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Candice Swanepoel: Topless Photos for Victoria's Secret

Candice Swanepoel: Topless Photos for Victoria's Secret

Doutzen Kroes shows off her bikini body during a photo shoot on Thursday (September 13) in Miami, Fla.

The next day, the 27-year old Victoria’s Secret model was joined by her gal pal Candice Swanepoel who posed topless, just wearing a pair of jeans.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Candice Swanepoel

“I had a great time in #Miami shooting @VictoriasSecret but now I’m off to see my little man again! I’m so excited!!!” Doutzen tweeted.

FYI: Candice is wearing Levi’s jeans.

20+ pictures inside of Candice Swanepoel and Doutzen Kroes at their VS shoot….

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kroes vs shoot 01
kroes vs shoot 02
kroes vs shoot 03
kroes vs shoot 04
kroes vs shoot 05
kroes vs shoot 06
kroes vs shoot 07
kroes vs shoot 08
kroes vs shoot 09
kroes vs shoot 10
kroes vs shoot 11
kroes vs shoot 12
kroes vs shoot 13
kroes vs shoot 14
kroes vs shoot 15
kroes vs shoot 16
kroes vs shoot 17
kroes vs shoot 18
kroes vs shoot 19
kroes vs shoot 20
kroes vs shoot 21
kroes vs shoot 22
kroes vs shoot 23
kroes vs shoot 24

Credit: BRJ; Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Samantha

    in before some loser uggo says these women are unattractive

  • Nanaka

    Definitely not ugly, but not a 10 either. She’s got a beautiful face with the sexiest bedroom eyes. She has the most fabulous upper body imaginable. In fact her upper half is a 10. However, I think her legs came up short in comparison. I guess God had to throw at least one little imperfection in there or she would be too unbelievably perfect.

  • Lola

    really has an awesome body.

  • Nanaka

    Candice, that is — not the other girl who is somewhat just another model.

  • Model Fan

    Dear Victoria’s Secret, these models represent what your brand used to be. Get rid of the dead weight, i.e. Erin and Lily! Xoxo

  • Shelly

    Candice is close to perfection for an angel lol. Her eyes are amazing

  • lilian

    @Samantha: what a sweet way to talk about someone – ‘loser ugo’ i must remember that if i’m ever 14 again.
    anyway; she’s beautiful and can actually stand out from the current V.S models – i think she has a 90s look that I’ve missed. i know unique is beautiful but a little old school never hurt either

  • Effy
  • R U sure

    Love the B.J. ! Blue Jeans !

  • Elle

    her body= insane. so beautiful

  • EM

    Love her, my favorite angel!!

  • Candice

    I’m sooo jealous..

  • not seeing it

    I still don’t buy the hype over Candace, she looks kind of mannish to me, and her body is weird. Her upper and lower body don’t look proportioned…. and Doutzen is pretty, but I don’t like the six pack…she should stop working out her abs, and she would look much better, more feminine.

  • JC

    Not that I mind seeing topless photos of Candice, but why is she only wearing a pair of old Levi’s if this is a shoot for Victoria’s Secret?

  • mellz

    @JC: the pic might be from the waist up

  • Huuhaa

    This woman needs to eat.

  • Vs angel

    Hmm the women are beautiful but sadly this post shows what VS has become in recent times. It sadly, for want of better words, pimps oit its angels. Its needs them to be in constant media attention. So apart from bombarding us with shows, catalogues, youtube channels, its now come to advertising even its shoots !

    If you notice, doutzen, candice and ale dont have famous boyfriends/ partners. So now we have so many posts of them like ale eating icr cream , to push them more into the limelight. The rest like erin,miranda,behati all have famous partners now, so they get enpigh attenfion. And now vs is pushing candice and doutzen. Its shows have also become more tacky now.

  • Vs angel

    Even gisele and bar had to do it. And you have modelizers like leo who are willing to play the part. Vs models are good, but definitely not the best n the business. They are more famous than others because they are shoved down our throats. Sad.

  • allisa

    @mellz: yep, waist up shot. dont know why ur comment gets a negative when u are right? this site is filled with 12 yr olds. they really need to filter the bullsh . t

  • @18

    Your’re right. But Bar was never a VS angel.

  • Wizzer

    VS Angels are not shoved down anyone’s throats. Its the largest underwear company in the world as well as one of the oldest names in US lingerie business. Its runway special draws in millions of viewers. More of the angles now do HF instead of bikini models and are in pop culture magazines as well as getting the big contracts with fashion houses – Versace, Oscar De La Renta, Dior etc.
    They are there because there is clearly a demand and not because they are been forced down anyone’s throat. No one has a gun pointed to any person’s head.

  • Huh?

    when was bar ever an angel? 3 pages in a catalogue without promotional duties, no runway or representation and never being the face of the pink line does not an angel make.

  • voiceless

    Close to perfection? Where do you live in? It’s ok if you like whorish eastern eyes. Because she looks so eastern. I prefer them sweeter.

  • XxXxX

    Doutzen<3 I don't like Candice, she's the typical blonde bimbo superficial and shallow people would love and worship… Kroes seems kinder.

  • tam

    Never saw the appeal of Candice. Sure she has a great waist to hip ratio, but that’s about it. Her looks are nothing to write home about. And she always seems desperate for attention when the angels are appearing together. She steps forward just a bit, and angles her body and puts her elbows out, so that no one else can be too close to her. She even tries to upstage Ale and Miranda, when all of the photographers are shouting ‘Ale!’, ‘Miranda!’. She just steps to the front.
    Doutzen, on the other hand is amazingly gorgeous. Sweet faced and approachable. Her personality is head and shoulders above Candice’s, and she is a proven team player. But I liked her better when she was heavier. Now she just looks like any other blonde model. Still GORGEOUS, don’t get me wrong, but she lost that special, unique, quality. Such a shame that she felt so much pressure from the fashion industry to lose weight.

  • Lainie

    I think what vs ange is trying to say is the way they are marketed. Its very american large styled marketing like most american conglomerates like coke or pepsi. No other company pushes its models as much as its products. For eg no one outside of europe woild not have even heard of triumph, and that company has been in existence for more than 100 years.
    Vs models might get other editorial work but vs is smart that just editorial work will not get them the recognition. Just look at superior models like daria or magdelena and tell me how many people recognise them.
    @ vs angel: bar wasnt an angel, gisele was. They do have the same ex boyfriend Leo !

    And yes, the runway show has become more boring over the years. I dont want to look at million dollar bras or bras with ten gazillion swarovskis !


    She is stunning! But I will not buy from Victoria Secret. They make their clothes in third world countries.

  • Denise

    I love both Doutzen, Adriana, Allesandra and Candice. There is no need need for fans of one model to trash the other model and her fans.

  • @28

    So people aren’t allowed to give their opinions? This isn’t a fan board, you know.

  • @26

    VS is a bit different. Their angels are as much a part of their company as their products. The angels are part of their image. Their angels are personalities, not just mannequins. Women come into the stores asking for the Bra that Adriana was wearing, or the bikini that Miranda had on, etc. The fact that the models have such strong name recognition is what makes VS unique, and why their shows bring in huge viewership. That’s also why becoming an angel is quite a coup for any model. The label of VS Angel brings automatic fame and fortune. And since high fashion has seemed to drop it’s prejudice against angels, some are even crossing over to runways in Paris. And on the other side of the coin, HF stars like Karli are chomping at the bit to walk for VS. They don’t even have to be a true angel to benefit from the fame of walking in one of their shows.
    VS is unique. But as they expand overseas, I bet that other companies will try to emulate their ways of doing business.

  • Sayer

    Candace and Doutzen are all VS has now. Adriana and Alessandra should retire and the other girls are worthless.

  • @31

    Doutzen is great, but Candice doesn’t have the personality to carry VS. She flopped when she tried to open last year’s show. She’s pretty, but very dull on stage. She doesn’t comand the stage like some of the other girls do.
    Adriana is still the queen. Anyone who says differently, is wrong. Ale has seniority, but I wonder why VS has skipped over her so often for the fantasy bra. Miranda is one of their most popular models, but she may be ready to leave them in a year or two. She has several irons in the fire, already. Behati, Chanel, Erin, etc, all have a way to go before they are true VS angels, I don’t care if they are already bearing that title. They just aren’t special enough. Candice has more potential of being a true angel, but she needs to pump up her personality, and deflate her ego. She isn’t very likeable right now. And the most important quality of an angel, is to be likeable.

  • Vs angel

    Ok, oops about bar. I meant bar and gisele having to resort to the same famous boyfriends thing.
    @lainie, thats what i mean. I agree they are angels and not just models but the way vs keeps pushing them to the limelight is excessive. Otherwise why would we have posts of photo shoots? The daily mail had these posts every day for the last 4 days ! They are not there becos they are famous, they need to be fampus so they are highlighted. Theres a difference.
    @31, there seems to be a gap between miranda,ale,adriana and between the younger ones like erin, behati etc. U r right, the younger ones are too childlike . Behati is very very good for pink but i still dont see her as vs angel. Erin looks too blah. They dont ooze sexuality like ale or
    adriana. they also look very young on stage .
    My pick would have been someone like irina shayk. Shes so damn sensual. She can sell lingerie ! She should at least be a runway angel this time.
    I think they need

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