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Christina Aguilera's 'Your Body' - Listen Now!

Christina Aguilera's 'Your Body' - Listen Now!

Check out this first listen of Christina Aguilera‘s latest single “Your Body”!

The song comes off of the 31-year-old singer’s upcoming album Lotus, which is set to be released on November 13.

“#YourBody from my new album #Lotus premieres on radio tomorrow. So excited to share new music with you all! XoXtina” she tweeted the night before the song released in anticipation!

Be sure to download your copy of “Your Body” when it hits digital retailers on September 17.

of Christina Aguilera’s new song “Your Body”??

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  • Scottrnr

    I am so sick of people saying “Floptina” and all the negative crap about her last CD, Bionic and Burlesque…Both of which were GREAT! She tried something new on Bionic and I personally think it was some of her best work ever. Awesome CD! I still dont know why it was trashed so bad. Let an artist grow and try new things and not make the same thing over and over. They get crucified for growing as an artist. People grow and change. Give it a chance!

  • whaaaat

    what the eff, it’s not on itunes yet?
    how am i supposed to jam in my car???

  • garrett

    @Scottrnr: true, better to experiment and try new things. yah it’s risky. but better than doing the same thing, putting out the same sound every single album. christina tries different stuff.

  • melissa

    oh my god this song very good 10 times listened

  • mr.right

    my girl is back!!!
    so catchy…so sexy…
    u r #1 Xtina

  • elma

    Amazing song, amazing xtina, love it!!!

  • holycrap

    SO GOOD.
    And there’s NO AUTOTUNE at all.
    And of course completely NOT NEEDED.
    It would be blasphemy to autotune Christina Aguilera.
    It’s all totally her, sounds amazing.

  • yah yah yah

    Singin All I wanna do is love your body oh oh ohhhh oh!!

  • IKnowYouWantIt

    I think u already know my nameee…
    Lyrics so fierce.

  • x-tine 4 ever

    OHHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!! The gorgeousness is back.. im so excited for this new track and the upcoming album.. its effin amazing. will per-order the album in itunes..

  • gio

    this song is more tacky than JLO’s entire album

  • vic

    amazing!!i love christina!

  • Jessie

    WOO!! I love this song so so….so much!


    Keep coming back to this post just to listen to it.
    Why put it out today but cant buy it til Monday??

  • federick

    love you xtina!!!!!

  • Holly

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!!! I know all the lyrics already!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to blast it in the car!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRISTINA, can’t wait for your LIVE performance & of course your album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COPPING THAT FOR SUREEEE.

    SHE’S THE VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dillon

    love ur body. love XTINA

  • http://astridlzy astridlinlin

    super cool~~just love it so much~~powerful song!!!!xtina!!!!

  • Jay

    Hell Yes! xoxox

  • Wally

    OMG! I love it so much!

  • http://AlekoYee AlekoYee

    Amazing! love you,christina xoxo

  • JettaJameson

    Finally. Christina is making music to get excited about again. This hasn’t happened since Stripped. I was so ready to write her off. I want to listen to it on my car stereo. I’m sure that will make it even better.

  • yes

    WHoa… settle down kiddos

  • impatiencenotavirtue

    Why I can’t buy it til Monday?
    And why just playing snipped of the new video on the voice?
    Dammit I want the single NOW and I don’t want to watch a sneak peak the video I want her to perform it live like yesterday.
    Oh they’re not at the live shows yet sigh

  • Tom

    I like the swagger in ‘I think u already know t name’

  • Genie

    Heard her interview in Ryan Seacreast, she’s adorable.
    She was really sweet, you guys should check it out(it’s online).

  • Jessa

    Gonna be epic when she performs it on the Voice, crowdgonna go crazy.


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  • Albert


  • Lotuscheesefries

    She’s old as hell and she’s really fat.

  • komal

    been listening to this for 2 weeks now! INCREDIBLE CATCHY track! this will do well!
    “FLOPTINA” is gone! XTINA is BACK!!!!

  • Fighter !

    I think that Xtina’s next album will be a masterpiece !!

    She is a lifesaver !! ”Stripped” did something that no person could do !

    It saved my life ! And now She’s coming stronger than ever !!

    She’s coming !!! She is QUEEN !! Legendtina returns !!

  • JHON

    after a big flop this is not the right song of her comeback …

  • SaMo

    HIT HIT HIT. Xtina is a genius.

  • SaMo

    I really hope I hear it on the radio for a while.

  • jacob

    just heard the remix.
    it’s awesome.

  • KJ

    Flawless goddess! She is the best pop star around with ample charisma, creativity and THAT VOICE! No one can do it like she does and they’re all probably shaking in their boots, because the phoenix has risen and is coming for her throne!

  • BarneyLegendary

    sadly, the song sounds like most of the others these days. xtinas voice is too good for this. i miss the style of stripped or back to basics :/ this is not my favorite (but much better than this bionic-thing, i guess)

  • Sing for me

    This is so awesome ! Cant wait to buy on iTunes

  • Blank Page

    Yes, i love this new ! What a voice

  • Edicson

    I Love It!!!!

  • Merlito


  • http://therealryan Ryan Chen

    The song is very nice!!I’m very love it!!So!!I want take my body to Chrisitina Aguilera~~Please love my body~~

  • Grand Master Vocalist Xtina

    LOTUS will be amazing.

    Pop tracks, ballads (ballads are usually boring and useless UNLESS they are sung by the master Christina Maria Aguilera HAHAH!!!!!!!!), it will have everything.

    Christina is too flawless.

    The lessors are somewhere feeling secretly scared and oppressed over the news of yet another amazing Christina Aguilera album coming soon!!

    My fav singer and artist, Christina, is so amazing and perfect! HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  • reality

    NBC’s THE VOICE is truly amazing.

    It only helped cement the undeniable fact that Christina Aguilera is an incredible VOCALIST, the voice of this generation!!!!

    Christina was born to sing!!! She deserves to get paid to sing!!!!!
    The stupid and fake music industry needs people like Xtina!!!!!!!!

    Lady Caca, Akon, and all those other foking clowns can troll Christina all they want but she is here to stay!!!!!!!! Christina can’t be replaced, she’s not going anywhere!!!!!!!!!

    DEAL HATERS!!!!!!!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rash

    the beat and the line are catchy.. too bad her screaming hasnt gone anywhere and gets annoying from the first chorus till the end!