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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Bristol Farms Couple!

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Bristol Farms Couple!

Kate Bosworth and her fiance Michael Polish exit the back door of Bristol Farms on Friday (September 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The day before, the 29-year-old actress and Michael was spotted arriving at LAX Airport. They flew in from New York City, where they spent the week watching fashion shows.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Earlier this week, Kate tweeted about 9/11 and said, “At ground zero today. My heart is with the heroes and families. Proud of the strength and resilience of this country… We will always honour our fallen heroes.”

FYI: Kate is wearing Current/Elliott shirt and shorts.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at Bristol Farms…

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  • Whycantipost


    Looking at her trackrecord here, with pics of her at this supermarket thing, I highly doubt she doesn’t know what they do and do not sell.
    Too bad they don’t sell careers there.

    I recently watched the Roast of David Hasselhoff, I think this would be something for her. We can collect enough snark in these comments, only sad she has only one movie we can talk and joke about. Rest of them nobody knows. At least Hasselhoff had Baywatch, Knightrider and some crappy musiccareer in Germany xD

  • lisa

    best thing ever was she got caught cheating on Askars with hobbit

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: To quote you from the previous thread: “I guess we’re all entitled to our opinions.”
    And you’re consistent in this opinion that she would never, ever call the paps, since she’s so famous.
    But, really? There’s a pic of the store sign, but no pics of them inside the store? And if she’s hiding from the paps why is she making sure that the ring gets photographed yet again.

  • Marieme

    Don’t forget she’s 29! Kate’s 29! Thirty minus one – 29!!

    Even though this stupid site clogged – with so many pop-up ads you can’t even enjoy coming here – tells you several times a day she’s 29, they think you’re too dumb to remember!

  • ladybug

    @Whycantipost: “Too bad they don’t sell careers there.”

    Now, now, she’s got JewelMint, and that clothing lines she’s trying to get together. And her movie career, that’s doing really well for her.

  • Macy

    LOL movie career, she really blew that didn’t she? I actually hope she does get a clothing line, so I can see what designs she rips off and calls her own by just making them beige. Then we can be treated to posts of crappy jewelry combined with crappy clothes she pretends she designs.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: She’s got movies! Black Rock was at Sundance and might be released sometime. WWWH might get released sometime. And Big Sur, too! And I’m sure she’s hard at work producing Love Hotels and Lost Girls or whatever.
    And he’s got that 70′s trucker movie!

    I was hoping she’d get a footwear line, so she can ‘curate’ booties to her heart’s content.

  • ladybug

    Kate’s evil twin:

    Evil Kate Bosworth ‏@kateseviltwin

    so nervous when I heard there were riots about some horrible movie. Had to check to see if any of mine were released internationally lately.
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    6 Sep
    Evil Kate Bosworth ‏@kateseviltwin

    Is this thing on??? Hello out there? Ooh! What is this DIAMOND RING doing on my finger??????
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    7:33 PM – 6 Sep 12 · Details

  • Macy

    Haha, I saw those tweets. So much more personality than the original KB.
    Yes, I’m sure those movies will come out sometime this millenium.

  • Teri

    She’s beautiful and in love and I’m happy for her! She’s lovely. All the snarks can slowly crawl back into their caves.

  • lord


    wait shes getting a clothing line?? since when? i haven’t heard this??

    i reckon they would be cool pieces but not original.

  • lord

    also i just saw Blake lively’s ring OMG now that is something to show off not the ring you have KB

  • mforman

    @rada (#39)—I know that Bristol Farms sells cooked food, but the creature and the hobbit would never eat a meal inside where they couldn’t be seen. This was the worst set up they have ever done. It gets worse and worse daily with JJ.
    @ladybug—I think she has totally blown that Lost Hotels movie when she wouldn’t let the investors film when they wanted and then the earthquake hit Japan and now who knows if she will ever get any money for that project now that she doesn’t have Ryan K anymore. She totally blew that whole deal. The funniest thing is if I see that film under pre production and a year again, I will have to yell, all they keep doing is writing that and changing the year, she should sell the script and let someone who has talent do the film. KB keeps holding onto that for some weird reason, she knows she will never get it made, but she knows if someone else does it, it will give HW one more thing to laugh at her for. Also how many more times are we going to hear about Big Sur and all the different festivals that will never come to be. As for Black Rock, I will bet anything it goes straight to video.
    @lord (#62)—-My goodness Blake L’s ring is something to flash everywhere and anywhere, it is absolutely beautiful and that is a couple that is truly in love and has not famewhored themselves once. They are successful and talented and are very private. This is a couple that makes these two famewhores look more and more stupid.

  • Lola

    I used to think she was a very pretty girl, back in the days of “Young Americans”. To see her now, so thin and with that very fragile hair that seem fuzz it’s sad.

  • ladybug


    “That’s a good lineup! I know you already design jewelry [for Jewelmint] but do you think you’ll ever get into designing clothing?

    So, there is a line in the works?
    Yeah, we’re talking about doing something. It’s just you know for me, obviously I understand how much work goes into [designing a line] and the kind of team that needs to come together to make something really great. So that’s really where my focus is right now, kind of looking into that.

    50 Shades of Beige. I’d be surprised if they’re ‘cool’, because they’d be unoriginal, or even good reworkings of previous stuff. To me her personal style, even with Cher, is boring. So if she somehow manages to get the funding for a clothing line and hires people who think like she does, blech.

  • ladybug

    @Teri: Teri, she and the fiancé walk out the back of a grocery store, carrying no bags whatsoever, and she’s smirking away and making sure that we see the ring. And when they’re out and about being papped they hang on each other like spider monkeys. I don’t know of normal ‘in-love’ couples that do that.
    So, sorry, snark will happen.

  • Peanut Gallery

    Is it my imagination or does he look less happy about seeing the paps, whilst she has the usual smirk?

  • lord


    thanks for that.
    i love the comments made on that post too.

    what does she mean when she says
    ” It’s just you know for me,”??

  • Ken

    Lord they are both so ugly. They look like they need to bathe.

  • kat

    @Shia: You might not like Vanessa but at least Vanessa and her boyfriend get work and can be considered actors. Can’t really say that about this couple.

  • Cosmo

    Pretty woman!

  • donnadew

    I wonder if he had that purple sweater surgically attached to his chest? He never wears anything else.

  • Georgia

    I’ve noticed Kate and many other celebrities almost always have one arm somewhat raised in front of themselves when paparazzi are around. I think it’s a self-protective mechanism.

  • mforman

    It amazes me JJ of course gives her a top post and actually puts her next to Angelia Jolie, a woman who is not only an incredible actress and director, but is once again on a UN Mission, oh and by the way her and her true love do not famewhore themselves, nor do they want to.
    I mean come on JJ stop giving her a top post or at least watch who you put her next too.
    The fashion line is a complete joke, who in their right mind with any designing talent would want to be involved with her, I couldn’t even see her getting the money to back up a fashion line. KB is a void, that has no mind of her own or a creative bone in her body. Also what is that ridiculous line that “it is just for me you know”, what the heck is that suppossed to me.

  • Tulip

    @Georgia: I’ve noticed that too. For those of you who think she goes to Bristol Farms to get papped, it’s the closest market to her neighborhood.

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: Yes, but she also gets papped there, because it’s a pap favorite. How very convenient for her. And still, she and MP had no bags as they left the store. So what was the point of the visit?
    And she’s holding her arm up to show off the ring, not to ‘protect’ herself from those pesky paps. She’s not hiding/protecting anything, as you would if you were actually trying to avoid being photographed. You’d try covering your face, she’s not doing that.

  • Macy

    LOL paps don’t exist in Tulip’s world. They just magically appear at back doors where people don’t have any food from the store they went to. I’m sure she’s holding up that ring because it’s solar charged and doubles as a night light, yes that’s it.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Ah, that’s what she’s working on, personal solar energy devices!

  • Tulip

    @ladybug: AS gets papped there too. So, is he a famew*ore? Atleast it’s in Kate’s neighborhood. Alex has to drive a distance to get there. How do you explain that?

  • Lois


    When was the last time AS was papped there? Wait , here its is:
    Tulip, it’s freaking creepy and stalkerish that you know where these people live and what stores are near them.

  • Macy

    Or maybe there’s more than one Bristol Farms in the whole entire city? Jeez!

    Agreed, someone keeping that close of tabs on that kind of stuff is weird to me. That’s a lot of time to devote to mapping out an area.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: “Agreed, someone keeping that close of tabs on that kind of stuff is weird to me. That’s a lot of time to devote to mapping out an area.”
    Now, now, remember we’re the ones who spend all this time on her.

    @Tulip, I think you’re very well aware that AS hasn’t been papped nearly as much in the last year and if he is it’s not because he wants to be. You’re also very well aware there’s a difference between celebrities who get papped primarily because they call-KB, Alba, Hudgens, etc.- and those who get papped because they have actual fame.

    @lord: what does she mean when she says ” It’s just you know for me,”??

    Being generous, I think it’s probably something that she’s thought about doing for a long time and wants to do it to see if she actually can. Just to say she tried, if nothing else.

  • mforman

    @Tulip—I don’t understand, how much more proof must be given to you, to have you realize she calls the paps, do you honestly believe they hang out at Gleason’s, at that Farmers Market, her vets, the salons she goes to, the post office, her various lunch spots and best yet her doctors office; seriously come on, all we do is give you examples of how she calls them and lets them know. Why were they at the back door, why did they have no bags, I do not understand why you cannot understand what a famewhore she is. There are major A listers that shop there and leave out the front door, come on.
    Do you really think all those posts in NYC were just happening for no reason, the paps do not run around NYC, yes, there are certain locations they go to, but they just don’t go to random streets in New York waiting for celebs, she calls them, she has been doing this forever and now when she has nothing but the hobbit, it is only getting worse and worse.
    Also please answer me this, if she isn’t constantly calling them, why does she keep holding up her hand like that as you did with her “life partner” ring. KB needs this because this is all she has. There are no other sites or magazines giving her the pubicity she wants, so she tries to get it herself. Remember it took the majority of the press over a week to pick up on the engagement story and then she had to release her own photo of her ring, it shows you she truly is yesterdays news.
    I am sorry @Tulip but in my opinion I think when you know we are right, you throw up AS, who doesn’t belong being mentioned in the creatures posts at all and is papped not very often (much to most of our unhappiness), but that is your only defense, throwing him up. Please his name thank goodness, no longer should ever be mentioned with the thing again.
    I know you will use your other weapon and say I am fat, jealous, have no life, need to take some so called medication and sit around all day hoping AS will find me. I know it is going to come from you, one of your alias or another stan, who has no other comeback. I feel sad for you guys, because I still have no idea why you find KB so deserving of your devotion.

  • Macy

    Right, we supposedly have all this insider knowledge about where she lives, etc. *eyeroll* Except most of us don’t care what damn canyon she lives in, or where it’s located in the city. I don’t know where the store is, I only know that it’s completely bizarre to leave through the back exit with not a single purchase. You don’t go to the grocery store to browse, you go to buy food or other goods like toilet paper, dishsoap, etc. People don’t just wander around to waste time like they do in clothing stores.

  • Tulip

    @Lois: I live in SoCal and my friend lives in the same canyon as Kate. Alex recently said in an interview he lives in the Los Feliz area. I know the areas very well. There’s nothing stalkerish about it. What’s creepy is the amount of time some AS fans spend researching Kate and posting on this message board when they claim not to like her. Why bother? It’s very strange. I post because I’m a fan but I don’t spend nearly the amount of time here some of you do. I don’t spend any time on celebs I don’t care for.
    @Macy: There are all kinds of reasons why she left Bristol Farms without a shopping bag. For example, maybe she went for a specific marinara sauce and they didn’t have it.
    @mforman: The hand up has already been addressed.

  • Eyeroll

    Here are the bags, now both sides can move on about the freaking missing groceries.

  • Macy

    You must be joking right? They hadn’t been home in over a week, they’d need more than a “specific marinara sauce”. Sigh, ok then keep being puposefully obtuse if you must, it’s actually amusing. BTW it’s not that KB is researched, who needs to do that when she puts every detail of her life out there for the public to see through papfests and her twitter? There isn’t anything private about her at all. If there was, she wouldn’t have a twitter or at least one in that fashion. Also, you don’t need to put your hand up to sheild your face if you’re looking into the camera, which she does more often than not. Kind of pointless, non?

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: What I find creepy is your need to idealize her. It’s one thing to like her fashion style and think she’s a good actress. But you seem to have an inability to even ponder the possibility that she’s not famous enough to get papped without calling the paps most of the time. You also seem to have to believe that there’s no way she’s had anything done to her face, even just chemical peels. You claim that she sat at the front table at the Met Ball, without providing proof. You claim that everyone in Michigan adored her, without providing proof. Yet you want us to provide proof for our claims.
    “The hand up has already been addressed.” No need to be rude.

    @Eyeroll: Ah the mystery of the missing groceries no longer a mystery! Except I’m still not buying the going at the back to avoid the paps, since when did she suddenly get pap shy.

  • Eyeroll

    @Ladybug- I didn’t post the link to change your mind or anyone’s else’s.

  • ladybug

    @Eyeroll: Oh, I know that, it wasn’t really directed at you, though I didn’t make it clear.

  • Macy

    Why would they need someone to take their groceries out and load them in the car? They can’t do that themselves? Every other time they’ve carried the bags and now suddenly we’re out the back with someone doing the work for us, to what, “avoid getting papped”? Too bad it didn’t work because they met them at the back door anyway. Eyeroll indeed! Now that’s pretty brutal, if you can’t take your own goods to the car yourselves. Sheesh!
    I agree, the need to make her into some complete innocent is baffling. There isn’t even the slightest ability to notion that sometimes, just maybe once in awhile, she would do anything of the sort when most celebrities have done so at one point in time. She NEVER calls them? Really? Not ever? I’d like to know how that happens in a place where press is essential to stay relevant and people backstab each other for the smallest role. Utopia much?
    Is she the devil? Cetainly not. Is she completely innocent and unaware of the Hollywood situation and how to play the entertainment game? Definitely not. No celeb is innocent, everyone does things to further themselves at some point or other, even her ex.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: The grocery thing is just funny/strange/odd. If she didn’t want to carry the bags because then you couldn’t see The Ring, she could have MP carry them, I’m sure he’d gladly do that for her.

    I don’t understand the need to idealize her. She isn’t the devil. I don’t like her but she’s not an Amanda Bynes or a Lohan, or a Kardashian or a Hilton. While right now she’s acting as if she’s the first woman to get engaged, at least she’s not done a Kardshian type-wedding. Nor is she toting around poor innocent pocket pets, like Paris Hilton, and now, KK.
    I suspect she thinks by calling the paps she’s engaging in a time-honored HW tradition. And she is. But at least try to not make it so obvious that you’re famewhoring-have an actual career, for example.

  • Macy

    She knows the game, they all do. To pretend otherwise is obtuse and naive. I really don’t get why some people understand that the possibility exists. Almost all of them engage in some form of it during their careers, whether they want to, or it’s put upon them by studio execs.
    You’re right, she’s no Kardashian but she’s certainly not the pinnacle of privacy that some pretend. She likes the attention, or she’d move elsewhere. Many have done it in the past, and Jennifer Lawrence just said she’s decided she can’t live in LA anymore due to it. There are ways to go aroudn unnoticed, especially for someone at KB’s level. The problem is, they don’t want to because then they don’t get their names out there. Even if it does only get them bit parts in ultra low budget films. Work is work.

  • Macy

    Sorry, that’s supposed to read that some people DON’T understand the possibilit exists.

  • mforman

    @Tulip (#85)—All you got out of my post was the smug, hand in her face. Seriously that is all you read, nothing else. You had no other explainations for anything else. I cannot believe you keep bringing up where she lives and how the paps stake that out, come on already they do not follow her around, she calls them over and over again, how many more times must this be discussed it is so obvious.
    As I suspected you throw AS in our faces, because that seems to be your only weapon of choice. The majority of us, my self included have disliked the creature for years and years. KB is a famewhoring, smug, talentless, void, who is a waste of air, she is difficult to work with, is rude to not only whatever few fans she has left, but to the cast and crew of her films, she cares for herself and that is it. The woman has not one friend or co star after 10 yrs in the business, all she does is use people for what she can get out of them and then walks away. I mean didn’t seeing what went on with Kat C, Krysten Ritter, Cher, and Ryan K to name a few, I mean come on. The funniest thing is you couldn’t pick one of those disgusting qualities and match it to AS’s name. I mean honestly he is talented, friendly and wonderful to all his fans, has actual real friends, he does charity work, and guess what he actually has work ahead of him and the best part is he doesn’t call the paps.
    By the way, the people of Detroit did not like her, she made a very nasty comment about them in general in either NYLON or LUCKY, regarding the fact that she found a designer dress there and she couldn’t understand how the people living in Detroit had no idea about designer clothing. KB made no fans there or the first time she went to Sweden and said they were all drunks who wanted to commit suicide. There hasn’t been one movie set in her ridiculous career in which anything positvie has come out about her.
    None of us research her but when these things are printed and are made public knowledge we find out.
    @Macy (#91)—-It is just like she cannot carry her own one pc of carry of luggage out of the airport, or shows up at the airport with the hobbit and has not baggage, that is of course unless you consider the paps baggage. KB didn’t want to take away from her ring, there was no other reason why she couldn’t carry her own bags. I mean come on.

  • .?

    Who the F Walks like this , her behind Bf with her hand on his shoulder WTF
    And they carnt put there own shopping into the car? Lazy bastards
    I suppose both of there bones will snap if they carry the bags

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Most everyone has to play the game in some way, including the ex. He just seems to be doing it his way now. Heck, even Charlize T had to play the game this spring, to help promote her two movies.
    She at least used to promote JM when she got papped, making sure that JJ put that info in the post. Even that doesn’t happen anymore.

  • Gemma

    @Tulip: You’re dealing with irrational people! Don’t try to reason with them!
    @ladybug: What’s so rude about “the hands up has already been addressed”? If she had posted “the hands up has already been addressed, a$$hole” that might have been rude. You’re looking for fault and I don’t think you can pin rudeness on Tulip.

  • ladybug

    @Gemma: The rudeness comment is in reference to her response to me from the last thread.

    “You’re dealing with irrational people! Don’t try to reason with them!”. You’re projecting like an IMAX.

  • Macy

    Exactly. The difference is those other people have things to promote, she no longer really does.