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Reese Witherspoon: Gjelina Family Dinner!

Reese Witherspoon: Gjelina Family Dinner!

Reese Witherspoon shows off her large baby bump in a form fitting black dress while out to dinner with her family at Gjelina on Saturday (September 15) in Venice, Calif.

The 36-year-old pregnant actress was joined by her two kids Ava and Deacon, as well as hubby Jim Toth.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Reese Witherspoon

Last week, Reese stepped out for a doctor’s appointment in Brentwood to check up on the status of her baby! We can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl!

15+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon and her family out to dinner…

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  • oh nana

    I’ve never seen kids looking like their both parents as much as them !!! OMG.

  • Frozoid

    Ava looks glum. Gotta be weird when you’re 13 and your mom and stepfather are having a kid.

    She looks more like her father than she used to.

  • Say it ain’t so

    Ava is beautiful, and her son is handsome. I doubt Ava feels “weird” about the new baby. She may even look forward to the experience, my daughter is 14 and is thrilled with the newest addition to our family.

  • kel

    Can’t wait to see her baby when he/she arrives.

  • Courtney

    @Frozoid are you that stupid it’s not weird at all Susan Newman was right around Ava’s age when her youngest stepsister Claire was born in April 1965. women have had children in their late 30′s and 40′s for decades it’s nothing new. maybe Ava is annoyed at the paps for constantly following the family

  • boo!

    This feels like a Jessica Simpson pregnancy. I feel like Reese Witherspoon has been pregnant forever! She’s adorable though and I’m sure their kid is gonna be a cutie.

  • Frozoid

    @Courtney: Do you mean Susan Newman, daughter of Paul? If so, I was in a summer acting workshop with her some years ago.

  • Say it ain’t so

    Good point @Courtney, or she could be your average teen who doesn’t get excited about much when hanging with the family. My teen loves us has a great life but at her age would much rather be hanging with friends instead of family. I don’t gripe, I remember my teen years and remember being the same way. You don’t really appreciate those moments until your off to college, and wish you could be a kid again.

  • Pattycake

    I’d say that these pix would put paid to that old saw that Ava looks just like Reese, but I know some people will never let that go. Ava has her father’s lean body and many of his features. And even if nothing else, she has his beauty and his dislike for being photographed in private moments, it seems. Deacon looks more handsome with each passing month. Reese is Reese. Papping out her family at every opportunity. Nothing to say about Toth, nothing fit for print.

  • xxxxxx

    i think everyone should stop talking about their personal lives on here…
    no one cares…

  • @Courtney

    There you go again! STFU you IDIOT!!!!!

  • It’s A Wrap

    The Beard and The Puppet Master at it again…………

  • Toth Takes It Up The A**

    There they go. Smiling like a bunch of idiots. Staged and Fake as always!

  • Stanky Feet

    Gotta suck for Deacon and Ava to have Witherspoon for a mother and her being ~cough~ married to Toth! Pathetic!!!

  • somali girl

    Wow the boy looks like his mom and the girl her dad.

  • Who da daddy?

    cuz it ain’t Jimmy Joe1

  • HA! Gotta Laugh

    they only smile, hold hands and bring Ava and Deacon out for the cameras. Away from all that, well, completely opposite of what is photographed. Very fake and phony!

  • carrie

    Reese W looks great in this dress

  • SampsonHerbert

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  • WELL……

    I picked a bunch of lint out of my belly button today.

  • Dirkstar

    I´m glad to see her again!
    I love her face and just the way she is!

  • ?

    Fake, Phony and lying pieces of sh!t these two are. They really deserve one another. I wish them the best!

  • Mud Bogging

    ~Yawn~ these two are just as boring as a slice of white bread

  • Dirkstar

    Jim is the dad! And he can be proud of his first son!

  • Jalisa


    Looks like you need your head checked!

  • Toth is Queer

    Toth is NOT the father………..

  • Dirkstar

    When the fishes DANCE UNDER THE.MOON_blueSEAblueSEA….
    They listen to THE.JUKE.BOX.BLUES, you seeBLUESeaBLUESea

  • Hill BillyBob

    Jesus Christ! She and that so called husband of her’s just can’t stay away can they?

    At Dirkstar—You need some help!

  • What?

    Who are these two?

  • lila

    @oh nana: Totally agree. And I love how Reese is always on flats. Yes, that’s how you enjoy pregnancy, wearing confortable shoes. I hate seeing pregnant women on heels.

  • How Stupid

    Are you that STUPID that you think the paps are following this fake and her wanna be husband? It is called staged! They call! It is about image, career and money. So take off the rose colored glasses sweetheart and get to know how this business works before you start blaming the photographers and paparazzi! She is one of many that stage these photo ops!

  • Hmmm…..

    I was at the same place RW was last night so this isn’t the correct information. The date that is.

  • Don’t Think So

    Ava and Deacon don’t consider or acknowledge Toth as their “stepfather”. He is just someone Witherspoon is with!

  • Dirkstar

    Ava and Deacon do not like to be photographed. Deacon is afraid of the
    paps and Ava is very shy in front of them.
    And that is the reason, why you cannot see them often with Reese and/or
    Jim together. Because Reese takes care of their needs!
    But today, they had to take care of Reese´s wish. And that was to get photographed. Of course, I think it was staged, too. But that´s OK, isn´t it?
    And anyway, nobody can draw the conclusion out of these pictures, that there is no GREAT LOVE!
    So, I believe – as I love Reese – that there is REAL GREAT LOVE
    between Jim & Reese! I will always wish her HEART the best!
    If not, she would make herself unhappy! And for what? Just for the career? I cannot accept that argument! It´s rediculous!
    And also it´s rediculous to say, that the baby isn´t Jim´s one.
    Reese has her principles! She would never ever cheat her hubby!!!
    Hypotheticly – if Jim was gay (what I do not believe), he would be still
    able to make Reese a baby!
    By the way: Reese has so much MAGIC-MOON-POWER, that
    she can transform some gays into a 100%-HETEROS!
    But nevertheless, I think, that Jim is hetero!
    All the haters of Jim are just too homophobic or too envious, that he is together with her, I think!

  • Pattycake

    @Dirkstar: Even Reese must blush as your ardency. You are writing fan fiction.


    Totally staged. Probably the c section is scheduled for this up coming week. She needed a fresh set of family candids to go along with the tabloid story about her magical life and her new lease on love. Too bad Ava looks miserable. Seriously I’ve never seen her look so so unhappy. Of course Reese is grinning like a lunatic waving her freakish chin around not noticing anyone but herself.

  • Dirkstar

    Probably the “Transforming-Power” was a bit exaggerated.

  • O-o


    Are you f ucking mental or what? Holy sh it!

  • Dirkstar

    The critical arguments against her are “haters-fiction!”

  • see

    her daughter looks upset, might simply be the teen age moods, teens need strict parents to know that they are loved

  • Please!

    Ava is upset because she is not able to be with her dad right since he is out working in Baton Rouge and is stuck with her pathetic mother and the boozer abusive dude she pretends to married too! That is what Ava is upset about!

  • Really?

    Her step father is abusive? Then shame on her father for leaving her with him.

  • Oh for gosh sakes!

    @Really?: Way to turn that around to be Ryan’s fault. I haven’t heard any evidence that Toth is abusive, although if he is, he’d never even dare to threaten the kids.

  • Conner Cruise says!

    Toth does not like his step kids notice how he waited by the car until the kids entered the restuarant! Than he proceeded to walk with just Reese
    Bet when the kid is born we will not see Ava and Deacon.. Bet Toth. Is verbally abusive and told them. That he will walk with their mom alone!
    Every time they are out Toth is a lone with Reese.. Not the kids! Baby
    Toth will be spoiled.. Why not put Deacon and Ava in boarding school
    Better than being Conner and His sister! Who was in the background
    When Suri was with the parents!

  • SimplementMoi

    Those kids are like their parent’s clones. They are beautiful. I can see Ava getting into modelling, she’s already as tall as Reese.

  • For Real Tho’

    See, ya’ll don’t know but RP has those two beautiful kids, Ava and Deacon, most of the time since RW got with this scary dude. He is out working right now and the kids know that they gotta deal with the nonsense of their mother and her dude. They be allright. He will be back soon enough!

  • Jared’s Sister

    Wasn’t RP living in NYC making Damages? I know people who lived on his street. He was there for at least six months. The kids visited a few times but they did not live with him.

    Alright has one l BTW.

  • RP’s Sister

    Ava and Deacon were out in NYC MORE than a few times and RP was back and forth. RP is REALLY great at flying under the radar especially when the kids are with!

  • KAY blood

    Can’t believe how grown up the children are. So happy for Reese, she seems like her life is finally going in the direction she’s wanted all along. The new baby will probably be adorable. Happy for her and Jim and the kids. Nice family.

  • Kay

    @Jared’s Sister: Ryan only filmed 10 episodes on Damages. That takes way less than 6 months.