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Diane Kruger & Emma Stone: Calvin Klein Dinner!

Diane Kruger & Emma Stone: Calvin Klein Dinner!

Diane Kruger and Emma Stone hit up a private dinner to celebrate Calvin Klein Collection and Francisco Costa‘s runway show at the Beatrice Inn on Thursday (September 13) in New York City.

The two ladies were joined at the event by Erin Heatherton, Andrew Garfield (not pictured), Karlie Kloss, Rachael Taylor, Jack Huston (not pictured), Conor Dwyer, and others.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

Earlier that day, Emma, Diane, and Amy Adams hit up the Calvin Klein fashion show as part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

FYI: Diane is wearing a Fabergé “Clover Ring”.

10+ pictures inside of Emma Stone, Diane Kruger, and others at the private Calvin Klein dinner…

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# 1

They are all so beautiful

# 2

If you look in the background of Diane Kruger’s solo picture you can see Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield holding hands to the side…

All the ladies looked gorgeous. Love Emma’s green suit!

# 4

Holy Cow, Diane is definitely balding. She should not wear her hair pulled back. She is way too thin.

# 5

Emma looks flawless, she looks so classy and chic.

# 6

Fabulous look!

# 7

diane kruger all the way. she looks simply stunning

# 8

Only Kruger could pull that outfit off, she is just lovely

# 9

emma and diane, beautiful duo!

again this famewhore, Diane Kruger, wanting to parlay the success of Emma

Diane looks like his father, freddy!

i´m sooooooooo in love with this last outfit of diane. for me it´s a ultimate, modern perfection and chicness nowadays.

Miss Bubley did not put on her padded push-up bra…

Emma is a gorgeous and talented actress

Diane is best known for gossip sites than the films that she does

best beauty on the red carpet. i adore Diane Kruger’s clean, sophisticated look

That dress just looks so damn amazing on diane body. Gives it a great curve.

thankfully this dress is covering those ghastly things she calls legs!

Diane Kruger is gorgeous, possibly the best dressed woman in the world and is certainly not lacking for work.

diane is gorgeous and a phenomenal actress.

why we have new pictures of Diane everyday?This actress is nobody and she is so boring

Emma is STUNNING!!

borington @ 09/14/2012 at 5:44 pm

who is the young elegant man sitting next to Leo’s pot of glue?

Diane is a match made in heaven. she really looks incredible !


Not gonna hate Erin looks damn good!

Your constant obsession with Erin’s breasts size is lol!
Worry about Iran bombing your heroine!

Diane looks like a bald skeleton

I KNEW it was not all Leo’s fans in his posts making most of those tiresome bitchy remarks! Great comment #26

Simple but so sexy and chic in the yellow dress and her body looks fabulous.

Emma is too skinny! Maybe because of her big round face.

Emma is just too adorable!

diane looks fab as usual

are we going to have another pose of Erin Bubley having her butt grabbed by Francesco Costa? Too bad, JJ did only show one picture of her.

She wants to associate her name to Emma who is a young actress on the rise to see if his fading career takes off

Always chic, beautiful diane kruger knows how to make an impression. sophistication

Diane Kruger is so beautiful, I love her! Can’t wait for her new movie (Terrence Malick!!!!!) Ultimate beauty!

I was emma didn’t want to see my name associated with diane, first:because she is a famewhore,seconds: because of troll that posting several comments about her

@Plus 10:
All you have is your pic spamming, Barfbot. It still fails. Gisele, Miranda, Lara S have nudes and are MARRIED. LOL Oh and Syria will win.

la bella diane kruger

After we have pics of Ahmadinejad laughing. JJ please post those!

Hey i love Diane too, but this pro-Diane trolling needs to stop.

diane face looks beyond gorgeous in those pictures.her figure looks almost like a cartoon in that yellow dress. like it’s so perfect it can’t possibly exist on a human being, but then again her face does too. lol.

why you deleted your tumblr again? I wait you in two weeks

Oh my God, she’s back. Somebody needs some serious mental help. Just so the troll knows, you are not helping Diane’s career. For your information, she needs to be more than just “perfect” or any of those other adjectives you use to have a great noteworthy career. Acting skills and a full head of hair might help.

Diane K threads on JJ are a law unto themselves now. LMAO

Jared, why didnt you post more pictures from this dinner party.

i mean look at this picture of diane kruger with Lyman Carter (half-brother of joshua jackson):

aw, such a cute picture!

Definitely one of diane better looks.

Of all the stars, Diane Kruger has truly mastered choosing a look that suits her and strikes the perfect note for an event. the natural makeup that highlights her gorgeous bone structure. oh so pretty and oh so perfect!

Oh wow she looks gorgeous in the yellow dress. Loving the natural make-up too.

diane perfect complexion, complement her feminine ensemble.

Erin and Karlie look good. Conor’s there? Surprised Ryan L was not there. He seems to be everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this woman weird, pretty,off

amazing, diane. such a simple, natural and girlish look.

Diane kruger is the picture of the modern movie star.

I just want Emma and Diane’s entire outfits please and thank you.

Diane Kruger sure has an intuitive talent for keeping her red-carpet look fresh.

woohoo! it’s elegant and suits diane kruger to a tee, plus she’s gone for a flattering beauty look.

Wow Diane… showing everyone how it’s DONE!

diane looks amazing in that outfit. but I don’t think most girls can pull off a dress like that half as well, not even the models in the show.

diane and emma, all look beautiful and flawless.


please stop associating the name of emma, with this woman, Emma is beautiful and flawless Diane is not

she does it to see if Diane has the support of the fans of Emma

socialite @ 09/14/2012 at 7:52 pm

BRAVO! Diane looks like a knock out. Josh is a lucky dude.

Incredible. emma and diane are stunners for sure.

diane looks so freaking beautiful whatever she wears I can’t help but love her

@Borington#23 @ 09/14/2012 at 8:55 pm

The guy is Conor Dwyer, the olympic gold medalist swimmer.
I think the dress does not suit her very well.

Diane really has a hidden talent and very well hidden, because she never showed

Diane really has a hidden talent and very well hidden, because she never showed


This is always a mystery to me. There a lot of female celebrities that either have a large forehead or are starting or their hair is starting to thin in front, but they don’t get bangs. They need them badly.

“Diane Kruger is gorgeous, possibly the best dressed woman in the world and is certainly not lacking for work.”

“diane is gorgeous and a phenomenal actress.”

LOL!!! Hey troll, I hope you are getting paid to write these comments about your C list client!

Erin looks really pretty,I wish to see her attend formal dinner with Leo
@26 LOL

Diane Kruger's publicist @ 09/14/2012 at 11:33 pm

Diane Kruger is a stunning flawless woman who everyone in Hollywood wants to work with!

@Diane Kruger’s publicist: you may be consuming any drugs to have these delirium

FashionGal @ 09/14/2012 at 11:54 pm

Bubley put her dog collar back on, she must want everyone to know Leo hasn’t dumped her YET!

Find the photo of Diane sitting next to Emma in the front row with her legs crossed, the woman has cellulite on her thighs. She may be super thin, except for the breasts her surgeon gave her and the flaws that God gave her. She doesn’t smile anymore because it shows off her crows feet and long yellow teeth. No talent and an aging actress.

diane can really pull off any look

diane kruger can dress her a-ss off…gorgeous

diane kruger is best dressed of the night for me

I do love the dress on diane though, so gorgeous on her.
I wish just once she’d wear her hair down and blown out in a messy 90s supermodel sort of way, I think she’d look incredibly sexy.

Great hair,make up and dress on diane

diane kruger face is literally perfect, like I would probably just stare at her in awe if I’d ever meet her. Almost too perfect

I love this look on diane. Beautiful. Love her hair.

yes, diane is looking pretty and she is coming to france next week to do promotional work for her upcoming movie: un plan perfect.
can’t wait!!!!!

diane looks incredible. Amazing dress on her. oh, and good to see she has become close friends with the half-brother of joshua jackson. it’s like one big happy family.

the last 9 comments were from the same person! so pathetic.

diane always looks just perfect, no matter what. Her skin is freaking gorgeous.

MassEffect @ 09/15/2012 at 7:38 am

Freddy Kruger is perfect. In your dreams.

diane is so beautiful and has such an amazing body that I think she can wear anything and be gorgeous. She’s just one of those people.

who is featured in this site is a mystery to me we have a poster of Angelina Jolie, who has much more traffic and comments beyond it being an important actress and have Diane, this figure useless which having a troll that does almost all comments or Diane are paying to appear here or they are fun with these idiots comments

I think that is a complete winner!
only women with high self-esteem can handle this dress but this is beautiful fashion statement!
you go, diane

diane style is always applicable:

SHE IS SO PRETTY. It makes it very hard for me to actually judge her clothes, because I can’t look away from her face! With that being said, I still really like this yellow dress… that thing deserves a medal.

diane kruger looks more beautiful than ever. She is a stunningly attractive woman. Lately, we are watching the best possible diane: happy, smiling, beaming, gorgeous. I adore this woman.

Diane is pathetic, she will only be known as a famewhore. She shows up at almost any opening of an envelope or any red carpet event, even if she isn’t involved in the project. The lone troll posting every two minutes and Diane apparently like getting attention, even if they don’t deserve it.

That dress on diane is interesting, I’ll give it that much. Also, saw her Marie Antoinette film – so good! And she is good in it!

this dress is amazing. also, diane and josh relationship is amazing. i need them to be together forever.

diane looks cute, I love her figure. a cutie!

diane is unbelievably pretty and seems to get more so all the time

diane kruger deserves ALL success and happiness. I really hope both her upcoming films do really well. I wish diane all the good-luck possible.

@Peg: Peg, stop being so full of sh*t. She was obviously invited to this event. And she really does look beautiful.

@Minus 10:

Yeah they all are naked dumb stuff!No talent no personality no brains no education!so called supermodels,lol

emma is so beautiful! Equally so is Diane. Life is very unfair! x

diane look awesome in this dress,especially the color. Great choice beautiful diane!

That paid troll who obviously keeps posting on the “great” Diane Kruger is LOL-worthy. Please no one would keep praising this women over and over unless they were paid. Honey, you are so obvious…give it a rest.

Schmaltzy chicken @ 09/15/2012 at 10:13 am


Grace Kelly looks really good.

@LMAO: she’s crazy fan of Joshua Jackson

In any case she has beautiful legs. Also, pretty eyebrows.

diane kruger is stunning. not caked in make-up. A natural beauty.

DIANE KRUGER..this is how one defines beauty!

diane is just breathtaking.
Looking nothing short of absolutely stunning (no surprises there!)

Are here adults or teenagers only? Why so many hate for Diane?
She’s not famehore as Kim Kardashian, she’ working actress and model. If you do not know about her films, this does not mean that she does not work. She has just finished shooting her new movie, and there will be another movie next year.
Other actresses are also not filming all the year round, they also walking the streets and visiting the fashion show, but you not call them famehore. Why? It’s unfair.

Diane Kruger is gorgeous, possibly the best dressed woman in the world and is certainly not lacking for work.


I don’t think it’s bsession with her breast size. She is all pumped up for her VS work to the extent that people even think she got implants then you see her real flat chested photos. It’s so obvious and I don’t see what’s the issue pointing it out. In her VS picked the best possible model to sell push up bras.


She is best known these gossip sites, she isn’t none superstar hollywood,most people have absolutely no idea who she is her career, sadly, has seen better days,she don’t .having no good reason to be getting papped all over the place she is simply a famewhore

The actresses now are just uninteresting but not really bad.
But the models now are the most ugly and indecent things ever

Leo fan\oral d @ 09/15/2012 at 1:48 pm

love the artificial borington teeths.The only ONE good thing about her!

Looking beautiful as always, diane!!! i love you!

Gosh diane, could you actually be any more stunning?

Sometimes I really wish my French was better. Makes me admire Diane Kruger even more since she’s fluent in French..

Why can’t I look like Diane Kruger

clémontine @ 09/15/2012 at 2:01 pm

Diane Kruger était toute en beauté au diner de célébration de la collection Calvin Klein printemps-été 2013. J’adore la coupe, les découpes et la couleur de sa jolie robe… Calvin Klein!

Ahhhh Diane. Toujours parfaite.

I adore diane because she has the sweetest, cutest sense of style. marvelous!

Diane can do it all: ball gowns, miniskirts, and even, as we saw at Calvin Klein, crop tops.

Since an internet troll that can’t spell says it of those millionairesses.
Then it must be true. lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Totally agree. diane looks fabulous. man, she is seriously gorgeous. And I want to be friends with her.


Most, if not all of the hateful comments about Diane come from disgruntled Fringe fans who can’t seem to understand why Joshua Jackson dates her instead of Anna Torv. It’s incredibly weird that they hate her so much yet seek out these posts about her and drive up the frequency of her exposure on sites like these which only serves to drive up the cost of paparazzi pictures featuring her. It ends up making her more sought after by photographers and eventually, more recognizable to the rest of the public, something that you’d think people who claim to hate her would want to prevent.


Actually, this is incorrect. Diane usually only attends things to which she has a direct relationship or obligation. She’s the face of one of Calvin Klein’s fragrances and acts as a brand ambassador for them.

soon she will be as famous and popular as kate bosworth

90% of comments here were made by someone who works for Diane Kruger.

erin is the Prettiest :)
beautiful woman


and of course shallow borington is in the news
nothing more to talk about.

Golfer234 @ 09/16/2012 at 2:28 am


So pretty, so pretty diane ! I’m always impressed when someone wears a dress well . Just lovely.
Love Diane, Love Emma. Love them ALL.

diane kruger is so damn hot. I love her style. More of her, pretty please.

Northern144 @ 09/16/2012 at 7:10 am

Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv should date.

Yes, Diane is not a big star, I know this. So what? This site for A-list actors only? In this case, 90% celebrities must be removed from here, I’m right?
She’s actress too, not great but not so bad, and she has the right to appear here too. She apears too often? But this is not her fault that paparazzi photographed her, no?
Or she must sit at home and don’t go out now?
I dont’ like many persons here too, ‘but I don’t walk into their topics and don’t insult them. If you not interested in this actor or actress, or if you don’t love them, why waste your time to write here? For what??? I don’t understand this, at all.

I’m not sure they are all Josh and Anna’s fans. Why you think so?
I love Fringe, I love Josh and Anna, but I don’t hate Diane, it would be very foolish.
I remember a time when all comments on this site were kind and polite, but now there are only negative, only haters and trolls here. It’s so sad.

diane, you beautiful girl. love you and your darling boyfriend! true love!


Did you see how quickly my comment got thumbed down, lol? Some people don’t like being called out, it seems. When Joshua and Diane first started appearing on Just Jared, they had a few comments here and there, and they were pretty much all positive. Over the past year or so, the comments have quadrupled, and the vast majority of them started out from Fringe fans who would comment on how much more talented and beautiful Anna Torv was in comparison to Diane. There’s also a contingent of these fans on tumblr who call themselves Torvsons and love to mock Diane. It’s really quite strange, given that Anna and Joshua don’t even seem to be that close, but whatever. Fandoms can be odd like that. They do make up a very, very small number of Fringe fans as a whole, as most Fringies are respectful of the actors’ personal lives. I’ll just be glad when Fringe ends and everyone can move on and hopefully, Diane and Joshua posts on here can stop being so weird and negative. There’s also the one Diane fan who spams her threads here and makes these posts even more crazy. Who knew that this couple was so polarizing? It’s very amusing.


i too, saw how quickly you got thumbed down. you cant insult their “perfect” princess AT, didnt you know that? LOL!
her fans and some really crazy AT fan, come here all the time when there is something about diane or josh. the fringe fanbase can be very nasty.

Joshua jackson and diane have been famous along time ago before even fringe aired and they were very loved by te public. but then comes the show fringe and all of sudden, they hate jackson and diane.
and you know why? it’s just bitterness, they want AT all the time. they dont get, that she is not famous and almost nobody cares about her.
i cant wait for fringe to end, so that her fanbase can move on to another hating actor or actress.
it’s sad, but what can you do about it?

on a positive note: diane’s beau Joshua jackson is gonna be on GeorgeStrombo’s show
thursday SEPTEMBER 20, 2012.—week-of-september-17-2012.html?p=home&s=home

Diane is definitely one of my style icons! I loved Diane Kruger edgy front row look at the Calvin Klein’s New York Fashion Week show last week.

I think DIANE has the best style. Look at how pretty she looks. Gosh! One of the best things about her fashion sense, is that she knows what the event is about, and how she should dress. She always gets it right.

diane is so beautiful and such a great inspiration!

hypocrites! @ 09/16/2012 at 3:20 pm

crazy AT fans:

they are begging the paparazzi agency to take pictures of her. LOL

diane is beyond gorgeous


Why would you wish that? That photographer is a menace and has no restraint when he can see dollar signs for his photos.

Becareful what you wish for, I think the saying goes.


“There’s also the one Diane fan who spams her threads here and makes these posts even more crazy”

Oh yeah but she’s not a Diane fan she’s a JJ fan. She posts 60-70 comments each time.

MassEffect @ 09/17/2012 at 7:08 am

Rachael Taylor is gorgeous!

diane kruger is such a good actress and obviously has a great fashion sense.

they are begging the paparazzi agency to take pictures of her. LOL
Are we reading same tweets? It looks like they are trying to warn her ab that pap.

Anyway for paps Anna Torv is not worthy to work on. She is an actress not a celebrity. It´s unlikely her pictures will bring them that much money, so her fans don´t have to worry about it: paps will never follow her. She is not Diane.

hypocrites! @ 09/17/2012 at 4:07 pm


you didnt get the point. first they were asking the paparazzi agency to take pictures of AT:

2punkedimagesIn Toronto at Film Fest.. will look at AT when we get back… RT @Becky_S3: hi Punkd, do you have any pics Anna Torv in Vancouver?

then they tweet to joel wyman , Jnoble and joshua jackson (like they could care) by asking them to look out for AT. (psychos)

but they asked for it in the first place! hypocrites.

fun fact:

how can you tell that there are AT fans lurking around on this comment board?
if you mention her name in a negative way, they thumb you down with in a minute.

i just want to know why they are here in the first place? why cant they go to her fansite and admire her there? do they have to come here and spread their jealousy because nobody cares about AT and nodody wants to take her pictures. her fanbase is very strange. i never saw something like this.

and please kate winslet and nicole kidman are actresses too, and the paparazzi takes pictures of them all the time. the difference between AT and kate or nicole is that they are famous and AT is not. her pictures are worth nothing! so the paparazzi dont even bother.

hypocrites! @ 09/17/2012 at 4:13 pm

@PUNKD_Images hi Punkd, do you have any pics Anna Torv in Vancouver?many fans would like to see. and Im sorry to ask so hehehe

punkd images
Not impossible, Anna is just NOT WORTH working on.. One day we’ll look at her… RT @Becky_S3: I saw your pics of Diane/Josh, beautfuI…


her fans are calling everybody famewh*res, but AT fans are secretly tweeting/contacting the paparazzi agencies for pictures of her! HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hypocrites! @ 09/17/2012 at 4:21 pm


they are begging the paparazzi agency to take pictures of her. LOL

2punkedimagesIn Toronto at Film Fest.. will look at AT when we get back… RT @Becky_S3: hi Punkd, do you have any pics Anna Torv in Vancouver?

@PUNKD_Images hi Punkd, do you have any pics Anna Torv in Vancouver?many fans would like to see. and Im sorry to ask so hehehe

punkd images
Not impossible, Anna is just NOT WORTH working on.. One day we’ll look at her… RT @Becky_S3: I saw your pics of Diane/Josh, beautfuI…


Josh and Diane are losers famewhore,you dear, is a loser crazy,you always lose

I like to play with you dear

hypocrites! @ 09/17/2012 at 5:32 pm



didnt i tell you that there are AT fans here! so obvious!!!!!!!!!!!!

you are the loser, you want AT on justjared, but nobody cares about her!!!!!!

why are you stalking josh and diane? i you hate them so much , why are you here?

hypocrites! @ 09/17/2012 at 5:33 pm


i knew it, YOU are that crazy anna torv fan, arent you?

you are so stupid & dumb

you amuse me!!

you’re the worst PR of them,she is a joke here because of his comments lo!

I’m a fan of kate bosworth, diane who steal her place in this site

hypocrites! @ 09/17/2012 at 6:27 pm



i knew it is YOU, you are that psycho crazy anna torv fan who comes to justjared all the time when josh or diane appear on this site!!

i knew it!!!!

aww, are you jealous, bitter and angry that nobody cares about AT!!

hypocrites! @ 09/17/2012 at 6:38 pm


yes, you were right. the hatefull comments in here come from anna torv fans. they come here all the time when they see josh or diane.
that explains the many thumbs down. LOL

hypocrites! @ 09/17/2012 at 6:43 pm


you are clearly an anna torv fan, dont lie!!!. you come here all the time, dont you? you are sooooooo busted!!

can i ask you something? i want to know why? is it jealousy, biterness?

arent there some anna torv fansites were you can go, and declare your love for her there? Lol

hypocrites! @ 09/17/2012 at 6:50 pm


you can spread your hate all you want, you can cry all you want, you can leave many hatefull comments here all you want, but in the meantime

JOSHUA JACKSON AND DIANE KRUGER will still be here on justjared and other gossip sites for years and years to come.

and anna torv?…….well, …… nobody cares about her, except her crazy, jealous small fanbase.

how about that, psycho b*tch! *snap*


ashley, you’re funny

hypocrites! @ 09/17/2012 at 7:23 pm


yeppe, you are that crazy anna torv fan!!!

MassEffect @ 09/19/2012 at 6:15 am

Who is Anna Torv??

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