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Angelina Jolie Meets With Turkish Deputy Prime Minister

Angelina Jolie Meets With Turkish Deputy Prime Minister

Angelina Jolie waves hello to onlookers as she leaves a meeting with the Turkish deputy prime minister and members of his cabinet on Friday (September 14) in Ankara, Turkey.

The 37-year-old actress also met with Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin before speaking to the press to express her concerns about the plight of the Syrian refugees.

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The day before, Angie met with Syrian refugee children on the third leg of her solidarity tour for the UNHCR.

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Credit: Adem Altan/AFP/GettyImages
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  • Love the JoliePitts

    Hi Rose,
    Hope you are having a great day!
    May I say I loved your post. You said everything I feel as a fan about Brad and Angelina and their beautiful family and Angelina is glowing so beautifully something wonderful is happening in her life. She has said she has a great, big warm, loving home with Brad and the children and she and Brad are so very much in love, and we as fans want the best for them and more JoliePitt babies whenever they are ready to produce them. And I don’t think any fans are thumbing you down I think it is the idiot troll who lives on this thread trying to thumb down fans’ posts.
    FyI2,,,,,thank you for this link. Angelina’s beauty defies description. Just look at that face so full of compassion and kindness towards those who are hurting. I am praying the super rich will begin to find a heart to help these people in need and reach out and send some big money to the UNHCR to help them for the coming winter months. We are our brother’s keepers and the thought of these people being left without all they need to get thru the months ahead is too horrible to think about. If the super rich can give so much money to fix elections, surely they should be able to find it in their hearts to help the helpless. I hope also the oil rich countries will come to the aid of these refugees and donate what they can to help make these peoples’ transition into a better life possible. God bless all who reach out their hands to help.
    Thank you again for the beautiful picture of Angelina.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Thanks to all the fans who posted on the first page. It is always nice to be greeted by posts from the JP fans when a new thread comes up.

  • groundcontrol

    George Clooney was brave or in danger because he caught malaria? LOL!
    He was in the Sudan January 9 – caught it and flew home to be treated by his expensive doctors and he was already recovered by January 20. Then George issued a statement to the press about catching i then announced it on TV interview.
    Gee maybe he should have stayed in the Sudan and been treated in one of the camp clinics.
    Angelina wears what is appropriate for what she is doing and who she is visiting. She can hardly wear a short dress or suit if she is going to be sitting on the floor of a tent.
    I know the trolls are just full of shyte and have no respect for the truth in their sophomoric crusade to trash Angelina. Too bad they don’t issue a therapist with each computer they sell.

  • groundcontrol

    George Clooney was brave or in danger because he caught malaria? LOL!
    He was in the Sudan January 9 – caught it and flew home to be treated by his expensive doctors and he was already recovered by January 20. Then George issued a statement to the press about catching i then announced it on TV interview.
    Gee maybe he should have stayed in the Sudan and been treated in one of the camp clinics.
    Angelina wears what is appropriate for what she is doing and who she is visiting. She can hardly wear a short dress or suit if she is going to be sitting on the floor of a tent.
    I know the trolls are just full of shyte and have no respect for the truth in their sophomoric crusade to trash Angelina. Too bad they don’t issue a therapist with each computer they sell.

  • megatit

    Oh goodness…are loons stooping so low as to denigrate Audrey Hepburn’s work? Only in loony land can selfless charity work be trivialized. Unlike Heroina, Audrey did not need to erase her embarrassing past. She didn’t have an agenda. She joined in the 1950′s and was with them until her death pathetic loons. She also walked SLUMS. Not water like your goddess.



    What is your problem with “drug users” ? have you not drink alcohol, smoke or take pills in your sad life?? you f,u.cking moralist

    Any “normal” person in this world have take Drugs some time in their life.


  • megatit

    And if Heroina happened to acquire malaria she would stay there and allow local doctors to treat her? Hard to do when you’re already surrounded by luxury accomidations. Sit down.

  • NAN

    OMFG,megashitewhamotamshite are still here and be The B@rking Dogs of all time.
    7+ years The Sinkable Jho is still can’t Set up any Prince Charming out there for poking…Ouch.

  • anustin

    my girl, anjie is meeting a deputy,a king,a foreign minister,president. aaahhhhhh poppa pitt and my azz too proud.

  • tweet

    _AdamYoung Brad Pitt’s Oscar, perhaps? Killing Them Softly – Official Trailer (HD):

  • Jaye

    Hi JP fans. I hope everyone is content and healthy. It’s really something to be grateful for when you see so many people who have lost so much through no fault of their own.
    It’s a long tour for Jolie, but these are very unstable times and the quicker attention is given to the issues at hand, maybe the quicker we can stop the massive suffering. But, for those directly involved, it can never be soon enough.
    We won’t be able to avoid war and it’s consequences until all the governments and people realized that we are all interconnected. Long gone is the time when what one countries does affects only that country or group of people. The world is a crowded place. Like the old commercial said, “Land, they ain’t making it anymore. So it’s going to get a lot more crowded with more probably of a domino effect related to conflict and it’s effects.
    My thoughts are with those in conflict and those who lost their lives in the cause of peace.

  • carry-winning

    tamsin you really ugly! I went and come back but you are still here.
    why you obsessed with them this much? why not you go and support to some of the stars you pretned to support when it benifate you to VS them with JP instead. They have THREADS ASK JARED TO GIVE YOU ONE IF YOU THINK THERE IS NON. OH I forgot. JP is the envy, the bench mark, the king and the queen of hollywood. So talking with the UP UP is what you want ???? hahahhaha Just say it admit IT.
    Let say to you this, what they have been through both real and imagined make them who they are NOW which is the best, the envy and in the tops if not the tops. It also benifate others it just don’t get the money and run back hide. OK just back off or admit they are big and this is my JOB

  • Maniston

    Tamsin leaves the drugs
    The mummy Maniston how old is she? 50?

  • NAN

    Someone have to bang her head on the wall again,eeh eeh eeh eeh

    The Unsinkable Jenhiper Anuston VF 05 (page 9)

    But Anuston still has faith in the redeeming power of love itself ,
    ” It’s out there ” she say ” it will happen.
    There’s an amazing man that’s wandering the street right now who’s the father of my children.
    In five years I would hope to be married and have kids.
    I still believe marriage 100 %
    When I hear people say that they would never do it again,it like cutting of your nose to spite your face.
    Why would you ever close your heart down ?
    Jho ” Maybe it’s a fairy tale,but I believe i happily after ”

    (Someone might marry again with her Bought Gigolo huh ?

    Prince Charming JustSuck always be there for JenKukKuk…Ouch !

  • dawne

    We’ll get rid of war when we stop procreating the male species. Sad but true. As for megaZIT and her alters, go to and look up the word f u t i l e. You’ll find your photos there. The only other actress of whom I was a major fan was Audrey Hepburn. She was gorgeous and amazing and worked hard for Unicef in her later years, but she has not logged the time and miles Angie has. Pure fact.

  • http://deleted JP Fan

    bittch is OBSESSED with Angelina Jolie, she has been on this thread for HOURS on a SATURDAY wow just wow

  • carry-winning

    OT um I just reading in to celbitchy and men what happen to the celbitchy woman drooling over beno boy . Didn’t he just say I don’t raise my kids my patient wife does or something. How is that even sexy on a man? I mean he is tall and that he look good in some styles and when he fianlly cut his hair. but he also have big mouth when he speaks.
    it is nice he is getting jobs imo becasue he looked out of it ( the marriage ) at least fo the good 4 years of the marrage while smily cute jennifer trying hard to keep it together and then comes a BL rumores….
    But it is great he is getting jobs and is working and having a new begining he just need a mouth coach becasue he loved the spot light as much and that the truth is he still does.

  • NAN

    Wow,The Sinkable Anuston tell to the world that she believe in happily ever after with her bought Toyboy.

  • groundcontrol

    Hepburn’s work for UNICEF before she became a Goodwill Ambassador in 1988 was restricted to Public Service Announcements and fancy society balls to raise money.
    To suggest that Audrey’s work was “better” than Angelina’s is ridiculous and ignorant. Audrey’s really was pretty much just for awareness – which I consider important – while Angelina’s has gone way beyond that now in a multitude of ways.
    As I said Hepburn’s work was all chronicled while it was ongoing and reported on and photographed and filmed at the time. It was NEVER secret. Some of us were actually working in Foreign Affairs and for NGOs at the time and remember exactly how it went down rather than crawling around drooling and in diapers as the lying trolls most likely were.
    Where do these effing liars get their BS from?
    I find value in everything people are willing to do and I don’t question their motivations. It’s entirely inappropriate to question motivations when good work is being done and people don’t know what the hell they are talking about anyway. Audrey was a good person and a fascinating woman with a kind heart but if you are going to try to smear Angelina with BS remember that Audrey had affairs with married men, cheated on her husband and could be considered a “homewrecker.” So perhaps people should think twice before casting stones and tryng to smear others.

  • cheral

    Hey, Anustin
    Nik from brangelina forum says ‘hi’ :)))

  • http://deleted JP Fan

    BAM! yes GC yes loved your post

  • William Bradley& The Jolie

    Hello Fans. The Jolie reigns. And trolls are just gnats on the hide of an elephant. Easily swatted away and disgarded. Kudos always for her ongoing work for refugees and others in need. And may the Universe continue to bless her for it.

    Just a superficial note. I don’t think she’s pregnant. Brad did mention that she would be working alot this year. So, those great boobs may just be the result of a great bra, weight gain or maybe a breast lift. And before the trolls tried to make something out of nothing; note, I did NOT SAY A BREAST IMPLANT, but maybe a lift. I’ve known lots of nursing mothers who have done that after having children. Get that trolls, NURSING MOTHERS. But regardless, she looks amazing.

    Also, does anyone know if being a special envoy confers actual diplomatic status on Angelina? I can’t seem to get a clear answer. I had thought that such status could only be conferred by sovereign nations. But I would love to be proven wrong.

    Oh, and haters – STAY PRESSED.

  • um

    Angelina is doing good work . Stay safe. Now about her robe. Isn’t she supposed to have like a suit or dress undeneath? An then wear this over it? I don’t know. Plus her neck is showing. shouldn’t it be covered? I don’t know ….

  • Richard P

    OMG Gorgeous

    Go Angie

  • cesar

    Angie is a super-women that do whatever is necessary to get the world attention to the refuges problems.

    She is a Special envoy of UNHCR and have the mission to go to Iraqi and Kurdistan alone because her boss, Sec. Antonio Guterres have to go to Iran.

    Angie have the responsibility to deal with this problems like a true diplomat. she will do this for many years. _I bet one day she will be the boss of UNHCR.


    Sep 15, 2012
    Where in the world is Angelina Jolie?

    By Alison Maxwell, USA TODAY
    Updated 11m ago

    Football watching and frolicking in the fall weather on Saturday is for mortals.

    For Angelina Jolie, Saturday is all business.

    She took a trip to Baghdad to meet with Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari. As a special envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Jolie advocates for refugees around the world. On Friday, she told the Associated Press that with winter approaching, she’s concerned about the plight of hundreds of thousands of Syrians forced to flee their homes.

    Later Saturday, Jolie planned to fly to Irbil to meet Kurdish officials and will visit a Syrian refugee camp. According to CNN, Jolie has recently visited refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan to highlight suffering and the need for international humanitarian assistance.

  • de Cosmos

    Scratch the wedding for this weekend.

  • mya

    She looks amazing lately

  • The Real Deal

    @de Cosmos:

    You are one seriously dumb motherfcker. Last week B. Pitt said that there were no wedding plans yet, and that its going to happen. How does that sound like we are getting married Sept 15th, 2012, to you?

    And why do you care anyway? I have never seen a bunch miserable dried up bitter hags so invested in what two strangers do with their lives, than you Jenheifers. Jeez, hag go rent Wanderflop, and beat yourself off to hatchet face and the hobbit.

  • tish

    Angie will go down in history as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Not just beautiful on the outside but completely stunningly beautiful on the inside with a heart that spreads from sea to sea.

    There are very few ppl who care about the gossipy old almost decade stories that gave the tabs a beautiful women and sexy hunk to rag about. If anything the laugh is on the boring trouble maker Tickster
    who needed a pity me lime light b/c she was too boring for anyone to listen to on talk shows or in interviews so rediculously decided taking her clothes off would make her a stah..NOT.

    To make a redic story more hilarious who? decides to be a homewrecker ??… You Got It Ticky the sl*u.t who paid for Heidi Bivens man. Not much of a catch but when your name is mud for scaring men away after they use her as a sportsfcuk ,.. Heidi Bivens man of 14 yrs got old connivng Tickster into thinking hey this guy is from a family of writers sooo maybe if i clean him up and pay for the goods he might help make me be a stah..LOL WRONG AGAIN!!!!!

    You have to know how to act in movies at least half azzz and this was never in the sportsfcuks cards. She never had what it took to be a movie actress.. But hey! Need a victim? Need a whiner? Need a narcissist? A homely women who ate the same tasteless salad everyday for yrs and yrs while working at the gym to muscle up that stumpy little body so she could have the men of a gay mag vote her the hottest women in ahem the world. LOL Now once again Trickster made a complete azzz of herself. Nice Try but it didn’t work, Sportfcuk was laughed out of HW.
    That’s just the beginning of what any guy got who dated the sportsfcuk Trickster ….just boring brainless Anustoon.

    So going from pity me chick to lonely gal Trickster what do ya see the dumb botoxed one and her Huvsey come up with. next b/c nothing is working for the now known nudest with or without her clothes on…. ……. hmmm easy peasy…

    WTH!!! might as well pay for her so called old *friend* Heidi Bivens little dwarf boytoy, say i am sorry to Heidi or should say pay the media to say so. And here she is doing another crap piece of work with her contract boytoy waiting to hop on Brad and Angies coattails for the 8th yr in a row. Mark my words just waiting for the jump.

    Now Angie and Brad as we know do nothing but Good work in movie roles, their production co., writing , directing and nobody except a small few old bittys give two shites what the tabs say anymore. It’s an old worn out story that proved to be lies from yr 1 to yr 8.

    Angie has proven herself to be a lady with class. Has never said a bad word about anybody, gives us AList movies and shares her wealth consistantly with the poor. Brad Pitt loves his classy bad azz lady and so does the rest of the world. Brad Pitt is no longer HW’s sexiest hunk , he is HW’s sexiest Man with a penchant for going after what is right. So is on top of the world with his Angelina Jolie and their 6 children telling the world he is happier now than he has ever been in his entire life. Gotta love Angie and Brads honesty. They knew the day would come when ppl would put 2 and 2 together .
    Brad and Angie both were raised to believe Liars Never Prosper.
    Manny learned how to enjoy botox , pick lintballs off of her dress while a host of a show is trying to get some kind of intelligent convo going for their show. Never Happen.

    K A R M A tho …Happens everytime.

    Congratulations Brad and Angie for being real, for being down to earth. You are both number 1!!

    Phonies in HW always get busted as the ex old 1998 tv girl and her stolen can of worms boytoy are just now shaking their heads asking WTH! what do we do next?…. b/c all of this BS isn’t working….Guess what JustJen
    ..NO B O D Y C A R E S !!!!

  • http://! Liverwurst

    UGH she’s so arrogant and full of herself.

  • lurking 2

    So tampon spent its Saturday on an Angie thread talking crap for hours.


  • Passing Through

    # 291 groundcontrol @ 09/15/2012 at 7:39 pm
    You tell ‘em, GC! The trolls are carrying on like Audrey was a living saint. Tell that to the wives of the multiple married men she carried on affairs with. Well…that’s if they were still alive. I don’t think William Holden’s wife or Mel Ferrer’s third wife or Peter O’Toole’s ex-wife would be doing any testimonials on good ole Audrey’s behalf.

  • tazzy


    I have been away for a couple of months, and Tasmin is still here posting shiit. . ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a fcuking loon!!!!!!!

  • Rose

    @tish: Love your post Tish. Keep telling it like it is.

    @Love the JP. Hi Love, hopefully we will be on tomorrow at the same time. Take care, and thanks for the shout out.

  • Jen the Hag

    oh the monkey tamshit can’t really help herself whenever that excuse for a human see Angelina Jolie thread.. it’s because Angelina is something that she would never ever be even if she will be reincarnated a hundred times i bet in her next life because of her hatred for somebody who is doing good in this world .. she’ll be A COCKROACHE OR A RAT SO THAT WE COULD EXTERMINATE HER IMMEDIATELY..bwahahhahahahh!!

  • Jen the Hag

    and i think the tampoon is a bible thumping hypocrite old barren bitter HAG.. the old wh0re idol is MANISTON who she think is a classy lady when in fact TICKY started in the showbiz by giving advice as ‘BE F@CKABLE to her former BFF who she made sure don’t get a part in her sitcom by giving BJ to her producers and scriptwriters ..bwahhahahahh!!

  • http://com Susan

    Antonia Gutierrez is in Iran, so Angie is doing the Iraq visits.

  • Yummy!

    Did Angie get a boob job?

  • William Bradley& The Jolie

    Popped back in for just a minute. I see that my previous comment is being thumbed down. I don’t see where I wrote anything that could be considered negative. I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts as to why that might be? Just curious. Have a good evening everyone.

  • Rose

    Angie’s beauty is driving the name changing troll cray, cray. Troll have you seen pillow face lately? The dirtbag is hiding because the man she stole from HB is back in NY posing on street corners and has been seen dumpster diving looking for human teeth to add to his collection. Poor ugly Dirtbag, her man cannot afford to give her an engagement ring. JT ran back to NY the day after the phony engagement. Can’t blame JT, who wants to wake up and look granny manny pillow face. Run Justin run. 8-)

  • tish

    Y/W Rose sorry it’s so long tho. Lady you have been doing a wonderful job getting the facts out there with the rest of the oldie goldies. I just went thru every post and had a wonderful bunch of reads. Had to laugh at the Red Clicked posts with numbers as high as 65 …and counting..

    If that’s not telling the trolls straight out we are not intereted nothing is.

    As for that smelly Tampax twinkie eater i don’t know why it doesn’t just post one long post and get it over with. Nobody is reading it ‘s posts and REDS show that. Oh i forgot it only knows lies and tab stories.
    Alll else is confusing to the twit. Fortunately all of these pages and i didn’t come across one open RED Xed post so it’s kinda cool to have had a nice sit down reading all of the good Green clicked posts.

    This is a time where Angie is in the news as she should be for being an Angel with her beauty and brains. Angie is very interesting to read about and all she has done for the ppl in Syria..Amazing Women

    My home page right now is Sympatico. There is a write up defending Kristen Steward in the celeb area. What surprised me is they show a video pic of Julia Roberts (4 a change) and underneath Claire Danes with Billy Cruddup. The headliner read (paraphrasing) Why are ppl calling KS so many bad names when so many others in Hollywood did the same and nothing is said about them today?

    No Angie and Brad pics just the two i mentioned . Finally PFFFEW!! it’s about time they laid off the BS lies for sensational purposes trying to ram lies down ppls throats about A and B..

    I rather enjoyed seeing JR’s pic sticking out like a sore thumb.:)
    The broad who thinks she did no wrong when everybody knows she chased a married man ontill she got him…Lest we forget >
    L O W V E R A on Horseteeths tee shirt trying to push Danny the camera mans wife into a quick divorce.. But noticibly she does think she is better than Angie as i recall by her bragging about Tricky being her friend and other things i won’t write a novel about. Claire Danes must of had a really good agent too b/c i don’t remember seeing her in the tabs where they were using the story for yrs on end…or maybe i just forget b/c once they got their glommers on A and B with major help from Manny it seemed they never quit…till Ticky herself broke up a 14 yr relationship.
    Thank You Jesus … Times are a changing. Finally the truth is out and ppl know as i worded above that the Trickster is a manipulating C who is another one who not just nabbed anothers guy is paying to keep him around How freaking embarrassing. Ticky will always carry the name desperate ..It’s all out of the bag now and am loving it.:)

    Peace All JP Fans

  • tazzy

    You are the fcuking loon posting here day after day, not me. I have never posted under any name but Tazzy. Don’t believe me, ask Jared.
    You need help in a bad way, you silly bitch.

  • tish


    Great post Jaye #283 full of compassion with the bare bones truth.

    I always enjoy your posts …keep em coming and Good Luck on your writing.

  • Rose

    @tish: Hi Tish, I remember about ALOVERA, that was some s..t; looked what AKeys did taking That big nose man from his wife and children; Tom Hanks left his wife and children for RW, LeAnn Rhymes took that man from his wife and children, the Dirtbag took HB man, and so many others. The reason we have been having this pity party for going on eight years is because the Dirtbag encourage her friends to harass Angie and then she pretends she had nothing to do with it. That ss is one of the biggest Bs in HW. Anyway, people are getting so sick of her game they are not supporting her. Her fan base has dwindled down to almost nothing, her fans refuses to even go to her movies. On JJ she has one lone fan who posts under several names daily. Troll must be mad to keep repeating the same thing for years and expect anyone in their right mind is going to read that drivel.

  • Andamentothat

    Go Ange! She really walks the walk.

  • Rose

    @tazzy: The only person here posting under several name is that troll. She believes she is 15 people in one, another Sybil. I gotta run.

  • B!

    Luv, luv AJ, but she needs to fire her stylist. Hire me Angie. Lol. I’ll pick out fierce and respectable outfits for your UNHCR trips to match your beautiful face …. I know, I know it’s not about the clothes, but more the humanitarian work, but she needs to get rid of the shapeless caftans!

  • Jolie Pitt Fan

    Angie could wear a potatoe sack and still look good. For the mission she is on i dont think it matters to her if she is all dolled up.
    Another actress in her position would most likely be wearing jeans.
    I am not a fan of the caftans but i think thats her way of being respectable to the many different countries she visits.

    Keep up the good work Angie.



  • tazzy

    @Rose: I have never seen anything like this Tasmin. To come on a fan board and spew hatred day after day, month after month, is so twisted, I can’t wrap my head around it. And yet she calls everyone else loons. Go figure.