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Prince William & Duchess Kate: Assyakirin Mosque Visit

Prince William & Duchess Kate: Assyakirin Mosque Visit

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wears a head scarf as she and her husband Prince William pay a visit to the Assyakirin Mosque on Friday (September 14) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The 30-year-old royal couple are currently on the Diamond Jubilee Tour of South East Asia and the South Pacific.

That same day, Duchess Kate, in the Temperley London Aster Flower dress, and Prince William enjoyed tea time at the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur.

Also pictured inside: Kate‘s sister Pippa Middleton heading to work in London, England earlier this week, and sipping coffee in the Chelsea section of the city that same day.

20+ pictures inside of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Wililam at the Assyakirin Mosque and at high tea…

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duchess kate prince william mosque visit 01
duchess kate prince william mosque visit 02
duchess kate prince william mosque visit 03
duchess kate prince william mosque visit 04
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duchess kate prince william mosque visit 06
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duchess kate prince william mosque visit 15
duchess kate prince william mosque visit 16
duchess kate prince william mosque visit 17
duchess kate prince william mosque visit 18
duchess kate prince william mosque visit 19
duchess kate prince william mosque visit 20
duchess kate prince william mosque visit 21
duchess kate prince william mosque visit 22

Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, INFdaily
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  • the great kate

    Be strong Kate. You will have brighter days ahead. We love you no matter what. You are a gorgeous person — inside and out.

  • DB

    Why would someone thumbs down a positive comment about Kate?

    Regardless, I think she looks pretty great. Classy and so often smiling. I sure wish the press would stop hounding her like this latest French photo thing.

    Just let her be her and don’t try to undermine her every move.

  • sookie

    so beautiful..

  • Lea

    why the f**k is jj supporting that ugly piece of shi* pippa all the time? who cares if that thing is running around london or somewhere else??

  • DB

    Someone says she’s beautiful and even THAT gets thumbs down?

    Why all the haters?

  • LMAO….

    These Royals can’t seem to keep their clothes on… Harry and Kate should’ve been married to each other… Go Royals!

  • ha ha

    She wanted to get photographed otherwise she wouldnt be topless in public, is she that stupid? She must be jealous of all the attention pippa and harry get……

  • DB

    @ha ha: Her husband and her rented a private French villa that is surrounded by private land. Acres of it. Yet somehow this scumbag photo-puke gets away with breaking through the fence, climbing up a tree and taking these pics that are so far away they are incredibly grainy and somehow Kate is at fault?

    A young, in-love couple on a romantic getaway in a country where topless sunbathing is the NORM, and they go to all that trouble to be in a remote villa on and surrounded by private land – I don’t think that they can in any way be blamed for this. I truly don’t.

  • elie

    Why would she make an effort to cover up her hair if she was gonna show her legs and wear sheer fabric anyway..?

  • morkly sirry

    Couple happy looking..

  • DB

    @elie: Perhaps it’s a nod to the tradition, out of respect, but also a statement that even with that nod, women should not be subjugated and treated as such lowly creatures that they aren’t even allowed to dress in a modern but modest fashion?

    Just a speculative answer to your query.

    They way they treat women is Barbaric. Absolutely barbaric. Sexual mutilation of women so they cannot enjoy sex – even with their husbands. Honor killings if it is in any way perceived that they have dishonored their family. Banning women from gaining an education. Limiting their movements and denying them basic freedom and human rights.

    If Kate wants to tweak them just a little – to prod them to understand that it should not be that way – I’m sort of in her corner on that.

  • NYC

    They never should have posted her nude photos……disgusting.
    She is heaven on earth and awesome.
    Nothing will diminish her style and appeal.

  • Fer

    She was born to be a princess… It seems so effortless and easy for her.

  • thighmegatampon

    She makes a beautiful princess

  • TLC

    Just leave Pippa out of it. Kate and Williams have been great ambassadors for Britain. She wasn’t doing it in public. It was in a private setting and the paps invade it.

  • Diane

    I hope the pap who invaded their privacy gets arrested. That said, it sounds like they need more security if someone can get that close to them (even with a longer lens, the person likely was on the property).

  • b-hol /future queen of england
  • ctwg

    please dont lump your ignorance to all muslim countries. Malaysia is a moderate muslim multi-racial, multi cultural country.Our women are well educated, well treated, free to marry who they love and live their lives as they choose. You would do well to educate yourself before sprouting your ignorance on my country. Kate merely honour and respect the tradition of going into a mosque by covering up, like you dont go to church in skimpy clothes. In everyday lives, we wear what we want. Btw I’m not muslim, but I respect my muslim friends traditions like they respect mine.

  • annoying!!!!!!

    if this was Michelle Obama we wouldn’t be having the conversation and it would be posted on a blog!! people publishing stuff about this is so disrespectful. kate was in a private place were she thought she would be ok and safe. its so annoying and disrespectful that people are even posting things about her on blogs! she hasn’t done anything wrong!

  • natalia

    if she’s pregnant i’m super pregnant hahahahah because her body is amazing …

  • omg for real

    oh boy, i’m grossed out…..tmz says sex pics are out there as well

    no one wants to see that sickening display

  • A

    She. Looks. So. Beautifully. Elegant! =”)

  • A

    & I LOVE HER DRESESS =’) i’ve always wanted to wear like a scarf around my head like Kate and what Audrey Hepburn did….because I always thought it made a girl look so elegant…but im only 16 and id look weird strutting around the local mall…but maybe when Im older I will fullfil that dream =’))

  • Olivia

    we don’t care about pippa ugh, it’s a post about katherine stop posting about her sister

  • Sarah

    @DB: You know genital mutilation is not condoned by the majority of Muslim groups right? That aside, most of what you’ve mentioned doesn’t happen in Malaysia..

  • gmaninhollywood

    Desperate people do desperate things

  • lulu

    this is a BIG rant….if anyone cares to read it……
    you DO know that mutilation of women in that area (or any), banning education, forcing them to do such and such etc is against the very traditions of TRUE islam and only a small percentage (which the media makes out to be huge, as its won’t to do) of corrupt muslims and clerics do, and is nothing to do with islam or majority of muslims beliefs? before you open ur ignorant mouth full of media bullshit why don’t u open ur mind. calling muslims’they’, as if muslims regularly do this, as if its something accepted is highly discriminatory and not valid and rlly offensive (therefore its a stereotype. stereotypes are most often formed by those who are not capable of much cognitive processing, therefore, people who think less) how would u feel if i called all westerners or christians jew hating, genocidal nazis? well, exactly. And u probably forgotten how oppressed women were in the west only a hundred years ago or so (no vote, wudnt get inheritance yet males did etc, was difficult from then to divorce) and a hundred years more before that, well, even worse, yu shud read english literature to get a small idea, and then read ur history of christians burning women accused of ‘witches’, the same time that muslims were giving women inheritance, education in science and arts and flourishing themselves, and the same time of is lams golden age when muslim scientists and mathematicians flourished (invented zero and geometry and such) and followed their true etchings of giving women rights which were then even far more than western women had, such as having the right to divorce the husband herself without his consent and being allowed to take him back whenever she wanted (also education etc that i mentioned beforehand). yes, the golden age fell eventually because they became corrupt at the end and started doing the acts of violence as some extremists do today, but that must be blamed, if on anyone, the people, perhaps their race, their old culture before islam, temperaments, not religion for the religion doesn’t teach that….but how long did it take west to gain democracy? Hundreds of years! and still its not exactlyy right much bloodshed? i only need to say that even after french revolution, it became even more corrupted and much more bloodshed (The Terror of Robespierre) thats just one small example, another is the chopping of charles the 1sts head and the revolution…but anyway, what I’m saying is, don’t expect that just when yur society becomes sober, u have to then expect everyone else to immediately follow! and i guarantee, the arab society will become ‘sober’, and fair and democratic far faster than the west did, cause better communication and technology today, thigh it will take fifty years.
    and fyi, i think its more degrading when a women must show off her skin and wear skimpy outfits just to be liked, no care to her intelligence or personality, whereas when a womens modest, people have no choice but to like her for her personality, not her looks entirely, which fade for everyone. This is actually a philosophical fact as well, of nature and life!
    girls complain that guys don’t respect them cause all they like is their body and looks…duuh thts why in islam n chrisianity too it teaches us to dress modestly (men too tho). They are all religions of god (judaism, christianity, islam)
    <<<<<<<<<<<GIANT RAAANT…soz bro