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Katie Holmes: Mother-Daughter Stroll with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Mother-Daughter Stroll with Suri!

Katie Holmes is comfy chic in a purple sweater while out and about with her adorable daughter Suri on Sunday (September 16) in New York City.

At one point during their mother-daughter stroll, the 33-year-old actress looked like she was surprised by something Suri did.

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Last week, Katie and her stylist Jeanne Yang presented their latest collection Holmes & Yang during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and her cute daughter walking around New York City together…

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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Ellgy

    Suri would be great in a horror movie about a possessed child.

  • Elizabeth H.

    Why is Suri always grimacing around her mother? Either pretty spoiled or just bored to no end of being her mommy’s play date. Most photos lately show an unhappy Suri and Katie trying to entertain her. It appears as if Katie is now sporting a “signature look”. Messy ponytail, no make-up. Boots have been replaced, thank goodness. Frumpy sweater and jeans……wasn’t she just representing a line of clothes during Fashion Week??

  • Tobey

    Save me! Save me from those legs!!!! I am beginning to think Katie is purposely throwing her legs at us!
    Suri looks like if she could move objects with her mind!!

  • Tobey

    Save me! Save me from those legs!!!! I am beginning to think Katie is purposely throwing her legs at us!
    Suri looks like if she could move objects with her mind!!

  • K.C Palmosino

    New York under siege! Kate-zilla and Damien’s sister Suri!
    Run! Don’t walk!!!!!

  • Silky Knit

    Seriously, I think Katie’s on a budget. Notice the “bodyguards” in the background. Those aren’t the CIA looking dudes she had about a month ago. Hilarious.

  • http://justjared POLO

    flop actress!!!!!!!! hideous legs,hideous face!!!!!!!!!

  • juno

    Suri should have friends. Shes always with her mom.

  • Jocelyn

    Can we stop with the “comfy chic” comments? Who are you trying to impress/fool? She looks awful in that sweater – it reminds me of something that a depressed person would wear.

  • jojo

    Love them!! Period.

  • DB

    First – What are they both wearing? Especially poor Suri. I have a pillow case that looks like that – and it’s not as wrinkled. :)

    That said, I’m glad Suri is just walking along, but I sure wish she smiled more. Gotta worry about a child who so seldom smiles, I would think.

  • Gabi

    Katie is an actress who looks just fine without any makeup on! Simple beauty!

  • xxx

    @Tobey: I wish i had her legs, they look just fine for me!

  • NY Classies

    OMG! Katie needs to keep her ugly self hidden. Is she smiling in one of the pictures or is screaming.?! Those hideous teeth, ugh! Now that Katie has money maybe she can go see a dentist. Her rich father made good living but unfortunately did not take care of Katie. Oh, and that Suri looks so upset and lonely. They look like they are both living in an unhappy world with their millions. I could have told you this Katie, money does not buy happiness!

  • Just A Breeze

    Looking at Katie’s pear shaped body and thunderously heavy legs, I foresee a 250lb mamma in her older age. Whatever she’s munching on is shooting straight to the pins.

  • Upper Side

    These are 2 of New Yorkers Goodwill Recipients!

  • Kris in Santa B.

    What’s with the borrowed Granny sweater? Mom must be in town.

  • Jo

    She is butt ugly! Those big legs and crooked teeth are hideous. The child is so rotten by her mother she looks like a little monster here. They are a sore sight.

  • Tammy

    She is so down on earth, i wish them the best! Katie, i’m your fan since Joey. Sweet and cute as always! Keep your head up!

  • OMG!

    You can tell she did not come from class. She was upgraded when she married Tom C and was dressed and act with dignity when she was with Tom. Now she looks like herself before she got married, just a nobody with no tastes in lifestyles and lots of money. I am sure she will go broke in a few months spending lots of money eating sweets and ruin Suri’s teeth to look like hers.

  • Kathyjean

    Sweater looks like a recycled Christmas gift. BTW- if mom is wearing sweater, why isn’t Suri?

  • amanda

    Holy Crap…I didn’t know that girl could actually walk

  • Tony

    I would love to date her! So cute, so fragil…Just a nice girl!

  • Tony

    I would love to date her! So cute, so fragil…Just a nice girl!

  • Nah!

    They lost that loving feeling. Just 2 lost souls without a family or a friend. I can’t believe anyone would want to buy anything from Katie, she has nothing to offer anyone. That child looks like she wants to run away from the mother, won’t surprise me if one day she will.

  • Living in Fun Diego

    #20 OMG- Exactly. To put it bluntly, classic white trash. Money won’t change that.

  • Nancy W.

    I wonder what she did with the entire designer dud collection she amassed during her marriage? Shoes, handbags, clothes, jewelery…all gone. It’s like there isn’t a hint of Tom Cruise in her life anymore. Nothing to give us a hint that she was ever an A listers wife. Katie “Cruise” was like a figment of our imagination. So weird.

  • Sailorman

    Comfy chic? My ass!

    Hilarious. Someone is big on brown nosing

  • Sailorman

    Comfy chic my as@s.
    What a bunch of brown nosing

  • ruth

    Wow what a difference a divorce makes. Just a few months ago everyone was all you Go Katie.. she is so beautiful. look how she left Tom.. Now the negative comes.

    That is the way people are. they spin like a dime. Katie has never been that interesting. the thing that made her interesting was her marriage to Tom, Suri then the divorce. now we are left with 1 out of 3.

  • Grace

    Why are people making so many strange comments about Katie? She’s walking down the street with her kid. She’s not supposed to model for gossip-crazy folk 24 hours a day. Jeez. She’s wearing a sweater because it’s almost fall. Suri is a little nightmare that has been spoiled by her psychotic father. If Suri doesn’t have playmates it’s probably because the tiny psycho said she was “better” than regular humans and now she can’t make friends. Way to go Tom you angry midget you.

  • Alma

    Suri: no teddybear, walks by herself and looks confident. School is soo good for her! It Tom would give Suri more attention… Katie looks great.

  • tSquared


    Well if you have read this blog for any length of time then you should know the comments are really no different than they were before the divorce. There are people on here commenting since JJ first started writing about her.

  • Tom Fan

    Well, let’s see how Katie can handle it all. She is hailed by her father as a hero for escaping a cult. Really, she does not look like she takes a bath. Of course she has planned that Tom would be running to her and begs for as much visitation as he could or better yet demand from the court more time with the child. Nope, no such thing. No, no such thing. I am glad he is staying back and let the divorce world sink into Katie’s mind so she can know the hardship of it all and raising a child by yourself. And really, that child is not Tom’s so why should he spend time with her? He already paid so much money to Katie not to mention he is paying a hefty child support when he really does not have to. Just my opinion. If Suri had a better mother, she would come out alright after all of this. It does not look that way tho. I feel sorry for the child. Like somebody mentioned, Tom’s only fault was falling in love with the wrong girl. I only turned on Oprah to watch him so full of joy jumping on Oprah’s couch and announcing his love. I thought that was so cute. The biggest gift of life is to love. I wish him luck and hope all the children involved will be comforted with peace and love.

  • Robbie

    Based on all of these comments and the ones that have always pursued Katie Holmes, it boils down to this: she is nothing but a quiet media whore and if she ever thought she had a chance at being an actress or considered herself an actress, that is a forgotten concept. Her acting is a thing of the past. Nobody here talks about the demise of her acting career…..because she never had one. We don’t see her as Katie Holmes the Actor. She as become Katie Holmes Media Whore. And true, she knew the cult religion she was getting into. She was, for the sake of money, fame, cultural fortune, and maybe love, willing to defect her own religion thinking she would adapt to another. She married a man who was her dream come true, an infatuated enigma, and probably couldn’t believe this was happening to her. All along, she knew what she was doing. She knew what she was getting into. And she embraced it. Baby before marriage. Bingo! What a score! Bank account for life!!!! What I think was even more calculated was the way her attorney father and she went around Tom Cruise and moved on the divorce. She had just seen him in Iceland, holding hands, all the while having rented another home and buying cell phones in quantities to walk out. In the midst of this, just hours after the divorce announcement and in the heat of massive media attention, she takes Suri out and about for ice cream and toy runs. No matter what a nut Tom Cruise is, no man deserves to be burned and humiliated so publicly. Unless he was such a threat to her, for her to create such a Mission Impossible getaway, and I don’t think he was, she could have done this in a less conniving way. I know, I know, all the Team Katie fans will be all over me for saying this.

  • Lisa D.

    I’ve read a couple comments about Tom Cruise not being Suri’s father. Does anyone know who the dad is? When she was a baby, I saw both him and Katie in her features. But as she is getting older, I am seeing less of Katie’s features, however, I still think she looks a litte like him around the eyes. Any hints on who Suri’s father is?

  • Candace Cotton Candy

    Thanks for asking tat question # 36 Lisa D.

  • Rubber Shoes

    Tom Cruise is Suri’s father! It’s all a pathetic spin getting on total rumor wheel. He’s her dad. There’s no evidence of otherwise. Anyone who throws that lie out there has absolutely no knowledge of that. All rumors, all lies. The kid looks just like him, for Pete’s sake.

  • siky

    She looks like 53,so old!

  • Hamlet

    You’re a moron, #31.

    You too, #34.

    Tom Cruise is her father, #36.

    Right, #38.

  • Tom Cruise Fan!

    I really enjoy Tom Cruise movies. I thinks he is a great actor. He may not have the same box office success as before, but he is still a great actor. I also think he as always been gracious to his fans. He’s always been a huge A Lister, and his loves have been huge actresses. (Nicole, Penelope, Oscar winners!). Heck, I think Sofia Vergara and her wacky comedic talent would have been a great catch. When he hooked up with Katie, I must admit I was taken by surprise. He was Hollywood larger than life and she was relatively unheard of to me. (Dawson’s Creek). Not to mention, she was very plain, uneventful and came across as just….silly. I thought he was a great catch for her. Didn’t feel the same about her. I feel kinda bad he got so screwed in this whole divorce drama. She made him look foolish. She not only made a dent in his reputation, she pretty much tarnished it. He looks as if he as been hit with a huge loss. Maybe he loved enormously, but getting your kid nabbed from you is just lousy.

  • Lavender Girl

    Katie Holmes needs to invest whatever she has left in savings on some new teeth. She has these nasty, little, crooked gnashers that are just so gross. I remember when she would smile openly, the tip of her tongue sticking against her front teeth, they looked brown/green. Boy once she became Cruise Royalty, that quirky smile went out the window. I am sure his peeps knocked that outta her. Enter the tight, lopsided smirk. Now someone seriously needs to fix the severe pigeon toed flaw. That’s just way to obvious when she does red carpet events.

  • Loki Lee

    Katie Homes looks dirty. I can’t imagine what her tight pants and sweaty boots smell like when she peels them off. I worked on set for the Romantics, and hair and make-up would always complain about her foul breath! I swear, they had drawers and can full of tic tacs to provide for Katie. It was that unbearable. Everyday. Didn’t eat, drank tons of coffee, loved to nosh on cupcakes and pastries, (only on occasion, and trust me, only a few small bites). However, she ordered cupcakes for the whole crew every single day. Her breath came from lack of hygiene ( didnt brush in the a.m. or after a meal.). I also suspect she smelled bad from malnutrition. Anyone who worked on that film would know exactly what I am talking about.

  • krix

    I can’t get pass the look on Suri’s face in the featured pic – PRICELESS!!!

  • http://Comcast Lynn

    @Robbie-no man should be humiliated like that. People sure have short memories. Tom was having an affair with Penelope Cruz when he decided to ask his pregnant Nicole for a divorce. Nicole lost the baby probably from being so stressed. Talk about humiliation ???? I am sure Nicole is thanking Penelope everyday now though, Nicole is married to Keith Urban, you cannot do any better than that.

  • http://Comcast Marj

    Katie could see the hand writing on the wall. Suri was going to end up like Nicole and Toms children, brainwashed. I am so happy she rescued her daughter.

  • angie hart

    I like katie, always have. suri is a beautiful young girl, and will most likey be a gorgeous woman in the future. they look normal, and katie surely doesn’t look fat. seriously. i think it’s refreshing to see celebs out and about wearing normal clothes. the sweater may not be flattering, but she’s not doing a photo shoot, she’s out with her daughter.

  • Grandma of Four

    Honestly, all the negative comments are just annoying! Katie is now a single, working mother living in NYC! Suri is just a little 6 year old going to school for the first time! I say…Horray for both! I like that Katie gets out there, takes her daughter to school, to lunch/dinner, to the zoo/museums, bike riding, for walks! I like that she is getting out there and living and letting her little girl do the same! So what if she has on jeans, no make-up, what I think is a great sweater and Suri looks cute! They are obviously having a good conversation that is making Katie laugh, grimace, whatever! You Go Girls! Have Fun!

  • GB

    @Grandma of Four: You are completely right! They are just having fun and they look a cute mom and daughter!

  • tSquared

    @Tom Cruise Fan!:

    But it was okay for Tom to publicly dump Nicole and humiliate her? It is okay that he allowed that cult he belongs to to declare her a suppressive and tell the kids that she is a sociopath? That is okay? Tom Cruise deserved everything Katie meted out to him. Because you can be as sure as sh-t that he would have done the same thing to Katie when he divorced her that he did to Nicole. She would have been declared a suppressive and he would have condoned the cult’s calling her a suppressive and he would have tried to alienate Suri from her. So I may not care for Katie, but she was up against Cruise’s massive ego, his delusional attachment to the cult and then of course the cult itself.