on a private jet with her hair and makeup team, full UN security in tow and feigns concern for two hours and then heads on over to another city on the Love Me Tour list.


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  • bdj

    I guess the acting coach got a break and decided to spam for money on Just Jared. McGreedy is still trying to stalk Heidi in New York while Baby Jane packs up her latest bomb and head for the hills of New Mexico. I guess People Mag will be getting the ole “distance” excuse any day now. Whine on Hens. Angelina Jolie is out there making a difference

  • megatit

    As for Audrey Hepburn she devoted most of her post acting life to Unicef. Dressed simply, sans makeup, the woman was respectful to the situations she was in and approachable. It wasn’t an act. Look up pics of her and see the stark difference in not only her but also the people she came in contact with.

  • http://deleted JP Fan

    sorry yall cant resist schooling this person bwhahha did the duh-listed troll just say George Clooney who got arrested in the freakin United States of America(WHere thousands upon thuosands have gotten arrested for demonstrations)and was released IMMEDIATELY, that his life was more at risk than Angelina Jolie who is in the volatile Middle East that is currently swelling with Anti-American protests(watch the news) including the fact they just killed a heavily protected and guarded ambassador of the US..yes George Clooney almost got killed in DC he risked his life to stand outside and protest just like MLK Jr who was fighting dogs and water hoses while the police was spitting out racial slurs..when the last time Clooney went to Darfur, he just spent the WHOLE SUMMER vacationing in Italy, and he is currently NOT working on ANY projects, so why isnt he in Darfur now?

  • bdj

    Jolie who was appointed in April as Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), plans to visit refugee camps in Kurdistan Region’s Duhok province where hundreds of Kurdish families fleeing the violence in Syria are settled.

    This trip to the Kurdistan Region comes following visits by Jolie to camps in Turkey and Jordan where she and UNHCR commissioner Antonio Guterres met with Syrian refugees.

    “With the violence in the conflict showing no signs of easing up and the numbers (of refugees) growing… it is a very large concern for all of us,” Jolie told the media in Ankara.

    Dumiz is the largest Syrian refugee camp in Duhok. Muhammad Abdullah Hamo, director of immigration in Duhok told Rudaw last month that his office had registered 13, 721 Syrian refugees.

  • megatit

    “Nightgown”,lol. Apparently it’s some sort of traditional Turkish garb but she could have been classy and worn a nice suit with a scarf which is what most modern women wear in progressive Muslim countries but noooo. Not our hacktress. She had to go full throttle 100% culture warrior! Hahaha. Such a poser.

  • http://deleted JP Fan

    – Angelina Jolie’s crusade for the world’s less fortunate is moving Congress closer to committing 10% of total U.S. AIDS-relief funding for orphans under 18. Jolie, who D.C. insiders say was this past year’s “most effective activist” among movie stars, held private meetings with several powerful committee chairmen, including a testy one with staunch law-and-order conservative Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., about the legal rights of unaccompanied alien minors.

  • Rose

    @Passing Through: Hi PT, thanks for clearing that up the GB biopic project for me. I believe I remembered when Angie went to Ridley Scott’s studio to pick up the script, or so we thought. Was that in London about a year or so ago?, am I right? BTW, I did not know CW mom passed away, thanks for that info.
    There is a troll on this board all day, just like a gnat, fans are ignoring, and chasing it away, but it keeps coming back. Girl cannot take a hint and leave. No one cares what it has to say, but it keeps talking, and writing, and writing, and fans keep thumbing it down, poor troll cannot take a hint, leave!!

  • bdj

    Yousifine: Angelina Jolie went to Kurdistan. I love that girl even more. Such good heart.

  • http://deleted JP Fan
    Angelina, you’ve hit upon a strategy of dragging the press with you somewhere important, like Africa. Like, “If they’re going to follow me, I might as well go where I want people to see what’s happening.”
    Clooney: She’s been really good about it. [To Jolie] When you guys showed up in Pakistan after the earthquake, at a point when our government, had they taken that moment to step in, could have actually made a huge difference in the area, you and Brad were the only people that were really showing up there. I remember specifically watching and thinking, “That is such a great use of people following you with a camera.” They have done it a bunch of times.
    jolie: They [the Pakistani media] didn’t know we were there at first. We turned on the TV when we got back home and there was a picture of us unloading our gear. It said, “Aid workers have arrived.” [Laughter]

  • http://deleted JP Fan,28804,1733748_1733756_1735278,00.html
    Time’s Influential written by George Clooney

    It is one thing to talk about the problems of the world and quite another to actually try to change things.

    As a team, actors Brad Pitt, 44, and Angelina Jolie, 32, have served as our goodwill ambassadors worldwide. They brought help to Pakistan in 2005, after a catastrophic earthquake killed tens of thousands of people and left millions homeless. They have tended to the poor and sick in Africa. And they’ve raised global awareness—and contributed $1 million of their own money—for the victims of atrocities in Darfur. Brad co-founded Not on Our Watch, an organization set up to focus global attention on Darfur and other hot spots.

    In the U.S., Brad and Angelina didn’t just talk about, or even just throw money at, the tragic fallout from Hurricane Katrina. They actually moved to New Orleans and have set about trying to make right what so many have made wrong. Brad established a project to finance and build 150 new homes in the Ninth Ward.

    Angelina has worked tirelessly through the United Nations on behalf of refugees around the world, touring border camps in Africa, Asia and Latin America and lobbying on Capitol Hill. The couple cares for three adopted children, from Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam, in addition to their biological daughter.

    There are hundreds of people who could be honored for their good works, but I’ve seen Brad and Angelina firsthand, and their commitment together is truly impressive.

  • http://deleted JP Fan

    Educating girls in Kenya:
    In 2006, with a generous grant from the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, the UN Refugee Agency opened the first all-girls primary boarding school in Kenya’s Kakuma Refugee Camp. Since then, the Angelina Jolie Boarding Primary School has been a beacon of girls’ education.

    In 2010, the Jolie-Pitt Foundation donated the funds necessary for UNHCR to provide the most basic items, such as shoes, storage trunks for personal items, water storage, and solar flashlights.

    In response to receiving these supplies — true gifts in the eyes of the girls — the students wrote the following thank-you notes:

  • http://deleted JP Fan

    An alum from SOS becoming a lawyer funded by her to work for other homeless children:

  • http://deleted JP Fan

    She’s also donated money (she gave like $1000 gift cards) to soldiers at walter reed (and this was only publicized because a soldier’s wife took photos and posted it on her blog)

  • http://deleted JP Fan

    She’s helped refugees who were living in the worst possible conditions for 15 years get homes just after 2 years

  • megatit

    Yes Whamo show us the receipts! You know loons can’t be bothered to do five minutes of research or even visit their favorite mag site People nowadays. You know, the ones who fully funded the tax haven, the Jolie Pitt Foundation. Well, it’s their fave until loons feel their Hor Goddess has been slighted. And then it’s on.

  • http://deleted JP Fan

    She’s helped refugees who were living in the worst possible conditions for 15 years get homes just after 2 years (and before you complain it’s us governmetn money, the US had some fault in the war/conflict)

  • bdj

    Just celebrate Your Hairness wining best hair of 1998 troll.

  • http://deleted JP Fan

    so Clooney praises Angelina and ive provided receipts of Angelina lobbying for aid and relief in other countries and as a result something was done, but i cant even get a f’in receipt of Clooney living in camps for MONTHS, why has Clooney spent the whole summer in Italy vacationing with Stacey, he is not working. why didnt he go back to Darfur if its so near and dear to him?

  • groundcontrol

    “Audrey Hepburn she devoted most of her post acting life to Unicef”

    Please. She did not. The lies trolls are willing to weave to denigrate Angelina is hilarious. Audrey pretty much retired in the mid-1970sand then lived as a wealthy housewife. She only did an occasional odd role after that and she didn’t begin any substantial work at all as a Goodwill Ambassador until 1988 and then she only did it about 4 years. Before that Audrey only did PSAs for UNICEF and attended gala fundraisers and she did not cover her own expenses as Angelina has always done. . And Audrey got tons of publicity for her work and was followed by photographers.
    Angelina long ago surpassed the length and depth of Hepburn’s work many times over. ALL work is admirable but it is an out and out lie to even suggest that Audrey as much as Angelina has let alone did more than Angelina. We’ve had trolls here before trying to suggest the same BS. Anyone who can spell google can find out the truth. But then the truth never interested these lame trolls.
    Eff the lying liars.

  • http://deleted JP Fan

    girl they are just bringing up anybody to downplay what Angie has done, my fav is that Clooney almost got killed. puleez, Clooney hasnt been back to Darfur in forever