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Katie Holmes: Fashion Line is Growing And Expanding!

Katie Holmes: Fashion Line is Growing And Expanding!

Katie Holmes dons a cute little dress while out and about on Friday (September 14) in New York City.

The day before, the 33-year-old actress was spotted with her adorable daughter Suri at Alice’s Tea Cup.

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Earlier this week, Katie and her stylist Jeanne Yang presented their latest collection Holmes & Yang during New York Fashion Week.

Katie recently share some thoughts with WWD about her fashionable new pieces.

“The brand is growing and expanding, and so we thought we would have something a little more substantial,” she shared.

Katie described the aesthetic of the collection as “very simple, with very classic lines. We use a lot of silks and leathers and suedes.”

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  • CHO

    Great legs!

    Happy she is away from Tom, I’m not gonna lie I have been waiting for this since she got with him. UGH!

  • California Heat

    Go away ugly KH! Clothing line is a hot mess like her and overpriced!

  • krix

    Only in Katie’s world does simple and classic = silk, leather and suede.


    -Go,Katie. You look great.

  • LOL

    She has horrible legs!

  • danii

    Well in her extensive sewing and modeling experience she obviously missed the advice on always wear any outfit around the house before you go out in it…or she would know that the outfit would flip up on her. And she missed the classes in how to weight down your hems so they don’t flip up. Color is good on her, but the style and the length is pretty awful.

  • Suri_the_meal_ticket

    Yuck, those are truly horrible tree trunk elephant legs! So scary looking, as she’s got infection inside those swollen legs. People used to call her CAnkle but I think her legs are straight from thighs to the heels.

    The choice of shoes are pretty awful too, only brought out the horrible heinous lines of her legs.

    And her fashion line? What a joke! With Tommygirl cutting loss on her, that fashion ‘show’(LOL) was as far as it can go.

  • Hamlet

    You’re disgusting, #1

  • notyourfriend

    wrong color to go make up less with…it’s so bright to wear without makeup

  • Sailorman

    Miss nasty again. Looks more like a long shirt that she forgot the bottom half. Too old to be trying to dress like a mindless teen. Color is way to bright and colorful to go plain (no make up) and unkemp ponytail, she makes me gag when i look at her.

    What an unappetizing mess!

  • DB

    Ok – with an outfit like that – out in public – why would anyone think she has enough fashion sense to inspire people to invest in her product line?

  • kinict

    OK.. so now Katie is seeing the reality of not being Mrs. Tom Cruise. Just in a few weeks. Gone from 100+ comments to less then 20.

    Katie is pretty but if she is going to headline a fashion house she should look and be someone that other aspire to look like. That is never the case. She looked so much more stylish at the beginning of her marriage. Maybe Tom has the real fashion eye.

  • NY Classies

    She does not have class or taste. Look at her thunder thighs and wind blowing dress, she looks all okified!

  • jbk

    she has a clothing line? since when? then why does she dress so disgusting all the time!?

  • Her shirt dress is 70′s

    So y does she get great reviews and no one PEEP about how miserable
    She is about Toms Divorce and how fast he has moved on yes people
    With other women and lost the weight gain from his space movie!

    He is not miserable he is happy ! Just like she is!

  • Dani K.

    Oh boy. Here we go again. Katie Holmes is a gross, gross mistake. Fashion designer equates to a ridiculously silly frock, with a brown belt and shoes that don’t come near working with such a bold color. Let’s tie this together with a black handbag. Did I miss the color scheme here? Face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics equates to pale, sickly skin, dark circles, dried up lips. Wow. Way to represent the BB image. Looking at her makes me really, reallly want to go and invest in the neutral palettes Ms. Brown is known for. Perhaps a little cherry Chapstick? Just because???Actress equates to looking frumpy, stinky, “I don’t care who photographs me because I am a serious method actor with multiple Oscars on my mantel so guess what? I just don’t have to try because I am respected for my work.”. Wishful thinking. Maybe New Yorkers like Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Meryl Streep. Maybe Ms Julia Roberts, can go out without a stitch of makeup and flip flops. And that’s okay. Because they don’t sell an image. They sell movies. Katie Holmes is trying to sell her goodies in every way imaginable. Yet she feels so incredibly entitled, she actually believes she doesn’t have to “work it”. She believes it is a given to earn fame and money with absolutely NO EFFORT. I for one wish she would just go back home to her parents. Marriage over, career over, please go back to Ohio!

  • Tommie Boy

    Her legs look like they belong to a Swedish rugby player.

  • Jo

    Just a sweet girl!! I love the way she behave. And i love her legs, they are so long…

  • Christa S. Bell

    I feel sorry for Suri. Katie Holnes wants to make us believe she is a wonderful mom. Suri with ice cream, Suri at the park, Suri on a toy shopping spree, Suri at a fancy tea place. Is it just me, or are we over saturated with photo opportunities of these mommy and me moments? My goodness! This child is clearly affected by this frenzy of papparazzi. Any high profile mom would keep low profile and be more selective of their outings. So the kid is tortured and Katie nurtures her by carrying her and hiding her face in her hair? And by the way, in reality, does a child have THAT many special outings? Let’s think of how many celebrities go through great lengths to protect thei kids from the media. Ever since this divorce, it seems as if pictures of her and Katie surface every single day. If Katie Holmes really cared, she would take her kid and just move elsewhere. Not seek out cameras and then pretend to protect or shield Suri from it. It seems to be as if KH is using her Suri moments fe sheer publicity. Prodding your daughter around NY city every minute of the day doesn’t seem right.

  • Jena

    she seems such a good person, i wish i was her friend…she looks like Joey in those pictures. i would love to see she acting as Joey again!:)

  • an opinion

    Clearly anyone can have a clothing line these days.

  • somali girl

    Eww canckles.

  • Jane

    Anorexic jaw. Grinding teeth. Sagging jowl. Bloated arms and legs.

  • yes

    Damn, bunch of jerks in here. whoever left a comment about her legs: DOUCHE.

  • yes

    You people f-cking suck.

  • Annie

    The only thing growing and expanding is her thighs.

  • Terri Lynn

    She looks unhealthy. She looks sick. Looks like an eating disorder.

  • My opinion and just saying’

    She does have lousy, incredibly irresponsible mothering skills. She does have very unattractive legs which putting them out of sight once in a while would be nice. Maybe tanning them would prove less offensive.
    Her face looks ghastly. I think by now the Bobbi Brown company would h have given her freebies to play around with. Please girl, use them. The clothes look like the rack selection at Ross Dress for Less. The shirt dress has really, no place on this page. What nails me is her comment “very simple, classic lines through using fabrics like silks, suedes and leathers.”. I was floored. Talk about out of touch. Please, seek some advice. You need it.

  • GetALIFE

    Toms trolls in over drive.

  • siky

    so ugle dress and legs!
    will she not work? she is always walking and walking and walking on the street everyday.

  • CHO

    I like those kinds of legs. They look slim at some point and thick at others. Dianna A’s are like that same with Rachel McA.

    I think she looks womanly. NO idea about her clothing line BUT I have been a longtime fan since DC days. So she is my girl :) bring on the negatives but lord knows why.

  • reese

    Oh, she’s so ugly.

    I have to say I love the color of the dress and the color of belt and shoes, but a part from that it’s a total disaster.
    The dress is waaaaaay too short for someone her age and for a windy day in the city, and it looks especially bad with her hideous legs.
    Her legs are one of the worts pair of legs I’ve ever seen.

    She hasn’t understood a basic concept in fashion: not everything looks good on everybody. You have to know your flaws and your qualities and decide what to wear considering that. Translation: cover those damn legs!!!!!!

  • Grandma of Four

    Love the hot pink dress…obviously in silk!! Classic! And, I like that Katie is getting on with her life as a single, working mom! She made the right decision to get as far away from Tom Cruise as possible for their daughter and for herself. And, BTW, WHERE has he been on this very important first week of school in Suri’s life??? Plus, I noticed that his son published a photo of himself and TC and his sister with absolutely no mention of Suri! Has the shunning of Suri began? Very sad if it has but quite possibly a plus for both Suri and Katie who had the smarts to get out.

  • karina

    I love her legs, seriously! They are long and thick, just the way women’s legs supposed to be. And she has some kind of innocence that fascinates me.

  • karina

    And i love to see that is coming back the way she always were before Tom: simple and more down on earth! And even with all this mess of divorce,she is still going strong and not freaking out! One true example!

  • @ karina

    I don’t think she’s innocent – I think she’s dull and insipid. And innocent isn’t entering into a sham contract marriage for all the recognition an A star husband can give you.

  • karina

    @@ karina: It´s funny how people know all the details about her life, as they were members of her family. I really think she married him, because she was very in love, she had a crush on him since she was a kid, but then, she got very disappointed with all the scientology´s stuff and how he behaved to her, so she had to get out of this crazy marriage. It was very mature of her!

  • Hazey

    Love this dress. I want one! Shirt dresses are great at any age!

  • siky


    It´s funny how you know all the details about her life, as you were members of her family.

  • Kane

    I’ve been thinking about all the negativity towards Katie. I think it’s due to the feeling that she’s where she is today only because of her association with Tom. She hasn’t earned it herself. She’s been handed all kinds of opportunities to excel and prove herself, but she just doesn’t seem talented enough as an actress, dancer, singer, fashion designer, etc. Maybe perceptions will change. Her Broadway show will sell because of her celebrity, but it will be the reviews that determine if she’s got the talent to make it on her own. We’ll see.

  • Suri_the_meal_ticket

    When was the last time Tommygirl was seen with Suri? Blablabla that he’s filming something, somewhere, he’s a super rich big start, he can arrange it, let alone Suri’s first day of school.

    Where’s Tommy? The absence is so blinding the eyes.

    I seriously speculate that Suri is part of the Sam marriage deal that exposed recently on VF and People. Suri from the very beginning of the contract is ranted prop for Tom. KHo brought this buy one get one free deal into the contract. Suri is just a prop to parade to revive both parties’ image and career.

    Of course, we all know this KHo’s career is in the sewer, so the contract was not renewed, meanwhile, Tommy has to keep paying for the lease of Suri, til she’s 18.

    What a deal!!
    Tommy should really resend the day he and KHo hooked up.

  • Peg

    I’m happy things are working out for Katie.

  • Go Ask Alice

    The pink shirt dress there loooks like it came from Sears or some side shop at the suburban mall…5-7-9 shop.

    Next, it also looks like the shirt , big tops I wore during the 1980′s from The Limited.

    Holmes & Yang, who buys this and I know the clothes cost a huge price tag at Brney’s, Neimans, but waht entertainers wear them? You see them all in Vitocira Beckhams. VB dresses are sleek. Pretty.

    Jessica $300 million Simpson Brand wins hands down in the design and brand business because her things are fashionable, but she gets the masses at Macy’s, Dillards.

  • magdalena salek

    People who take the time to leave nasty comments in this section need to get a life instead of taking their frustrations on famous folks.
    Go Katie !

  • danii

    I find Tom seeing Suri with any regularity to be quite interesting. When he and Kidman were married they both stated that only one would work at at time so one parent could be with the kids. And then they moved the family to London when both worked on Eyes Wide Shut. You can check IMBD to see that they followed through. After the divorce Kidman had physical custody and I’m not sure Tom saw much of them until the kids wanted to live in LA. And we all know how that turned out for Kidman. The cult turned the kids against her (and yes Hamlet this is documented by top x-Cult members who were part of the anti-Kidman action). So fast forward a few years to Katie. I thought they said the same thing about working at alternate times, but can’t find the quote. Tom appears to have had long absences and appears to still be doing this with Suri. Not saying he doesn’t love her, not saying he is a bad parent, but the dynamics of his relationship with Suri in terms of time and attention seem much different than it was with Connor and Bella.

  • Pat and Joe

    Seriously dudes. The majority of this forum is speaking the truth. The legs. The’ve gotta go. She should cover those tree trunks and make herself look a little nicer. From a guys perspective, those legs can make any straight dude look anywhere else but. It seems to me that she is totally digging on herself. Why would she show her stuff off like that? Don’t these celebrities have like a stylist or something to put red lights on them before they hit the streets? I think Jennifer Garner is a cool celebrity mom. She enjoys her kids, she isn’t worried about how she looks, dude she seems to be normal. Doesn’t look like a celeb with all these hang ups.

  • Star

    Love her! Good, beautiful and simple girl! Love her since Joey!!:)

  • Janna W.

    I work for a psychologist part time as a front desk receptionist while putting myself through design school. I follow these websites because of the fashion talk, photos , and all of the pop culture that influences fashion as it revolves. My comment is not about the fashion unfortunately. It’s about KH looking like so many of those patients who sit in lobby waiting to see doctor. I am not a hater. I really don’t follow her shows, movies. Don’t know anything about her clothing line. I only know what I read occasionally on People magazine. And even then, I don’t know if those published stories are true. Although I am by no means qualified to make any medical claims, I do know what people with clinical depression look like. I see them and small talk with them Monday thru Friday. KH looks like classic, text book example of a person with depression. I totally feel for her. All of these comments certainly cannot be helping her. But then, who’s to say she even reads these things. Poor woman.

  • Rachelle

    She looks very lonely. Who are her friends? It’s her solo, or her and her daughter. Wow. Think of her once Suri gains friendships and an independant life.

  • I loved her

    Does anyone know where I can find those gold glitter pumps she wore to Fashion Week? I am getting married and my mother would love a shoe like that to go with her dress! Appreciate any feedback. Thanks forum!