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Amanda Seyfried: Kisses for Finn!

Amanda Seyfried: Kisses for Finn!

Amanda Seyfried gives her pet pooch Finn a kiss on his mouth while taking a break from their invigorating jog on Friday (September 14) in New York City.

The 26-year-old actress stopped in at a coffee shop for an iced drink before she and Finn headed on their way.

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Last weekend, Amanda hit up the 2012 U.S. Open to watch Serena Williams pick up her fourth crown at the games.

10+ pictures inside of Amanda Seyfried and Finn giving kisses outside a coffee shop…

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amanda seyfried kisses for finn 01
amanda seyfried kisses for finn 02
amanda seyfried kisses for finn 03
amanda seyfried kisses for finn 04
amanda seyfried kisses for finn 05
amanda seyfried kisses for finn 06
amanda seyfried kisses for finn 07
amanda seyfried kisses for finn 08
amanda seyfried kisses for finn 09
amanda seyfried kisses for finn 10
amanda seyfried kisses for finn 11
amanda seyfried kisses for finn 12
amanda seyfried kisses for finn 13

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • ella

    that is one adorable f ckin dog.

  • mosso

    I love Amanda soo much!<3

  • somali girl

    Eww that dog probably licked his ass before the kiss.

  • ugh

    @somali girl: is it any better than what people put their mouth on? (or in?)
    your ignorance is outstanding

  • Yuck

    Why do people kiss their dogs on the mouth! So freaking nasty! @ugh really?? lol, stop kissing Dogs!

  • ugh

    @Yuck: i will once you stop being a tur*d :)

  • haha

    Hope Desmond like the taste of dog balls….

  • Shelly

    Cute but nasty yuck

  • intric8

    You guys are obviously not devoted dog owners like she is

  • clearly

    @ugh: You mean what she’s put her mouth on/in?…because like her dog she’s been around the block…

  • Josephine

    @somali girl:

    According to studies, dog’s soliva is much cleaner than human’s. One of its main purposes for animals is to heal injuries, so it contains special enyzms attacking bacteria cells. Humans don’t need those enyzms and our soliva contains much much more bacteria. Dogs may lick their butts and worse, but no harmful bacteria like e-coli can survive in their soliva. I didn’t just make that up, I’ve read scientific research. In fact, dog licking its owner is not gross, since it’s soliva cannot give us any disease, but for example – mother licking their kid’s pacifier – that is gross. Putting all those bacterias from adult mouth and teeth in the still almost sterile environment of infant’s mouth – eww.

  • XxXxX

    Dog is cute!!!

  • Kora

    There was a vetenerian on the news the other day saying thst it wasnt hygienic to kiss your dog and share a spoon fr example. As she pointed out, dogs lick their genitals, sniff other dogs behinds and eat their own puke. There’s nothing wrong with love dogs of course, but those behaviors are extreme.

  • Christine

    You guys are stupid. It’s not like she’s making out with the dog! lol

  • anonymous

    The dog is on a leash. I’m sure she knows what he’s been licking. The dog is totally adorable. You can see the love in his eyes towards his owner who treats him with love and kindness.

  • Bet

    So Cute! lovely.

  • ugh

    @clearly: yeah you’re a genius that’s exactly what i was trying to say.

    this site needs to filter the bull sh it out.

  • carrie

    Finn is the one&only male that Amanda loves!

  • testingt

    I can’t wait for Lovelace to come out, I think Amanda will blow people away

  • http://gossip gossip

    gross, dogs lick butts

  • clearly

    @ugh: bwhahaha I thought so! If you would stop taking things so seriously, you’d realize that I’m actually agreeing with you! Lets face it, that girl has taken so much c o c k in the past year alone that her insides are probably black and blue, so a little doggy tongue can’t hurt!

  • mosso

    @clearly: shut the hell up have some respect bitch !!! i love Amanda and stop disrespecting her !!

  • clearly

    @mosso: SURE! I’ll respect her when she decides she wants to stop being a f u c k puppet for every guy in Hollywood….

  • mosso

    @clearly: shut up you dont know her and you dont know what she does so shut up go search a boyfriend if you’re jalouse bitch

  • clearly

    @mosso: oooh I’m soooo afraid of you! I actually happen to have a very lovely boyfriend who I’ve been with for three years which is way more than Amanda’s relationships in the past year alone!

    Oh and as far as being “jalouse” (I think you mean jealous btw)–I have a very successful career. I may not be a movie star, but I don’t want to be! Never have, never will! Amanda hasn’t had a hit movie since Mama Mia and lets face it, no one went for her. they went for Meryl Streep. Really…all the movies she’s had top billing in have been stinkers–Mean Girls=Lindsey Lohan, In Time=Justin Timberlake, and people will see Les Miz…but for Anne Hathaway! So I have no reason to be JEALOUS!

    I recommend you go search for a dictionary before you tell others what to do :)

  • mosso

    @clearly: i see all her movies for her and her movie make more movies that you can’t have you’re whole life !!!! beside you have, imaginary boyfriend and creer that’s great!

  • mosso

    @mosso: i mean her movies make more money than you can have in your whole life sorry for the first comment it’s not clear beside i went to see her movies for her not for others dumb actors and there is a lot of peopel like me !!!!so go have a real boyfriend not an imaginary one Amanda has everything you will never have it’s the treuth face it and she keeps getting better and better!!

  • clearly

    @mosso: @mosso: I’m sure she has a lot of things that I don’t have. Including STDs and that’s fine. As I’ve told you before, I’m happy with my life–boyfriend, career and all–as it is. As far as her movies go, what i said was not just an opinion, it’s a fact. Go read a review for some of her movies, and you’ll see that I’m not the only one who see’s her as a less than mediocre actress.

    Oh and as far as the name calling and accusations of “imaginary boyfriends and careers”–I AM SO HURT! I’ll just sob in his imaginary arms because you called him imaginary (oh and I know you’re not that smart…so FYI–that was called “sarcasm”). Judging by your actions, horrible taste in movies (and even worse taste in actresses) and numerous spelling errors, and baaad vocabulary, I can see that I am dealing with someone who has the mental and intellectual capacity of a wet mop, so…I’d rather not waste my time on you anymore!

    Bottom line: I’m allowed to have my opinion of this person and if you don’t like it…TOUGH!. Because she chose the career she chose, she has opened herself up for such criticism so DEAL WITH IT. Not everyone loves her :D


  • mosso

    @clearly: not everyone only ugly jalouse girls like you and i am french not english beside i don’t care about dumb movie reviews think it’s my opinion who matters i will always love her no matter what !!!! so please you’re an idiot anyway a one stupid ugly hater like you won’t hurt Amanda she keeps getting better and haters are just a prove of her success !!!and you will never change that she is having more roles with all the big stars and you you are a loser insulting her behind a screen!!!Bye

  • mosso

    @clearly: t her foot fingers are better than you ugly bitch!!!clearly uglty bitch

  • BobMaloogaloogaloogaloogalooga

    Her dog, Finn, looks like a twin of my dog, Skye, who is a female red tricolor border collie. Here is Skye at 6 months old. She is 11 months old now. She looks the same as her pic, except she’s now about 10 pounds larger and has a richer, fuller coat and bushier tail. Here’s the pic of Skye: